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  1. Diet Eat a vegetable with one meal every day Keep a food journal Have no more than one sugary food and drink a day (no soda) Fitness Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a week Go for a walk with the dog 1x a week Practice wall handstand at least 3x a week Level Up Your Life (Pick One) Meditate for 10 minutes a day
  2. This is my first challenge, and I'm using it to focus on losing fat. I already have pretty good habits: eating 80% paleo and following the barbell workouts 3 days a week. But I'm looking to maintain that muscle as I lose some fleshiness. My Main Quest Lose 2 inches from my body measurements (neck, chest, waist, hips, biceps, thighs, calves) 3 Diet and Fitness Goals that Will Get Me ThereGo to bed early (by 10pm at least 3 days a week) Walk more (7,000 steps per day OR 49,000 steps per week) Fast in the morning (twice a week… until 12pm and maybe even 1pm)Leveling Up My Life Goal Give a compliment, piece of encouragement, or positive reinforcement to someone once each week. Has to be in person or over the phone. Thanks in advance for solidarity, support, and advice!
  3. Introduction: I joined the last challenge very late (with about two weeks left), so this is technically my first REAL challenge. In my last challenge, I surprised myself with how much success I had and lost about 5 pounds in a week. I started to lose my way though and gained a bit of that weight back, but I'm still better off than where I started before. I even accomplished one of my goals of stopping drinking Rockstar energy drinks. I'm still not drinking them, and I don't feel a pull to drink them, so I'm going to consider that one a success and remove it from my goals. I haven't yet decided which guild I want to join, so I'm going to give this another go as a rebel recruit. However, I'm leaning toward the Druids, primarily because of the introspective, self-discovery aspect. I am 5 feet 7 inches tall and weigh 240 pounds. I like to play basketball and tennis but haven't done either in quite a long while. I enjoy hiking and jogging (at least I used to and would like to relearn to enjoy them). I am an editor for a local, daily newspaper, so I spend quite a bit of time sitting in front of a computer. Even when I'm home, I'm prone to surfing the Internet and watching Netflix on the couch. I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself, but I know that I need to stop that and me some positive changes in my life. Main Quest: I want to weigh 200 lbs before the end of 2016. When I started the first challenge, I was at 240. I'm currently around 236.5. Quest 1: Complete the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3 times a week. I gave myself a pretty soft goal last go-round, so I'm going to really challenge myself this time. A = Complete workout 3 times a week. B = Complete workout 2 times a week. C = Complete workout 1 time a week. D = Complete at least one circuit of workout a week. F = No workouts in a week. Quest 2: Drink less alcohol. Whenever I'm with friends, we drink. And I'm with friends a lot because I live in a small town and it keeps me sane. I noticed during my last challenge that drinking too much definitely got in the way of my success. I tend to go a little overboard, so I need to learn some moderation. A = 2 drinks per outing. 1 outing per week. B = 2 drinks per outing. 2 outings per week. C = 3 drinks per outing. 2 outings per week. D = 3 drinks per outing. 3 outings per week. F = Anything more than that. Quest 3: Cook more often, eat out less. Sometimes I'm too lazy to cook, so I often eat a fast food lunch at my desk at work. But if I do eat out, make sure it's a low-carb meal. A = Eat out no more than 2 times a week. B = Eat out no more than 4 times a week. C = Eat out no more than 6 times a week. D = Eat out no more than 8 times a week. F = Eat out more than 8 times a week. Life Quest: One of the benefits of my job is that I have more free time these days. I want to start using that time to do some active volunteering for local organizations — at least once a week and work my way up to twice a week. I say "active" volunteering because I want to do something that requires a bit of physical labor. I used to volunteer at the local food pantry, so I'm thinking of going back. I promised them I would someday. Also, I need to learn to save money. I spent a little overboard this holiday season. I will budget my funds for the year and review my spending once a month. I currently have my bank set to automatically transfer $60 a month into my savings. I'm going to try to make that at least $100 a month. Motivation: Like Lester Burnham in American Beauty, I want to look good naked. Kidding! Mostly. Really though, I want to meet the love of my life and start a family someday. I've convinced myself that my unhealthy lifestyle is getting in the way of those goals. I believe that if I can lose weight and build my confidence, I can better connect with people without doubting myself so much.
  4. Level one challenge: Diet: Eat a vegetable with one meal everyday. Two coffees per day and lots more water. Fitness: Walk every day (5 minutes) - this could even be in the form of standing up at your desk and walking around the office. Level Up Your Life: #100happydays Take a picture of one thing that makes me happy everyday.
  5. A long time ago in a country far, far away... It is a period of hot weather in Argentina. A Rebel, striking from a hidden base, has won his first victory against the evil food pyramid. During the battle, the Rebel spy managed to stop drinking the ultimate fat weapon, SODA, and started to drink water. But that is not enough for our hero. He needs to make exercise for feel better every day. Pursued by the Life Obligations agents, the young Rebel has to learn the english language that can save his life and restore freedom to the galaxy.... Or simply allow him to travel anywhere and be understood. Main quest: Complete 3 Beginners Body weight training per week. I want to complete this in the 4 weeks because I really feel better when I do exercise. I am 6'4" and 198 lb, so I'm not overweight but change fat per muscle would be great. Side quest: Study english two hours per day. One hour of grammatical practice and one hour practicing listening and talking. I'm not a native speaker. I only speak spanish and I know the importance of learning english because basically gives the chance to talk with the world. Also I want to do the "Work and Travel" experience someday so I have to learn the language. Diet quest: Before I said that I'm not overweight but I have a few habits that want to change. This is my first bad habit destroyer challenge.First week: eat a bread roll once a day.Second week: eat a bread roll only three days a week.Third week: eat a bread roll two days a week.Fourth week: eat a bread roll only one day a week.Level up your life: Do small or normal talk with at least one stranger/girl a day. I'm introvert + shy, so that's not good. Girls are my nemesis. I want to change the shy part because I am fine with the introverted one. I think this is the MOST difficult challenge I'm going to do. But I know I can do it. So, let's get started!
  6. GREETINGS, FELLOW REBELS. Is everyone else as excited to get this challenge going as I am?! LET'S PAR-TAAAY. Background I'm Zho. 26, female, 4'11", 136 pounds as of this morning -- my lowest weight in 10+ years. Torn between classes -- perhaps assassin, or ranger? My fitness goals can be summed up as something between "functional strength and movement for everyday life or emergencies" and "do cool stuff." (Oh, I forgot "look freakin' amazing." That's in there too.) I want to be able to lift heavy things for my day job, flee from an attacker if I have to, do a pull-up, hold handstands, etc. I really like parkour and Ninja Warrior stuff, but I won't be getting into that until later this year, probably. I also challenged my sister to a virtual 5k in April, but I have no idea why because I have zero openings to actually train right now. I'd probably never progress beyond a 5k; I'd rather get faster than go farther (further?). So, yeah. I'm all over the place. Anyway... let's move along, shall we? I was going to save the Zelda theme for another challenge, but I just can't help myself. It's my thing. Zho Tests Her Courage 1. FIND A SWORD & SHIELD. Strength training, at least three times a week. This challenge will cover weeks 2-5 of the beginner strong curves program. A = 3x/week | B = 2x/week | C = 1x/week 2. BE BRAVE. TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND. Practice handstands at least three times a week. 20 minutes of training each; this includes rest time. A = 12 sessions | B = 9 sessions | C = 6 sessions 3. LISTEN TO YOUR FAIRY. Maintain and follow my weekly meal plans. This one comes with a LOT of variables and mistakes (I've only just started weekly meal planning), so success hinges on if we pick up fast food for dinner (unplanned), or if I clearly overeat that day. A = 4 (or less) bad days | B = 7 bad days | C = 8+ bad days 4. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Fun life goal! Post a daily drawing in this thread. It doesn't have to be on time or drawn that same day, it just needs to be one fairly clean or finished drawing for every day of the challenge. A = 22+ days | B = 18+ days | C = 13+ days Rewards My 4-week reward is one shirt based off the theme of my next challenge. Here's what I'm currently considering: One, two, three, four. I might do a two-week reward of $10 towards more equipment, like ankle weights and socks. ;)
  7. "Fair Lady... Gracious Gentlemen! A servant begs your pardon for your time... BUT! There is much to tell..." I am JollyOldMrPhelps and this is my first challenge. My journey begins here, after hitting rock bottom, to become the romantic hero I worship with jealous eyes. I am only a mere young weakling who is dull and miserable... BUT! Through determination and bravery I will fight my way to become a true gentleman! You might be wondering, "How does one begin such a daring task?" I think this might be a good start... -Main Quest: Become a functional human being. -Quest 1: Fighting Fit Exercise every other day: - Complete my kettlebell workout thrice a week (with warm up and cool down) - If fed up- Walk around the block -Quest 2: Healthy Eating Improve my diet: Small changes, two weeks at a time: - 2 weeks to get rid of fizzy pops for water and tea and start eating breakfasts - 2 weeks to start eating vegetables and get rid of pasta -Quest 3: Dreaming Sweetly Develop healthy sleeping habits: - Have a 11pm-7am bed schedule - iPad off by 10:30pm- allow to get ready for the next day -LIFE QUEST: AVOID AVOIDANCE AT ALL COST! Bite the bullet... Return to normality! Motivation: Like a Sir, JollyOldMrPhelps 🎩
  8. This is my first four week rebel challenge ever. I’m starting small and trying to lay some behavioral groundwork for big changes: Diet Log my diet every day in My Fitness Pal. Eat at least one serving of vegetables daily. Fitness Do the 0 - 100 push ups program every morning. Level Up Your Life Pack my lunch every evening so I am making healthy choices ahead of time, rather than making unhealthy choices "on the fly."
  9. Long time listener, first time challenger ! Looking to get the ball rolling on rebuilding good habits and an agile body I'm going to go back to what worked for me regarding diet and fitness, and throw a couple of new things in the personal sphere. Quest 1: Eating Paleo for the duration of the challenge For this quest, I will also look more into the science behind what works in paleo and try to understand what exactly makes it work for me. My girlfriend asks me often why no grains and no legumes. I'll go back into my notes and search for new studies as sometimes I seem a bit confused The adjustments I have to make to be successful are : having lunches ready and eat breakfast more often, refill the trail mix regularly and cook in bigger batches. This last thing should also facilitate having a paleo dinner ready when my girlfriend or roommates didnt cook a common meal that is paleo. As I am quite sensitive to sugars, dairy and legumes an upset stomach or weird skin will tell me if I pass or fail. I'm okay if it doesn't happen more than six times total. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BUH3Gd9qAA Quest 2: Bodyweight circuit once a week Injuries and moving to different countries in the last couple of years completely got me to stop strength training. But hearing of friends running for 100km in the alps and highly motivated girlfriend gave me enough incentives to go running. Been at it for 6 months and ran a first trail 5k in the fall. Except now, the snow and ice have entered the scene. The main fitness goals behind these endeavors are to run 10k in less than an hour and get to 30 push-ups in a row by next fall. For this challenge, I will start again the strength training and go for runs if the weather does not suck. Quest 3: Stretch sessions twice a week I am not flexible at all, I want more range of movement and to take care of an old injury. The goal is to touch my toes by March, I have to loosen up. Quest 4: Switch off TV for the first 3 days of the week Lots of time are spent watching TV when I get home from work despite having plenty of little things that need fixing or being improved in our house. This quest will also get me into more reading and writing. There is a bunch on cool books on the shelf and I have things to write on top of some serious paperwork. It will free up plenty of time for things I don't yet know I want or have to do. Still, I'm gonna miss it...
  10. Hi all, Been a hermit on this site. Accepting my first challenge. Hoping to start the year off right and get healthy. Quest 1 - Decrease my soda consumption by 50%. Soda is my addiction. Time to kick it! Right now I average 8 24oz cokes a week. Quest 2 - Make it to swim practice 2x/week and do a body weight workout 2x/week. Can't be a good rebel without working out the body. Quest 3 - Run 2 miles without walking. Gotta get ready for that half marathon and don't want to run/walk the whole thing! Life quest - 5 minutes of meditation a day. Can't be a good rebel without working out the mind. I tried to put in some inspirational photos but failed. Will try and figure that out for the next challenge. Look forward to kicking this challenge's butt! Remba
  11. Hello everybody! My name is Theodora and I am a rebel with a tendency to adventuring and assassins. I think though that hanging with the rebels is the best way to start my journey. Overall I'm 5'8" 316 pounds... I'm not sure what race I really ought to be. Any suggestions? My goals for the next 4 weeks: 1. Swap out one soda per day with water (I even downloaded an app to keep track of my water intake) 2. Reduce fast food consumption by 50%. I do believe a lot of my Venus of Willendorf qualities stem from the ease of the drive thru mixed with my lack of movement.... not the best mix. 3. Walk every day (5 minutes minimum) 4. Clean for 2 minutes everyday. If I'm leveling up me I thought it would be a good idea to start the process of leveling up my home. I am very excited for this 4 week challenge! Theo
  12. So I was a ranger, but times change. That's not to say I don't still have very "rangery" tendencies, but I might move more into an Assassin role. With that in mind, here is my resetting challenge, getting back to being a Rebel and starting things fresh. Also, I kind of got distracted during the year, but still, here we go: Diet Aim for the 80/20 rule. I mean it. That means out of an average 21 meals per week, 17 of them have to be decent.Alcohol on weekends/special occassions only. Christmas/New Year has been brutal!FitnessGym - Complete 5-7 sessions each week for the duration of the challenge (lots of bodyweight and explosive power)Level Up Your LifeRead a page of Harry Potter, in French, each night.
  13. "With great goals comes great fitness..." I hope! A short introduction as I am new to these challenges (tried to start one about 2 and a half years ago, but obviously wasn't ready); I will endeavour to fill in more info over the next few weeks. In brief, my name is Joe. I live in a small city called Bath in the UK with my partner and 2 children (P is 8 and R is 3) with a 3rd on the way. I am a primary (elementary for our American friends) school teacher. I have a reasonable level of fitness at the moment as I have got back into playing football (soccer) regularly and have been running semi-regularly. The running will be increasing over the next 3 months as I have a Half-Marathon to run in the middle of March. Having said that I am still carrying too much weight/fat at the moment and will be looking to shift that ASAP! I have decided to start my challenges as a rebel as I wasn't really sure where I belong yet. I think I am probably mostly a Scout at present as most of my fitness base comes from running, although I do enjoy adventuring too with a good hike out in the hills. I would love to end up an assassin as I love parkour and gymnastics - those guys are phenomenal! I think I will probably end up a Ranger though with a little bit of everything for good measure! Anyway, enough ramblings for the time being on to my Level 1 Challenge Quests: DIET Replace all fizzy drinks with waterReplace 80% of sugary snacks with a healthy snack - protein, fruit or vegetableEXERCISE Complete 3 quality runs a week (following current Half-Marathon training plan)Do at least 1 other workout (bodyweight/dumbbells) a weekLEVEL UP YOUR LIFEGet at least 7 hours sleep and increase sleep time by 10 mins each weekOkay, that will be enough to get me started. Looking forward to seeing the character/quest additions soon.Will try to update at least 3 times a week. Thanks for reading. JOE
  14. Yeah that was a terrible pun. Tried one challenge last year and it imploded. But I made major changes on the job front last year, and traded up from the soul-sucking 'You're an A player but we'll never ever promote you, just the people we hired after you to take over what you do so you could move up' Old Job for New Job starting in ten working days (and counting!). To match my shiny New Job, I'mma add in a focus on a shiny improved more highly functioning body! Old Job takes with it the open season candy-stocked kitchen and six a day diet coke habit, but also the three mile round trip walk to work each day, which is really my only exercise. New Job comes with work from home, so yeah. Fictional Role Models: General Leia Organa, Agent Peggy Carter. Class Presumptive: Ranger or Warrior, eventually. Assistants: Executive Office Qats Velvet and Cato. Future Nutmeg: Satisfies her own competency kink. Challenge, plus two new house rules! (Shamelessly inspired by the recommended level one challenge.) Diet: 1) No more than two diet cokes per day for the two weeks remaining at Old Job, no diet coke ever once working from home/at New Job. To support this I will... Make coffee at home each morning. Bubble water is ok, since I love me some bubbles. Bring my favorite water bottle from home. 2) Not allowed to eat a frozen tv dinner/boxed meal (eg. Macaroni and Cheese) more than one night per week. To support this I will... Eat a lot of scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes, probably. Make a sandwich/wrap or bring the components thereof to Old Job for remaining two weeks, not buy such things once I begin New Job. I will also try at least one of the Nerd Fitness blog recipes this month. Exercise: 1) Nerd Fitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x per week, doing the full circuit by the end of the month. To support this I will... Right now I do shorter reps but still three sets, and incline pushups instead of real ones, so I don't hurt so much the next three days that I can't walk, so by ramping up I hope to be more successful in the long run. Bonus! When Old Job and mandatory 3 mile daily walk ends, add a 3 mile walk 3x week. (This is a stretch goal, since it's cold as balls right now, and the neighborhood is a little sketchy to boot.) Level Up Your Life: 1) Tidy up the kitchen at the end of each day. Bonus! Work on SQL/JavaScript/Code Academy/Udemy 3 non-work hours per week (total) as part of professional growth. House Rules: While I realize this is a bit extra, I spent the holidays setting up my new home office (mostly), and know how much I get sucked into certain mindsets based on activities I do in a given location. To support keeping my workspace pure (former dining room table which has the advantage of facing out over the living room which has mass amounts of natural light and a giant window, and the disadvantage of putting the tv and the temptation of Netflix in plain view), the following two things are Never Okay. Not Once. Not Ever. Not even after 'Office Hours'. 1) TV is only to be used for streaming music (not music videos. Just music) while sitting at the desk. No movies, no Netflix, no youtube, no nothing. Spotify, Pandora, and Google Music. That's it. 2) No games on phone/tablet at The Desk. (Stupid time killers. Why are bubble shooter games so addictive? They suck away hours of my life and accomplish NOTHING.) Even if you yield to temptation, you go over to the couch/anywhere else to do it. Main Quest(s): * Drop two pants size (which is more like two and a half, given how tightly my last remaining pair of pants that fits is ) * Lose/fifty pounds(ish.) That's in the middle of the BMI recommended for me, but lighter than I was even when I was in shape, so as I get closer I'm going to adjust the goal weight based on body fat %, etc, but it's a fair horizon to start. * Join a Crossfit class * Run a 10k * Take a beginner rock climbing class * Whole house (including storage closet and bedroom) unpacked and tidy * Participate in one social activity per week (Open Knitting, Meetup, etc) COME BACK WITH YOUR SHIELD OR ON IT!
  15. After a failed attempt at my assassin training, I was forced to re-examine my plans. The present plan was obviously not working for me so I needed to find a new evolution. The simple Assassin had fallen, so I looked a bit further afield. It is only now that I have found my true path...
  16. Will dropped down the the rooftop the note had indicated. He looked around carefully and saw the small man standing by access door. He could see the two heavies trying to hide in the shadows but was not concerned. He walked up to the man and nodded to him. The little man sneered and looked him over, finally speaking in a whisper. "You are smaller than I expected. We were hoping for more." "You are foolish to let appearances trick you." "We shall see. Everything you need is in the folder. You might want to shape up a bit before taking this guy on..." "The job will be completed by the proper time, I assure you." "See that it is, Assassin. See that it is." The little man handed him an envelope of cash and a large sealed folder. Will accepted it and watched as the man and his associates left the rooftop. He opened up the folder and began to laugh. The picture inside was the very man who had handed him his assignment. So much for the warning, but Will also knew not to underestimate a target. His assassin training had taught him that much at least. He had six weeks to complete the mission, so he might as well take his time in planning this one out. This little man could be more complicated than he seemed. * Goals for Six Week Challenge * Goal 1 : Time Management Improvement * Goal 2: Conditioning: * 2a: 100 Push-ups every day * 2b: 100 Sit-ups every day * 2c: 2 miles in under 20 minutes * Goal 3: Find a better Job
  17. So here it begins. My battle plan is as follows- attack accumulation of fat in all high density areas (legs, glutes and abdomen) with a continuous and increasingly difficult workout regimen. Arms, chest and back won't be ignored, also yoga will be incorporated to maintain flexibility . As of today I worked out my arms (since I ran yesterday and worked 18 hours), here was my training regimen for today: 15 reps 2 sets of upright rows with resistance bands 15 reps 2 sets of over hand kettle bell raises 15 reps 2 sets of underhand kettle bell raises 15 reps 2 sets of bicep curls with resistance bands 5 reps 3 sets narrow (tricep) pushups 5 reps 3 sets wide push ups I felt my arms pulsate, so sore, yet sooo good. Can't wait for tomorrow
  18. So I spent my last challenge with the Scouts and it was my most successful challenge to date. Just not in the way of any of my goals. I learned that I like going to the gym and can do so, consistently, in the morning. That will be incorporated in this challenge. I learned that I am capable of eating healthy. I plan on doing a Whole30 during the first challenge of the new year. I may never have met all of my goals in a challenge, but as long as I keep learning from them I'll keep doing them. This challenge also will mark my one year anniversary of joining, which means it needs to be epic. Each goal will be explained thoroughly. The "Ultimate Goal" is what I ultimately want to achieve during the challenge. This is my way of having both an end goal and a habit goal. Main Goal: Get Fit Background: I've never run 10k, performed 5 straight pull-ups, done the splits, had a 6 pack, or been able to do anything that people associate with "fitness." I have officially been making an effort to "get into shape" for a year now, so it's time to start knocking out some of these long term goals. Plan: I want to see progress this challenge. I also want to build a morning routine every day, instead of just gym days. I picked my goals so that I could accomplish both of these. Goal 1: StrongLifts 5x5 Background: I took up StrongLifts 5x5 when I joined a gym during the last challenge and I've enjoyed it quite a bit. I've been going fairly regularly. Plan: Do StrongLifts workout 3x per week, every week. A: 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Bench, 5x5 Barbell Row, 3xf Dips B: 5x5 Squat, 5x5 Shoulder Press, 1x5 Deadlift, 3xf Pull-up/Chin-up (Alternating) I'm also working on my grip strength at the end of these workouts with Captains of Crush grippers. Challenges: Week 1 is going to be hectic at work. Week 2 I may be out of town training. Week 3 is Thanksgiving week. During week 1 I may have to sacrifice some sleep to get in my workout. Weeks 2 and 3 may cause issues with doing specific days. If I go out of town during Week 2, there may not be a local gym I can get to. Why: Strength is important. And lifting encourages fat loss, which is a plus. And if I ever end up in Kanto, I don't want Pikachu to out-lift me. Ultimate Goal: Squat 200 lbs 5x5 What It Entails: I cannot miss a workout or stall. I have no idea if it's even plausible, but I'm sure as heck going to try. I haven't really had any issues with the squats yet. The rows have given me trouble somewhat consistently, and the bench is a little difficult sometimes. Goal 2: Mobility Background: I tried doing a daily MWOD during one of my first challenges, and that crashed and burned. I started Movement Multivitamin from GMB this week. It's 28 days of exploring different movements and just kind of playing around with what's tight and what's not moving the way it should. Plan: Finish Movement Multivitamin. Afterwards, do an MWOD or repeat a day of MM every day. Challenges: I've never been able to make mobility a priority, even though I know it should be. Why: I saw a post from GMB the other day about needing to make your stretching pertinent to your end goal. It then showed a picture of a girl in a crazy pose with a caption that said, "Practicing this every day is great...if you want to be awesome at yoga." And I realized that, on top of all of the other great reasons for improving mobility, I want to be awesome at yoga. And then I want to buy this shirt. Ultimate Goal: Downward dog with my heels on the ground What It Entails: When I'm in downward dog Pluto is closer to becoming a planet again than my heels are to the ground. I'm going to need a lot more flexibility in my hamstrings, calves, hips, shoulders, and lower back. And probably everything I didn't mention, too. Goal 3: Splits Background: I found a 6 week to front splits progression online and wanted to try it. Plan: It's all right here. Challenges: Everything that the splits entails. Why: Doing the splits has never been a goal of mine. But I figure if I can conquer that, I can do anything. Plus, it'll help my career as a budding NHL goalie. Side Goal: Handstand Background: I've never been able to do a freestanding handstand. And when I do a wall-stand, I always come out of it awkwardly. I'm just not comfortable doing it. Plan: 28-Day Handstand Challenge, extended to 42 days. Challenges: Being upside down and balance. The arm strength shouldn't be an issue. Why: Handstands are cool. And I don't know if I actually need to be able to do a handstand to act like that weird monkey guy, but it seems like a good starting point. Ultimate Goal: 30s freestanding handstand. What It Entails: Making a habit of practicing. Notes: -There's a lot of daily practice entailed in this challenge. In the past I've been terrible at doing anything daily. -I plan on eating a caloric deficit, but don't plan on tracking. I figure if I'm exercising enough then even if I'm eating a bit more than I burn I should just be putting on muscle. -I have a RumbleRoller that I want to use more often. That seems to go with the theme here. -That bottom gif is really distracting and is right at the top of the screen. I'm going to go ahead and hit enter a bunch of times until I can't see it anymore. Starting Stats To be added on Day 1. Just for grins and giggles since, as I mentioned already, I'm not really trying to lose or gain anything. **Goals are subject to change without warning. Please consult your doctor before following this thread. Side affects may include awesomeness, and a desire to laugh at bad puns.**
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