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  1. Good to see you brother Thank you for the support! Yes please! It is tough and I always feel an emptiness when I’m not doing challenges... LOL. Super Team Up, activated! Right?! Ladies man lol Of course! Can’t just SAY I’m throwing cards... I gotta prove it too! Glad to have you here, EG My favorite time of the year! Hi Terra! So far, my challenge has been going well. I’m hitting the gym hard in feeling better than I have in a long time strength wise. Also, in light of the Olympics ending, I have to admit some thing: I love the Olympics! My favorite event is swimming because I love the constant reminder of what a dummy I was for not pursuing swimming when I was younger, LOL! I want to try and add swimming three times a week to start to see how my body responds and then work on adding a little bit more. I want to focus on sprints and working on my technique, power, and speed. Other than that, I practice card throwing a little bit each day. I had a deck of cards that was Deadpool themed but I’ve been throwing them so much against the wall that they’re almost unusable LOL. I need to get a couple more decks and look into getting a Styrofoam target so I can work more on my accuracy. How’s everybody else doing so far? I need to get on and Catch up on some of the other challenges because I miss you guys! Have a good rest of the day everybody! Wolf
  2. Hey All, I’m gonna try and get a solid challenging going since I always seem to just ghost after a few good ones. This one is dedicated to one specific date and preparing for that date to the best of my abilities. That date is: Halloween. I always love that time of year and I LOOOOOOVE to dress up and act the part of someone other than myself, lol. Mostly, I dream about going as Deadpool but considering I’m still growing my hair, I wanted to do something that showcased that. After long thought on who I wanted to be for Halloween, I have decided on the Ragin’ Cajun himself, Remy Lebeau! But you guys probably know him as: GAMBIT! Gambit is my all-time favorite X-Men. Since laying eyes on him with the old X-Men cartoon, I always felt drawn to his sleek, swanky look, his charming suave demeanor, and his elite combat prowess as an energy charged card throwing badass. With my long hair, lean and mean body, and the willingness to look AND act the part, I want to start now with the extra stuff to turn myself into a believable Gambit. What is this extra stuff? Well, it starts with the art of card throwing also known as scaling. Gambit is an elite card thrower, making use of a 52-card deck and super charging them with kinetic energy. These charged cards explode on impact and can cause massive damage and destruction, making Gambit and “Omega Level” mutant. So, in order for portray Gambit correctly, it’s starts with card throwing. I’ve been watching some how to videos and I have my throw down. I can fling cards out with a good amount of spin and velocity... but I’m not very accurate. Obviously. It’s tough! But, I figured with practice, that I could easily be relatively accurate and by the time halloween comes around, I should be able to show off a little . Also, I want to throw in some other cool “tricks” that show off some card manipulation skills. Ya know... to show off . Gambit is also adept with a bo staff. Because, why not. Let’s just continue to add to the badassness, right?! I’ve been looking at bo staffs online to get and practice with and I actually found a nice aluminum collapsible staff that seems good quality. We’ll see. I can always just use a PVC pipe too... the staff just looks badass. Getting fluid with a staff is also part of the ensemble to portray a good Gambit and I plan on making this a thing. Next on the list is staying in shape... which isn’t an issue for me right now. I’m in good shape and continuing to get stronger and more shredded... so, let’s just keep that up! Right now I’m working a power building program that focuses on a 5-day a week full-body split followed by a 6-day a week upper/lower split. So far, the program has been amazing! With the help of my wife, I will try and post videos of me card throwing as well as keeping a strict food log with before/after pictures to show off during the duration of the challenge. I just want to stick with it. Life isn’t any less busy but I do have my Fri/Sat off again which definitely makes it less stressful. Anyways, that’s all I got for now guys. I’m glad I got here in time for the challenge to start! Wolf
  3. That's nuts dude! It's hard to believe that you haven't touched a barbell in like 3 years bro... But you gotta start somewhere! I bet your deadlift is still pretty high, though?! OMG!!! Army of the Dead comes out this weekend! I should of themed my challenge based off that! Had a solid workout this morning working on the "chassis" which is basically my midsection. I didn't realize how important rotational strength was! (It also translates well to my job at Costco). BONUS! Wolf
  4. I tested my 1RM on Back Squat and Bench today and was pleasantly surprised with the results! 1RM Back Squat = 300# 1RM Bench = 210# With that in mind, I need to change my back squat goal. My original post will be updated but my new 1RM goal is: 350#. I definitely see myself hitting my bench press goal before years end as well . WOOT WOOT! As my better half mentioned on her thread, the party went off without a hitch on Saturday. Gorgeous weather, lots of yummy food, great company. We couldn't of asked for a better day in all honesty! Not much else to report. I'm playing around with a new program called "Busy Operator I" from Mountain Tactical. They have a sample week for week 1 of the program. If I end up enjoying these next 5 days (including today) then I will probably subscribe to the Athlete Subscription and keep going. The workouts are geared to be shorter but no less intense then some of the other programs they offer...and they offer a LOT! My sleep was OK last week. I didn't make my 11PM curfew but at least I had the kids in bed before that which means I can make it happen. I have a feeling that 5 days of getting up early is going to wear me out as the week goes on and getting to bed on time will be a higher success rate moving forward. Baby steps. Compartmentalize. Eyes open - Head clear. Wolf
  5. Love you too, sir! Thank you so much, Aquarii . Staying away from the GRANDEUR style of challenge I typically like the put out might just be the best method for overall success and forum consistency Yessir! It may be basic as hell but there HAS to be some gamefying going on. Or, like, what am I even doing with my life lol Thank you, EG Hi Terra!! Good! Cuz I need a solid group to cheer me on and keep me grounded lol. Glad to always have ya, Jedi Wolf
  6. Affinity - a similarity of characteristics suggesting a relationship, especially a resemblance in structure between animals, plants, or languages. Hi guys. Last challenge was just a little overwhelming for me to keep up with. This is not to say I didn't do well because when it was all said and done, I think I performed adequately. I just got overwhelmed tracking everything on top of balancing out my schedule AND posting it all daily. I just don't have that kind of time, lol. I wish I did but I don't. With that being said, I'm going to focus on a smaller challenge that just cover's a few things and allows me the freedom to post as frequent (or infrequent) as needed. This challenge will be covering some affinities I hope to continue gardening over the next several months. But the best part is, is I'm not locked into anything, so if I change my mind, then WOOT WOOT! I can do that . Here are the 4 affinities I'll be focusing on: Brawn - Toughness Reflex - Mobility Fortune - Luck Discipline - Control I also have a couple of goals I want to complete this year based off each affinity. And here they are: Brawn 275# Rack Pull 250# 350# Back Squat 225# Bench Murph WOD w/ 20# Weight Vest Sub 10-min mile Reflex Full Saddle (with back on the ground) Full Straddle (with chest on the ground) 30+ streak of mobility (this will change once I hit that streak) Fortune Start our savings account Invest (could be anything. Need MOAR research because I want to be smart about it) Tithe 10% of each paycheck Discipline Limit junk food whenever possible Try and complete 30-days of no junk food Daily Devotionals and Bible Study Controlled bed time during the week (11pm). Stop staying up watching YouTube! Continue growing hair (so far so good!) Lean more towards a Paleo way of eating. Try to eliminate dairy and gluten when possible. Get under 10% BF #Wolflean, I can definitely see this list growing, but I've been thinking more long term goals recently and this is the most immediate list that came to mind. As for specific challenge goals. I only have 2: Workout Sleep Yes, I do have a problem with sweets from time to time, but outside of the couple times a month it drags me down, I eat really clean. It's not an issue for me to eat good...especially when I set my mind to it. So, along with making sure I get enough sleep Monday through Friday, I want to make sure I can continually hit 4x a week in the gym. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like and I'm annoyed at myself lol. More sleep = more energy = more gym time. Plain and simple What I am reading: Battle Mage by Peter A. Flannery This is a really good book. If you like dragons, then this is your book. If you like epic battles, then this is your book. What I am watching: Black Summer (on Netflix) I'm on a HUGE zombie kick right now for a couple reasons. I love zombie stuff and have loved zombie stuff since I was little Army of the Dead is coming out next week on Netflix and I'm SUPER stoked! I finally watched Train to Busan...WOW. Amazing zombie movie. Aaaaannnnnd, Back 4 Blood is coming out this year and its one my most anticipated games in a long time! I can't wait! Castlevania What's not to love? It's incredibly violent and the animation is superb. Season 4 drops on Netflix this week. Resident Evil 8: Villiage I'm watching a YouTuber go through the whole game. It's been a blast to watch! This was lengthier than I anticipated but I haven't updated in a while and thought my initial post would be best served for that purpose . Happy Challenging, Nerds! It's good to see my wife @PrincessMononoke back on the boards. She's been working very hard since February to establish healthier habits and the results truly speak for themselves! She's lost like 40lbs so far! If you haven't checked out her challenge, you should. She's funny. And I think she's suuuuuuuper sexy! Cheers, y'all! Wolf
  7. I got the shoes last week and they are kick ass! Not only do they look super badass but they are comfy too 😊 I’ve been terrible at updating my challenge the last couple weeks but I’ve been keeping up with things as best as I can. Week 4 total points: 50 pts Week 5 total points: 50 pts They weren’t terrible weeks by any means. I didn’t complete all my workouts, I had some sweets here and there. I did some push-ups, I walked a little (but not a lot). I realized that my goals were great striving points and I feel like I have been challenged this particular challenge because of all the things I want to complete. There’s usually not enough time in the day to get them all done each and every day though. It’s just the reality of my life and how busy my weeks are and that’s ok! I opted out of my workout program I was doing and switched to a PPL split that makes me feel better about the work I’m putting in. I’m also seeing more significant changes in my muscle definition that way, too. Daily Weigh-ins: 04/15: 190.6 04/16: 192 04/17: 191.4 04/18: 191.6 04/19: 190.8 04/20: 192.1 04/21: 189.8 04/22: 191.1 04/23: 193 04/24: 191.5 04/25: 192.3 04/26: 191.7 04/27: 191.6 I have to admit that daily weigh-ins are kind of annoying, but I also see the helpfulness of it. As I’m getting leaner, I’m staying consistent on my weight which helps because the closer I get to hitting 10% BF and lower the bigger I’ll look at the same weight. Diet has been super solid minus the few cookies I had last week + donuts and as I near the end of this challenge I can see what things I can fine tune for the next one. I hope everyone is having a great week so far and finishing the current challenge strong and healthy! FOOD PICS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
  8. Thanks, Red-Brother! And yes, you will get to see some "Wolf Modeling" pics lol. The shirt fits wonderfully! 'Preciate that, my friend! Last week wasn't all that great but I'm doing good this week! Hi Fearless! Sorry...I took a week off cuz things were a little busier last week than I had anticipated. But, I'm good to go now, and slowly getting back on track **WEEK 3 CATCH UP/UPDATE** “A fool pulls the leaves. A brute chops the trunk. A sage digs the roots.” - Golden Son Weigh In's: 04/08: 190.7 04/09: 191.2 04/10: 191.4 04/11: 190 04/12: 192.8 04/13: 191.2 04/14: 189.4 I see consistency there! My week was honestly ALL over the place. It all started the day Heather did her little surgery, and then just kind of went downhill from there. She is my walking buddy and because she couldn't exercise at all last week, I basically followed suit. Also, I played a lot of Outriders. Despite the games many problems, I still can't seem to get enough. Without giving a detailed overview just because I don't feel like it, here's how I faired: 2/4 workouts completed = 5 pts 2/4 stretch routines completed = 5 pts 2/7 daily walks (but I still got steps in due to life) = 2 pts 2x separate occasions I had sweets, and both were Dairy Queen Blizzards. I wasn't actually counting the first one given the circumstance and that we helped friends move and they bought the blizzards for us = 0 pts I took food pics, just never posted any = 0 pts 300 push-ups in the bag, though, so, there's something... = 30 pts No bonus work with the sword kata or mace/tire = 0 pts TOTAL POINTS WEEK 3: 42 All in all, I didn't fair well....BUTT, looking on the bright side of things, it could have been worse, right? Lol. TOTAL CHALLENGE POINTS: 207 No rewards this week, but I can still make things work in my favor and hit the next 2 tiers: new workout shorts and if they are still available, I would like to order THESE shoes: @Rurik Harrgath has me on a #TechWear kick and looking more Outriders-ish in my daily life, hahahaha! So far this week, I've been doing really well. I've been working out, stretching, staying away from sweets, taking food pics and all that jazz. Week 4 is nearly halfway through but I won't let myself stray from my goals. Ass kickery is a MUST! Happy Hump Day, y'all! Wolf
  9. Those two meals just happened to not have carbs but I am eating them lol. Maybe I just need to add more? I try to have a healthy dose of rice and sweet potatoes every day but you’re right. More carbs! I’ll let Heather know you sent her some prayers I just got an email that the shirt is back in stock so I just ordered it! I went with this one: Wolf
  10. Week 3, Day 2 and 3 Weight: 190.1 (Tuesday) 187.7 (Wednesday) I got in my workout yesterday morning and attempted to do 100 push-ups throughout the day but only managed 40 due to time constraints. I also stretched. Same ole same ole. Nothing else to really report lol. I played some Outriders while the Wolf Pack was gone yesterday and had fun doing that. Despite the connectivity issues with multiplayer, I'm really enjoying the game! Heather had a cist removed from her face yesterday, something she's had since I've known her. She's always wanted it gone and finally got it removed. However, she's in pain today and can't do a whole lot. I might call into Costco just to help out this evening. I know I'm only three weeks into the Prometheus Protocol, but I'm not really seeing a lot of muscle gain like I was hoping. My weight fluctuation is annoying...considering I dropped like 3lbs from Tuesday to today...but I'm gonna do my best to just let that be and keep doing my thing. I'll finish out the program just to have something to stick to over the next couple weeks, but, I think I'm gonna change things up after this challenge and go for something more "muscle building". Being an ectomorph suuuuuuucks... My live D&D session zero is scheduled for Sunday evening, the 18th and I'm really excited about it! Since we are gestalting our characters, I'm going with a fighter/rogue combo with subclasses of Samurai/Swashbuckler, respectively. I switched my main weapon to use a katana to fit the character thematically as well as honoring my favorite sword of all time. I've never done a live session before, besides the online ones with Jarric, Raxie, Starpuck and Dark_Raider, but I'm really happy to have something I can do live and in-person We'll see what I can get done today to tack on some extra points for the week. I don't want to leave Heather stranded, so, timing is gonna be everything. I also realized that I hit my second tier last week. I was thinking I needed 175pts but it was 150, lol. That means I can order my workout shirt!! I'm gonna wait though, cuz the one I want is out of stock and I don't want to settle. Buy, yay, me! All in all, my week is looking solid so far! Food Pics: Wolf
  11. Week 3, Day 1 Weight: 190.6 Not much to report - things are all systems go. Got my workout in this morning with a solid stretch routine afterwards: I still need to go on a walk this afternoon, though. The weather is beautiful and I definitely want to take advantage! One of my sons turned 8 years old today! He's getting so big! He's our kid who get excited about non-kid things. Like for Christmas, he asked for a stability ball, lol. We got him a nice (new) pillow with a Minecraft cover to match his Minecraft blanket I also got him donuts this morning and wasn't even slightly tempted to eat one myself. IT'S WORKING!! As I'm working today, I'm catching up on Invincible and adult animated super hero show on Amazon Prime. It's been really good! And like I said...it's an ADULT cartoon. Language and some shockingly graphic and bloody fights. Please don't let your kids watch it. However, I've been really enjoying it The voice acting is also well done. Check it out! Other than that, it's a good day. Enjoy yourselves out there, Howlers! OMNIS VIR LUPUS! Wolf
  12. Week 2 Update “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven.” - Iron Gold Week 2 was destroyed with a smile in my soul and teeth bared like a savage wolf! Here's how I scored: Prometheus KB program- Audentes Fortuna Juvat - Fortune Favors the Bold. Follow the 4x a week program = 10 points per week. (10 pts extra for every 100 push-ups I do) All 4 workouts were completed. I also got in 200 extra push-ups to net an extra 20 points! I set out to do more in week 2 and I don't think I disappointed TOTAL POINTS: 30 10-30 min brisk walk daily - Alis Aquilae - On Eagle’s Wings. Daily walks using nasal breathing only = 10 points per week. (10 extra points for hitting 50k steps throughout the week) I managed 54,201 steps last week! BOOM! And honestly there was probably 1500 steps or more left on the table, too. My phone tracks my steps and sometimes I didn't have my phone on me. Either way, I got my extra 10 points for the week on top of walking each day! TOTAL POINTS: 20 Meal Prep/Pics- Res, non Verba - Actions, not Words. Post food pics 5x a week minimum = 10 points per week. (extra 10 pts for not eating any sweets that week) I have a 5th picture from last night's dinner to be posted which completes my goal for the week. I also went the whole week without sweets. Man! It feels good to be disciplined and rewarded for doing so! TOTAL POINTS: 20 Before/After pics of hair and daily body weigh in’s - Per Aspera, ad Astra - Through hardships to the stars. 10 points per week for daily weigh-ins. Bod and Hair pics must be posted before midnight 03/21/2021. I knocked this goal out of the park. Daily weigh in's completed and I'm floating around the low 190's consistently. I think I've got my eating back on track TOTAL POINTS: 10 Daily Mobility/stretching - Pulvis et Umbra Sumus - We are but Dust and Shadow. 4x a week minimum = 10 points per week (typically on training days) (5 pts for every extra day) 4 stretch routines in the bag for last week but no extra ones. I'm gonna try really hard to get that done more this week. TOTAL POINTS: 10 *BONUS* Razor Training - Virtute et Armis - By Valor and Arms. 10 points extra for any time I get 10+ minutes of sword kata/practice and/or 10 min of battle mace and tire work I didn't think I would earn extra points this week with this goal until last night. My brother, his fiancée and her daughter came by for a little bit last night and instead of a sword kata workout, my brother and I sparred for like 15-min with my LARP swords. It was a blast! He got me on a couple moves but for the most part I won each little bout we had. I was duel wielding a long sword and a cutlass in my off-hand. So. Much. Fun! TOTAL POINTS: 10 TOTAL POINTS FOR WEEK 1: 100 TOTAL CHALLENGE POINTS: 165 I nearly doubled my week 1 points....AND, I completed the first tier of my rewards! Your bloodydamn right! Like I said the other day, my wife bought me a new hat for Easter, so, I'm going to just use that as my tier 1 reward instead of spending more money on another hat. I'll post pics of the hat too just cuz I like it and want to show it off Me looking at week 3... Wolf
  13. OF COURSE we always make extras lol LOL, no it was wrapped in a tortilla, I just put it in ANOTHER tortilla Wolf
  14. We take cash at Costco so I forget it's a thing at other places lol. Oh well, my kids survived. I just know next time to stuff some water bottles in my cargo pockets or just bring the card with me. The cheaper option is cargo pockets though lol. Thank you, Fearless!! Week 1, Day 6 & 7 “The Reaper has come. And he’s brought hell with him.” - Morning Star Weight: 191.4 lbs (Saturday) 192 lbs (today) I actual didn't dedicate the time for a walk yesterday.....BUTT...I did manage 5064 steps working a full 8-hour shift. BOOM!! I got up early this morning with Heather and I already have 5682 steps which has me over 50k steps for the week!!! WOOT WOOT!! I'm not gonna log my steps just yet because I still have the rest of the day to get in more. I'm also "sweets free" for the week and not breaking the streak I have wrestled down week 2 and made it my bitch! We went over my dad's last night to do a little Easter dinner/hang out with the fam. We had Mexican food and I took the beef enchilada's and put them inside a tortilla, making myself a enchirito? Enchaco? Whatever it was, it was yummy. I wanted to do a tire workout today but I think I'm just gonna relax most of the day. Full day's off work are rare and I want to take advantage, ya know? Heather also got me a new hat for Easter so I don't think I'll order my "Howler" hat, I'll just use the one she got me as my tier 1 reward . I have two food pic photo's to upload and I'll do another one for dinner tonight which will complete that goal as well. Now, I just need to take the momentum I have for week 2 and continue the streak for next week! So there you have it @Rurik Harrgath! I told you that Expedition didn't have anything on us! Hopefully we can get together this afternoon and play some Outriders I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. Happy Easter! He is Risen! Wolf
  15. Hey, that's perfectly fair . No rush, I'm always here when ya need me. Bro...this week is going GREAT! I already have 20 extra points sitting in the wings right now...NOT including smashing all my other goals. This Expedition doesn't stand a chance. Chronosuit is lookin' shiny and fitting like a silk hammock, shotgun is pumped and loaded for blasting, and Venator's Knife is sharp and ready for slingin'. Week 2, Day 5 “A man thinks he can fly, but he is afraid to jump. A poor friend pushes him from behind.” He looks up at me. “A good friend jumps with.” - Morning Star Weight: 191lbs I learned my lesson last week. Early morning workout or BUST! I got up this morning and finished the 4th and final workout for the week: 5 x 10 chin-ups (the 5th set was tough, I had to split it up into 4/3/2 reps to finish all 10) 5 x 10 BB rack pull 95# (I decided to go barbell today instead of single-leg KB) 15 min treadmill walk: 7 incline/ 3.7 speed And when I got home, I did my 4th and final (required) #SmoothPanther routine: I busted out another 100 push-ups yesterday despite being a little sore and slightly fatigued. I also went on a second walk for the day with my wife, donning the 20# weighted vest. I'm used to walking with it now and can't imagine an afternoon walk without it OR having Trixie on my back. #WeightedWalksAreLife #ItsBasicallyRucking. I went to my dentist appt yesterday afternoon before the walk for the consultation part and decided that in 2 weeks, on the 14th, I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled. My back left wisdom tooth chipped a while back and every now and again it bothers me. I'm not in excruciating pain and it doesn't cause headaches...it just annoys the bloody piss outta me! I feel like I need to put pressure on that tooth to have any relief. I have the option to just get that tooth pulled, but I'm opting for all 4 to prevent any future appt needed with another chipped/broken or decayed wisdom tooth. I can't say I'm thrilled about going under for the surgery because it's been like 30 years since I've done that, but I need to get this done. I'll also have to plan out my days better on the week I'm getting the teeth pulled because I doubt I'll be up for an early morning workout the following day. We'll see what happens. Other than that, I've nearly completed ALL my goals and then some. I still need to finish out the weekend with walks every day (while pushing for 50k steps. I'm at 34k right now), continue to stay away from sweets, and add in some bonus points via a tire/battle mace workout and/or sword kata. And why not add another stretch day just for shits and grins? My overall goal for this week was to not only hit tier 1 of the challenge, but also get to tier 2 in the same week. I think it's gonna happen Wolf
  16. Oh wow! That’s legit! I love it! Going back to my love for LARP, I’ve always wanted this suit below: I discovered this like 10 years ago and still to this day want it in my closet lol! So, so, soooooooo sick! I’m gonna check out that YT vid here in a bit. I need a good kick in the ass and nobody does it better than David Goggins lol. Also, side note for when you were on your Sekiro kick. They call him “Wolf” in the game! I have it for the PlayStation and need to play it. My obsession with katana’s never dies and I need that in my life lol. Wolf
  17. Maybe we should start an accountability group to help?? Nicotine is such a deadly thing to deal with and the addictive nature it onsets on people who smoke. If you’re wanting to quit, I’ll do whatever I can to motivate you and to help you do so . Team work makes the dream work! Wolf
  18. “mmmm tastes like childhood” made me LOL 😂. You’re a funny gal So, to Tank’s point, that might help if I actually had nails to peel something citrus. I have straight nubs! On the other hand, I’m not sure that would work because the bitter apple spray didn’t work for me either. I find when I wear rubber gloves at Costco that I don’t bite my nails for obvious reasons, but even when I’m on break and I don’t have the gloves on I don’t bite them. Rubber isn’t really on my list of “this taste good” flavors so maybe that’s the secret for me? Week 2, Day 4 Weight: 191.8 (see! It fluctuates so much!) Godzilla vs Kong was awesome! I really enjoyed the movie last night watching it with the kids. However, there was a point where Declan and Orin were thirsty and I was going to get them some water from the concession... buuuuuut they apparently don’t take cash, which is all I had on me. At one point I thought Orin was gonna cry because he was “dying of thirst” lol. They still all enjoyed the movie despite dehydration. The fight scenes were pretty amazing 🤩. Also, when I got the boys candy for the movie I had ZERO desire to get candy or chocolate myself. #WINNING Besides the movie yesterday, I managed a long walk with Heather and knocked out 100 push-ups, with 40 of those being weighted. I got workout #3 in this morning: 5 x 10 double KB clean and press w/ 35# 5 x 10 double KB front squat w/ 35# 3 x 15 cable fly’s 13# each side 12-min walk. 6 incline and 3.7 speed. I also did a #SmoothPanther routine when I got home: It’s been a good week so far and I’m riding the momentum right now. Stay sharp, Howlers, there’s a war on the horizon. Our enemy is silent and ruthless. It is the enemy of self doubt. Take up arms and prepare for the coming storm because we are the bloodydamn savages of chaos! And our razors will NOT be denied! Wolf
  19. For sure!! I’ve been biting my nails for as long as I remember and a lot of the time it’s done without even realizing what I’m doing... which makes it tough to “nail” down the how/why of it. I’ve even tried putting on that gross, bitter stuff to prevent nail biting but it never lasts. Gonna need to figure that out!! Food Log Post: it’s a breakfast scramble from one of the instantloss books: 6 eggs, one sweet potato peeled and shredded with bacon and cheese and then I added a whole avocado. I ate the whole thing!! Good stuff! And now that I’m back on track with food pics, please resume your regular scheduled programming Wolf
  20. Most definitely, my friend! It’s always stressful and exciting to move, much less something you bought yourself, but it’s gonna be a good challenge for you nonetheless Keep kicking ass, sir! Wolf
  21. Very true. Part of me doesn’t want to quit because I enjoy that buzz... but I know I need too! I don’t have very many unhealthy habits but this is definitely up there. Next up is trying to figure out how to stop biting my nails, lol. Wolf
  22. You and both brother! Week 2, day 3 Weight: 188.8 (my weight fluctuates so much!) Dinner last night was Teriaki chicken on rice with fresh pineapples: Ok... I have a confession to make: What in the goryhell is that you ask? It’s a vape pen. I’ve been using these things for like 2 months... and I’m not entirely proud of it. It started when my brothers fiancée brought some over for my wife. Then I started using them. I’ll puff on them periodically throughout the day but I’m about to be done with them! I know it’s not good for me, yet, I still smoke them. I’m almost done with this one and when I’m done with it, I’m DONE! I used to smoke a lot of pot/weed a couple years ago and stopped cold turkey when Trixie was born. This kind of replaces the pot because I get that nice nicotine buzz when I smoke them and I enjoy it. But, like I said, they are not good for me, and I want to stop. Please keep me accountable! I’m soooooo glad to have these next 2 days off from Costco! I’m also off Sunday for Easter so it’s a good week to have 3 days off. I’m taking my boys to go see Godzilla vs Kong when I clock out from my day job today even though we have HBO max and can watch for free. I miss going to the movies and IMO, a monster movie like GvK is the perfect film to see at the theaters. We’re all very excited to see it, especially my 6 year old. He loooooooves stuff like this! I’m going to get in a solid walk today as well (I’m already at close to 20k steps in for this week alone with 4 days still to go (including today)) and knock out some push-ups and maybe even a sword kata to stack up some points. I’ll also stretch at some point today but either way, it’s gonna be a good day. Happy Hump Day, Howlers! Omnis Vir Lupus! Wolf
  23. If it makes you feel better. I was scared of you for like 2 whole challenges after I first met Wild Wolf on here- because I watched your video you made of your Wild Wolf shrine and was like 'whoa.... who is this guy?' LOL. Then I more better understood your sense of humor and inner character. Lmao! That little diddly was hilarious! It’s actually one of the nicest things anyone has done for me outside of family lol. However, you, yeah YOU @Starpuck sent me a beginners D&D package not too long ago and I am still extremely grateful for your friendship. That’s why I love NF so much! Some of us are miles apart. Some of us are stares apart. And others are even entire continents apart, but I feel so close to everyone I’ve met on here because of the genuine love they have for each other and the willingness to create and make a friendship last. Bloodyhell I love this place! Oh! And following your challenge of course Love you too, brother!! I’m not sure if it’s by fate or just shear luck, but maybe it’s a good thing we’re not direct neighbors because we would get in a lot of trouble together 😂😂. However, I honestly think I would take that over never having had a beer with you IRL. That day is on the horizon, sir. We will meet up one day!
  24. I fully support this! I’m working towards home gyming my set up as well. And as expensive as it can be, it’s worth it in the long run IMO. All the other stuff is great too! There’s not a lot of folks who can handle chaos gracefully, but you are definitely one of those folks . Looking forward to seeing more updates! Wolf
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