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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, rebels, I'm Skye and this is my first challenge. I really don't know how to go about it and am a bit confused, so any advice or comment will be well received. I'm currently 124 kg, which is around 275 lbs, my highest weight everrrr But I'm working on it and trying. I'm 20 years old and currently studying. I'm working on being more disciplined and organised with everything in my life from my eating to my sleeping schedule. The way I eat REALLY isn't bad, I just need to move around more and be more active. I don't eat cookies or pastries or crisps regularly, nor do I eat outside of my home, I make my own meals and I'm trying the paleo diet (it's very hard to find natural products and my mum insists on feeding me dairy). What I need most is portion control and a more active life. Main quest To lose at least 1kg by the end of the challenge. I know it may sound like nothing, and I've seen other rebels goals be so much bigger, but I need something very specific because I procrastinate when I feel like I have time. First quest Walk Dobby (my dog) for at least three times a week. Measurement: A = Walk Dobby for 24 days or more, B = Walk Dobby for 15 days, C = Walk Dobby for less than 10 days. Stat: A = +3 STA +2 STR, B = +2 STA +1 STR, C = +1 STA Second quest Eat at least three fruits a day. Measurement: A = Fruits for at least 40 days, B = Fruits for 30 days, C = Fruits for less than 25 days. Stat: A = +2 CON +2 STA +1 WIS, B = +1 CON +1 WIS, C = +1 CON Third quest Eat vegetables at least once a day. Measurement: A = Vegetables for at least 40 days, B = Vegetables for 30 days, C = Vegetables for less than 25 days. Stat; A = +2 CON +2 STA +1 WIS, B = +1 CON +1 WIS, C = +1 CON Life quest Go to bed at 11, the latest, for at least four days a week, Measurement: A = In bed by 11 for at least 40 days, B = In bed by 11 for 30 days, C = In bed by 11 for less than 25 days. Stat: A = +3 STA +1 CON +1 WIS, B = +2 STA +1 CON + 1 WIS, C = +1 STA Motivation To be free and happy and unafraid of life and to feel comfortable in my body.
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