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  1. Whoa - heavy stuff, but you're pretty resilient and I know will come out stronger. Sounds like you're already headed that way. Won't be easy, but you'll get there.
  2. Hey!! Don't know how I missed your post when I was checking in the other day, but I did. You did a 14er!!! That is awesome!!!! I almost died back in 2011 doing a 12er in New Mexico - hadn't been able to train hard enough cause of a hip replacement summer before. So, squeeee!!!
  3. Yep - May have to swing thru Philly next summer. The Art of Clineliness is sounding more and more like something that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. I got to know the place a bit while in college because my SU went to school there (matter of fact, I'd go for a run to the art museum and do a Rocky at the top of the stairs), so it might not be hard to talk her into a trip. But, after the 2 week canoe trek through the Everglades on the Wilderness Waterway (I should probably warn her we're gonna do that, although surprise her with it as an anniversary present. Hmmmm....)
  4. Yikes on the injury, but better the arm than the kidlet. Way to stick with your program - that can be a booger on vacation.
  5. Don't know what the doc told you or if you've seen a PT, but do make sure you're stretching everything upstream and downstream that links into the part of your back that's giving you issues. Speaking from the experience of the Revolt of the Kingdom of Middle Butt (don't know me, osteoarthritis in my left hip that needed a surgical hip resurfacing - much better after but still stiffens up if I'm not careful), gotta make sure the neighboring lands are also stretched. But, sounds like you're handling. Easier said than done, but be patient and don't stress. It's gonna get better the same you get s
  6. Y'all would make me blush if I had any sense of shame or modesty. And you're doing right listening to your shoulders. Push it but just don't get nuts.
  7. Yayyyy house!!!! Fingers crossed that it keeps going your way. What is this - the third place you've lived since we (virtually) met? And, uh, I'm a year older than Power Granny (can't dead lift what she does, though).
  8. How do men NOT come on to you? You lift, go ruck, fight, AND wear little bitty lifting shorts ..... to a BAR. (By the way - mmmmmmm, barrrrrrrrrr. Not gonna see one of those for another 9 months. Oh well - Mr. Liver probably needed the break. Not that he ever complains, as he's a real trooper, and like you, is determined to go the distance. But I digress [so what else is new] - back to you.) Do you just flash a gun at them, or what? I mean, a kick to the head, especially a well-delivered one, would just strike me as endearing, but then I ain't exactly what gets classified as normal. And SU - I
  9. Okay, I been gone way too long. You've got some gnarly looking threads I gotta catch up on, but mañana. Too late right now (back in Afghanistan again). More later.
  10. Dude!! Gonna confess, subbed w/out reading. Out of time tonight, will catch up on it tomorrow.
  11. سلام چتور استى Been gone too long and missed all of y'all. Also can't get the freakin Arabic script keyboard to do quite what I want it to (just says hi, how are you). Getting late, hitting the rack. More later.
  12. So I go away for a year and things go all to hell. Waiting it hear how it went with the doc, but whatever he said, TAKE IT EASY UNTIL YOU HEAL!!!! Rush things and you'll just make em worse, but as much as I hate sitting out injuries too, I know that's a lot easier said than done. Getting late here (I'm back in Asscrackistan) but will be checking back in on ya.
  13. Samunwal

    Emcee Emerges

    Heeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaack (and back in Afghanistan). Won't sign up for this challenge (late and only been a week so still trying to get my routine set) , but gonna follow you on this one.
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