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  1. I want your favorite paleo-friendly recipes! I'm open to anything along that thread. Kraut does not frighten me, I assure you. Nor does hot.
  2. For about a month now my stomach has been in a weird state. I imagine it's related to a generally dormant IBS, but who really knows? I've been so blase about eating for several months now that I generally eat what's around and what's easy. I'm getting fatter and I know I need to change. I haven't quite figured out what my trigger foods are that cause the most bloating and cramping, so I don't know what to really omit. Starting points are surely sugar-laden soda, decadent desserts, fast food, etc. The obvious. In the way past (2008) I felt like I flourished on a pure, vegan diet. Tons of veggies, lots of them raw. I wasn't working out though. A couple of months back, I started the Power 90 workout and diet plan and made it 20 days before it triggered a major depressive episode. I was on 2 different medications for the aforementioned depression, so it floored me. I did my little bits of research and saw some small patterns where this actually can occur when people on meds start working out. The happy feel-good feelings just don't happen and they have rebound effect, much like I did. In addition to the depression, I was STARVING. Once I started calorie counting and trying to avoid the crappy foods I was eating here or there when I actually got hungry, I realized I was eating more with less (ridiculous calories in a Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream cookie). In the passed time, I have phased off all my depression medication and am honestly feeling better, less anxious than I've felt in a long time. I have feelings again and can create and motivation, all of which are beautiful things. I'm ready to start this thing again, this time with the Nerd Fitness deal as it's more of a lifestyle change challenge instead of killing myself and starving myself over the course of 90 days. I really want to lose the weight, but I shouldn't feel like I'm punishing myself along the way. Meat gives me the creeps, but I can and will eat it. I have some ethical issues with it, just stemming from a general sense of being an asshole for eating another sentient being. I grew up eating meat though, and meat is tasty. I guess much like the tears of our enemies. I still and always have had weird texture issues with meat and one bad experience can throw me off of that particular meat for a long time. I really don't know if I should do a strong vegetarian diet with lots of egg protein (I'm lactose-sensitive) or if I should try a very lean primal diet with more veggies than meat. I always have my stand-by protein shakes which are tasty if I want to skip a meal, but I don't know if that's okay on a true primal diet at this point. Hunter-gatherers didn't exactly have a battery-power blender toting around on the back of their noble steed. I'm just going to be phasing out the nasty food habits until the end of the month, which is when I get paid again, then I can fill my fridge and pantry with things I should really be eating. Let's assume that I can afford around 300 a month to spend on food. I personally think it's a ridiculous amount and would LOVE to spend much less, but this gives me play room for taking suggestions. I work at a help-desk evening hours, so having something prepared for the night shifts is essential. A prepared lunch is also essential depending on when I get up. Most dietitians seem to say breakfast is essential for weight management, so I'm just going to assume the same applies here. I will have to work on getting up before noon (bad habit I've acquired) so that I can make myself breakfast before I go to work. I just really feel disorganized and would love to see what some of you all have to say, where you've had successes and failures, etc. Even better if you have eat meat, but feel sad about it. It's something I need to either abolish or find a way to make peace with as I throw myself into this full-force. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm hypersensitive and have little spurts of burning and pain, but nothing like what I see on the fibro forums. I suspect I have something else, but who has healthcare these days? I don't. Not-so-shockingly, I find there is a strong correlation between eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and not going out drinking every night and how I feel symptom-wise. My main complaint is when I'm flaring, the fatigue can get bad despite sleep and I can almost literally hide my own Easter Eggs. I am going to look into walking, resistance training, little things to start with that I find through these forums. I figure over time I can increase the training. Jobwise, I am looking for anything, but my ideal line of work is in a technical profession (software, development) with growth potential. I actually took an assessment today for an entry-level software testing position, with potential for permanent hire after 6 months. It sounds interesting and would be great experience. It's through Teksystems, but I've generally heard good things about working with them. My background is in student jobs with the university ITS. I have 2-3 years experience working the service desk, and worked with the web design team in converting sites to new wrappers to support new accessibility requirements (and much needed upgrades). I do freelance work in my "free" time in order to gain experience in graphic and web design. I'm spending my time in unemployment lurking on Lynda.com, trying to flip my eating habits and get into the gym more often, and finally teaching myself how to REALLY use my Linux box. GUIs are overrated. I figure using this time to make positive changes can do nothing but help me along the way, as well as combat depression/anxiety issues organically. I'm hopeful I can meet the job goal very soon. Birthday is next month, so a job for my birthday would be great!
  4. I'm new to Nerd Fitness and I see to get as involved as I can, so this is my first of many 6-week challenges! I am kind of at ground-zero for fitness and am in transition with my diet. I'm currently unemployed, so I cannot commit myself to full paleo diet yet, but I'm going to try to eat as purely as I can. Goal 1: No sodas for 6 weeks. I seek to cut these out entirely (so full of nasty stuff) Goal 2: Phase the carbohydrates/gluten out of my diet. I'm a total carb junkie, so I feel that cutting the breads and starches will really step up my routine. Goal 3: Go to the gym at least 4 times a week. 5 is ideal, but 4 will be minimum. Goal 4: Being currently unemployed, within the next 6 weeks I hope to find a new job that will support me and all my new habits I hope to adopt. About me: I've had an underactive thyroid since I was 4, so like another n00b here in this class, I can gain weight just by looking at fattening food, and have to practically starve myself to lose the weight again. I suffer from joint, chronic muscular pain, and fatigue issues, receiving a diagnosis of fibromyalgia in 2005, but I'm not 100% certain if that's really the case. I want to get my weight down to something around 140 (lose about 50lbs) by exercise and proper diet, get to where I can do 50 squats, 50 pushups, and eventually be able to do just one pull-up! I just really want to up my quality of life, feel better and get stronger.
  5. Hey all! My name is Kat and I'm new to the Rebellion. I found Nerd Fitness after running a search for Paleo Diet. After browsing the site and seeing the results, I have decided to dive right in and give it a go! More about me: While I'm not necessarily a huge gaming nerd, I'm a total computer geek. I like to challenge myself and expand my mind, reading anything about everything. I love the smell of old books. I am recently unemployed and am filling my free time with trying to find new employment, freelance web/graphic design gigs, and trying to learn everything I can in hopes of increasing my skillset. I'm finally making myself learn Linux (properly learn it in Terminal), brush up on my OOP and hopefully become a better programmer, and trying to catch my Adobe and web skills up to 2012. For this program: I'm currently hanging out around 190-200lb and very weak. I don't know how much of it is from health issues or from lack of exercise, but in the last couple of years I noticed that I quickly went from pretty strong to a delicate flower. I would like to get myself into tip-top health again. I recently made a commitment to eliminate alcohol out of my life (unhealthy social crutch) and am wanting to get my life off on a new path. I want to be able to climb stairs without being winded, fight my fatigue, and get this weight off. I'd love to get down to around 130, as that is an ideal BMI/weight for my height and stature (tiny frame). My goal for joining the community is for inspiration, comradery, and hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks along the way. I really struggle for motivation these days and I'm hoping that I can be inspired to make the changes I've been wanting for so long! I look forward to getting to know you all.
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