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  1. Update time!! Exams are all done. Studied like mad. Think things will work out. I got a boxing rush tonight ^^. I've actually wrapped the bandage on my hands as i type this xD. Thanks for the tip about the core, will try it tomorrow actually.
  2. I have done deadlift and bench. My fav is deadlift. I try my best to have a good position doing it, but it's hard, my back always wanna curl instead of being straight :/ Boxing is mostly cardio, which is fun. I learn tons of exercises there
  3. I have done deadlift and bench. My fav is deadlift. I try my best to have a good position doing it, but it's hard, my back always wanna curl instead of being straight :/ Boxing is mostly cardio, which is fun. I learn tons of exercises there
  4. Sorry. Time for an update! I managed good so far. This week i have to study tons for exam so the study goal wont be a prob ^^ I will still work out every day ofc not much to the gym tho :/// more to boxing I'm still going strong!!
  5. No precise targets yet. I wanna get a hang of it first i think Going great today too. Studied with a friend after school, it went good. I've been thinking of what motivates me. I often think about how hard other people might try when they try to achieve something, and i compare myself to them. There's always someone who tries harder than me, that's why i must do my best every time
  6. Time for an update ^^ All is well so far. I have yet some work to do when it comes to the studying part, but i'm working on it. Tonight i'm going to the boxing gym, i'm pretty exited about it ^^
  7. Oh yeah. First day complete! I woke up at 6:10 am. Went to the gym. Had a nice leg day. Managed to squat 176.4 lb but trained on 154. At 17:15 i got to crossfit. Was fun! Then at 18:40 it was boxing. Now you might think this is too much. But boxing was only technical stuff so no real workout ) Good job me! ^^
  8. Haha, i didn't mean like that I dream, but it's more like: who am i to dream, i should do it instead
  9. Fellow Men and Women This will be my first challenge. Lets make it a good one! At my current state I am kinda fit. I can do squats. I can do push-ups. I can even do some chin-ups! My primary goal with this challenge is simply to get stronger My lifegoals during challenges will be to improve my life into something i will be proud of. Here goes! 1) Get into a gym, learn how to deadlift, squat(with weights) and bench. Get some result so I can compare myself with other peoples results + 3 STR The how: I have only been working with my body so far. It's great workout but I feel like it's not enough
  10. Hello! I've recently joined and I'm about to go to the gym! Horray! Yesterday my classmate joined me and showed me a back day. My back hurts today ^^ We did some different exercises like: pull-ups, row and dead lift. Now I will start on my own. So how do I do this? I am going to go there three times a week. Day A - Chest day Warm up (varies from day to day) Bench Press (5x5) Overhead Press (5x5) * Day B - Leg Day Warm up Squats (5x5) * Day C - Back Day Warm up Chin/Pull-ups (5x5) Row (5x5) * So, here comes the *: I have no idea how to fill up the rest of the workout Should i go do some random
  11. That's great to hear Razor! Lets go the distance together! Though i'm a little curious about the program you think i should do. Bench press on leg day? So far i haven't lifted a bar at all. I'll contact the gym when my cold is over. How should a chest day look like then? I found a decent program online i liked a little. I mainly want to focus on Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Should i workout with these ONLY? Since i cover most of the body with my cross fit anyways
  12. Oh I would never get a personal trainer. The gym I'm planning to start in has instructors that can help you when you need help. They are there to help everyone
  13. I assure you. Eating is not a problem If it didn't come out clear. I have been working out a lot the past two years. And read a lot about how important it is to eat to recover and build, but I haven't been to a gym yet! I am currently reading through a program, checking how it is etc. And soon I'll microwave some salmon and quinoa and have some quark on that!
  14. So... Is it ok if I ask some questions here? Lets say I wanna do a leg-day. I want to get a good score on squats while still covering the whole leg by doing other exercises as well. What order should I do it? Leg curl -> squats?
  15. Ok. I see. Thanks! I have done no research so far. To this point I have only been going on personal experience. Things I've heard from friends etc. This is a part goal in my 1st fitness option in my challenge ^^ I'll start reading about it and learn from instructors and so.
  16. Lifting program? If the sentence above ^ isn't enough. Here goes: I have no idea what you're talking about. Please help me out!
  17. Hello! I'm newbie so be be hard on me! I've been slacking for too long I am average. I wouldn't say my body is the strongest I've seen neither the weakest. But to me, this is not nearly what I want it to be. As so, I have decided to join the warriors Forge and prove myself worthy to ME. I am currently constructing my challenge. It's going to be legendary! Fairy, read my signature
  18. Thanks for the advises! I'm really excited about my goals. I'm almost positive i'll be joining the warriors since i want to be stronger. It's as you said, Athena, I have never actually put on boxing gloves. But it's a future goal. At this point, all i want to do is to get stronger.
  19. Thanks a lot for the info Sambie! I'll be checking out how to get count stats etc when it's back up. I've read some challenges. So the deal is to create a challenge for myself before the next heat? In 1½ weak. Right?
  20. Helsingborg, hehe. So, how do i state my "class"? I've looked at them and really cant decide which one i fit best as xD
  21. Oh, i see. Then i will be patient and wait for the next challenge! I'm currently resident in Lund! And where are you from, country fella?!
  22. Some people will never survive a zombie apocalypse. They will run for their lives in despair and fear. You will not be one of them When I run i usually think "pain is only weakness leaving the body" and when i want to quit i tell my body to run faster, so whenever i want to give up, i will run faster instead. Then i got an injury... Resting from it now, i'll have my hopes in you!
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