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  1. Hello Rostov! Looks like you're doing very well! You should be proud of you run. No way I could do that lol. I loathe running. Looks like all your other goals are going well besides the water one. Which if truth be told I completely understand. It's hard to give up those stupid little drinks! Hope you're doing well all around. Good luck and keep working hard
  2. I'm doing great! Actually making strides towards weight loss and trying to maintain my strength. Thanks for asking! Here is something helpful I've found about myself and water. If I set a "drink x amount of water goal" I would also figure I needed to drink like 6 or 7 bottles or whatever. Now, I'm just using 1 gallon jug of water and I carry it with me every where. I know if it's not empty at the end of the day then its a failure. I'm doing this same thing with my fiance except we have a smaller 2.2L bottle for her to drink out of and she knows that if she finishes one and a half of those bottles then she's practically met her goal and if she drinks both then she's doing amazing. So perhaps you should explore something like that? Drink a full 2L bottle of water before you allow yourself a single diet soda?
  3. Hope you're doing well Jonesy! Keep up the good work
  4. I'll definitely pop in form time to time. Don't worry Just not gonna be doing a challenge this next 6 weeks.
  5. Good job Rostov. Glad to see you excelling at your personal skills and being more comfortable with that "weakness". Keep it up and put that pull up bar back up!
  6. Well for the end of the challenge I'm giving myself an A on my strength goals and an F on my weightloss. I've lost some weight but it fluctuates so meh. Not too impressed with it. Gonne be going on a leave of absence from NerdFitness for a while. Just wanna see how well I can hold up without giving myself a challenge on the forums. I think I can do it fairly well because I like working towards 6 week goals. So I guess I'll be doing a challenge just not in the traditional sense. I'll stick check out the forums but I wont be quite as active. Good luck to anyone who checks in here. I might come back bigger and badder so watch out
  7. Awesome thanks guys. Seems like I've got a few little things to play around with and fix. I wasn't thinking about that angle for the squats when I recorded. I think my form is pretty solid on them. As for DL's I'm wanting to kinda rebuild them as best as I can. I definitely think lower back/ab weakness play a part in me being able to move 365 off the ground. Going to start addressing that here soon. The ass coming off the bench is going to become a non-issue from now on. I worked through my workout the other morning without a single problem. So just kinda keep that in my mind and I think Bench will be solid with a little tighter arch.
  8. Just wanted to say I am insanesly jealous of your SSS lifts (mainly Deadlift). Glad to see you're back! I personally am stoked for the September competition. Gonna have to let the beard grow thick so I can beat some of you guys this time around!
  9. It's definitely not something I "enjoy". I use the term lightly because I love lifting but waking up and going to deadlift is like waking up and telling me to jump in a pond full of ice water lol. I dread it so much. Naturally I enjoy lifting more at 3-4pm. So this is all very new to me. Max- I read a similar article and that's what made me decide on warming up and what not to make sure I'm not so tight etc. I was horrendously tight today. Everyone else- Great suggestions and I enjoy seeing what your routines are! Looks like I'll be basing mine off of a combination of several of yours
  10. Yea, I'm getting to the gym at 6. Gonna start getting there at 5:45 I think so I can get a quick little walk in. I'm taking a protein shake for breakfast directly after working out. Waking up is definitely the worst lol. I have my phone going off at 10 min intervals starting at 5:15 and I still didnt get outta bed until 5:45 lol. Definitely need to work on that.
  11. Definitely noted. I'm gonna completely rework my DL. When I worked out this morning I made sure my ass never left the bench
  12. Anyone else lift early in the mornings? What do you do to make sure you're ready to go and kick ass? Do you train fasted or no? I'm getting back into it since I'm back in school and everything. Definitely have to make sure I get there earlier so I can warm up properly. Went in this morning in a rush and was squatting 255. May as well been 400 the way it felt. Probably gonna continue to train fasted but we will have to see how my body responds to that. As long as I can continue to add some weight to the bar that's all I care about. Share any tips/tricks you may have.
  13. Congratulations everyone. Gonna be some stiff competition in the fall! I'm excited for it!
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