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  1. Well hey everyone. My update for week 2 (week 1 for me) Slow progress is still progress! 1. I am a very open minded person 2. I have really awesome hair 3. I'm helping making things at work more efficient **I could still use some advice on the dependence dragon.** As far as quitting snacking I'm going to try to eat 6 small meals a day in liu of all of the snacking I do. **I'll set that in motion tonight. But I could still really use some help here.** The only thing I conquered on the laziness list was going out with a friend. In fact, I went out with two, and had a great time! I'm go
  2. I know, I know, I'm late!! I fell off the wagon during my last challenge here, and I don't even remember why. But I'm back, thanks to Hiraedd and a desperate need to get back on the horse. I don't have starting stats or photos right now (mostly because I'm afraid of them) but I'll get around to it. My main quest- Slaying my personal dragons.... or capturing one, domesticating it, and using it to get to work. This isn't going to be an insanely intense challenge, I want to start out slow so I don't scare myself away again. The low self esteem dragon There's nothing like grad school rej
  3. hi guys thanks. that sentence should end with an exclamation point but for some reason when i use the forums on my phone i can't capitalize anything, which includes special punctuation. anyway, my biggest weakness is pizza. my mom has been making this amazing homemade pizza every friday for as long as i can remember. and looking back on grade school, the thought of this pizza used to be my motivation to get through the week. when i think about the prospect of never eating pizza again, if i were to cut it out like an alcoholic would, i get very very upset. which i guess is just further proof th
  4. well, this is embarrassing. some of you may know me from my very short lived guild world tour. about a week into my 4th challenge i fell off the paleo wagon, and i fell really hard. i had a hard time figuring out where i had gone wrong and the shame of it just turned into the general abuse of all things tasty and unhealthy. a few days ago, after a really depressing binge fest, it occurred to me that i might have an actual addiction. i did some research and realized that food addiction is a real thing, not just a concept, and that my behavior fits the bill. i'm posting here to see if anyone has
  5. As requested! So far so good on this challenge. My preliminary 100 push up test went a lot better than the last challenge, so if nothing else I definitely improved my arm strength last challenge. I actually logged on remotely to work this morning, I'm at 8.2 hours this week and it's only Wednesday. I love being on track this early! I'm going to try to get a life task done tonight after my homework. I'll take votes on if it should be music, french or boyfriend stuff!
  6. Hello adventure-pals! As you may or may not know I've been circling through the guilds in the spirit of true adventuring. Well, my life has gotten a tad hectic and I've determined that committing to learning about new forms of fitness is just a bit too much for me to handle right now. But rather than take a break, like the pre-NF me would have done, I'm returning to home base for this challenge to fine tune my life and habits. THE WHITEBOARD CHALLENGE My life is set up on my fabulous new dry erase board and I'm going to be keeping track of my goals there. Spread sheets don't work for me bec
  7. I'm glad things are going well! Good luck with hell week! And I like your business card
  8. Hiya Wren, sorry I've been quiet. It looks like things are going well for you so far!! As for your soreness, are you stretching adequately after you work out? I've noticed that if I stretch the muscles I work pretty well and drink a protein shake (I mix mine with almond milk), not only do I get better results from the workout but I'm not nearly as sore. Keep up the good work!
  9. Yay adventuring!! I'm sorry it took me so long to post here. But it looks like you're making decent progress. Get some sleep (I agree, naps are good)! It's good that snacking on healthy stuffs can keep you from nodding off though. Have fun on your adventure!!!
  10. I'm continuing my Adventurey-ness on my NF World Tour. I'm a Monk this time, come have a look! All of my updates will be on my Monk thread, this one is just to remind all of my good Adventurer buddies where I went! See y'round folks!
  11. GOAL 1: To increase my flexibility, mobility, and strength. Right now I think I’m actually doing damage to myself when I run because my hamstrings are so tight that sitting on the ground with my legs completely straight is excruciating. Attempting to touch my toes actually makes me cry. When I can bend over comfortably in this position I’ll award myself the following: +2 DEX +1 CON +1 STA I successfully reached my goal here, but stopped trying about 4 weeks in. So I could have gone further. I'm awarding myself a B. This challenge has also shown me that I need to start breaking point valu
  12. *pokes* padawan? I miss you! Come back soon I want to know how you're doing!
  13. Happy belated birthday, padawan! I love your kitties. I'm hoping to get one soon myself. How have things been going?? Update us soon!!
  14. Hi! Sorry it took me so long to poke my head in. I like your goals. I especially love your lucky new year goal! It seems like you're doing pretty well, actually! Keep it up!! I'll say that what I miss most about eating non-paleo is cooking for people. I'm tempted to make pasta dishes or quesadillas sometimes just because I loved making them, not necessarily eating them.
  15. your cupcakes sound awesome. Do you have any suggestions for maybe replacing the brown sugar? Fire drills are the worst when there are so many floors involved... the elevator lines get ridiculous when they let people back in... I've climbed my fair share of stairs to avoid elevator lines. It's good for you but it hurts! Anyway, just poking my head in to see how you're doing, to tell you that I like your goals, and to tell you that your avatar is amazing. You're doing really well, keep up the good work!!
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