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  1. Aw Thank you can't say I've ever been called a champion before.
  2. Hi I recently joined a gym and I'm CLUELESS! I go there and end up pretty much doing cardio the whole time. I have slowly worked up the courage to go upstairs to the male dominated weight machines and now I don't know where to start. I know that I should do workouts in reps, but I'm worried I'm going to screw myself over. I don't want to increase the areas I'm trying to reduce. Can anyone suggest ways to increase muscle tone on my arms and legs and reduce thighs and tummy? Also, should I do cardio before or after weights? And when it comes to protein, before of after the gym? I usually go aro
  3. I still play Quake 3 Arena, it will always probably be my favorite game.
  4. Halo, I'm a n00b, I accidentally found this forum while trying to find healthy eating plans. I'm a nerd and I'm trying to get fit so I thought I should join. I'm 25 and had been, until 3 months ago, a smoker. I started smoking at the age of 15 and despite my dad passing away of a rare form of cancer that started in his throat, I couldn't break the habit. I'm currently on Champix and although I know they are bad for me, smoking was worse. As as result of quitting smoking, mixed in with leaving my physically challenging job for a job in I.T, I've put on 12kgs. I was always tiny, size 6 ... I do
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