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Found 2 results

  1. r7rok

    The ROK Returns

    Hey Guys, the ROK reporting back in for duty after a 6 week blip! You can read more about me in my previous challenges but will fill you in a bit, I'm 24 from Scotland and work in a bank, I used to be a fit and healthy lad until I ran into health problems when I was 16, the result of this was 10 surgical interventions from 2008-2013. During that time I lost all motivation for exercise, started smoking, and became a slave to video games and slowly and surely piled on the weight until I hit a massive 286lbs around August last year. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, hated seeing pictures of myself, wore baggy clothes full time and became a bit of a recluse. From then until Christmas last year, I dabbled a bit in eating better and exercising infrequently and eventually stumbled upon here for the first challenge of the year which went really well. I progressed into challenge two fairly well until about the second week in when I took a bad cold, spent a couple of days gaming my little heart out, and feeling sorry for myself before reverting to type and losing sight of my end goal. As well as everything else going on with me I am currently awaiting another surgical operation for something new, I have had a tear in my quad in my left leg, which has calcified inside the muscle and I am now waiting on an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon for removal. My Injury, FYI Anyways enough about me, feeling in the zone again and ready to crush some goals to get me back in the swing of it. Quest 1 - 3 Workouts per Week - As it turns out, I do really enjoy lifting, when I can manage to get myself there, aim is to return to doing stronglifts 3x per week starting tomorrow. Quest 2 - Log Food Daily on MFP - Aim for under 2k Cals - Again something which was working really well, but fell from the wayside, success for this would be doing this everyday, no excuse for failure Quest 3 - 7 Hours Sleep per night - Really got away from this after having massive success and again need to get this back under control Otherwise I also want to commit to getting back to posting here daily. Look forward to your support, and supporting you all too! ROK out!
  2. Okay let's join the challenge, go us woohoo!! Oh wait it start's tomorrow..... no no I'm not ready *reality face slap* Come on pull yourself together we can do this!!! *Deep Breath In, Deep Breath Out* *Yells real loud & fast* HI I'M INDYANNIE JONES AND I'M DECLARING MYSELF AS A JOINER... CHALLenger.... thingy..... Crap I'm already screwing this up... *tries to run away but won't let myself, gets real timid & shy* Okay umm... what now.... ummm.... quests. Alright quests let's do this.... ...................... I have no idea *glances around at other people's paper to get answers* Okay okay I see... Ah here we go, suggested quest ideas that's the ticket (thanks for providing that BTW) Alright so here we go: Diet: 1) Take lunch with me at least 3 days (currently bringing lunch zero times so baby steps) 2) Drink more water! Drink 1 glass with a meal everyday (I drink next to zero water now so I'm expecting to have to pee a lot more now) Fitness: 1) Complete the NF BBW at least 1x a week *Edited 9/Jan/2015: No longer doing BBW as quest goal. New quest goal is 2 additional gym workouts a week besides when I go for personal training* Level Up Your Life: 1) Take daily vitamin! (I think that counts as a level up....) And now I....... follow my quest goals and post my progress?? ................ Alright if you say so -Indy
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