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  1. A year ago my husband and I were training to climb to Everest Base Camp. My husband was 70 and I was 61. Training was rigorous. Then I fell at work. I slid face first onto an outside porch and the crown of my head hit an exterior wall so hard it intented it. Concussion yes, TBI absolutely. A year of minimal exercise. Dreams postponed. Now at 62 and a whole lot of work my brain is functional but my body squishy and weak. I still want to climb. I still want to be healthy, trim, and energetic. Now my Everest is metaphorical and ok, maybe next spring real. My major
  2. 14 days since I recommitted. Here's the update: * Up by 5am to work out and do daily devotions/meditations * Down 3 pounds * Found a 5K at home video... so I am able to do 3 miles/ three times a week even when it snows and its been snowing for two days. (rrrrr and grimace) * Stacked the wood, well there is a little left. ^ Have been tracking my WW points and made it to one meeting. Missed the other because it got cancelled due to another snow storm. * I've been keeping track of my "whys" on the Weight Watchers Connect site. What have I done for fun? I star
  3. I've tried out a pilates video and all I can say it, Wow do my arms and core hurt. The moves were so small that I didn't believe it would be effective. I was wrong. I skipped this mornings cardio in lieu of carrying 12 loads of wood in 12 degree weather. I was so sore from yesterday that I didn't want to over do. I carried the wood and broke a sweat.. so I guess what I did was in line with cross fit training rather than the tradition cardio. Tomorrow's a travel day, hopefully, there will be a gym at the end of the trip.
  4. Did 6am cardio, I've been away from it too long so it was harder than when I last did it. I love going to the gym but it's too far away so it's back to the Power 90 DVD. it's a way to keep going until spring and I can go trail running again.They are boring but if I'm serious, and I am, necessary. Did lot's of wood and farm work so I got in my steps in.... and woot, woot - I'm that wonderful sore from having worked. Ate clean too.
  5. I live in southern Vt, near Manchester, and am a respawn after a couple of years away too. At 60 I'm healthier than most but that's not good enough. I am looking to get tough enough to withstand mud season, strong enough to live forever and feel good about it along the way.
  6. This is my beginning point. I have a just delivered cord (8x8x4) of wood to carry down a snowy set of outside stairs and stack by our front door. With Husband recovering from surgery it's up to me to me to do it on my own over the next three days. My three legged Burmese needs to walk.more so we are going to try up and down the icy road/trail. As I'm already in fair shape, I can do the tasks. However, I don't want to forget my 6am workouts and clean eating. This is what 60 looks like now.... but just wait.
  7. Took pictures today.... rrrrr. I can only get better. With more cold on the way and 31 inches of snow I had to order another cord of wood. Got it delivered this morning, carried and stacked until I couldn't do it anymore.. I did this after doing a pilates upper body workout this morning. I feel a shift, a determination now.
  8. Skya was an ancient warrior in the Celtic Ulster cycle. At 924y/o she trained the highest level of recruits, took volumes of lovers, and guarded royalty. Age kept her from nothing and served to sweetened her skills. After years of illness and injury, with Gods direction, I've fought my way back to good health. I am stronger now than at any time during the last decade and plan to only improve. No little old lady chair for me. It's a dream of mine to backpack around Mt. Blanc. Hubby and I have set September/October as the date. I live high up on a mountain in
  9. Literally . We are downsizing our log home and moving to the Vermont Mountains. I have two weeks to pack and two weeks to unpack. It's daunting . The only way I'm going to do this is with energy, strength and stamina. To build and maintain energy: Walk 3-5 miles a day. Six days a week. To build and maintain strength: Morning body weight w/o. Three days a week To build and maintain stamina: High protein, low grain diet. Weight watchers 25 points To get it done: Pack and/or clean one room a day
  10. My exercise is moving up a level. I'm becoming a little obsessional about crossfit. This little experiment is beginning to change my middle aged life style. Ps... Love the sleep I'm getting
  11. I was on vacation last week and couldn't post but. I stayed true to the plan. I'm going to start the whole 30 Sunday Oct 7. It's taken me a few weeks to gather the intel to begin it. I also didn't want to throw out food so I finished the dairy . It's been several days without dairy and more than that figuring out what can be eaten and what can't. It's not the eating but the shopping....sneaky stuff everywhere. Bought a can of sardines in water, can said ingredients were posted online. Online? How hard would be to print sardines, water? Sure enough looked it up gound a host of other things
  12. The plan is easily replicated with protein shakes and supplements. It's terribly expensive but if you become a salesman you reduce the overall cost for yourself.. It S a scam and a pyramid at the same time.
  13. Omg, I just read through this thread.... Nerds! I taught for 25 years and everytime I gave a big assignment there were those kids who stayed after class to complain about every loophole, every problem and ask about every possibility or exception. Nerds.
  14. So I haven't thought of a burpee since7th grade, that's 45 years ago. Then at a boot camp last month it was burpee burpee burpee. When boot camp week was over at the fitness center I felt sure that it would be another 45 years until I had to do them again. Jokes on me. I guess if I want to be able to do them again in 45 years, it's all burpee all the time until Sunday nite
  15. Went to buy jerky..was shocked at the number of preservatives. Didn't find any over the counter, gonna have to do the website purchase. A major win- went to a huge fair yesterday and only ate protein and veggies.. Oops wait not true. Did had three mini corn phones. Better than the big potato or giant eclair of the past.
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