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  1. Adrianne swam alongside Orai and smiled to herself. For two weeks they had been swimming towards her new home with the sirens. They had been taking it easy, sometimes a little too easy to her liking, but they were moving along at a resinable pace. She had been having some backlashes and had regained some of her former shape. She knew she had been taking it way to easy on this trip but Orai had just laughed and waved away her concern. "It will work out in the end." he had told her with a huge smile, offering her more to eat. She cringed as she felt the blubber around her middle move when the current hit her. It was a setback. But not a big one. She knew where she was going and she knew how to get there. That asaide the idea of a new home scared her. It made her uncomfortable but at the same time so utterly excited. She felt as if she had small winged fish in her stomach every time she pictured the city Orai had told her about. Her new home. She had only Orai's tales of it to create an image in her mind with but she was certain it was more beautiful in reality. She smiled again, looking forward to seeing it herself in person. Orai turned to her with a raised brow. "What are you thinking about?" "Oh, just my new home." He nodded and smiled together with her. Then he spoke again. "I have been thinking. It is about time we started your training again. But I do belive it is of the utmost importance that we start with your mind and spirit. We have been talking alot on our journey and I belive I have come up with a great way for you to evolve, physically and mentally. But that will take a huge leap of faith from you. WIll you be able to do that? She just stared at him, grinning wide and answered without a seconds notise. "Yes. I will do whatever it is you deem me needing to do." He nodded and patted her back. "Good, good. Then we will start with this. Come tomorrow you will only be eating the very best of the best and I will be your mentor. You will talk to me about all things and at all times. There will be no secrets between you and me and this way we will make you gain some of that confidence you so very much need to be able to move on." She knew it would be a hard journey but she didn't hesitate anymore. She knew what she needed to do. She was ready. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okey! So I'm back again! After this holiday that totally kicked my ass....it has been horrible. Dietwise I have been faceplanting every other day and workoutwise...well....let's just say I have been training my behind to become more and more like a sofa. *sighs* But that changes as of tomorrow! Jokes aside I knew that the holidays would be very difficult for me. I have managed to absolutely stay away from soda and that in its self is a good thing. I have been walking alot, not going to the gym as I might have wanted, but I haven't been sitting completelly still. I have been keeping my amount of veg up and that is also a win. But over the holidays me and my accountabilibuddy started talking and we decided to do something drastic together. We both feel bloated and like our previous mealplans have been going off-road for the last few weeks so we decided on doing: And this brings me to my challenge for these coming 4 weeks! I will go Whole30! Challenge: Eat according to Whole30 for the coming 30 days. This will be my only task for these coming 30 days as it will take all my effort as to get it done. Goal: To finish this, no cheating, strong and proud. This will be the only goal I will want to achieve. The rest comes later. Life goal: My end-goal for 2016 is to have lost 25 kg or 50 lbs. Measuring: I will take my start weight tomorrow morning and edit it in here as I forgot to take it today. There will also be measurements as soon as I get my hands on a flexy measuringtape tomorrow. This will be edited into this post for referens. Bonus points: I will prepare meals ahead of time so that I will have no excises as to not eat good food. There might be some pictures of food up here in the future, as soon as I figure out how to post them.... This will give me bonus points at the end of the challenge and I will work hard on making sure I get this done. So there! If you have any tips for recipies that works for Whole30 PLEASE share! I would love to have as many as possible as I love to experiment at home. This is supposed to be an adventure, right?
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