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  1. Wanting to be Level 70 while I'm at Level 5 is one of my biggest problems... definitely need to be reminded as much as possible!!! (Just call me Veruca Salt because I WANT IT NOW) Yay! Thanks for the offer! I have a big goal, and it is a matter of breaking it down into a doable thing. Goal: to love my body and be fit again by April 29th (for a local annual event I frequent )
  2. HI. I am in *literally* the same boat, except I'm too lazy to make a new account....
  3. For the past 7 years, I have travelled the proverbial peaks and valleys of working out and eating right. Where am I now? In the valley. In the deepest valley. The heaviest and most out of shape I've ever been. Things didn't used to be this way... three years ago I was 30 pounds lighter, much more muscle, and doing deadlifts for fun. I try to remember that I was struggling with depression these past couple years, that it felt like a success just to choose life over death. I have reclaimed my mental health, and I am ready to reclaim my physical health. I have used this site in the past, but I'm unsure I did correctly... I just need help. I need people to advise what I should eat, what exercises I should do, what goals to set, and most importantly, to encourage me onwards to victory... (I'm usually very punny and can def drop a sh*t ton of pop culture references on ya. HUMOR IS DA BESSSSST ) So... help? <3 mg
  4. I tried walk me up this morning... it has a snooze button :/
  5. Day 3: Further Down The Rabbit Hole We Go... Wake up time: 7:45. SEVEN. FOUR. FIVE. Victor: Snooze. I put my sunrise alarm clock across the room and discovered that when I throw anything at it, it shuts up. Score: 1 - Creative Solutions, 0 - Resolve. Food: Breakfast: Peanut Butter Crackers. Lunch: Pizza and a salad (WOOOOO, VEGGIES but... booooo pizza.) Snack: Half a bag of popcorn... thanks Christmas presents from clients Dinner: Cup of French Onion Soup and half a panini Fitness: Nothing... but I did see my counselor today so... yay mental fitness. Conclusion: Today left a lot to be desired. Again. Change is hard... Dutifully yours, MG
  6. Yeah, I need to do that. I snoozed my alarm until 7:45 this morning then ate some crackers for breakfast. Feeling cast down and down trodden already...
  7. Dude, I was JUST reading this last night / this morning. It is TOTALLY me. I don't know how to not become an overeager beaver, though! it is TOTALLY my personality to get all gung-ho in on something then fade away... I reckon the goals I am working on now is to have some sort of consistent working out, some sort of healthier eating, and not hitting snooze all the live long day.
  8. Day 2: The Griff vs. The Snooze Woke up at....... 7am!!!! And didn't snooze! (cue We Are The Champions!) I got up. Drank a cup of water. Feed the cat. And just breathed. It was nice Food: (160 cal) Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal - Maple and Sugar Variety made with milk. Side note: WTF WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN USING MILK ALL MY LIFE?! FAN-TAS-TIC-AL! (230 cal) Snack: BelVita Nutrient bar (Don't ask, it was int he company cupboard) (200 cal) Lunch: A salad. YES SALAD. Some Kale and crasin deal. It was good! (100 cal) Snack: A biscotti. (380 cal) Dinner: A turkey, cheese, and tomato melt with a side of corn chips. (300 cal) One coffee and one chai (0 cal) 4 cups of water (WOOHOOOOO!) Total intake: 1370 calories. Not too shabby! Fitness: I was going to take a walk this morning... but I didn't want to. And I remembered what you all have been saying... baby steps I have an art enclave thing tonight and will probably do yoga before I go to bed (I <3 YOGA!) Conclusion: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and is directly followed with the second. Let's do this. <3 MG
  9. I would take you up on that if I hadn't already built out my own...
  10. Woohoo! I can't find your battlelog, can you send me the link so I can sub back??
  11. I did have instant oatmeal for breakfast today, and it felt WAY better than a pack of pop tarts
  12. Awwww!!! Thank you It is so hard not to compare myself to what I once was. I will be journalling again today, but so far, I woke up at 7am and had a healthy breakfast. Baby steps, indeed!
  13. I do! That chart especially, seeing all the toning you've done is encouraging! I think I'm gonna plagiarize it and make my own
  14. you and me both!! you've got this. keep on keeping on
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