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Found 2 results

  1. Okay let's join the challenge, go us woohoo!! Oh wait it start's tomorrow..... no no I'm not ready *reality face slap* Come on pull yourself together we can do this!!! *Deep Breath In, Deep Breath Out* *Yells real loud & fast* HI I'M INDYANNIE JONES AND I'M DECLARING MYSELF AS A JOINER... CHALLenger.... thingy..... Crap I'm already screwing this up... *tries to run away but won't let myself, gets real timid & shy* Okay umm... what now.... ummm.... quests. Alright quests let's do this.... ...................... I have no idea *glances around at other people's paper to get answers* Okay okay I see... Ah here we go, suggested quest ideas that's the ticket (thanks for providing that BTW) Alright so here we go: Diet: 1) Take lunch with me at least 3 days (currently bringing lunch zero times so baby steps) 2) Drink more water! Drink 1 glass with a meal everyday (I drink next to zero water now so I'm expecting to have to pee a lot more now) Fitness: 1) Complete the NF BBW at least 1x a week *Edited 9/Jan/2015: No longer doing BBW as quest goal. New quest goal is 2 additional gym workouts a week besides when I go for personal training* Level Up Your Life: 1) Take daily vitamin! (I think that counts as a level up....) And now I....... follow my quest goals and post my progress?? ................ Alright if you say so -Indy
  2. Ayyyyyo, Jumping on the boat late here. But, better late than never. It's go time. I am excited, I am pumped, and generally freaking out. But thats okay. To begin, this is my first challenge, and I couldn't be more excited. This is going to be a great 6 weeks. 6 weeks of just day after day of commitment and dedication. I have been committed before during my football days in High school and college, but since then I have always been one of those get excited for 3 days and then stop guys. Not this time. My goals for these 6 weeks. 1. Eating Paleo. Im diving right in. Cold turkey. It's gotta happen. 2. Workout 4 days a week. Generally some basic movements and then some sort of crossfit WOD to finish it off. 3. Be able to do one measly pull up. Never have been able to before. 4. Lose 30 pounds (Current weight 285) 5. And finally, just be more adventurous and more daring in my life. Or as Steve would call it, level up my life. Rewards: - I can't even begin to imagine how great my life would be if I was able to accomplish these feats. That alone would be a reward and what drives me. What tips do you guys have for me to accomplish these goals? I need you guys and your support. My support system where I live doesn't exist. Just a constant barrage of bringing me down and influence of bad eating habits. You guys are my support system. (Sidenote, but my reward for a total of 50 pounds weight loss would be the Star Lord jacket Chris Pratt wears is Guardians of The Galaxy.) Give me 2 claps and a Ric Flair, WOO! Clax The Destroyer.
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