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  1. Goals: - One Rabbit Stew coming right up! Get more protein, try for 3 protein shakes a week in place of some other snacks. - Nibble yer bum! Drop 5kg this challenge. If necessary track calories, prefer not to... - Run away! Run away! Do a run or some weights related to running 3 times a week I have my first 10k on 15 Sept so the challenge dates line up well for prep but I have to make sure I actually do it......
  2. So the big goal is still this... Lose 50 lbs (total) by October, 31st, that's 5 lbs a month January - Done! February - Done! March - Done! April - Done May - Nope June - Double Nope July - Not looking good for the home team The Plan.... 1. Three interval runs, and one strength training a week. Make one of these runs outside when possible. Non-game days only, game days give me at least 10,000 steps and at least 20 flights of stairs 2. Continue making the 24 hour plan, eat on plan when hungry, stop when full. 3. Three times a
  3. Mera, aka Runner 5, reporting for duty from her new base in Sweden... The Mission: Get ready for the Zombies Run 10K virtual race "The Train to Orban" taking place late April - early May The Action plan: Simple, follow the Zombies Run 10K beginner training The Obstacles to master: Make room for running and just go, even if I don't want to (or the weather is crap). Prevent knee pain through exercises and stretching. Take the dog along as much as possible, which might impact speed negatively. Remember that it's not about spee
  4. I have to start this thread by saying (and hoping I don't jinx it!) WE FOUND A HOUSE!! We have a contract, and a closing date (January 18th) we will have to see if third time is a charm...we also have pre-approval and closing costs but I digress, we had those with the last one but hurricanes happen... A lot of the below portion was typed out over several hours into an open post...if it doesn't all make sense I apologize in advance... I will be fine tuning and refining this before next week...but as I stated at the closing of my last challenge In my head I keep say
  5. Kinda fell off the map a bit there, because reasons (life reasons, mainly, June was an exhausting month, and so far July's been only somewhat better). This challenge will be nothing new. My weeks will continue to run Monday-Sunday, so I don't actually start 'til tomorrow. I'm only sorta feelin' it this time, but I don't want to drift off into the sunset quite yet, so I'm posting one. I'm not going to commit to updating every day, but I'll do my best. I find it always takes more time than I imagine it will, between posting on my thread and catching up on everyone else's, and I end u
  6. Hi everybody! It's been a long time since I really logged in here. The last Challenges only existed by name anyway and I already have enough plates to handle anyway but truth be told I have been missing you people a whole damn lot. So I comitted myself to use the next two weeks by easing back into things around here. I did put up annual and intermediate goals in the past but will get back into that some time in the future. But a quick recap about me: I'm Casbin, a 29 year old lad from Germany. I am struggling to gain weight
  7. HI TEAM AWESOME. So, last challenge I tried to have fun. it's important! I did ok at it, but it was still hard work. I'm realizing that I need to get off the STRUGGLE BUS and get on the SPARKLE BUS. before I can do that, though, I need to practice a tiny bit of austerity. The last several months have been all about being sweet and kind to myself as I work through a ridiculous schedule and a lot of family pressures and crap like a tree on my house. I've been super gentle with myself and not managing my diet carefully, allowing myself to sleep in more and go to bed later,
  8. hi all! I've been running for 15 years on and off and I would like to eventually be able to participate in the NYC marathon one day. As of now I can run 6 miles in an hour without dying but I know I need at least few half marathons under my belt before I can even consider a full marathon. I figured trying a 10k would be a good start. Right now I run 6 miles roughly once a week around a park. I would love to get any advice or tips from experienced runners thanks!
  9. I was looking for virtual races the other day, and came across Moon Joggers: http://www.moonjoggers.com. It looks like they have monthly events, and a year long event. Has anyone here heard of them before? Done any races with them? I'm interested in doing virtual races for a variety of reasons, pretty high on the list is that I don't like being in large crowds. I've heard about the Hogwarts Running Club, and there are several Star Wars virtual races, but those don't really catch my interest. But I can totally nerd out over astronomy. I'm a bit
  10. After a couple years of spinning in circles, I need to "respawn" again. I will focus on getting my diet in line, and now that the hot local summer is sliding away, I will spend more time walking and running outside. Mission: Run in the Cotton Row Run 10K in May 2017 in a better time than I did it the last time in 2012 (54:50). While I rebuild my running habit, in the short term I need to start eating to train. I read a blog post a few years ago that really stuck with me as a way to measure how well my diet was dialed in. It seems that author is not as active online
  11. Preamble: A small participation in the split race of the vienna marathon over 5.8 km at the 10th of April. Since I have been quite lazy with running during winter (brrr...the temperature) and then been constantly either sick or too busy, I need to level-up my endurance quickly. From 29.3 to 4.4 I am doing a run every day for at least 30 min. Missions (A) Discovering the farer woods: Become faster and obtain an higher endurance by going 3 times a week for a run in the morning. And if I am way to tired for a run, then let it be a 30 min walk in the park.
  12. This challenge finds me on the road for five weeks of travel and adventure. Leaving Alaska, I'll visit Hawaii, Oregon and Texas, and at least one other undetermined mystery location after that. There could even be another epic road trip involved. Adapting and keeping up with a reasonably demanding workout schedule will be the focus of this challenge. I've learned a lot about how to do this already this year, and I'm excited to see what else I can discover. Run 100 miles. I'm including the zero week for this. I have a 10k race on the 16th, and should have about 70 mile
  13. I've been doing lots of research on the Middle Ages, and have been thoroughly enjoying all the wonderful manuscript illuminations and marginalia. And so, I want to share them! I have three big goals for the next 5 weeks (starting now!), so with no further ado... Polgara Goes Medieval! Run Like You're Being Chased by Creepy Marginalia! One of my big yearly goals was the run the Zombies, Run Virtual Race 10k in the next 2 weeks. Actually, the goal was to train for the 10k. However, work and life has been really crazy, and I haven't been d
  14. So I should probably start up a battle journal huh? So without any further ado. My stats Age 35 Height: 5'6" Current Weight: 250 Goal Weight: 140 My plan of action so far has been running, or more accurately trundling and wheezing. I've been trying to get out for a run at least 6 days a week. I've been using the 10K trainer by Zen Labs, as well as the Zombies Run app. Today I'm going to use the zombies run app. For today I've set up an interval training program which, to be quite honest, might be a little too much. But if it doesn't work, then I'll reconfigure it for next time.
  15. Hello All. New here, first challenge. I'm posting this a bit late, but I actually got these started at the beginning of the week, and am on track with everything so far. Main Goal: Get my weight down to 185 lbs (or more accurately, back down to) I've had success in past going low carb paleo when trying to lose weight. On the other hand, I've really enjoyed the rice, potatoes and sweet potatoes when i've been on the perfect health diet (http://perfecthealthdiet.com). So I've decided to try to have the best of both worlds, the weight loss of a low carb approach while still getting to enjoy some
  16. Join me as we hunt the elusive Jaguar shark! I'm going to be at sea for all but three days of this challenge so I thought I'd have some fun riffing on a theme, and perhaps work in a little insight into my world. My quests will build on last month's discoveries, and continue to follow a 10k training plan as best as I am able. Run Stick to the training plan, which will almost all have to be on the treadmill (boo!), sea conditions permitting. The plan consists of about 80 miles in workouts during this time, but it is still winter in Alaska – I've got to play this one conservative. I'l
  17. Here's where I want to focus on this month: Goal 1: Get Back To My (Workout) Routine Since I’m back to my regular schedule, I can get back to my workout routine (minus Monday Ruck Day - sorry guys, it’s too cold and dark after work for all that). Mondays: Yoga if my body is wiped from the weekend; bodyweight routine if it’s notTuesdays: BollyX if it’s offered; some sort of speed work, a treadmill ruck, or something endurance-related if it’s notWednesdays: Free day. Bodyweight, endurance or speed work - or weightsThursdays: Yoga classFridays: Planned rest - Friday date nightsWe
  18. I'm keeping my challenges really short and simple! The first four months of this year have to be all about running, as I have my sights fixed on my local half-marathon on 8 May. I struggled with pain in and around my fibula last year but have downloaded some run/walk training plans that seem great. So I'm feeling very optimistic. Goal 1 - I'm going to follow Jenny Hadfield's 10k run/walk plan (weeks 4-8) during this challenge, having completed weeks 1 - 3 over the holiday break. Then as long as I'm injury free I have 13 weeks to my HM, which is exactly how long Coach Jenny's run/walk HM
  19. I've got jack and shit for this challenge, and my schedule is going to be all over the place in this next month. So .... continuing on with my goals for the most part, coasting, and thinking about what I want to focus on this year. Last year was the year of bling; this year, since my location is still uncertain, I won't be doing that so much. The List So Far Quit my jobFinish my front end web development classFind a new jobWhile unemployed: Work to better my blog's social mediaRe-vamp the blogRe-do my websiteSpiff up my resumeSpiff up my portfolioPossibly see a career coach to hel
  20. I am halfway through Brandon Sanderson's wonderful WAY OF KINGS, and I am loving it! So, even though I haven't finished it, or the sequel, I am risking spoilers and theming my challenge on it! The world created by Brandon Sanderson is a stony, harsh place, with storms so bad the grass itself hides from them. Much of the action revolves around the Shattered Plains, a broken, jagged mosaic of plateaus, surrounded by a labyrinth of chasms. The Shattered Plains Kaladin Kaladin is a slave fighting in the king's army under the Highprince Sadeas, and was assigned to a Bridge Crew. Br
  21. Hey everyone! Just throwing this out there in case someone is in the area. Sign ups are open for Erie's 5k Glow Run, which is on May 29th, and for the 10k obstacle course, Barber Beast on the Bay, held on September 10th. I signed up for both. Never did an obstacle course before, but I'm really excited about it! Here's links to both if you want to sign up! https://runsignup.com/Race/Events/PA/Erie/GlowErieFunRun http://www.barberbeast.org Edit: 1-27-16 My bad, it's not a 10k race, it's a 10 mile race
  22. Darkfoxx 21: Darkfoxx Goes To School This challenge is going to throw me some curveballs. I’m going back to school 2 nights a week for front-end web development: the first schooling I’ve attended since getting my undergrad in 2002. So … I need to re-learn how to be a student, and need to get re-acquainted with fitting homework into my schedule. This is throwing major elbows into my RUCK ALL THE THINGS and DO ALL THE OTHER THINGS plan. Plus, I’m starting this zero week off sick - the first time I’ve had to deal with an actual sickness in over 5 years. My body is unh
  23. Because maths and me don’t really get along, and time slips. I did the research, and this is actually my 20th challenge. Name also spelled correctly in title? Check. — Challenge Theme: Wommens. I’m too scattered to coalesce all my disparate goals into just one theme. Plus, from the title & teaser alone, I’ve already got 2 fandoms representing. So: let’s just roll with Badass Women and see how far I can carry that loose thread. — Google image search for badass elf: While I picture my handle with a bow or a blade and somewhere up high, this is probably much more of an
  24. Last challenge cycle brought 2 OCRs, a 10k, and a 5k. This cycle encompasses the dog days of summer (and it currently looks like we’ll actually get some summer - NYC is s-w-a-m-p-y), so I had planned on taking it a little easier in August (and by a little easier, I mean 1 big GoRuck + an unspecified number of runs for bling). Of course, now I’m having second thoughts about this “easy†business, and am itching to do moar things. I’m also sad that I only have 1 OCR left this season. It’s a biggie (Tough Mudder in November), but still … it’s not right now. I know, I know â
  25. Hello! Goals have changed somewhat. Due to the beginnings of an injury (now rectified) I've fallen way behind on my 10K training, and I'm now thinking that instead of going through all the fuss of registering and raising money to get a disappointing time in a race, I should do a time trial on that date instead. It falls at the end of week 5 of this challenge, so it will take up the majority of this challenge. Main Quest: 1. Bulk up. Going to try this 2. Keep on running. Do a personal 10K time trial on July 12th. Quests: 1. Eat at surplus, avoid dirty bulk. Still using MFP and Runkeep
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