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  1. Thanks guys for the tips and motivation! Yeah I just need to keep at strength training for the moment, actually super sick right now.. will probably miss out on a whole week of working out, but once I'm back not going to skip a beat! Never 2 in a row...
  2. Hey all, been a while since I've posted here... Just typing out loud... Had a ton of fun with last winter's 6 week challenges and the level up club, did not make a lot of my goals, but I'm still further ahead then where I was when I started. I think one thing that has held me back is that I want to be in the Ranger class, but my current body type makes me a natural Assassin, and Assassin on the smaller side. I've come to think of NF classes as weight classes similar to the UFC hehe. Warriors being Heavy Weights, Rangers being Welter to Middle Weights, Assassins being feather to light wei
  3. Oh sorry did not come back here to check on replies... posted updates here! http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?19982-Rangers-Report!-How-did-you-do&p=325440&posted=1#post325440 Basically did not do well on most of my goals, however I gained a ton of experience and a love for Bikram Yoga, but I think even more importantly I get up at 6am now. Something I haven't done since I was 19 and going to college and back then it was 7am! My goal in January is getting up at 4am so I can make 5:30am workouts and have my evenings back.
  4. My 6 week challenge posting Main Quests Bikram Yoga Starting Zone quest C+ Start Bikram Yoga class, go every week at least 5 days a week for 6 weeks. I started Bikram Yoga and went 15 days in Oct and 5 days so far this month, love it! However did not meet up my high goal of 5 days a week every week (I avg 3-4 days a week). Bikram Yoga Side quest D Bikram Yoga 10 days in a row starter quest I did 5 days in a row in Oct and this month, however did not complete 10 days in a row Early Angry Bird Workout for 6 weeks F Angry Bird Workout (starting 1 set, then 3 sets Oct 8th) every day for 6 weeks, a
  5. Went to CrossFit last Sat! I was crazy sore till today Bikram day 5 out of 60 so far... going strong, Bikram day 6 tonight, Bikram day 7 at 5:30 am tomorrow morning (Wednesdays I have an 7pm meditation class and not missing any of those ever again). So far this month I've hit 3000 calories or super close! CrossFit again this sat, and will sign up for their onramp 3 personal trainer classes. BEAST MODE! Still feeling guilty about failing to follow through with my Early Angry Bird workouts, however I recognize the problem, my roommates and friends are at a different level of health motivation a
  6. My Bikram Yoga 60 day challenge starts tonight! CrossFit Sat class 3000k a day
  7. The only Quests I'm still leveling in are: Bikram Yoga Starting Zone quest Start Bikram Yoga class, go every week for 6 weeks. They have a 60 day challenge starting soon, I'm going to sign up for that (was going to start Crossfit next month, but I think it would be better to get 60 days of Yoga in, plus I've gotten use to Yoga now, so maintaining a good thing rather than stacking on 2 things may be the smarter option). Another thing, I'm starting a new quest (Monk quest) next week, I've taken this Meditation class on Weds, however I've missed it the last 3 weeks, it really helps get me center
  8. So far this month done 11 days of Bikram Yoga, love it! Hate when I miss days however missing these days and getting made has forced me to adjust my schedule to better fit time in. Hardly game as much as I use too and push freelance work to the weekends. Also don't party as much... too old for that anyways. Day 12 tonight, week goal is 6 days of Bikram (taking weds off to make it to my Meditation class, can't skip that ever again. Bikram is physical stress relieving and meditation is mental stress relieving.) So far all month I've gotten up at 6am, however some days have been much harder than
  9. Exjamieus - Have you tried stuff like Pro-biotics, like Kambucha's?
  10. Quick challenge updates, so far things have been good, however been off track on several goals, fought some high level mobs which has hurt my progress, but doing well in other quests... Bikram Yoga Starting Zone quest Start Bikram Yoga class, go every week at least 5 days a week for 6 weeks. ^ So far on track, at least 5 days a week, longest streak has been 5 days in a row. Bikram Yoga Side quest Bikram Yoga 10 days in a row starter quest ^ Failed, got up to 5 days in a row, then had issue with other commitments, experiance points gained from this was learning to manage other commit Early Angr
  11. Go full organic Paleo Also Ginger is suppose to help with digestion, they say Bikram Yoga can cure a lot of issues as well!
  12. Day 8 of Bikram Yoga tonight, love everytime I go, miss it everytime I don't! It is so taxing and exhausting, you feel like a true caveman that has gone out and done some hard work... I believe we really need Bikram in our daily lives if we're cube monkeys. The lack of sleep mobs/bosses have been very taxing on me for the past week, the big fight with the All nighter Sat boss was fun, but left me drained for days, and even last night while trying to level up my cooking skills, failed to realize how long it would take to bake chicken. Ended up in bed after midnight again (I'm not in my 20s anym
  13. 3 days in a row of Bikram Yoga, on the way to 10 days in a row! Before allowing myself a day off (For a full Angry Bird set!) The start of the 2nd day was the hardest because my mind was playing tricks on my, I had experienced intense dehydration the night before and my sweat on the towel smelled strongly of ammonia. Did some googling and found all kinds of articles talking about hyponatremia and ammonia sweat related to a high protein low carb diet. Freaked myself out, thinking I wasn't ready for another day, like I would lose too much salt and water would rush into my brain cells and cause d
  14. So I took my first Bikram Yoga class last night, loved it! Though it there was a lot of suffering hehe, but the good kind... however afterwards I really felt extremely dehydrated, my fingers and stomach started to cramp up towards the end. Also I noticed that my Yoga towel on my mat smelled really strong like Ammonia while in the lying down poses... Today at work my head has felt super spacy all day long, and kinda tired, did some googling and I think I have Hyponatremia, because I started getting some heart palpitations today. Ugh, I thought I wasn't drinking enough water. For the last coupl
  15. Thanks for the props guys! Up at 6am today and busted out a set, started the day off right
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