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  1. I was active here on and off from 2012 to 2014. And life got its tentacles on me and distracted me and I'm chunkier than ever. Since I was last here (at the time I and OH had just bought a house), we've moved into said house, had bathroom renovations done to the house, planned our wedding - which was nearly 2 years ago now . And I was busy commuting about 2.5 hours a day for my job for most of that time. That job has been over for 9 months now and while I've been semi-taking weight loss seriously I've decided now is the time to really get my ass moving on it. So part of my plan is to take part in the next 4-week challenge and figure out the other steps in my plan.
  2. If I'm not to late to jump on the PR bandwagon (and yay for my gym stating a PB board this week so we can track ours ), I got a 45kg hang power clean on Thursday (16th October).
  3. My third challenge turned into a bit of a failure - it got pwned by life . Though the life reasons for said failure/ownage are pretty awesome, I have my own house (no garage gym yet, I was tempted by getting a crossfit rig in there ). TBH I've been doing well with goal 3 but goal 1 has died a death in the past 2 weeks and my crossfit goal took a bashing for 2 weeks though this week I'm back on track. So I'm getting back on the challenge horse (though theren't any horses in the fallout Mojave that I remember ). I get practice for the next challenge this way
  4. My third challenge turned into a bit of a failure - it got pwned by life . Though the life reasons for said failure/ownage are pretty awesome, I have my own house (no garage gym yet, I was tempted by getting a crossfit rig in there ). If I'm still allowed at Ranger camp, kofta kebabs sound tasty.
  5. I love the photos, they're awesome . I'd love to visit a dark sky reserve, it sounds so cool.
  6. G'ah out of practice with remebering to update your challenge thread if you're taking part in it. Better late than never I guess (though not really good ranger practice ). So in the spirit of updating-ness: Monday 15th September - get 7 hours of sleep was a success and so going to 1/5 crossfit classes a week. I'd picked this as one of my days to do a early morning run, which started off fine and then got hit by body betrayal (stupid scheming intestines). So the run I'd call 50% success. Tuesday 16th September - didn't do so well with the 7 hours sleep this time, only got to 5.5 hours but 2/5 crossfit sessions done so I'm half happy.
  7. Yay, the first time having a job where walking the stairs multiple times a day comes in handy (and fitbit to count them for me). Might still take me a couple days to hit 50 though.
  8. Hey Gang We seem to be having an Indian summer over in the 'shire here.
  9. After a loooong time away from NF challenges, I've decided to jump back on the bandwagon/horse/other metaphor. I've been playing a lot of Fallout New Vegas recently and the fact it has rangers in it has been reminding me to come back So I've decided (for some insane reason) that next year I want to do Wolf Run (http://www.thewolfrun.com/) or Tough Mudder - I haven't picked yet. So this challenge I'm going to use to get me started towards this. So goals: Run 3 times a weekCrossfit at least 5 a week, preferably 6.Get 7 hours of sleep a nightThat's all for now folks, got to used to this again
  10. w00t - I have a new fitbit One after managing to misplace my Ultra (though knowing my luck it will now turn up at my Box which is the last place I remember having it). I'm doing okay at sticking to my WODing days, I might have to drop my usual Friday WOD next week - I'll need to get a new prescription for my ezcema meds from my doctor. Which means I need to leave work early. Life always getting in the way of CrossFit . Though I could solve this (or at least make my life easier if I got of my backisde and found a new job closer to home, though that creates an issue of whether there's a close enough crossfit box). I'm slipping on the 'get more sleep' on week nights goal, I'm sure having almost completely different sleep habits to my OH doesn't help with this one.
  11. Daily whine had to take mid-season break/hiatus . Didn't have time with work commute, gym and the fact work degenerated into choas while we played 'let's play pretend' (or mock FDA inspection to be more accurate). I work for a biotech company that is hopefully releasing a new drug some time in the near future (~1 years) - so lots of getting things ready. I had to put with a week off WODing as I kept getting stuck at work trying to get things finished on mock inspection week but last week and this week seem to be back on track. Goal 2 has fallen by the wayside, though I have plans for the weekend to resolve that one. Goal 3 has kind of working I'm up to about 7 hours most nights. So progress
  12. Not been much of a daily battle log for the past 2 days, it's all work and crossfit fault . Goal 1 is back on track, WODing done on Monday and Tuesday (clusters are evil I found out on Tuesday). Goal 2 is going well at lunchtimes, dinner time not so much currently. I'm still not doing great at the 8 hours of sleep thing either. Seem to get stuck at getting any more than 6.5 to 7.5 hours in the week.
  13. So err yeah ¬_¬ yesterday's double session. It didn't happen, i managed the whole wake up, get dressed and take your vitamins bit. Went for a quick walk round the block before heading out to the box and decided I was still too tired. So I spent the day being lazy and eating loads. This morning nearly went screwy - Monday morning is not the time to wake up feeling like you want to puke. So lucky that it went away after about 20 minutes and some time in the bathroom. I did get close to 8 hours of snooze time though and I have a whole weeks worth of ground beef recipe for lunch this week.
  14. That's me today -> Sleepy_Rach. I've done not much, apart from getting outside and walking. There was blue skies and sunshine today for the first time this year (or at least it feels like that). I got my afternoon nap. box day tomorrow - I'm such a crossfit addict.
  15. Dork log stardate 91691.28 (or Saturday 01 Feb for when I can't remember how to convert stardates >.<). Friday was a double session day at Crossfit box for me. Fridays are awesome because if I'm not too busy at work I'm allowed to finish at leave at 3pm, which means most Fridays I get to go to open gym and crossfit class . So I spent yesterday's open gym practising what we did in oly lifting class on Thursday. Class was 4x4 squats at 90% of 1RM, so that was 54kg (or 120lbs for the non-metrics ), 5x5 front rack lunges and 8x3 plyo jumps. The 4x4 squats seemed rather hard than they should have done, I have feeling I was tired after Thursday night. \o/ I got 8 hours of sleep last night, I reckon I will probably go for afternoon nap today. w00t for weekends, I get to revert to todlerdom.
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