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  1. I'll try and be brief, but I'll do my best to get everything down so you don't have to ask too many questions... I recently embarked on a 16-week training plan in order to race a 10K in July. I've been running in some Asics that haven't seen much in the way of milage, but are easily 5 years old. Quite early on into the training my feet would ache, but I put this down to using new muscles. The aches are above the ankle on the inside and outside of both feet - and run a few inches up the leg. At the beginning I got sore arches too, but thankfully that's not a thing now. I've got flexible flat fe
  2. Hello! Goals have changed somewhat. Due to the beginnings of an injury (now rectified) I've fallen way behind on my 10K training, and I'm now thinking that instead of going through all the fuss of registering and raising money to get a disappointing time in a race, I should do a time trial on that date instead. It falls at the end of week 5 of this challenge, so it will take up the majority of this challenge. Main Quest: 1. Bulk up. Going to try this 2. Keep on running. Do a personal 10K time trial on July 12th. Quests: 1. Eat at surplus, avoid dirty bulk. Still using MFP and Runkeep
  3. Salivanth Does 10k Training! Who Am I? Hi guys! I'm Salivanth. To get the stats out of the way, I'm male, 23, 5'4'', 59 kg (130 lb), Australian, and getting ready to study Computer Science via distance education starting in July. As of April 13, I'll have been working out for exactly one year. I've mostly been doing bodyweight strength training with the Assassins, but a few months ago I started running. Last challenge I improved my 5k time from 29:56 to 28:16, and this challenge I'm increasing the distance to 10k. 57:26 is my goal time (I'll explain why a bit later in the post), but I'd
  4. Hello! Well this is good timing! I'm on the long, slow grind of losing those last few pounds. Have been using MFP for ages to track calories - it's taken me the best part of a year to realise my maintenance calories have a HUGE range. Had to ditch my $10 per month subscription to Daily Burn - partly out of poverty, partly because their server is an old sack of poop and I'm tired of their excuses saying the trouble's on my end when I have absolutely no trouble streaming Netflix, Hulu etc, without constant buffering... I wrote down the kettlebell routines and there are plenty of yoga vids to w
  5. So I've always been more of a sprinter. Lots of power and speed in the legs and absolutely no stamina. At school I was excused from cross country - in the cold winter air my lungs would feel like they were on fire and my low blood pressure would make me feel dizzy. Because of this and the family history of asthma, I was too was diagnosed with the condition and never ran any sort of distance other than the 'run-to-the-train-station' sprint. After some months of kettlebells I realised I could do this even faster. After a month of 10K training I could do it without breaking a sweat. I'm training
  6. Level 6: Let's Race! To run a 10K race Possible challenge reward: +4 STA & +2 CON I would very much like to be able to run 10K this year. I started running during the summer, and eventually ran a 5K race in Germany. Since January, I've been working on my 5K (PR: 27.00 minutes) and beginning to practice for longer distances. And then, I got a little excited yesterday and registered in a 10K race that is in one months time in Paris (Soli'run in Bois de Boulogne). Today, I'm still pretty excited about it, but I'm beginning to get butterflies in my stomach about the amount of work
  7. Howdy all, I am a newbie, and have no idea if I am posting this in the right place. I have a 10k race on May 3rd that I am prepping for. I ran my first marathon on the March 15th, but have to retrain myself for shorter hill runs. The race is up a fire road to the top of a small hill, and back with an average incline of 10%. Here is the race I am running: http://www.runtheverdugos.com/ My training schedule is attached. When I trained for the marathon, I mostly did flat running on the treadmill, or would do long runs on the beach which was easy breezy flat. All of the training runs are goi
  8. Welcome to 2015, everyone! This year is going to be a big year for me as I face the Grand Prix, a series of seven races designed by Marines for Marines, and sometimes attempted by the rest of us. I have officially registered for the first race: the Xtreme Endurance Challenge, a 6-mile obstacle course race taking place on February 7. That means I have 5 weeks left to prepare. I have never attempted an obstacle race before, so I'm a bit nervous, but I think it will be okay. Some theme music before I elaborate on my goals: http://youtu.be/LBr7kECsjcQ Goal 1: I, I, I, I work out! Same goals
  9. Huge WOOT for myself. Never thought I would ever run a 10k...ever. I used to just run a 5k at most (usually for special events or with a group of friends for a cause) and never ran more than 1.5 miles on my own. This 10k was completed at 57:12 and this was even after a week of rest; I have just proven to myself that I can pick up a 10k and run it, further motivating me to train for a half-marathon in the future.
  10. Introduction: I am new to the Ranger's Guild, but not new to NF. This is my...12th...challenge, I think? Anywho, I just completed my long-term goal of running a Half-Marathon and am moving on to the next item on my dream goal list. Current Goal: I have set my sights on completing the Grand Prix in 2015. It's a series of 7 races over 12 months designed by Marines to test your skills on a variety of levels. The first three (comprising the "Trifecta") are mud runs, 5-6 miles each, one beach run, and three road runs from 5K-Half Marathon. I am accustomed to running, but need A LOT of work
  11. Hey dudes. Coming in last minute because I struggled to think up a goal since I'm kind of over the last one. Then I remembered that I publicly declared the following goal at Boston Social Athletes last week (I approved that photo, and it looked way better when it was tiny on the camera display). Complete the 2015 BAA Distance Medley The BAA (Boston Athletic Association) Distance Medley is the 5K, 10K, and half marathon that they do throughout the year, only you get an extra medal and commit to it all at once. The 5K is in April, the 10K is in June, and the half is in October. How I'm get
  12. Summer B - Not my idea of a Caribbean Cruise! (BF 33%)Story: Following the clues up the river to the Burned City and dealing with an undisclosed BOSS at the endDiet - stick to <= 1550 net calories (adjust for exercise) and protein >= 66 grams 76 grams Do a chin up or pullup with <= 30 pounds of assistanceDeadlift 80 pounds Walk/run 10K Decipher the clues (i.e. plan the move)Or ..... this could be named the ........ Summer Challenge. My epic quest is to rediscover myself as the Mal Ravenne. It involves a LOT of attributes that are not measurable and really come down to those g
  13. Hey Folks I've been doing the couch to 5k program, halfheartedly. I keep blaming cold, or work, or the phase of the moon. Anything to put off going out and actually running. So, there's a thing every week near me called Parkrun, I've done that twice now, it's a fully timed 5k race. Last week i got just shy of 39 minutes, and this week, a little over 39 minutes, but it was VERY icy, so i was walking parts I know i ran last week. (not making excuses, just giving reasons, as walking was better than breaking something) I was talking to someone about why I'm running, to get more in shape, and gi
  14. Anyone else participating in the WDW Marathon Weekend? I'm doing the 10k and my husband is doing the half marathon. I've never done a Disney race before, but my father-in-law ran the marathon for many years before injuring his hip. He's since had a hip replacement, and is going to run the marathon again this year! On a fake hip!
  15. This is my first post here, you can check out my first 6-week challenge in the Level 1 thread here - http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/44308-my-first-challenge/ Main Quest I would like to lose 25 pounds and feel awesome and confident about my body. I want to do this through calorie counting and fitness. To achieve this, I have three specific goals: Fitness! I am making things a little more difficult for myself. Last challenge I started a running routine and a weight lifting routine (3x a week each), this time I am going to add in one day of mandatory swimming and one day
  16. Well, most of it. Took a couple of walk breaks, but I'd say I ran close to 90% of it. I think my time was just over 1:20:00, but since the results site is so slow I don't have my official time yet. Really super proud of myself because I never used to run. If you told me last year that I'd be running a 10k, I probably would have laughed and called you crazy. Now, to keep up my training for the next one in June. Woohoo!
  17. Hey everyone! We always throw this out way too late, but does anyone here plan on doing the Bolder Boulder this year? I'm not using a qualifying time this year, so if anyone is open to wogging it and having a good ole NF meet up time, post here so we can all get together!!! Mr Ham and I are doing it! (I do it for the sweet lunch bag, and the super awesome fun time)
  18. Any doing Rock n Roll Portland on May 18th 2014? I'm going to be doing the 10k really excited for this one! Will be my first race medal!
  19. I'm back! Back for the 2nd 2014 NF 6-week Challenge and my 6th 6-week challenge overall. The lowdown: Epic Quest: I have signed up for a 10k on April 6th, 2014, the RockNRoll half-marathon on May 19, 2014 and the Portland half-marathon on October 5th, 2014. I would like to finish the half-marathons in 2h30 or less and would really, really like to finish the 10k at about 60min. Currently my average mile is between 11:15-11:30, which means I have 6 weeks to cut close to 90s from my mile in order to accomplish the 10k in 60min. Doable? Let's hope so! This challenge I want to focus on fle
  20. Hi Scouts! I'm baaaack! Challenge #3 for me, and I learn a little bit more about myself each time around. So I continue to grow as a person and athlete, and modify my goals accordingly. Yay! MAIN QUEST: Break 42mins in a 10k run, at the end of an Olympic distance triathlon in 2014.You want specific? How's that for specific! I learned from the last challenge that I get overly ambitious and unrealistic about the time I have available to train, and the timelines I give myself to reach my goals. So a half ironman triathlon isn't feasible (especially not in the 10 weeks I gave myself last challeng
  21. Hi, So I started training in May for a 10k run which happens today, in 2hours and 45 minutes. In June I sprained my back which led to a flare up of ankylosing spondylitis. I couldn't walk let alone train. Common sense says I should walk the race today because even slooooooooooow jogging makes my back twinge. Reality says that I'll probably get sucked in to the atmosphere (also not wanting to be last) and want to jog at least a little bit of the race e.g. a k or so at the start and 1 at the end but I'm worried about causing more injury. (And then that starts me worrying about if I'm worrie
  22. So, I am running my second 5k tonight (with a heat index expected of 93 degrees...) and planning two more this year. After thinking about it this morning, I decided to make a plan for myself. Next year, I want to run a few 10k races. The year after that, I want to be in a couple half-marathons. The 3rd year, I want to run a full marathon. Is this a pretty reasonable goal, or am I setting myself up for failure with the time-line? I ran in high school (15 years ago...) and most of my races were 3 miles. I am regularly running (4 days a week) 2-3 miles. I am still overweight, but it's com
  23. Eth's Challenge #7 Eth Stands the Heat and Stays in the Kitchen Hello again, fellow Rangers! I'm back for my seventh (wow, really, seventh?) six-week challenge. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Eth, a 26-year-old male software developer based in (or very near) Atlanta. With the beginning of summer (here in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) taking place during this challenge, the theme of these goals will have a little something to do with that. Goal #1: These Plates are Hot (+3 STR) This is all about continuing to hit my targets on the 5/3/1 plan. I think it'll go a bit better
  24. Hey all, This is my first NF challenge, so apologies if I'm not doing this correctly. Anyways, here are my goals: Run 10k Race without stopping (STA +5) Anyone else here use the Zombies, Run! app? Makes long runs so much more fun! I've been building up my running steadily over the last two years, but am finally making steps to longer races. 10k here I come! I'm grading this one on a pass/fail basis as I either successfully run the 10k I registered for on 7/4 or I don't. Strength train 2 x week (STR +3) I've got the cardio down, but would love to build up my strength as well. My goal is t
  25. This is my fourth challenge and I’m excited to officially make the transition from Adventurer to Ranger. Let’s get right to the meat of things… Fitness Goals 1. Run at least three miles, three times per week In my last challenge, I exceeded my goal and set a new PR (personal record) for the 5k with a time of 26:42. My 2013 goal is to run a 5k in under 25:00 so I need to keep my progress moving along. However, in this challenge, I want to run for the enjoyment of running. I’ll run three times per week without being too concerned with speed. DEX: 3 2. Do P90’s Sculpt three tim
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