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  1. Hello fellow Canucks! I've been putting some time into getting my finances in order, and I'm realizing how unimpressive my BMO Airmiles Mastercard is on the travel hacking front. What cards have you guys had success with? Which would you recommend? Thanks a million, tricky
  2. I've been reading it's all kinds of good for you, and having dealt with two colds this year already, I'm liking how much B12 is in it. Still, it's faddish (I hate fads), and frankly, not cheap. So, does anybody have experience adding wheatgrass/shots to your morning routine? Is it everything it's cracked up to be? Is growing/making your own a big pain in the rear end? Help!
  3. Hey Ink, I feel your pain -- my carb flu only cleared up a couple of weeks ago. For main meals, your best bet is to stick to straight up meat and vegetables IMO. For me, though, the biggest thing that's helped the transition has been snacks. Nuts, meat, hard-boiled eggs, and fruits and veggies, all pre-packed in baggies and kept within easy reach. I'm assuming that whoever keeps you fed buys at least some of those things regularly? If you make the healthy options as easy as the unhealthy ones, you're far more likely to stick to your plan. You'll also be able to strategize better at restaurants
  4. Hi Everybody! How awesome is this thread? Y'all make impossible not to stop in and say hi! My name is Tricky, and I'm one more B to add to our alphabet soup (or is it a GBLT sandwich?!). Currently, I'm an adventurer working with the Level Up Club to lose some weight and make some healthy lifestyle changes. When I grow up though, watch out! The plan is to be a Parkour Ninja, or Monk Assassin if you prefer. Cob, I love your question about fitness and sexuality. For me, the connection between the two is very real, but it's less about fitness and more about overall wellness. What I'm doing right n
  5. Hola Fellow Fitness Nerds! It's my first challenge, and my resolve is strong. Time to take my first real steps toward fulfilling my superhero potential (read: becoming an assassin)! 1. GUT OUT MY DETOX DIET. I am a junk food junkie and not gonna lie: right now, it's taking everything I've got not to walk across the street to Domino's and get my fix. I'm craving grease and processed carbs like crazy, and though I really enjoy cooking, it's not something I've made time to do every day, for every meal, ever. But I know that I'm never going to lose any weight unless I kick this monkey off my
  6. Welcome aboard, ZB. We're glad to have you. Unfortunately, I have to echo Razor's answer to your query: effort is the key. But nobody said that effort had to be super time-consuming. If you take a look at the resources on the site, especially the Rebel Fitness Guide, you'll find some pretty efficient workouts that won't take you too long once you've mastered them.
  7. Welcome, fellow newb! As an aspiring assassin, I too am super-jealous of your parkour skills. Have you chosen a guild yet?
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