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  1. Black Books is great, have got IT Crowd on hard drive waiting to be watched. The first two seasons of Misfits are amazing... gets a bit disappointing from there on in when they start losing the original cast. I'd give Green Wing a try if I was you. Your description is correct I guess... but you won't even notice. It's waiting on my hard drive to be watched too!
  2. OK folks.... so far you've only really got to see the 'pretty cheery, yeah got a few problems but working on them' SkullHands. Well, let me introduce you to the 'everything is shit' SkullHands. Apologies in advance. I struggle to keep happy, and my emotions are a bit of a yo-yo at times as alluded to on this thread and my life goal, and have admitted to other Rebels here and there. Remember on day one when I mentioned I had 'killed it' at work and worked harder than I had in a long time and achieved a fair bit? Well here's how day two went.... Get to work. Straight away mood drops and just don't want to do anything. My boss is at a conference until midday. Stay at work for an hour, then email my boss that I am feeling sick and going home. Wasn't actually sick. Undo all the hard work that I put in on Monday. And that's it... I'm completely deflated. Getting out of bed this morning to go to work was very tough. I got off the bus early like I normally do (to help get my steps up for the day) and the walk was the slowest ever... I shambled like a zombie and pretty much had as much emotion as one all day. I did get some work done today, but I've really put myself on the back foot and am playing catch up. What an idiot There goes any chance of an A on my life quest. I expected a few trip ups on the life quest, but day two, and such a huge issue... no good. Like I said, it's really deflated me. As a result I didn't eat very well today. Now, there isn't a diet component to my challenge, but it still undoes some of the good work I've done with my diet in the lead up to the challenge which is disappointing. OK... let's start climbing out of the hole... so yesterdays exercise was my first Angry Birds workout. It was... ok. I think. I'm a little worried that my form for some of the exercises was off - it's the first time I've tried some of these. So I completed the workout ... it counts. But I think I might repeat day one and not level up any of my exercises (even though I qualified to level up on two of them), and really take it slow and concentrate on form. I want to make sure I'm getting it right. Tonight is W2D2 of Zombies Run... something I at least can feel some confidence in. Oh well... the only way is up. Disappointing to be feeling this low this early on in the challenge. Proud of all you guys and how well you are doing... it's definitely inspiring
  3. Haha... yeah sure... if we were still in the early 1900's! As for day three... well get ready for a rant... *sigh* ... about to post my update.
  4. But you love it right? My introduction to it was when I was just channel flicking and stopped on it. It was the episode when they go canalling, end up killing the girls dog by accident, try to burn it to hide the fact, and end up eating it so as not to cause suspicion. Needless to say I was a fan from then on. How about Green Wing?
  5. Oh la la (as the French would say). Hope the strong start to your challenge is continuing.
  6. Hi claysad. Just dropping by to say thanks for the add on FitBit, and good luck levelling up your life! Cool goals. You gonna make some changes before the next challenge starts? No time like the present Good luck in your journey, and keep stepping
  7. Love QI! And those two are two of my favourite guests. Recommendations.... any chance that you haven't already seen Peep Show? If not, you can thank me later!
  8. I don't really get much time for gaming anymore with my wife doing 12 hour shifts and a 21 month old to look after anyway... Just make it sound more business like and I'm sure you can slip it past the recruiters Hi Max, not sure what you mean by group. But feel free to join in the conversation. The more the merrier.
  9. Go you for posting your pics! I'm not brave enough to share mine with the wide world. Gotta say I find that squat butt picture motivating too. But maybe in a different way than you Hope day two is treating you well!
  10. Agree! I've taken my pics but they are in lockdown. Did post my measurements on my thread though.
  11. Good work on starting the changes rather than waiting for the challenge. Awesome stuff. Pirate away my friend! I'm sure I probably pilfered it from someone else on here... Hope the challenge has started well for you. Just checked out Evony. Shut it down after 15 minutes because I know I'd get nothing done if I stayed on it
  12. Absolutely. Putting yourself first sometimes means that you'll be there for him in the long run.
  13. Slow and steady wins the race! Better to make manageable changes than push too hard and not make it to the end.
  14. Thanks! I am excited to see what progress I can make on the Angry Birds workout. I think I chose that over the BBWW as I felt like it would be a better plan to see so progress on... easier to track anyway. I know exactly what you mean regarding the progress in measurements. In the past when using on the weight on the scale to measure progress I used to get bummed out if I put on a little weight one day (yup, I weigh myself everyday!) - but many failed attempts have built resilience to this and I now understand that there are fluctuations. I have the same mindset in place regarding measurements... Because it is the first time I have taken other measurements I don't know what to expect, so will expect nothing. I see this as an experiment, to see what happens to my body. It'll be another step in the journey of learning about myself and what my body can do if I treat it right. I think my missed off the New Zealand bit from my intro. Kia Ora right back at you. Kia kaha (stay strong)!
  15. Ha! This made me crack up. Thanks for the laugh. I ran with a really poor playlist the other day... lot's of slow songs, which didn't relly motivate me to keep up my pace. Learnt from that mistake and have started chucking some high tempo music on a playlist called (unimaginatively) Run Fatboy, Run! Thanks for dropping by
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