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  1. Vacation/postvacation update: Got caught up, more or less, with everything I needed to by the time I returned to work. And I've actually managed to keep my head above water in the 2 weeks since I've returned, in spite of all the new challenges that everyone's facing nowadays. Meditation and exercise, not so much. So, regrouping again within this regrouping challenge: For the final week, I'll do PT and strength training twice (did once today, so I'm halfway there). And it's time to restart my early morning exercise routine. I would still like to start meditating again, I'l
  2. I actually did this? Before the end of the week? Yes I did.
  3. Prevacation update: Catching up: not quite, but I've worked hard and gotten quite a bit done. I'm satisfied I've done my best, and may still get a little more done tomorrow before we leave. Strength: done Stress: I persevered and worked hard. I'll call it done.
  4. Thank you both! Floating sounds lovely -- perhaps while I'm on vacation....
  5. I've managed to do reasonably well with my nutrition and exercise the last few challenges, but my time management is a mess (case in point: I'm posting this at 11 PM after doing a few hours of work after dinner on a Saturday night). The good news is I have some vacation time coming up to catch my breath and regroup a bit. So this challenge will be divided into 3 time periods. Prevacation: Get caught up! I still have a boatload of work to do before I leave town. If I can get all the papers graded and records done, all I will have to take with me are some pretty straightforward
  6. And week 5: Nutrition: mostly done; lots of veggies, a little cheese Strength: only done once; I had to take a sick day off Stress: this is still the biggest problem; thinking about how to address it next challenge
  7. Week 4: Nutrition: done Strength: not done, an unusually busy week. I need to get back on track this week, starting this afternoon Stress: I haven't done anything specific about this. I think my goal for the rest of this challenge will be thinking about next steps for next challenge....
  8. Week 3: Nutrition: a couple more days of cheese for lunch while I finished off what I had left, then back to veggies. Lunch prep for the next few days already done. Strength: once again only one strength workout this week, but still gradually increasing. I must have made some progress because I felt sore after my last workout. Stress: I think I'm coming to accept that there's more work to be done than there used to be, and I'm not as fast at it as I once was. Now to think about how to respond to that reality....
  9. Welcome Defining! Walking outside, every chance I get (trickier in the winter when there's not enough daylight before or after work)
  10. Week 1: Nutrition: done Strength: done, 2 workouts with slightly higher weights Stress: only tracked my activity a couple of days. I am realizing that the problem may be that there is more work to be done than there is time to do it. Week 2: Nutrition: meal prep done, but I did include extra cheese a couple days. Mainly because I had some good stuff left from a get together and don't want it to go to waste. Still not as much as i used to Strength: only one strength workout, but still gradually increasing Stress: no tracking last week. I'm rethinking t
  11. Since the last couple of challenges went well, I'll be doing more of of the same, with a few tweaks. Nutrition: Continue to plan and prep lunches for work days. An apple and a few raw veggies does not turn cheese and crackers into a balanced meal. The goal is to do this for every work day. Off to a good start so far: roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts already in the fridge for the next 2 days. Strength: I've been consistent even through the holidays. Now it's time to start the progression part: a very small increase in weights. New dumbbells ordered today.
  12. Week 3: Fitness: 2 workouts at home. I'm particularly pleased that one happened while we had out of town guests. Diet: 1 day of cheese for lunch (I blame it on the holiday schedule, I wasn't at work enough days to justify a full pan of roasted vegetables. But I could have done a smaller plan). Also lots of lasagna meals meant lots more cheese. Back to a better routine this week. My next challenge will probably look very much the same.
  13. Week 2: Fitness: 2 workouts at home done. Diet: A bit of regression here, 2 days with lots of cheese
  14. Last challenge went pretty well so I'm just doing more or less the same thing again (including posting my challenge a week late...sigh): Fitness: I will do PT and strength training at home twice a week. The gym is being renovated so that part is on hold for right now. DIet: Plan my lunches so cheese isn't the main course. Mental: Still not sure on this one. Maybe participating in the mini challenges this time is a good start. Week 1: Fitness: 1 trip to the gym, 2 workouts at home Diet: Roasted up some lovely vegetables for lunches for the week, s
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