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  1. Hi nerds I haven't really sorted out in my head how this challenge is going to work. For a start, my next race is in 3 days time, before the challenge starts, so I am just trying to keep calm and crosstrain between now and then, and for the next 5 weeks, I guess I'll just do whatever the husband is doing in this book I'm reading. How come Steve never tells us about this good stuff? Probably subscriber-only content I suppose. No wait, there has to be a better plan than that. Um... So between now and Saturday, rest legs, do arm and core related exercise instead (I've been doing this the last few days since I got back from my epic bike ride anyway). To include at least one river row, because the weather is right for it, read Gaelic children's books, generally tie up loose ends of Gaelic learning. Saturday: Kew Gardens 10k run. Beat one hour or die trying (I am actually feeling pretty good about my chances of at least one of these outcomes) Sunday: rest, weigh myself, drink beer in the allotment, fall asleep in the greenhouse, wake up lightly grilled. Monday onwards, challenge proper: 6 days moving per week to include one long run, two short Dont eat like a dickhead Revamp my morning routine and start building a daily Portuguese session (I've planned this out separately here so I won't go into detail but it'll be quite time consuming so will crowd out a lot of other things from previous challenges like Gaelic, meditation, dancing etc. I still have some poetry though because learning Portuguese poetry is part of the plan. I was so surprised at how well my memory coped with learning that way that it seemed like something I should incorporate into my study. OK, mark it on my map and let's do this
  2. So the big goal is still this... Lose 50 lbs (total) by October, 31st, that's 5 lbs a month January - Done! February - Done! March - Done! April - Done May - Nope June - Double Nope July - Not looking good for the home team The Plan.... 1. Three interval runs, and one strength training a week. Make one of these runs outside when possible. Non-game days only, game days give me at least 10,000 steps and at least 20 flights of stairs 2. Continue making the 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full. 3. Three times a week (at least) take time for me, this can be journaling, crocheting, or time to read Those that have followed me before know I was going through some personal stuff, I posted an update in my last challenge which I will put under a spoiler here for those interested Season is almost over, will be done before the end of this challenge unless we make the playoffs. Good thing for my goals is a lot of temptation will be removed and I'll have time to train. Bad thing for my goals is I have built in activity on days I may not have Still have 30 lbs to go towards my original goal which would be 10 lbs a month, I'm not going to give up on working towards it but not 100% certain I will make it, but shoot for the moon, even if you miss you still land among the stars.
  3. Goals: - One Rabbit Stew coming right up! Get more protein, try for 3 protein shakes a week in place of some other snacks. - Nibble yer bum! Drop 5kg this challenge. If necessary track calories, prefer not to... - Run away! Run away! Do a run or some weights related to running 3 times a week I have my first 10k on 15 Sept so the challenge dates line up well for prep but I have to make sure I actually do it......
  4. Mera, aka Runner 5, reporting for duty from her new base in Sweden... The Mission: Get ready for the Zombies Run 10K virtual race "The Train to Orban" taking place late April - early May The Action plan: Simple, follow the Zombies Run 10K beginner training The Obstacles to master: Make room for running and just go, even if I don't want to (or the weather is crap). Prevent knee pain through exercises and stretching. Take the dog along as much as possible, which might impact speed negatively. Remember that it's not about speed or losing weight, it's about running consistently and feeling better in mind and body. Don't get caught by Zombies. Open the gates!
  5. I have to start this thread by saying (and hoping I don't jinx it!) WE FOUND A HOUSE!! We have a contract, and a closing date (January 18th) we will have to see if third time is a charm...we also have pre-approval and closing costs but I digress, we had those with the last one but hurricanes happen... A lot of the below portion was typed out over several hours into an open post...if it doesn't all make sense I apologize in advance... I will be fine tuning and refining this before next week...but as I stated at the closing of my last challenge In my head I keep saying I need to ignore the scale and such and just do what I enjoy and makes me feel good...but that's difficult when I want to break down and cry every time I look in the mirror...I can't stand to look at pictures of me from 6 years ago, or heck, even 3 years ago...wouldn't exactly say I was healthy then but I think a combination of what I did then and what I do now...I know whatever I'm doing now isn't working so I need to rethink it...On January 2nd I'll be here 4 years...always thought I'd be closer to my goals by now, not further away. I used to be the person that went out and had fun, I need to do this again. The job that I had (restaurant management) left little time for eating (mostly done on my feet) and a lot of walking/moving, I need to do this again I used to be the person who didn't worry about what they ate, not saying that was the best thing for me to do because a lot of it was junk, but maybe I don't need to obsess as much as I do now... I used to only eat once or twice a day, when I was hungry....and stop when I was full...I need to do this again I used to be the person who worked a 12 hour shift, got her homework done, and still made time to do the things she really wanted to as long as her schedule allowed...if it didn't then I didn't feel bad about using the time to catch up on sleep...maybe I need to do this again as well... 1. Move every day. Back then they didn't have fitness trackers, but I was on my feet 10-12 hours a day so I know I got a workout in. I have a desk job now but I have a lot of leeway, during season this will be easier but during the off season it's too easy to sit at my desk and not do much. I want to start getting at least 10,000 steps a day, and one day of kickboxing a week. The first two weeks I will start with 6,000 steps (5k distance) and increase from there. 2. Eat when hungry, stop when full. Counting calories and carbs is not working for me. I need to stop obsessing over having breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. I'll eat when I get hungry, if that means I don't eat breakfast then so be it. If lunch isn't until 2pm that's fine. The only thing is it has to be real food, not fast food, not junk. Mostly veggies and some protein. 3. Beyond checking in here (which I still intend to stick with 3x a week) I need to stop making plans and canceling them for whatever reason...be it my wife is working late, I talk myself out of it, etc...work obligations notwithstanding...or if sleep really is an issue (which should not be the case before season). I am also going to be taking that long-awaited (by my boss) vacation to set up my house after we close things should be a lot easier after this gets done...can't wait till I can open a door and let the dogs out into the yard!
  6. Kinda fell off the map a bit there, because reasons (life reasons, mainly, June was an exhausting month, and so far July's been only somewhat better). This challenge will be nothing new. My weeks will continue to run Monday-Sunday, so I don't actually start 'til tomorrow. I'm only sorta feelin' it this time, but I don't want to drift off into the sunset quite yet, so I'm posting one. I'm not going to commit to updating every day, but I'll do my best. I find it always takes more time than I imagine it will, between posting on my thread and catching up on everyone else's, and I end up using it as an excuse for skipping things like stretching and physio, and for not getting around to looking up things I need to. I might just have to play catch-up only once or twice a week, we'll see. Goal 1 ~ Crossfit 3x/week. Ideally Monday-Wednesday-Friday. My first two weeks of proper classes I was successful at this, and then the holiday week (last week) messed it all up. This week I'm back on the train. Goal 2 ~ Running 2x/week. 1 interval session and 1 long run, at least 5k, but I need to do one 10k by the end of the challenge, just to see if I can, and how long it takes me. I've got new shoes on the way, so the 10k can wait 'til after they arrive and are a bit broken in (they should come early next week, if Canada Post does it's job, and the last ones broke in quickly, so it shouldn't have to wait too long), I'm in fairly dire need and I don't think my feet could handle that distance in the old ones. Goal 3 ~ Taking Care I've been incredibly lax in my stretching and physio. I need to to this every day, even though it feels like a lot it's not actually. I need to do this before I turn on the tv and/or computer in the evening, since I usually get sucked into that and choose laziness. Goal 4 ~ ETP Keep hitting numbers. I've been good for stretches and not as good for stretches (but never terrible, so far). This will require continued meal planning, which will be easier with my weekends being actual weekends again and my work schedule being considerably more regular. Goal 5 ~ Sleep Up with the alarm, to bed at 11 on work nights, midnight on non-work nights. This is a perpetual challenge for me, so here it is again... Goal 6 ~ Police Stuff I started my fitness log for the police a while ago, so I need to continue with that every day (and get a binder to keep it in, before I start losing pages). I never got around to checking out the website with the free (?) courses I can take, so I need to do that too. I also want to look into ASIST training and/or a mental health first aid course, and I need to requalify for regular first aid sometime too. Not all of these have to be accomplished by the end of the challenge, but I need to at least look them up and see if/when/where they might be offered. Extra Credit After reading Elastigirl's thread, I've decided to just barge into her 30 day pushup challenge and do it too. I'll do at least 10 every day of the challenge. Doing them as part of a crossfit workout is fine, and will probably result in more than 10 that day, but if I don't do them in the workout, or it's a non-crossfit day, I'll do 10 at some point anyway.
  7. Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I really logged in here. The last Challenges only existed by name anyway and I already have enough plates to handle anyway but truth be told I have been missing you people a whole damn lot. So I comitted myself to use the next two weeks by easing back into things around here. I did put up annual and intermediate goals in the past but will get back into that some time in the future. But a quick recap about me: I'm Casbin, a 29 year old lad from Germany. I am struggling to gain weight as habits are still way out of whack. Fitness, that is still working fine thanks to my workout buddy @Katrin the Morag who has shown me nothing but kindness, patience and became kind of a rolemodel about how much of a gamechanger commitment and perseverance can be on this Journey (though we got different startingpoints). Challenge Goals: Nutrition: Keep up with the foodlogging - I am on a 25+ day streak and only had a small fit of madness about it Gradually, patiently move your daily intake towards 3400 kcal rather then unconciously alternating between 3k/4k kcal a day Fitness: This is where I might have botched a couple of things... I will start the Darebee Abs-Challenge by Monday morning (this has to be finished by July 31st (never miss 2 in a row) Fitnessclass on Tue/Thr (45 min. of a Strength, Mobility, Coordination and Cardio mix; 45 min. of playing games (Volleyball, indoor hockey with 4 goals, full court basketball)) Running with my Aunt on Wednesdays (she isn't so fit, this is supposed to be active recovery and prep. for the MudMaster 6k Obstaclerun in Septembre) Giving Bouldering a try on Fridays Level up your Life: Get back to Bullet Journal - I have a beautiful Calendar but it's completely impractical as I'm back at my workbench Fix your Biorythm - I managed to build up a 10 hour sleepdeficit over the last 2 weeks Gratitude-Journal to build some momentum Daily updates in here; use your smartphone for hard facts and stop being scared of autocorrect screwing with you. I will try to stop by every now and then for some details and communication. Well, time to get to it, I hope you are all doing well PS: Gratitude - Diversity of our modern world, a day of to regroup and relax, running hot water
  8. HI TEAM AWESOME. So, last challenge I tried to have fun. it's important! I did ok at it, but it was still hard work. I'm realizing that I need to get off the STRUGGLE BUS and get on the SPARKLE BUS. before I can do that, though, I need to practice a tiny bit of austerity. The last several months have been all about being sweet and kind to myself as I work through a ridiculous schedule and a lot of family pressures and crap like a tree on my house. I've been super gentle with myself and not managing my diet carefully, allowing myself to sleep in more and go to bed later, and not exercising at all because WAAAAH I'M TOO TIRED. if I want to turn this fitness train around, I need to stop with the TINY EXCESSES, and get on the STRAIGHT AND NARROW. Goal 1: STOP THE TINY EXCESSES or more positively framed, I will: * go to bed at my bedtime every day so that I can * wake up on-time and leap from bed all healthy-like every morning. * stick to my caloric goal which means NOT eating all the snacks at work and NOT drinking beers all the time. Goal 2: Prep for a run There's a 10K on May 21 and I am running SUPER LATE in preparing for it. So, I am implementing DRAMATIC TRAINING PLANS. I'll be mapping out the Hal Higdon 10K novice plan, with tkd as my cross training, and in a way that will maximize the 4 weeks I have to get ready for the run as best as I can. ALSO, listen to your body while you're running, karinajean, and fiddle with foods so you are eating the best you can and not feeling starved (aka fill up on protein, not cake). Goal 3: Don't break yourself With all the running and the shortened schedule I have to focus on restorative activity too. So, that means yoga. do it in the mornings when I'm not running. STRAIGHT AND NARROW LOOKS LIKE THIS: logging my stuff here on nf. logging in the hobobujo. don't eat back exercise unless you're starving and then by all means eat it back but try not to do that in the form of beer and ice cream (though there is room for beer and ice cream in a healthy lifestyle). measurements before the end of April. do an interesting comparison between heart rates for a run of set distance at the beginning and end of this period. show you the weekly exercise plan drafted out every week! I declare a Monday start! so: START!
  9. hi all! I've been running for 15 years on and off and I would like to eventually be able to participate in the NYC marathon one day. As of now I can run 6 miles in an hour without dying but I know I need at least few half marathons under my belt before I can even consider a full marathon. I figured trying a 10k would be a good start. Right now I run 6 miles roughly once a week around a park. I would love to get any advice or tips from experienced runners thanks!
  10. I was looking for virtual races the other day, and came across Moon Joggers: http://www.moonjoggers.com. It looks like they have monthly events, and a year long event. Has anyone here heard of them before? Done any races with them? I'm interested in doing virtual races for a variety of reasons, pretty high on the list is that I don't like being in large crowds. I've heard about the Hogwarts Running Club, and there are several Star Wars virtual races, but those don't really catch my interest. But I can totally nerd out over astronomy. I'm a bit on the fence about signing up, so I guess what I'm looking for are second opinions. And see if anyone else here might be interested. (Also I've never been in a race before, and I'm a total newb to running.)
  11. After a couple years of spinning in circles, I need to "respawn" again. I will focus on getting my diet in line, and now that the hot local summer is sliding away, I will spend more time walking and running outside. Mission: Run in the Cotton Row Run 10K in May 2017 in a better time than I did it the last time in 2012 (54:50). While I rebuild my running habit, in the short term I need to start eating to train. I read a blog post a few years ago that really stuck with me as a way to measure how well my diet was dialed in. It seems that author is not as active online any more, but the framework is still available in an archive: "Archevore Blog - Getting Started". (More of his thoughts on the paleo movement are found on the Psychology Today website HERE.) I plan to count points each day based on how "dialed in" I keep my diet. I plan to use the "80%" solution as taught by Mark Sisson, so if I slip a little one day I will not let it mess with my relentless forward progress. This is the daily point scale I intend to use, based on Kurt Harris's "Archevore - Getting Started" blog post linked above: 1. Get plenty of sleep and deal with any non-food addictions. Less than 7 hours of sleep, then no points for the day. That means controlling social media (especially before bed), probably one of my worst current non-food addictions. 2. Eliminate sugar and all caloric drinks. Drink water. No sodas, sports drinks, juices, or milk. Don't add sugar to your food or eat things made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. 3. Eliminate gluten grains and wheat flour. No cake, cookies or pastries. No bread or pasta, whole grain or otherwise. This rule and rule #2 pretty much eliminate anything that comes in a box. 4. 2 or 3 meals a day is best. No snacking. 5. Exclusively whole foods from animals and vegetables. I have completely stopped running for the past six months while I was getting over Achilles tendon pain and avoiding heat exhaustion, so even though I finished a half marathon a couple years ago, I will be in a "Couch to 5K" mode for a little while. The daily point scale I will use for walking and running is simpler: 1. Walk/run one mile. 2. Walk/run two miles. 3. Walk/run three miles. My goal for the challenge is to get 21 points per week, more is better.
  12. Preamble: A small participation in the split race of the vienna marathon over 5.8 km at the 10th of April. Since I have been quite lazy with running during winter (brrr...the temperature) and then been constantly either sick or too busy, I need to level-up my endurance quickly. From 29.3 to 4.4 I am doing a run every day for at least 30 min. Missions (A) Discovering the farer woods: Become faster and obtain an higher endurance by going 3 times a week for a run in the morning. And if I am way to tired for a run, then let it be a 30 min walk in the park. (B) Improving strength: At the end of this month, I will have done 350 Burpees 700 Situps 700 Squats (C) Resisting the cake I do quite well in preparing food for myself and my diet includes not too much fast food or quick eats on the way. Lunch will be prepared at home 3times a week. In case of a lack of stored food in the village, it will be replaced by a magical filling powder Starting the day with a good balanced breakfast: low-fat greek joghurt, müsli and fruits. The cake during weekdays will be exchanged for some snack vegetables. (D) Becoming one with the woods and leave the digital world for one evening. No internet, chatting or other ways of online distractiction for one evening a week at home. Main Quest to run easily 10k with an hunger for more....(yes, I do see you - 21k runs...) and lose 6-7 kg so that i can compete with the deers. But all this efforts should be rewarded at the end: new sport pants and if the missions are finalized at 95% (the cake, the cake, the never ending temptation...) along with a new shirt.
  13. This challenge finds me on the road for five weeks of travel and adventure. Leaving Alaska, I'll visit Hawaii, Oregon and Texas, and at least one other undetermined mystery location after that. There could even be another epic road trip involved. Adapting and keeping up with a reasonably demanding workout schedule will be the focus of this challenge. I've learned a lot about how to do this already this year, and I'm excited to see what else I can discover. Run 100 miles. I'm including the zero week for this. I have a 10k race on the 16th, and should have about 70 miles by then. I'll ease up a bit after that, but should still get about 15 miles a week. Push, Pull, Sit 720 Push-ups 1200 Crunches 12 Pull-ups, opportunistically I can't blame it on seas or long work days this time, so I'm keeping the same goals as before. I'd like to keep up with the pull-ups, but I'll have to be creative as to where while I'm on the move. Could be fun, actually. Stretch 32 points total. I'm increasing this one a bit, and adding some foam roller work. This is an interesting development, since I left my foam roller on the boat – first goal, buy a new foam roller! 2 points for 30 min of yoga practice, 1 point for shorter or stretching only, 1 extra point for foam rollering (that's a word, right?). Strength 16 points total. I won't have predictable, if any, access to weights so this may also take some creativity, but I'm just starting to see and feel some results, so I want to try to keep it up. I'm traveling with my resistance bands, so I can at least do that. 2 points for 20 min of strength training, 1 point for a good-try effort. Side quests 1.) Last year, I logged miles in 9 states all year. I can beat that this year. I'm starting the challenge at 4 states so far. With a road trip likely, I can at least double that. 2.) For each state I visit, do something adventurous and fun that I haven't done before, or maybe just don't get to do very often.
  14. I've been doing lots of research on the Middle Ages, and have been thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful manuscript illuminations and marginalia. And so, I want to share them! I have three big goals for the next 5 weeks (starting now!), so with no further ado... Polgara Goes Medieval! Run Like You're Being Chased by Creepy Marginalia! One of my big yearly goals was the run the Zombies, Run Virtual Race 10k in the next 2 weeks. Actually, the goal was to train for the 10k. However, work and life has been really crazy, and I haven't been doing it. I will likely still run the 10k vr, but I will not be well prepared. To further complicate matters, I'm having some foot pain. My left foot, on the top has been very tender. I sort of suspect extensor tendonitis, except it doesn't hurt to raise my toes - it hurts to curl my foot down and around (very hard to explain). Anyways. I suspect one of my daily pairs of shoes, so will be avoiding them, and icing the foot. Hopefully it doesn't sideline me too much. So, the goal for the next 5 weeks is to complete 4 weeks of the 10K training plan, and 1 week of 10k race and recovery! (to be modified due to injury as required). Week 0 : 1, 2, 3 Week 1: Zombies, Run Virtual 10k !!! - recovery run? Week 2: 1, 2, 3 Week 3: 1, 2, 3 Week 4: 1, 2, 3 Shop So You Don't Have to Carry It On Your Back The other thing that has really suffered due to my crazy work schedule has been proper grocery shopping and meal planning. I know how to do this, but I'm not making it a priority. So. This is a priority. And to make it clear to myself, I am giving myself a sa-weet prize if I meal plan and shop all 5 weeks! If I meal plan and do one big shop, I get to buy myself either or This is happening! Don't Get Chased By The Honey Bear! Sweets are my downfall. I have had luck with a couple of different strategies in the past, but they haven't proved sustainable. For this challenge, every serving of sweets I eat need to be paid for with push ups. The first serving a day costs 10 push ups, the second costs 20, and it escalates from there!
  15. Join me as we hunt the elusive Jaguar shark! I'm going to be at sea for all but three days of this challenge so I thought I'd have some fun riffing on a theme, and perhaps work in a little insight into my world. My quests will build on last month's discoveries, and continue to follow a 10k training plan as best as I am able. Run Stick to the training plan, which will almost all have to be on the treadmill (boo!), sea conditions permitting. The plan consists of about 80 miles in workouts during this time, but it is still winter in Alaska – I've got to play this one conservative. I'll set the goal at 40 miles, and really really hope for better. To help out, I'm gonna get a headstart with a long run this weekend, and as much as I can on land before we depart on the 23 day adventure cruise on Wednesday. Push, Pull, Sit 720 Push-ups 1200 Crunches 20 Pull-ups Just a slight bump to last month's numbers for this one – stick with what's working. Stretch Going to make this one more yoga-centric this time. 2 points for 30 min of yoga practice, 1 point for shorter or stretching only. 24 points total. Weights 2 points for 20 min of weight training, 1 point for a good-try effort. I may look at some new routines, or just stick with what I've been doing and keep increasing the weight. 16 points total. Side quest Track down the deadly Jaguar shark, stay ahead of my arch nemesis, and try not to run out of dynamite fending off pirates in unprotected waters. Now, let's have some teamsmanship!
  16. Hello All. New here, first challenge. I'm posting this a bit late, but I actually got these started at the beginning of the week, and am on track with everything so far. Main Goal: Get my weight down to 185 lbs (or more accurately, back down to) I've had success in past going low carb paleo when trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes when i've been on the perfect health diet (http://perfecthealthdiet.com). So I've decided to try to have the best of both worlds, the weight loss of a low carb approach while still getting to enjoy some carbs, by carb cycling. Basically I'm allowed rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes every other day. Its worked very well so far. Diet Goal: Follow my Carb Cycling for the next four weeks, with less than 40 g of carbs on the low days, and at least 70 g on the high days. My wife and I are running the Copper River Bridge Run, a 10k, in Charleston SC in the beginning of April, so I need to buckle down in my training for that. The plan I'm using to train for it calls for three runs a week of about an hour each, broken up into periods of walking and jogging. As the race gets closer, the jogging gets longer and the walking gets shorter until it disappears completely right before the race. Fitness Goal 1: Run 3 times a week. Strength wise right now I'm following a workout of kettlebell swings and get ups. With the race less than a month away, I only do this on my non-run days. Fitness Goal 2: At least 300 Kettlebell swings a week. Life Goal: Read my One Year Study Bible every day.
  17. So I should probably start up a battle journal huh? So without any further ado. My stats Age 35 Height: 5'6" Current Weight: 250 Goal Weight: 140 My plan of action so far has been running, or more accurately trundling and wheezing. I've been trying to get out for a run at least 6 days a week. I've been using the 10K trainer by Zen Labs, as well as the Zombies Run app. Today I'm going to use the zombies run app. For today I've set up an interval training program which, to be quite honest, might be a little too much. But if it doesn't work, then I'll reconfigure it for next time. I've set up one of the jog intervals to include a 5 minute jog, which at my (shitty) fitness level will be pretty rough. But I have been improving. I still can't make a complete lap on the track I run on, but I can get past my initial landmark when I started two months ago. So my short term goal IS to make a full circuit. Maybe, MAYBE, it will happen today to a degree if I can manage the 5 minutes. But by then it will be less of a jog and resemble more like Frankenstein having a seizure. My long term goal is to compete in the Ohio Swiss Festival Cheese Chase 10k run. It feels so unobtainable to me right, so I need to find a way to keep motivated. My diet the last week or so hasn't been the best. I'm not actually working right now, so I'm relying off of a food pantry and my food card to eat. I do take surveys online for extra money as well. But everything is up in the air if my case manager can find me a job or get me on unemployment, one or the other. I'll report back later if I can manage the run or not.
  18. Here's where I want to focus on this month: Goal 1: Get Back To My (Workout) Routine Since I’m back to my regular schedule, I can get back to my workout routine (minus Monday Ruck Day - sorry guys, it’s too cold and dark after work for all that). Mondays: Yoga if my body is wiped from the weekend; bodyweight routine if it’s notTuesdays: BollyX if it’s offered; some sort of speed work, a treadmill ruck, or something endurance-related if it’s notWednesdays: Free day. Bodyweight, endurance or speed work - or weightsThursdays: Yoga classFridays: Planned rest - Friday date nightsWeekends: Walk a bunch and hopefully at least once during the challenge go do something purposefully active. Weekdays: I’m liking this Darebee daily challenge thing. I’m sticking with it. Goal 2: Macros, Per Usual Macros work for me, and I need to stick with them - even during the weekends. No more sneaking in sandwiches or nachos. Or noodles. I need to behave. Calories: 1,500 or under Carbs: 100g or under Fat: 100g or under Protein: 70g minimim Goal 3: Level Up My (Work) Life Put in my 1 month notice at workFind another jobContinue re-vamping my resumeComplete my CV websiteComplete at least 1 more site layout I can use for my portfolioSpiff my portfolio upComplete the Angular JS online course I’m taking Goal 4: Feed My Creativity Keep up with my current knitting projectKeep up with my current cross-stitch project Goal 5: Make My Environment Better Continue minimalism trackWork toward getting rid of bookshelf I hatePossibly re-work my entrywayAddress the pantry that’s starting to look messyFinish DVD rippingGoal 6: Ranger Mini Challenge 1 - Charms: Domestic Rangering - focus on minimalism this week and tackle something that needs tackling - if the archival photo books are in, do those. If not, some other stuff. 2 - History Of Magic: Schooling. Complete a new coding class this week. 3 - Transfiguration: Add a new daily mini challenge this week, most likely from Darebee. 4 - Defense Against The Dark Arts: Try a kettelbell video this week.
  19. I am halfway through Brandon Sanderson's wonderful WAY OF KINGS, and I am loving it! So, even though I haven't finished it, or the sequel, I am risking spoilers and theming my challenge on it! The world created by Brandon Sanderson is a stony, harsh place, with storms so bad the grass itself hides from them. Much of the action revolves around the Shattered Plains, a broken, jagged mosaic of plateaus, surrounded by a labyrinth of chasms. The Shattered Plains Kaladin Kaladin is a slave fighting in the king's army under the Highprince Sadeas, and was assigned to a Bridge Crew. Bridge crews carry massive wooden bridges that permit the armies to cross the chasms between plateaus. Bridge crews carry the massive bridges for hours and hours on end, with almost no break. Sadeas works his bridge crew hard, and Bridge 4, Kaladin's bridge, typically loses more members than any other. Until Kaladin starts training them. Kaladin has them train every day, so when they do have to run their bridge, their endurance is better. Second, he experiments with carrying the bridge on it's side in order to protect the crew from arrows. This month, I will train to be part of Bridge 4. Bridge crews need to run for hours (Train for a 10K) -Goal: Complete 4 weeks of training for my 10k (and later half) Week 1: 5k, 3k, 3k = 11k Week 2: 5k, 4k, 3k = 12k (Ringette tournament this weekend, may only get 2 runs in - and that's ok!) Week 3: 5k, 4k, 4k = 13k Week 4: 6k, 4k, 4k = 14k Bridge crews need to be able to carry a massive weight, and then maneuver it into position under attack (Achieve a Pull-up, 3X10 Toe push ups, Get down to 63.5kg) -Goal: 3X5 @40lbs assistance Start: 3X5 assisted @ 55lbs Progression: Pull up work 3X/week - Bodyweight rows, assisted pull ups -Goal: 3X10 knee push ups Start: Progression: Push ups 3X/week - knee push ups, toe push ups -Goal: Weight 66.5 Start 67.8 -3X treats/week. Treat defined as: 2 cookies, SMALL handful of candy, SMALL bowl of chips Shallan Brightness Shaman is a young noblewoman who has travelled halfway across the world for the opportunity to study under the King's sister, Jasnah. She is an accomplished artist and naturalist, but under Jasnah's tutelage her studies expand and flourish. Study as hard as Shallan (Pick up new topics at work) -Goal: Be vetted in A -Goal: Follow up on training for C/D/E and plan way forward -Goal: Determine vetting process for French Note: this goal is deliberately vague in order to protect my job! Trust me that it's quite specific! Dalinar Brightlord Dalinar is a Highprince of Alethkar, but after 6 years of war on the Shattered Plains, he has started to question the way the Highprinces compete against each other. As a result, he makes fewer and fewer plateau runs, choosing instead to focus on patrolling and maintaining the warcamp Maintain my war camp like Dalinar (Domestic Rangering) -Goal: Make deck playable -Take starting picture -Wash rags -Clean up plant pots -Excavate back corner and create plan of action for discoveries -Sweep -Goal: Follow trial weekly cleaning routine (and note changes needed!) -Monday clean bathrooms -Tuesday wash sheets/towels -Tuesday grocery shopping -Thursday wipe bathrooms Life in the Shattered Plains is tough, but hopefully I will also manage to finish THE WAY OF KINGS by the end of the challenge! This is of course complicated by the fact that I am on the waiting list from the library... I will live in hope!
  20. I've got jack and shit for this challenge, and my schedule is going to be all over the place in this next month. So .... continuing on with my goals for the most part, coasting, and thinking about what I want to focus on this year. Last year was the year of bling; this year, since my location is still uncertain, I won't be doing that so much. The List So Far Quit my jobFinish my front end web development classFind a new jobWhile unemployed: Work to better my blog's social mediaRe-vamp the blogRe-do my websiteSpiff up my resumeSpiff up my portfolioPossibly see a career coach to help turn my resume into what it needs to beWork to build dummy sites I can use as portfolio piecesAttempt to build my freelance base at least some!)&*$#$*# network at least a little with humans Master pull-ups/chin-upsWork on yoga balances (specifically I want to do fancy ass crow variations)Run a 30-minute 5k (virtual is fine) - I plan on doing quarterly 5ksCheck into a 'get faster with 5ks' program or do that new Zombies 10k thingMaybe throw in 2 10ksKeep up with ruckingFigure out where I'll be living and go there - or stay hereContinue my minimalism trackContinue my macrosContinue my craftsWork on biohacking when life is more settled For the first half of this challenge, I'll be continuing my workout schedule of Yoga Mondays, class Tuesdays, possible Rucking Wednesdays, class Thursdays, walking Weekends and light additional bodyweight and/or yoga challenges sprinkled throughout my weekdays. Macros will continue on with my standard 1,500 or so calories, 100g or fewer carbs, 100g or fewer fat, 70g or higher protein. I'll be continuing working on the baby blanket I'm knitting, and am starting a new Secret Ranger Cross-Stitch Project today. I will also continue working on digitizing my DVD collection daily. And will pick up mini challenges and PvPs as they present themselves. This challenge, like last challenge, is all about maintenance - I'm not piling on enough craziness to overwhelm myself while I'm working on things for class + trying not to stress out about potential location switches. And it's winter, so my body wants to do absolutely nothing but eat carbs, hibernate, and be injured.
  21. I'm keeping my challenges really short and simple! The first four months of this year have to be all about running, as I have my sights fixed on my local half-marathon on 8 May. I struggled with pain in and around my fibula last year but have downloaded some run/walk training plans that seem great. So I'm feeling very optimistic. Goal 1 - I'm going to follow Jenny Hadfield's 10k run/walk plan (weeks 4-8) during this challenge, having completed weeks 1 - 3 over the holiday break. Then as long as I'm injury free I have 13 weeks to my HM, which is exactly how long Coach Jenny's run/walk HM programme takes! The programmes incorporate cross-training and strength training on non-running days, so I'm going to be doing that at the gym with the help of my trainer. Who alleges is going to do this half-marathon with me. This will be hilarious as he can run 10k in the time it takes me to run 6k Goal 2 - Joo really need that? January. Along with decluttering, my goal is not to buy STUFF unless I really really need it (or of course, unless a member of my family needs it). Exceptions will, obviously, be made for stuff like birthdays (my mum is 80 this month). Goal 3 - dry January - a terrible cliche but I did it last year and actually quite enjoyed it, and it really helps with running. So - that's me! I promise I will update my signature and try AGAIN to work out how to post progress bars and all that good stuff!
  22. Darkfoxx 21: Darkfoxx Goes To School This challenge is going to throw me some curveballs. I’m going back to school 2 nights a week for front-end web development: the first schooling I’ve attended since getting my undergrad in 2002. So … I need to re-learn how to be a student, and need to get re-acquainted with fitting homework into my schedule. This is throwing major elbows into my RUCK ALL THE THINGS and DO ALL THE OTHER THINGS plan. Plus, I’m starting this zero week off sick - the first time I’ve had to deal with an actual sickness in over 5 years. My body is unhappy about this development. Overarching Goal For This Cycle Do the things, but keep schoolwork in the forefront of my mind and time commitments. I have no idea how this is going to play out - my undergrad degree was in Communication, so I could basically BS my way through it. Coding: not so much with the latitude for BS. I also need to keep some sort of physical training goals on deck, lest I get completely sidetracked. To that end, I have at least 1 5k to do in short order (Patronus 5k) I’m supposed to be doing Tough Mudder on the 7th, but if it’s too cold I’m not making myself go through it. 50 or over is my threshold. I have the Turkey Trot 4 miler on Thanksgiving And some more rucking to throw in before it gets too cold out. and rucking. RUCKING. I have distance in the can; now I just need to work on speed (and more mileage totals per week). Plus, RuckFit looks amazeballs. And Beer Yoga! And the RP dealie! So .. looks like I’ll be busy, no? Goal 1: Work It Out Sill aiming for 4 - 5 days during the week + 1 good activity weekend day here. I’m also throwing in an archery date night. I don’t know how this is going to happen with class, but I aim to regulate my schedule by Official Week 1, so more coming here. If nothing else, I can poke around some RuckFit workouts, work on a couple Beer Yoga poses (sans beer), and work on pull-ups. *cough* Wolf *cough* And the role play game … I’ll have to think of something there. Not sure of the deets yet, but I have a feeling I won’t have to sit this one out. Goal 2: Macros SSDD. For those of you that are new to me, here’s a recap: I haven’t really deviated from this metric plan in over a year, and don’t see any reason to start. For those of you that are new to me, my metrics are based on those outlined in the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. My metrics are as follows: 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein, 100 grams or under of fat and around 1,500 calories. This plan seems to work for me, and if I stick to it, my weight stays where I want it and my body stays fueled without being sluggish. That said, I have recently begun carb loading for races and eat whatever my body is screaming at me it wants post races (generally a bigass steak and/or a face full of carbs). This seems to be working well, and I’ll be sticking with it. I also shoot for 64 ounces or so of water (2 refills of my water bottle + a coffee), and track my general activity and sleep with a Misfit Flash. I’m on My Fitness Pal and Fitbit. Goal 3: Minimalism I did so well here last challenge, I want to keep the ball rolling. I have 1 book shelf left to purge during Phase 1 and I FINALLY got my last batch of crap back from the digitization place. I need to label those pics/files (plus the last batch of pics) and get them squared away + deal with the physical copies. I also aim to pile all my sentimental crap into 1 place - probably my bed - and massively purge until I have 1 bin left. This may need to be done in 2 stages: 1 bin for photos; 1 bin for crap. I also need to see to it that my donation pile actually leaves the door, and the boxes I’m building of kid stuff actually make it to my sister (for her upcoming baby girl) & brother (who isn’t yet spawning). Goal 4: Craftsy I have a bunch of crafts I need to do: My sister’s baby blanket Tank’s cross-stitch Wolf’s cross-stitch Monthly Triceratops cross-stitches Holiday cards + more holiday cards Ranger Card/Gift Exchange Holiday cookies Process the pictures of munchkins I just took Goal 5: School Aim to be valedictorian of school, dammit. Goal 6: Badges This went over so well last challenge, I need to keep these going. And I want to re-vamp the styles so they’re more tiny friendly. Goal 7: Mini Challenges & PvPs Do them. If nothing else, this will force me to get my workouts in - I may disappoint myself, but I try damn hard to make sure not to let my guild mates down. Goal 8: BIOHACKING You thought I forgot about this one, didn’t you? I’m twiddling my thumbs, waiting for my data to get back from 23andMe and have been taking the 999999989 quizzes on the site to maximize my contribution to the greater good. TWIDDLING MY THUMBS.
  23. Hey everyone! Just throwing this out there in case someone is in the area. Sign ups are open for Erie's 5k Glow Run, which is on May 29th, and for the 10k obstacle course, Barber Beast on the Bay, held on September 10th. I signed up for both. Never did an obstacle course before, but I'm really excited about it! Here's links to both if you want to sign up! https://runsignup.com/Race/Events/PA/Erie/GlowErieFunRun http://www.barberbeast.org Edit: 1-27-16 My bad, it's not a 10k race, it's a 10 mile race
  24. Because maths and me don’t really get along, and time slips. I did the research, and this is actually my 20th challenge. Name also spelled correctly in title? Check. — Challenge Theme: Wommens. I’m too scattered to coalesce all my disparate goals into just one theme. Plus, from the title & teaser alone, I’ve already got 2 fandoms representing. So: let’s just roll with Badass Women and see how far I can carry that loose thread. — Google image search for badass elf: While I picture my handle with a bow or a blade and somewhere up high, this is probably much more of an accurate depiction of my personality elf-ified. Fire. Combat boots. Urban. I’d go for purple hair over pink. Vaguely gothy. Tatts. Plus, this elf doesn’t have gigundous boobs, and her outfit at least looks comfortable. -- As summer wanes and race season slides into its slow decline, I can’t help but look forward to Winter and what the next chapter in my story may bring. I feel like all of 2015’s big hurdles are behind me (except TM; but I’m not focusing on TM, lest I freak myself out re: possible hypothermia and tear gas) and I’m trying not to languish in the post-race-season doldrums. What I Have Left 2 virtual 10ks in September Tough Mudder in November Probably the Turkey Trot 4-miler on Thanksgiving Maybe one of the hot chocolate runs in December Whatever other virtual runs or rucks I have to do to beat the DH’s number of medals for the year For the remainder of this season (I’m calling either my last official road race of the year or December 31 the end of season - it remains to be seen when this will actually be), I want to continue doing things that bring me joy and keep me engaged, while forcing myself out of my comfort zone so I’ll actually accomplish the things I want to accomplish instead of frolicking in easy mode all willy-nilly like, as I am wont to do. What I Like Real life rucking badasses Rucking. Who knew? I’m still shocked. Since I’m liking rucking so much, I plan on continuing to do that while the weather holds out. I’ll be stuck inside all winter with only the treadmill for comfort, why miss out on prime fun time when I don’t have to? Plus: Ranger street cred. Who doesn’t want more of that? Will this help with my overall goals? I don’t know, but weight + distance can’t be a bad thing. So, On Mondays, We Ruck. I can only dream of being this badass when I’m her age Yoga. Yoga is fun, and my body needs it in order to accomplish the things it wants to achieve. Without yoga, I’m a hot mess of injuries and hobbles. Yoga is definitely staying, and I’ll still continue to try adding cool new poses to my arsenal, while working on building rock solid fundamentals. And, because I have not yet used her and she’s the OG woman badass (at least to me - this is the first identifiably physically strong woman in a move or on TV I looked at as a kid and went ‘I want that!’) Bodyweight exercises. My body and I both prefer bodyweight exercises over lifting weights. I need to remember this, stick with this, and go back to HIIT workouts with a video so I actually HI of the IT. I love me some Darebee workouts, but I have a tendency to do them at *my* pace, which is not the pace I should actually be going at. I say I should switch back to videos, but Darebee has released a cool new semi-immersive semi-game thing - Age Of Pandora - which I've started and am totally digging. I can do these workouts, plus make upgrades to my Avatar on top of doing other things. Maybe if I choose shorter-length HasFit videos and combo them with AoP chapters. Not sure how this is going to look yet. What I Really Need To Be Doing A goddamn pull-up. I know, I know, I was so gung-ho about getting a pull-up this summer … but then I chose not to work very hard for it. And I found other things I loved. And I have exercise ADHD. Plus, I’m not overly fond of doing hard things until they’re no longer that hard. I need to STFU and f-o-c-u-s. This needs to happen. If it takes keeping the pull-up bar out 24/7, it takes keeping the pull-up bar out. I need to do this, as my ruck schedule allows. Enough Said Working On Specific Skills That Will Help In OCRs - like rope climbing, monkey bars, wall climbs, and bucket carries. Monkey bars I can do and I can practice - I need to work on grip strength and other types of bar crossings (like skipping a bar, or jumping from bar to bar)Rope climbs are going to be tricky, since I don’t have access to a rope. What I do have access to is the Internet, with many suggestions on other things to do to ensure I at least build the right muscles (Onnit has a good video for this)It’s likely that I will always need help over walls, but I can practice hoisting myself up over lower walls so maybe I don’t need a boost for every single damn one. Parkour fundamentals would help hereBucket carries are the worst thing ever. But, I can buy a bucket, the garden in my building has rocks in it, and I could practice carrying them around the garden area. Don’t wannaBurpees. Everyone hates burpees, but I need to be able to do more in a row without absolutely killing my hip flexors Ummmm. Yeah. Building Endurance. Also boo. This winter, I need to do some targeted speed building on the treadmill and work on inclines to tackle hills. Pouting. —— Goal 1: Continue Working Out 4-5 days a week + Bonus Monday Ruck Day Yoga 2x Dedicated cardio or endurance work 1x Wildcard 1x - maybe get that OCR game Eric reminded me of? Or, HasFit HIIT videos In September, this is going to pan out as follows: Mondays: Ruck Day (+AoP, +squat challenge) Tuesdays: Yoga or bodyweight videos or cardio class (+AoP, +squat challenge) Wednesdays: Yoga or bodyweight videos (+AoP, +squat challenge) Thursdays: Yoga (+AoP, +squat challenge) Fridays: AoP, squat challenge (+ try to do something else active one weekend day) Saturdays: AoP, squat challenge (+ try to do something else active one weekend day) Sundays: AoP, squat challenge (+ try to do something else active one weekend day) Goal 2: Metrics Metrics. Matrix. They both start with M. I haven’t really deviated from this metric plan in over a year, and don’t see any reason to start. For those of you that are new to me, my metrics are based on those outlined in the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. My metrics are as follows: 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein, 100 grams or under of fat and around 1,500 calories. This plan seems to work for me, and if I stick to it, my weight stays where I want it and my body stays fueled without being sluggish. That said, I have recently begun carb loading for races and eat whatever my body is screaming at me it wants post races (generally a bigass steak and/or a face full of carbs). This seems to be working well, and I’ll be sticking with it. I also shoot for 64 ounces or so of water (2 refills of my water bottle + a coffee), and track my general activity and sleep with a Misfit Flash. I’m on My Fitness Pal and Fitbit. Goal 3: Biohacking This would be awesome, but I'm starting on a much smaller scale. I’ve already started my sleep biohacking - started September 1st. Gathered 1 week baseline readings: Check Week 1: Introduced white noise - Check Week 2: Introduced sleep mask - In Process Week 3: Add nightly meditation to the mix Week 4: Add melatonin 1 - 2 nights Week 5: Add daily magnesium supplements Week 6: Add fats right before bed (collagen or raw honey + krill oil + brain octane) Goal 4: The Minimalist Life It stands to reason that waking up in Raccoon City for the umpteenth time means you don't have a lot of crap you're worried about hauling around. I'm doubting Alice has a storage container somewhere. I have my wardrobe pretty dialed down for the summer season; I may need to do a little cold weather whittling here, and I may add a few pieces meant to replace less durable items. What I really need to focus on here is stuff in the ‘other shit’ category. I need to actually address the other shit taking up room on my shelves and in my closets. I need to reduce something (a closet or a shelving unit) by at least 20% per week here). To accomplish this goal, I’m taking part in a 30 Day Minimalist Game. Starting September 14, I will be getting rid of +1 item per day (Day 1: 1 item, Day 2: 2 items, Day 30: 30 items) to see how far I can take it. I may supplement with bigger purges as my impulses drag me. Gotta strike while the iron is hot. Goal 5: Arts & Crafts When I did a search for badass women who craft, for some reason Ripley came up in the results. I’ll take it! Finish the shawl and secret cross-stitch project I’m working onStart the baby blanket for my sisterAnd … since last challenge we were talking about wanting badges for adulting or Ranger Tasks, I think I’ll flex my graphic design skills and make some. The goal is to complete 1 digital version a week based on my fellow Rangers’ goals and/or accomplishments. If this turns out well, these may assume corporeal form some time down the road. Mini Challenge Feats Endurance Feat - 10k ruck with 20lbs in my pack if this week falls within September - if not, some other type of rucking - maybe a mileage total to hit for the week. Match Wolf for a little PvP action?Strength Feat - For this week, concentrate daily on pull-ups or upping the strength in my ankles/calves to increase my effectiveness in balance poses (depending on which side of my body has DOMs).Speed Feat - 10k for time if this week falls within September - if not, something else for time. Something for time. Combat Feat - Go have a climbing or archery date with the hubbs.Healing Feat - Work on my little fascia daily this week - my jaw connectors and head connectors are always tense; work on loosening these babies.
  25. Last challenge cycle brought 2 OCRs, a 10k, and a 5k. This cycle encompasses the dog days of summer (and it currently looks like we’ll actually get some summer - NYC is s-w-a-m-p-y), so I had planned on taking it a little easier in August (and by a little easier, I mean 1 big GoRuck + an unspecified number of runs for bling). Of course, now I’m having second thoughts about this “easy†business, and am itching to do moar things. I’m also sad that I only have 1 OCR left this season. It’s a biggie (Tough Mudder in November), but still … it’s not right now. I know, I know … doing allthethings gets me in trouble physical-wise, feeds my gnat-like attention span, and makes me a jill of all trades but good at none. But …. Work It Out I want to continue on with yoga, especially around races; I need to continue working on the dreaded running for stamina; and my muscles want in on it all too. Plus: I still haven’t hit my ‘this summer Imma’ do a damn pull-up’ goal. Aaaaaaaaand my focusing power monkeys are jumping. So, shotgun approach it is. I like my 4 day a week scheduled activity + walking as much as possible on the weekends program. For this challenge, let’s reign in the monkeys a bit with some direction so I'm not stuck in vapor lock mode. Model A Monday: Bodyweight circuit in the gym Tuesday: Cardio in the gym Wednesday: Yoga class in the wild (sub yoga in the gym if time doesn't allow) Thursday: Yoga class in the gym Friday: Optional bonus day - take a class or lift some weights Weekend: GoRuck, race or walk as much as the weather permits Model B Monday: Yoga class in the wild Tuesday: Bodyweight circuit in the gym Wednesday: Bolly X class in the wild (sub gym cardio if time doesn't allow for travel) Thursday: Yoga class in the gym Friday: Optional bonus day - take a class or lift some weights Weekend: GoRuck, race or walk as much as the weather permits Races, Etc. August 8 is GoRuck Light In order to stay on track for beating my DH’s number of race medals this year, I need to pick up two 5ks during this challenge. EDIT: I picked up two virtual 5ks. I'll be doing the Phone Home 5k through Moon Joggers sometime this August, and the Jedi Challenge 2015 either later this month or also in August. The Jedi race is open on both dates and distances - depending upon when I pick to do it in relation to GoRuck, I may shoot for overkill and do a 10k. We shall see what happens with the PPTC Speed Series (weeknight 5ks thrown by my DH's running club) for the rest of this summer - if I end up doing more of those, I won't attempt to kill myself with an indoor kid 10k. EDIT EDIT: Goddamn it. I picked up another challenge - this one a total mileage challenge - the Road To Hogwarts 52-mile virtual race. I have until October 1 to travel that distance. What was I thinking? Metrics I haven’t really deviated from this metric plan in over a year, and don’t see any reason to start. For those of you that are new to me, my metrics are based on those outlined in the Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson. My metrics are as follows: 100 grams or under of carbs, 70 grams or over of protein, 100 grams or under of fat and around 1,500 calories. This plan seems to work for me, and if I stick to it, my weight stays where I want it and my body stays fueled without being sluggish. That said, I have recently begun carb loading for races and eat whatever my body is screaming at me it wants post races (generally a bigass steak and/or a face full of carbs). This seems to be working well, and I’ll be sticking with it. I also shoot for 64 ounces or so of water (2 refills of my water bottle + a coffee), and track my general activity and sleep with a Misfit Flash. I’m on My Fitness Pal and Fitbit. Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire I am still sloooooowly working toward minimalism for my surroundings, and I feel the need to jettison a bunch of stuff all at once. I think I’ll start with the kitchen. Two people who don’t entertain that much don’t really need 6 double cabinets full of crap. Even if one of them cooks a bunch and blogs about food. For this goal, I’m picking at least 1 cabinet a week and purging my little heart out. I also want to continue adjusting my wardrobe to fit my actual needs and not have 9999 things in my closet that don’t fit either my lifestyle or size, while having 3 things I like and wear. I should also get rid of some other shit/work on letting myself let go of things that I keep for no damn reason except habit and/or a sense that I may suddenly wake up with I'm 60 and miss the things. Other Other Shit I want to continue practicing another language using DuoLingo. Last challenge it was French in prep for my trip to Montreal. I think this challenge I should switch to Ukranian in prep for this fall’s trip there. I also need to foam roll, even though I hate it with the passion of 1,000 burning suns. EDIT: I also need to make a conscious effort to work on stretching my feet more. And I'm * * this close to letting peer pressure get the better of me and making this more of a concrete goal, instead of just a weekly feat goal + the vague promise of doing better this time. And I need to continue on with my creative pursuits (currently knitting and card making). Oh, lookie here - another damn EDIT. This time for weekly mini challenge feats: Endurance Feat - GoRuck. Not dying at GoRuck. If this feat does not happen to fall on GoRuck week (or the week prior), double up on 5ks. Strength Feat - Do A Damn Pull-Up (again)Speed Feat - Attempt to crack a 34-minute 5k.Combat Feat - I have to make it out of the building to do Bolly X or something new(ish) other than my favorite yoga class this week. Whining, but no excuses - summon that 20 seconds of courage. Healing Feat - 1 week of foam rolling for at least 5 minutes every work day + working on stretching my feet out.
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