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Found 2 results

  1. The Emperor, his enforcer, and the Death Star are no more but the Empire remains strong. The Battle is won but the war rages on. Before the new Republic can form, the Rebellion has work to do: Goals: Continue to wage war on the Empire and decrease their numbers – Lose 8 pounds during the challenge and weigh 235. I lost a little over 10 during the last challenge when my goal was 5 pounds so I kicked it up to 8 for this challenge. This is part of the overall goal of getting in shape and getting off the BP meds and diabetes risk. In a few challenges, this will become a maintenance goal and transform into a building muscle and fitness. Become a Jedi – Earn my Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo. Longer term goal and will continue for the next few challenges. Finance the Rebellion. The Rebellions finances are a bit of a mess and need to be corrected before they can truly govern. Dang, longer term goals, baby steps will be taken this challenge. Secure the Rebellion. Pass CompTIA Security+ Exam. I took this class over a year ago and dabbled with studying and never got anywhere, time to get serious.We have consulted with the finest strategists in the Rebellion; here is their plan on how to accomplish these goals in the next 6 weeks. Reduce the Empires numbers (Lose 8 pounds, weigh 235 pounds): Walk 30 minutes a day 6 days a week.Weight lifting 5 days a week.Continue to follow the newly discovered Ewok (Primal) diet having only 1 contraband meal a week in a controlled and orderly manner.Become a Jedi (Earn Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo): Train in the Jedi (Taekwondo) arts 1 hour a day 5 days a week. I tried every day last challenge and go a little burned out so scaling back just a bit and allowing for other areas of study (1 steps and knowledge).Meditate 5 minutes a day. Dabbled with this in the past and never got anywhere so gonna give it a go in a tracked public way. Also seemed Jedi like so seemed like a nice add-on.Finance the Rebellion (Get finances on the right track): Read Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Some friends and fellow Rebels had success so going to give this a shot.Complete any workbooks and forms in book.Secure the Rebellion (prepare for and schedule the Security+ exam): Study Security+ book and study materials 5 hours a week. Schedule the test by the end of the challenge. Well there it is fellow Rebels, can't wait to get started Sunday, I had a blast last challenge and enjoyed the company and inspiration of my fellow adventurers.
  2. Main Quest - Lose inches from my waist. I still need to take measurements and pics from after the last challenge. I can tell by pants and belt tests that I've lost some size. I've also dropped weight according to the scale. I'm going into this challenge around 310 lbs, and I think I can get to a milestone 299 by the end of this challenge. Specific Goals: Barbell training three times a week. (STR +4, STA +1) I will continue to do barbell training three times a week. I'll adjust the schedule as needed and may have to adapt to travel plans. This challenge I will also be looking into modifying the workouts or frequency. I saw some dramatic increases in my lifts last challenge, as I was just starting, but I did hit a small plateau at the end. I'd like to improve on my 5x5 sets from my last challenge, and may tie that into the grade, but for now just completing the workouts will be what I track. A - 18 workouts completed.​ B - 16 workouts completed. C - 15 workouts completed. D - 14 workouts completed. F - 12 or less. Diet - track everything. (CON +3, CHA +1, WIS +1) ​I will continue to use MFP daily to track my food. I will continue to eat mainly Primal with low carb intake. I will put an emphasis on workout days - protein and calories minimums need to be met on days I work out. The rest of the time, getting within 15% or so should work (I may change this number after I do the math). I'm making this one a weekly goal and will average the six weeks together at the end. A -​ 7 days a week tracked. B - 6 days a week tracked. C - 5 days a week tracked. D - 4 days a week tracked. F - 3 days a week tracked. Learn and Evaluate. (WIS+3) I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to really know what I'm doing for many things. For this challenge, I'd like to learn more about strength training in general. This may include: Researching / starting a new program. Finding and reading a book on strength training. Signing up for a training session at a gym. Posting some form check videos. I'd also like to find my 1RM's, at least for Squats and DL's. I will continue to look into TDEE and what I'm eating. ​A -​ Learn three new things. B - Learn two new things. C - Learn one new thing. F - Continue on in ignorance. Life Goal - (WIS +2): Learn more HTML. I've tinkered around with it in the past but I'm still pretty noob at it. I'll be using codeacademy primarily as Google suggested it. For grading, I'll do this at least once a week for an hour minimum. Alternately, I'll pay off the last $500 or so remaining on my Mastercard. We shall see. Motivation: I want to set a better example for my kids than I had growing up. I'm a fat guy from a fat family with fat habits. I want my kids to develop better habits than I had and to grow up healthy. It'd probably also be nice for my wife if I were healthier and better looking. Or at least not as fat. This is straight up copied from my last challenge, and it hasn't changed. I straight up copied it again for this third challenge, shockingly! General: (Edited to reflect start of this challenge). Age: 31 Height: 6'1" Weight: 310 lb Neck: 17.25" 16.625" -5/8" Shoulders: 52" 50.5" -1.5" Chest: 48.375" 47.75" -5/8" Bicep: 16" 16.25" +1/4" Waist: 49" 47.625" -1 and 3/8" Hips: 48.875" 47.5" -1 and 3/8" Thigh: 27.625" 26" -1 and 5/8" Squat 5x5: 215 lbs DL 5x5: 265 lbs
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