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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, everybody: My general goal: Lose 15 pounds before my sister's wedding on April 8. (8 weeks). I've never really tried a diet quest because I really fucking hate diet changes. But I'm at my highest weight ever, despite bodyweight workouts and trying to be more active. So, it's time to try something new. Q1: Document all my food. I use YouFood, my username is traaki. I'd love to have some accountabilibuddies over there! Strengths: I've done this before and was fairly successful unless I was drunk or hungover (surprise). Weaknesses: I'm shy about it and feel rude for whipping my phone out every time I eat. Q2: Eat a high protein, low/slow carb breakfast every day. Eggs, beans, salsa, veggies, lunch meat, lentils, spices, hot sauce, cottage cheese. No more waffles and sweetened yogurt. If I must eat those, I will eat them later in the day. I will need to prep for this pretty intensively--mornings are not my best time, but it's also the time of day when I eat on my own the most so I don't have to worry about getting my partner involved. Strengths: I love eating lunch for breakfast. Weaknesses: If this morning is any indication, I'm going to need to plan out these meals. I'm reaaaaal slow in the mornings. Q3: Do 100 pushups/100 squats program 3 x week. I tried this a while back and had good success with it. I basically just got bored when it got really hard, I think, and stopped doing it. But I'd like to get through the whole program. Now that I can do squats at least some of the time (!!!!!) I'm really looking forward to this. LQ: Take daily action! I'm doing a different challenge for marketing my business this month. My LQ is to read the program materials every day and take the actions I've planned for myself each day. I took new measurements on Saturday--those are in my battle log. I really want to see how these diet changes affect things since I struggle so much with the diet changes at all, so it's kind of a respawn point for me.
  2. "uhhhnnn..." "Sire! He's awake!" "Hmm? Well then, it appears Rosa's efforts aren't in vain, after all." "Who dat? Who's dere?..." "Easy, friend, you're among comrades." Red sits up to see who's talking, "Comrades?... GASP! My brothers! Where are they?!" Red looks around frantically. "Your brothers? I'm sorry, but we just found you, no one else... But there was a smashed teleporter." Red mutters to himself, "I hope they got away in time... Hey, who are you guys?" The guard steps forward "How DARE you speak to the King that way!?" "Heh heh, that's enough Biggs, he is a stranger to these parts, we can't blame him for not knowing who I am." Biggs clears his throat "You are in the Presence of the Lunarian King, Cecil Harvey, Lord of the Kingdom of Baron, Savior of the Blue Planet, Paladin King, Commander of the Baron Army, former Commander of the Red Wings." Red jests "That's a mouthful." "WHAT?!" The soldier exclaimed. "Ha ha ha! Yes, it is sometimes! You should hear the title of my friend, the King of Fabul, He's got belts in nearly every martial art! One time, he--" Another soldier runs in, "My Lord, we're under attack!" "Then we must go! To Victory!" He shouts as he leaves the tent, The soldiers rally behind him, "TO VICTORY!" they all yell, as they follow their King. "You stay here, Stranger!" Biggs shouts as he leaves. "Stay here? Yeah right!" Red says to himself as he jumps out of the bed In the Fog of war, Red sees the soldiers fighting against an army of monsters, his eyes spot King Cecil surrounded by monsters, and they're closing in fast. "I've gotta do something!" Red leaps in the middle of the battle! "What the--?" Cecil exclaims. "You're kidding me right? A Knight who uses a White sword? How can I not help you?" "Alright then, I must admit, your resolve is inspiring. Here, take this!" Red receives Echo Grass! "If you're going to fight with us, you're going to need to communicate with our scouts, just speak into it and they'll hear you." "Huh, thanks! Now, let's do this!" BATTLE!! "Are you alright? You're slower than you look." "Heh, Life has been interesting to me lately, but I'll be fine, I just need time for my body to remember how strong it used to be." "I see, well then, how about I help you? Using your Past, Present, and Future." "Remember your Past, the routine you used to follow!" I am going to workout three times a week, every week! I will be doing the Advanced Bodyweight workout given to us by Steve Kamb. 1 point per workout, 18 total; Points given: Str +2 & Sta +2 "Now face the Present at hand!" I am going to increase my shoulder strength. I am going to lift heavy things over my head in sets, Using my old textbooks and nearby objects, I'll be doing something like a Shoulder Press but holding for a set amount of time. Goal Time: 3 Minutes Weight: TBD Points given: Str +1 & Sta +3 "Get ready for the Futur--" "..lo? Hello?" "AHHHH!!! WHO SAID THAT?!" "... ahh... my ears... *ahem* Hello, This is Baron Scout, Cami. I've been informed to help you help our King." "Oh, right, The Echoy Grass thing!." "...*Ahem* Well, there are many obstacles and heavy objects ahead of you, you'll need to push them out of the way." "How many would you say there are?" "...43... 75... About 100 obstacles here that would require you to use upper body strength. Yep, you're going to have to attempt 100 Push(up)s." ​​Following this program: http://www.hundredpushups.com/ Currently at 30 Pushups Points given: Str +3 & Sta +1 "Hey! Focus! The enemies that we'll be facing are a difficult bunch! Each of them requires different means to defeat them! - This monster feeds off of the dirt and mold around us, to defeat it, we'll need to cleanse the area! (At least one cleaning activity a day.) Wis +1 & Con +1 - This foe feeds off of your mind, If you keep your wits about you, you'll be able to stave off his attacks! (Read a Chapter every Tuesday and Thurs; Book: To Kill a Mockingbird) Wis +2 - This creature uses a foreign language to cast spells upon the soldiers, if you can learn it's language you can interrupt the casting! (Study Spanish using Duolingo, a section every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Wis +2 & Cha +1 "Huh, there's that music again..." "You can hear that? That song can decrease the strength of the Spirit beasts if you can find a way to amplify it, even if it's only a part." - (Play Moonlight Sonata part 2) Wis +2 Alright, So with this challenge, it's going to be interesting because of lots of Life things. My summer course is ending this week (thurs is my last day), my nieces start their school soon (Aug 11th and Aug 13th), Still looking for a job, Planning on going to University in the fall, and I still have visiting relatives that'll be here for about 2-3 weeks.
  3. Challenge #9 is here! So in this challenge, I am heading back to Spartan Race. This time I am going to the San Francisco Spartan Sprint on August 9th. It is a part of their stadium series, so it takes place at AT&T Park. The San Francisco Giants play baseball there. Not a fan of the team, but it sounds like it will be awesome to run around in the stadium. So only 2 weeks to go till the race! Yikes! Last challenge I did successfully run my first 5k. So I am feeling much better with running. Since I ran one Spartan Sprint in Malibu last year though, I know it is no easy task. So that is part of my motivation this challenge. The other part, and next real goal is for me to hit that 250lb barrier. I've been going back and forth on my weight for awhile now. Hopefully, my goals this challenge really help me start getting there. It would be awesome to get there by the end of this challenge, but that is not a real goal. Goal #1: Exercise I am going to take on the 100 push up and 200 squats challenge, plus continue to to run on the off days. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will do the workouts. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be for running. For running, I will finish the last day of C25k in the first week. The plan for the rest of the running is to run timed runs on Tuesday and Thursday. Then my Saturday run will be a further distance. So maybe I run for 3 miles the first time. Then maybe increase the a .25 or ½ mile each week. My Spartan Race will hit at the end of Week 2, so that will count for my run that day. As a side bonus, I am adding in burpees. At least until the Spartan race. I need to get use to doing as many as I can. Who knows, I might keep this up after the race Goal #2: Sleep Making yet another return to my goals is sleep. Recently, I really have not been getting very good sleep. Maybe I am becoming more of a lighter sleeper, I am not sure. So this time I am going to have a couple of additions to the sleep goal. First, when I wake up in the morning, I am not to sit there checking my phone for an hour or two. I want to wake up, then get out of bed, and right into exercises. Second, I want to try to get more of a wind down period before heading to bed. I think jumping right off from the computer into bed isn’t always helping me to get to sleep quickly. So I’ll start off with 15 minutes before bed. Goal #3: Portion Control Eating seems like it will be the one place I will always need to keep a constant focus on. I know that eating healthier does make a difference in my mental and physical health. One thing I want to work on this challenge is limiting my portion sizes. To make sure this goal is the focus of my eating, I am not going to go and be strict paleo, or whole 30 etc. I will eat healthy, home made foods. I am going to give myself one meal or food a week that could be out of the bounds of what I might consider to be healthy foods. For instance pizza, or burger. Not just some average crappy food, but something quality. For the most part, I am going to avoid sugars as if I was on Whole 30 still. I am going with the portions based off the hand measurement. So meat will be like the palm of the hand. When I cook with an oil, I will use like the thumb tip. Veggies I am going to have as much as I want though. I figure its one area I can get away with having a larger portion if I like. I am also going to make an effort to eat slower. Give a little time for the signals from my stomach to hit the brain Goal #4: Food and exercise log I want to get better at tracking my food and exercise. To start, I want to keep it simple. For food, I want to track what I eat. I’m not worried about calorie numbers right now. I do want to try to keep track of the portions if I can. Exercise is easy enough to track. Just want to mark down each workout with numbers and times/distances for the running and walking. Goal #5: Draw a little Well, I was seeing KingLeeroy is getting back into her artwork. Since it seemed pretty cool, I thought I would give it a go too. I haven't done any serious artwork since I was in high school. So nothing serious here. I don't have to complete a certain number of drawings or anything. Just take some time each day to work on it. I'm thinking to start off, I will start getting off the computer and drawling a little before I head to bed. that might give me a little wind down from all the games on internet browsing Not long ago, I bought a small sketch pad and a couple of pencils. So now I just need to put them to use. Grading: 1 point each day for each goal. So a max of 5 points a day. I can average it out at the end of the week, then assign a grade based on the percentage. Measurements: 07/28/14 - Date - 09-08-14 15.35 in - L. Bicep - 15.47 in - R. Bicep - 12.20 in - L. Forearm - 12.28 in - R. Forearm - 48.11 in - Chest - 51.61 in - Waist - 17.71 in - Neck - 26.96 in - L. Thigh - 26.37 in - R. Thigh - 19.09 in - L. Calf - 18.11 in - R. Calf - 269 lbs - Weight - Height is 5 ft 9 in Week 1 summary - B Week 2 summary - B Week 3 summary - D CHALLENGE RECAP
  4. We all die alone. But we don’t have to live that way. Space is lonely enough, and without the support of a good crew, you may just end up crazy as the gorram Reavers. But even they don’t go it alone. For the next six weeks, I will be revamping and revitalizing my relationships with my crew members. I have four specific missions to get me to that point (technically, to follow the new guidelines, 3 goals and a side mission). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mission 1: Become a “stronger†captain. Do the 100 Pushup challenge Right now I can do 30 at a time, although I can do more if I rest in between sets of 10. I want to be able to do 100 all at a time. This is my solo goal. (3 STR, 1 STA) Mission 2: “Refresher†flight training with co-pilot. Complete the Marriage Fitness Program I have a good marriage, but you know the saying, good is the enemy of great. I want to be more intentional in my marriage, so I will be doing a 6-week marriage enrichment program I designed. This goal will be done with TornadoAllie. (3 CHA, 1 WIS) Mission 3: “Coordinate†actions plans with co-pilot and gunner. Learn 3 songs on bass guitar. I have taken a few lessons, but want to do more with it. My wife is in the dame boat with her guitar. My dad just got an electronic drum set and wants to learn to play. So we will be picking three beginner songs and working on them individually so we can al play together in six weeks. This goal will be done with TornadoAllie and NoMoreBull. (3 DEX) Mission 4: Keep “on the run†with my whole crew: copilot, gunner, and mechanic. Run 5K under 30min. We all have different goals for time, but we all will be working on running a 5k by the end of the challenge. I will be training with TornadoAllie, but this goal is also with NoMoreBull and TombRayder. (3 STA, 1 STR) “When you can't run, you crawl. And when you can't crawl, you find someone to carry you."
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