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  1. I second Sambalina's list I will add if you can try to get over to Macau it is very cool and you can do a lot in 1 day.
  2. Add a bit more cocoanut oil and maybe some nuts at lunch. It will take time to retrain your body as suggested drink water when feeling hungry, you can do hot Green Tea as well which would be a nice switch from pure water. Over eating can be a habit and breaking habits takes time. Patience and a small increase in calories should help.
  3. This conversation is exactly what is needed if I ever open a box I will welcome this.
  4. Great tip Athena. Funny story all the gyms were closed over Chusuk(Korean Thanksgiving) so we went to Namsan Mt. which has a little outdoor gym. I was doing some timed Bench Presses and in between sets(30 secs.) I sat up. A man came over and started to move the bar as I was sitting on the bench! I yelled, "get the Hell out of here you idiot!" but all I could do is laugh. People in Asia have the worse gym etiquette in the World bar none!
  5. Have your feet checked, sounds like you are pronating. You can go barefoot it it does not show up when you are static squat as low as you can(body weight) and see if you are starting to pronate follow the kinetic chain from foot to ankle to knee. I had this issue and had to wear inserts for a few years I also do specific flexibility and strengthening exercises.
  6. Never felt worse only time that happens is when I am off Paleo and the wheat and diary mess up my gut and make my joints hurt. Simple don't beat yourself up and jump right back on the horse.
  7. Austin bro has everything you need no real worries you can buy shakes there hit up Wholefoods and get good grub I don't see to many problems but maybe the airport it's self. That is always a pain especially with the new rules.
  8. Wow you don't pick easily answered questions do you let me see the best I can answer. Some variables to think about genetics, age, sex, condition, and I am sure more if I think about it. I would say it is best to record and try to see what it is your own body does you should be able to track trends and get a few ideas from there. I know combat athletes who lose 10lbs or more just in a hard practice. That would be 1 2 hour practice.
  9. This argument will persist specifically because of the hypocrisy inherent in CrossFit. This is why Rob Wolff and others left. Now don't get me wrong CF has a lot to offer but as they grew priorities changed and now that Reebok has taken over things have changed yet again. CF can be like anything a good box run by competent people who have not immersed themselves in the Koolade can be a very good thing BUT a bad box run by knuckle heads can be a very dangerous thing. I worked with a CF trainer at a PT studio he was the most dangerous trainer I had ever seen. Not only was he a dot com trainer (s
  10. Yeah don't load the spine but you can do other types of Squatting such as Front Squats, D.B. Squats, Zercher Squats, etc. Careful with your overhead lifts but with time you should be able to perform these. Try some Pilates for core strengthening and and hip spine mobility. Sometimes I send my clients to a Pilates instructor for a few lessons so they learn to engage their cores and gain some hip/spine mobility.
  11. I like to listen to Joe Rogan's pod cast for low slow cardio. Train all day listen to Joe's pod cast all night everyday! (or something like that)
  12. Every gym is different but here is a little link: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/mastering-gym-etiquette.html. Trainers and members hate when new people show up at the gym and blindly leave a path of destruction and act rudely. It's not your fault and it is great you asked, the gym culture is very distinct and varies a little from gym to gym. Good luck.
  13. First few steps are the hardest, you are well on your way.
  14. Ummmm, Maybe you need to check what the company policy is on dating? I know a lot of people meet their significant others at work but it could be a bit tricky. Just a heads up before you continue.
  15. Look around on the site there are tons of programs I'm sure you can find one you like.
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