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  1. you are magnificent. and dont tell me youre australian. you only further my belief that australians are fricken awesome!!! and if youre really short...then we will see eye to eye on alot of things LOL thank you!
  2. ahhhhh!!! yesssss!! just the person ive been looking for. actually i really wasnt looking....BUT your article is the reason why i decided to jump head first into the rebellion and change my mind about weight lifting...i fall into the I DONT WANNA GET BULKY category. but im hoping you can give me tips on what muscles or types of strength training workouts that would help my broad shoulders. im 5'0 and have shoulders like a linebacker. ive been told its cuz of stress and always having my shoulders rounded...so i wanna bringem down (see body type 2). heeeeelp pleeeeease!! i wanna be somewhat prop
  3. what and how do i fall into a class and or guild? and if theyre even the same thing?? and how i do participate in a 6wk challenge....I NEED A NERDFITNESS SENSAI!!! help! meep!
  4. did we just become best friends!? do you wanna practice karate in my basement?! LOL. sorry. i like to quote movies alot...
  5. and your flaming mane of gloriousness is also admirable!!
  6. huzzaaaah indeed!!! retired in the sense that i had to give up the things i hold dear (reading, gaming, comics, etc) and pretend to be dumb to hang out with the people who really were dumb so i could party and fit in. BUT NO MORE. and not to say that people who party are dumb....just this group of people specifically were very undesirable and very uneducated. and thanks for the pic tip...i owe you my first born....and holy canoli. is that a hula hoop?!?! O.o
  7. THANKS!! im meeting the paleo goal ALOT easier than i thought i would. i havent cheated. and if ive strayed at all its because i didnt know and im still unaware of whats okay and whats not. but for the most part yes..i cook my own food. or i try to stick to foods in their rawest form. so pretty much ive been consuming alot of fruits, veggies, nuts and eggs/chicken/turkey....and its not too terrible. the only thing i miss is the sugar. im a candy kid through and through. and i miss cookies. wah. but how im feeling tastes waaaay better than any sourpatch kid. and before i started the paleo diet
  8. holy cheese and fries!!!!!!!! what on earth do you do with that thing!!! actually dont answer that. cuz i just watched the youtube video you posted. but im still a little vague on it and would like to learn more...would you recommend any sites? but youve definitely provided a piece to my life puzzle ive been working on...like...why do i feel an inner assassin waiting to be unleashed when confronted with adversaries and my intial reaction is to grab the biggest sharpest thing i can find and violently take them down. its in the blood. **shrugs** but i envy and admire your ability to wield such a
  9. well considering its the internet...im really not surprised to see people from other countries. actually i lied. im COMPLETELY astonished that people from all overrr are coming together in this community. i guess thats why they call it the WORLD WIDE WEB. anyways! im from the good ole u s of a....however....i didnt see any fellow californians....granted i only browsed the first page...but im from southern cali. everything you hear and what they say about california and californians is TRUE TRUE TRUE. especially the terrible things. hahahaha but i love it here. woooooo west coast!
  10. @ chipmunk...uhmm.......i would high-five you...but im more of a hugger. **hugs** ...and @athena....youre awesome. and not because you helped me. but because youre australian. i envy you/wanna be your friend at the same time. thaaanks you two!! now i can sleep comfortably.
  11. eeeeeeek!! yaaaaaay!! im not the only one!! we are all "majestic fucking creatures"...HAIL TO THE V!!!!
  12. yesssss!! ive done something similar to that...i make acronyms of their names with all their negative traits...so that way when im having a weak moment...i can quickly remember that and gain my ground again. and when i say theirs...i mean HIS (bastard). no im not crazy! i read it in a book....the brain in love....or something like that. and it definitely works! and the only reason why it hurts its cuz you still care....and why spend time caring about someone who doesnt care about you? concentrate on getting healthy fit and strong...and soon youll love yourself too much to care about and waste
  13. 3 things that stand out.... 1. youre filipino 2. you are and are also related to badass people 3. you have black friends hahaha im just only half kidding. considering that i am half filipina/half "african-american" i found your intro to be very familiar and hilarious. the rice consumption issue is something i completely identify with....my mom made some BOMB fried rice today and i left the kitchen crying. i send you lots of support and "mahalz"....you can do this! you're in the right place!
  14. ive been up the last 2 hours....responding like a maniac to every possible thread that i feel relates to me...which is like everyone...and i JUST realized...instead of posting my reply....i click reply to thread...and assumed when everything disappeared...it posted. ahahahahahaha. im really crying on the inside. wah. oh well. lets try it again. and if anyone has any pointers or tips...on how to.......uhm....use the internet?? feel free to drop a line. cuz this is harder than i thought....so lets seeee...where was that last post.....
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