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Found 2 results

  1. Long Term Quests: 1. 22% body fat 2. A real pull-up I am not good at keeping up with posts, but as I though about sitting out this challenge I started to come up with goals. I concluded that just knowing I have goals here, and that they're time limited it helps me to make positive improvements. Mini-Quests 1. Add split focused stretching. Dex - 3 Right now I'm thinking that I'll throw this in with my post strength stretching since I'm doing static stretching then anyway and I'm already warm. (Thanks last challenge!) As I play around with this though, it may change. My goal is to work on st
  2. "Look out Hydra, here we come." Main Quest: Destroy my own personal Hydra. (AKA: Get in good enough shape to rival an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D) Goals: 1) Root out the sleepers. In every good organization or assassin, each piece of the puzzle has a purpose. Sometimes, the pieces of the puzzle don't fit and only hinder the ultimate goal. These are known as sleepers. They are rogue agents that are in place to destroy from the inside. My sleepers happen to be my abs. As a runner, it is important to have some serious core muscles - which I do not. For this quest, I intend to root them out and g
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