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  1. Time to summarize - I didn't do very well with the tracking part, but I did feel more focused doing my administrative work. It's probable that the lack of other activities/meetings/responsibilities over the holidays helped here. Now to keep it going as the semester starts up next week.... Buzzfeed was successfully banished for the most part, and I don't miss it at all. I opened it twice then remembered I wasn't supposed to and closed it right away. Twitter may need to be next on the chopping block. PT has been sporadic. My foot is better if I do it really really regularly but I can tell if I miss a day. Something else that will carry forward to the next challenge I suppose.
  2. Oops, somehow I completely missed this. Probably has something to do with not checking in for the entire challenge
  3. Hard as it is for me to believe, I seem to be posting a challenge the day the challenge starts instead of my usual week or two into it. I'm not letting it go to my head, though, because I have a long history of posting very infrequently on here. But having a goal written down does seem to help in some weird subconscious way, so here goes. Last time around I went with a Phantom Tollbooth themed challenge, and I think the principles are still sound. So I'm sticking with them for my main goals: 1. Don't Dawdle in the Doldrums: This is my "just do the stuff you need to do" goal. I'm making it more concrete this time around. I will identify the "need to do" items at work each day, and do the highest priority ones first when I have my administrative time. No checking emails, messages, or other time-sinks until I've done the important stuff (exception - a quick look to be sure there's nothing urgent that needs to be dealt with). 2. Track the Terrible Trivium: I know where I waste most of my time, but it never ceases to amaze me how much time I waste. Time to put some numbers to it. I'll add specific websites (not naming names (Twitter)) to my time tracking app, and keep track. And one more draconian measure: no more Buzzfeed. It is clickbait within clickbait within clickbait and it adds nothing of value to my life. These two goals should help me use my time more effectively, and free up time for sleep, exercise, reading, and things that I really want to do but can't "find" time for. 3. Build Up the Body: My plantar fasciitis is acting up, my back is acting up, my knees make interesting crackling noises. Time for a PT challenge, independent of my success in the others. I need to ice my foot at least once a day, stretch it at least twice a day, and do PT for my back at least twice a week.
  4. We could have an accountability group! But no one would ever post in it......
  5. Week 5 was, again, a bit better. The fact that it was such a short work week didn't hurt any I was fairly effective at work, and didn't get further behind than I already was from the first few weeks. Because of my earlier procrastination, I did have to do a few hours worth of work but I was able to spread it out through the holiday weekend so it wasn't too burdensome. Moving forward - I need to come up with a more quantitative way to track how well I'm doing. The overall goals are still what I need, but the measurement piece needs work.
  6. Stopped by last week to check on you then went down the rabbit hole with all your recipes. Very impressed with all your green check marks!
  7. Week 4 was...somewhat better? I definitely didn't spend as much time on devices, and got more done at work. Sleep was also better. So I'm counting it as improvement.
  8. So apparently my old habits of rarely revisiting my challenge thread to post haven't magically disappeared... How am I doing? Week 1 - pretty good, at least at work. I was pretty focused and got a lot done. Still too much time on my iPad at home Week 2 - not quite as good but still got a lot done. Week 3 - abysmal. I spent way too much time on my iPad, didn't get things done at home, didn't get to sleep at a reasonable hour, was tired and unfocused at work, didn't do my PT. Sigh. Off to get ready for bed so I can get a better start to the upcoming week.
  9. One of my good friends had a beautiful dollhouse, which she decorated for different seasons - Halloween and Christmas were always the best. Her widower keeps up the tradition in her memory which is always lovely to see.
  10. Late to the party, but I'm inspired by your long-term purge goal (also the greenhouse).
  11. Greetings from a fellow parsimonious poster! I feel like if I have a challenge on here, in the back of my mind I know it's there and I should be working towards it even if I don't post anything about it. Do what works for you!
  12. Dropping in to say hi and finding that wow, you've got some great goals! I love the focus on sustainability. Following.
  13. Thanks ATW! The book wasn't much like I remembered, and I'm sure my fond hazy memories of the movie would, um, suffer with a rewatch, so I'll probably leave those undisturbed. Sorry for the flashbacks Tank. I was one of those kids who loved being read to, but even if I hated it this book never made it into any of the classrooms I was in so it would not have been tainted. Welcome Manarelle! I wonder if it really is kids who love it, or just parents who love it for their kids? Some of the demons seem to represent pretty grown-up problems...
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