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  1. I hurt soooo bad! But it's a good hurt! Did my first 5k!

  2. Look at you, darling! Blasting through and being fab! I am so glad that you are enjoying all your new found everything! XXOO
  3. Started W30 with Mama on Sunday. It's be going ok. I am still recovering from the challenge, and not much in the mood for working out :-( I have been walking, though. I did the AppleFest 5k today!!! It was my longest run ever!! I am soooooo proud! The time wasn't my best, 51:58, but I finished! AAAAAAAAND I lapped everyone standing on the side of the route drinking. So :-P to all the lazy drinkers!
  4. Hello all. The last two weeks have been HORRID, absolutely HORRID. The whole gluten challenge thing really messed me up- my tummy and my migraines. The last 5 days have been especially painful. I had 2 migraines in 4 days that took me down for the count for several hours, even with taking my "as needed" med on top of my prevention med. My blood was drawn today, so no more gluten challenge! I felt so out of it with the challenge, I didn't really workout the last 2 weeks. I do have a 5k coming up on Saturday, so I am suuuuuper excited for that! Today starts Whole30 with my mama! Sooooo exc
  5. I can do a 15 second plank before I start swearing... I think I can get up to a minute... but I am so adding a 2 min plank to my ab routine
  6. Darling- I am so proud of you, and everything you have accomplished! You will succeed!
  7. so... I had a personal best today- 5k in 39:13! Last week I did 4k in 36:47, so that's a marked improvement! YAAAAAY!
  8. Well, despite eating bread, I've managed to get down to 194. Also, I did 5k in 39:13- which is amazing because last week it was 4k in 36:47! The AppleFest 5k is next Saturday, so I hope to get better times between now and then. Lastly, my mom is going to be doing W30 with me- which we are starting on Sunday. I am getting my blood drawn Monday morning (I have to fast) for the Celiac panel. Based on how I have been feeling, I am thinking something is going to show up. And if it doesn't, I am going to go with gluten sensitivity- again, based on how I have been feeling the last week and a hal
  9. I've decided that while I am doing the gluten-challenge for my tolerance panel, other than my 2 pieces of bread per day, I am going to follow W30. My body has just acclimated to that, and every time I introduce something that W30 doesn't "allow", I end up sick. And, to me, it's not worth the agony. So... yep. That's my plan!
  10. seared tilapia and seasoned broccoli tilapia- filets equal to number of ppl eating butter garlic powder onion powder salt pepper 3-4 heads of broccoli, depending on your love of broccoli (I can eat 2 heads on my own) thaw tilapia (if needed) season tilapia with garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper preheat pan. spray with pam, if desired. place tilapia in pan, top side down. brown until cooked portion is more than uncooked portion (i hope that makes sense!) flip tilapia filets. put in a big dollop of butter and let melt and become a pan sauce for the broccoli- before cooking the t
  11. "garblecoughcough" is the best number ever! And YAAAY for n00b Rangers!
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