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  1. Hello my friends and countrymen! We are STICK 'EM WITH THE POINTY END an adventuring group of only the highest caliber, and the lowest of levels. Our group has OPEN SPOTS AVAILABLE! There are a maximum of nine power colors that we keep to. Each color is the hilt of your weapon - whichever that may be! - and the color of your superhero outfit in group doodles. Our colors are as follows! Solunaria: The Rainbow Staff Power Color: Rainbow / Pink Group Role: Assignment in Progress Profile: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/user/11477-solunaria/ Introduction: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73277-wildshines-adventure-greetings/ Level 2 Challenge Post (CURRENT): http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/76181-chapter-2-priestess-awakening/ LAURENJI: The Violet Hilt (Hilt once held by Ixaera - Off to Adventure Solo) Color: Purple Group Role: Assignment in Progress Profile: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/user/4766-laurenji/ Introduction / Nov. 2 Challenge Post: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73431-laurenji-leaves-pallettown-charmander-in-tow/ MRS_COBB: The Blue Hilt Power Color: Blue Group Role: Assignment in Progress Profile: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/user/39471-mrs-cobb/ Introduction: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73368-hello-from-overhill-actually-just-tennessee/ Nov. 2 Challenge Post: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73523-a-long-expected-party-calanthia-cobbins-first-challenge/ Jan. 4th Challenge Post: Pending... OPEN: The Green Hilt (Once held by Tamaska - Deemed Lost to the Darkness) Power Color: Green OPEN: The Golden Hilt (Once held by Breebles - Deemed Lost to the Darkness) Power Color: Yellow / Gold OPEN: The Orange Hilt Power Color: Brown / Orange RAINRA: The Red Sword (Hilt once held by LuxCharizard - Deemed Lost to the Darkness) Power Color: Red Group Role: Assignment in Progress Profile: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/user/45280-rainra/ Introduction: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73653-this-is-an-introduction/ Level 1 Challenge: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F76202-rainra-a-new-challenger-appears-round-2%2F OPEN: The Silver Hilt (Once held by Koaladle - Off to Adventure Solo) Power Color: Grey / Silver OPEN: The Black Hilt (Once held by Rainra - Color shifted to Red) Power Color: Black We're still in our shires, on our home desert planets, our off-road villages not on any map. And us newbies are setting out together, from our starting towns, to defeat our fledgling goals. It is our first steps towards greatness! And we will have company all along the way. <3 Our job is to check in with each other. To every day, come on by and say we're still okay, or that we're NOT okay. To say how we're doing, and make sure that everyone else is showing up to what they said they would do. It isn't just YOU you have to answer to anymore: It's all of us Because when those orcs come crashing in, when team rocket shows up with their pesky ways, when it's time for us to beat down the bad guys - we're doing it TOGETHER, and every sword counts. So lesson number one: put the best, sharpest part of you forward, and push with all you got, whatever that may be right now. In other words: Stick 'Em With The Pointy End ~ Solunaria
  2. Hello everyone, I am pretty new to NF only been around for about 2 weeks so far but I have been going throught the steps slowly. Already I have cut out soda and started walking on my breaks at work. I am a little worried to start a challenge so soon but I don't want to wait around until next year to get into the action. I am level 0 so I grabbed my stick and I am ready to squish some rats and get my first level up. I am pretty out of shape. I was in the military when I was younger and that is what pushed me away from working out. I guess being forced to workout is why I have not done any fittness really since I was discharged. I slowly balloned up to about 270 after the military and 2 years ago decided I had to make a change. I switched from drinking beer to Whiskey, after sticking to that for a year I had lost almost 40 Lbs. (yea I was drinking that much beer!) Its been another year and at the begining I had lost even more, but in the second half of the year my oven has broken pushing me to eat out pretty much every meal, and I have shot up to 245. I am ok with having a beer belly, I really dont care that much how I look. Now I am getting pain when I do simple tasks. I have pressure on my chest anytime I do anything too physical. I am NOT okay with that, time for a change. I have decided to get on track and start on a path to keep myself in good condition. I really care how this is going to make me feel and don't really care about how I look as much. I am looking forward to showing that I can keep track of what I do workout wise and keep going even if I mess up here and there. I have added a side quest to Meditate 3 times a week so that I can build focus in my life. So far I have only tried this a couple of times but already I have noticed it helping me elsewhere in my life. My plan is to get used to making good choices about what I eat, sticking to a workout schedule, and taking 30 minutes for myself each week to meditate. I am going to be tracking each of my goals here in this thread weekly and using coach.me for the daily reminders. I am going to do the following in this challenge:Stick to my chosen diet NF level 4 no soda (23 days so far!) 2/3 vegies per meal 1/3 protein bread/pasta 2 times a week start trying to eat fruit (I don't like most fruits) track everything I eat on evernote Mindful eating eat breakfast every weekday Strength train 3 days a week using the NF Bodyweight brigade workout plan get better every workout dont skip cooldowns PT extra on shoulder (injury from motorcycle accident) Walk 2 days a week at the park near my house (1 laps) Stretch afterwords Meditate 3 days a week in the backyard after work 10 min per session I am posting my begining mesurments and weight and will update much better mesurments after the challenge. Biceps: R - 13.5 L - 14 Chest: 46 Stomach: 50 Thighs: R- 26 L- 25 Calves: R- 17 L- 17 Neck: 16.5Weight: 232 (Pre NF weight 244.4) Edit: today is the start of the challenge so I wanted to get a starting point. I weighed myself and was very surprised that even before starting the challenge I have lost some. (Must have been all that soda I was drinking)
  3. I kept my quests simple so as not to feel overwhelmed! MAIN QUEST - Find my long-lost waistline How I plan to accomplish this: Exercise - BBWW three timesi a week / Interval three tims a weekNutrition - Stop drinking calories and focus on eating rawRest - Sleep 7 hours a night (this will be harder than it sounds!) LIFE QUEST - finish a (@*#$& novella How I plan to accomplish this: Put new ideas on holdLimit my flash fiction outputWrite 1000 words in sleected project every weekday
  4. Hi all, I'm a bit new to town in terms of NF, but I love the concept so much that I wanted to jump right in with this challenge, even though I might be posting just under the wire! I'm not new to fitness and would consider myself relatively fit, but am constantly looking at new challenges. Currently I'm working on a few long term goals including 55 pushups straight, a clean no swing/no false grip muscle up and a front lever. I hope to achieve these by the end of the year. My goals for this challenge are as follows: 1) Go to yoga class at least once a week for next 6 weeks 2) Stretch 3x a week (hamstring and hip flexors especially) 3) Run 2x a week for >= 4 miles per run 4) Eat green vegetables at least once a day 5) Draw at least one character per week Plan: 1) My yoga classes are already paid for via a Gilt deal so I only need motivation to go. I've already went once a week and was totally motivated by the people doing headstands and leg behind their shoulder L-sit type moves all around me. 2) Stretching is always a big problem for me. I don't like to warm up and I don't like to stretch. I'm going to try and incorporate some stretching in after my gym workouts, but if anyone has some good tips/videos/etc please msg me! 3) Currently I get at least 1 run in a week. Sometimes it's short though. I'm going to try and plan run dates to keep me on track to meet this goal. This week might be a wash since it's already Wednesday, but I will try to get at least one good run in this week. I'm ramping up to do an event in June called a Ragnar Relay race. Very cool for people that are into endurance running! 4) Diet is another big problem for me. Vegetables are typically a pain to prepare, and I don't love the taste. I was reading the post about Staci and might try some steamfresh vegetables because they seem like they're already prepared. 5) This is my non-fitness/diet goal. A big passion of mine has always been art. I'm not very good, but I always dreamed of having a webcomic like Megatokyo or Something Positive. Drawing at least one character a week is really tough for me in terms of pulling myself away from chatting on gmail or watching netflix, but I just got a Surface and drawing on it has been really great so far. So that's it. Hopefully I'll keep motivated for the next 6 weeks at least!
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