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  1. This is my first 4-week challenge. Super excited for this. Starting a little early because I'm ready to dive in. Here it is DIET Have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast to get my day started right. (recipe below) No meat Log every thing that I eat FITNESS Complete the NF Bodyweight program 3x a week. Walk at least 5 minutes per day LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE Put $14 a paycheck into savings (Equal to $1 a day) Green smoothie recipe 1 cup almond milk 2 cups spinach 1 green apple 1/2 cup strawberries
  2. I remember, back when I studied karate, there was a man who came to our classes. Just like every other first arrival, he came onto the floor last in line, wearing a white belt. At the time, I was a green belt, going on brown (our dojo's belt progression was white, blue, yellow, green, brown, black). I introduced myself to him, welcomed him to class, but didn't think much of it. And then he started training. His technique was perfect. He performed kata first time perfectly, though he obviously had to learn the sequences. I was stunned. How could a white belt be so good? It w
  3. Hello! I'm new here, so, hi! I've read through a lot of other posts about challenges, and you all have such entertaining and thoughtful posts! I'm afraid mine will be very droll. But here I go.... I'm a tech nerd, so starting with a Google doc template for figuring out my challenges was my dream. I worked through all of that, and put a lot of thought into it. I'm used to goals like, "lose weight. Boom, go!" without any particular plans, and without considering the rest of my life. I mean, I am more than what I weigh, right? I'm slowly figuring that out. My
  4. well, here goes. It's my first time and one my big anxieties is "am I doing this right" My goals are: Do bodyweight exercises 3x week Walk to work at least three times a week (3 miles one way) Drink a beer or glass of wine a night, rather than two or three Keep the kitchen clean. I do like my beer and wine and my husband and I make wine, mead and beer. We're also looking into getting the kitchen remodeled and I want to practice keeping it nice. I haven't quite figured out how one chooses a class, so I'm her
  5. Anyhow for the moment I'm in as a REBEL. and Jumping into the 4 WEEK Challenge starting August 12, 2017 seeing as i have a sh@t-ton of interests and goals and troubling nailing all to completion I am going to start easy so I can win. First goal - My Neverending Story of getting my weight down on the scale. 5 pounds seems reasonable to lose in four weeks although i have NEVER hit that goal EVER. If i do 50 XP points on my own awesome life quest!!! How will I achieve this? give up alcoholic drinks for the four weeks get protein and veg into two m
  6. Figured I would finally join in! My first challenge contains the following: - Replace candy with no carb drinks or a piece of fruit - Max. 3 cups of coffee a day, tea and water otherwise - Commute to work by bike min. 2 times a week (30 KM round trips, will link Strava profile for tracking) - Do bodyweight workout (or yoga) 3 times a week - Continue Zombies 5K training! Additional: - Clean up kitchen before I go to sleep (I have two cats so I should probably do this anyway!) Support is welcome since I have a pretty crazy work schedul
  7. Hi everybody! I just found this website last week and I'm super excited about it! I've really been making some good changes over the last 11 months or so, but fitness comes and goes too much for my liking. I'm at the tail end (day 29!) of my third Whole30 and it occurred to me about 2 weeks ago that the small, self-contained block of time of a month is really pretty helpful for me. Have a plan, execute for 4 weeks, evaluate, develop new plan. Much better than just "do this forever and ever amen!" So here I am. I'd love some feedback on what I think I'd like to accomplish for this 4
  8. First Challenge Goals: Bring breakfast and lunch to work this month. 10/10 –week (s) 38/40 – month When I cook at home I tend to make much healthier meals with veggies and meat as the main focal point. Even if I don’t do that, it will still be healthier, and cheaper, than eating out. Drink 111oz of water each day. 6/7 – week(s) 24/28- month (using Plant Nanny to track)- I am working on less coffee and booze, and with that comes more water. Even if I end up not succeeding with those two pieces, I need to drink more water regardless. Su
  9. Hey! Welcome to my first challenge - hopefully it's gonna be a weird and wonderful one! I am currently on a Summer break from university and looking to get some routine back into my life before returning to my student ways In theory, I have chosen goals that will set me up for continuing these challenges after I return, in the hopes that I can introduce and maintain some healthier decisions for my mind and my body for the foreseeable future. In short (with explanations hidden due to my inevitable waffling on) my weekly goals are: 1) Get dressed
  10. Okay, let's do this! First time challenger here! Ready for battle! Goals - Drop 5lbs OR reduce measurements (I don't mind if I keep the weight if it's muscle, but I'm not sure what a reasonable conversion of weight to my measurements would be) - Memorize choreography for 2 songs and be able to run through them without a lead or video Actions 1) Fitness - Start strength training 2-3 times every week. Do this by... - Beginner's Body Weight Routine Started this on 8/8 ...I will probably need to get an actual dumbbell or find something
  11. First time challenge for me. I'm going to start out a little basic to get in the swing of things. My full length diet goal is to quit soda, cut wayyyy back on the sweets, no fast food, eating healthier and more vegetables. For my fitness goal, I want to work towards doing at least 10 minutes of yoga before bed to relax every day, go to the gym at least 3 times a week and start running. My third quest line is saving the money to remodel the upstairs of my house by my birthday (October). S1k is my first mini-goal because that's roughly the amount I need to get the duct work professionally instal
  12. Greetings all! New here on the boards but I've been familiar with Nerd Fitness for quite a while. I'm 31 years old, a brand new father, work as an urban planner, and recently woke up to realize I've gained 30 pounds over my normal weight over the last 2 years. Remarkable how slow and steady it was to make it all seem normal. But suddenly my clothes don't fit and I can't run a mile anymore without some serious exhaustion. So here I am at 202 pounds, with some not great attitudes toward food (lots of bingeing and overeating), and some frustrating body image issues after a life of be
  13. This is my first challenge. I've been working on the academy goals for about a month, but wanted to take it up a notch. Goals 1. drop 5lbs and or 2% body fat 2. be able to touch my toes 3. run 1 mile with out stopping Actions Fitness - strength train 3 to 4 times a week using Gym Work out 3A and 3B swing my kettlebell 3 to to 4 times a week for 10 30 second rounds with 30 seconds of rest 15 minutes of yoga 3 times a week at least 2 run/walks a week 1 minute of jog 1 minute of walk for 15 mi
  14. Challenge Goals: 1. To lose 8 lbs 2. To have established a workout routine that can be followed long-term with minimal planning 3. To establish a starting point to begin training for hiking/backpacking 4. To have a front page rough draft for freelance website to begin freelancing online Quests: 1. Food - eat 95% unprocessed/clean 3 days per week - make & print a To Buy/To Make list for groceries and meals at the beginning of every week - include 1 exotic fruit or vegetable in each To Buy/To Make list 2. Fitness: Strengt
  15. My Very First 4-Week Challenge! Woot! I’m hitting the reset button and working on the things I didn’t do so well at. Yay for knowing your weaknesses! I hate vegetables. I really, truly do. If they aren’t stir-fried into something, they’re just the worst. So I’m going to hunt down various recipes and things that I can do to enjoy vegetables. Soaking them in butter seems to help, so I’m going to start with that. Epic Quest #1: The Search For Spock Sexy (Or: Losing 30 pounds) This Challenge's goals toward completing Epic Quest #1: Eat a vegetable at
  16. Hello, Rebels! Giving myself a hard re-boot, and posting a first 4-Week Challenge. I have a tendency to do too much and get overwhelmed, so this seems like a manageable set of goals for me. Some of them are re-instatements of habits I used to be good at (healthy eating, not snacking, exercising)... but that fell by the wayside. Diet Goal #1: Get Yo Greens - Eat a Salad Bowl (or green smoothie) for lunch 5 days a week Just what it says on the box! The goal is to do this quest on the weekdays, at the office. Bonus points if it's a week of homemade salads (al
  17. Hey fellow nerds! This is the first time I am participating in a 4 week challenge, but from what I learnt from the past weeks since joining the academy and this forum I will Take. Things. Slowly. I know that I'm an assassin, even though right now my quest below may not look very assassin-y just yet. But I know where I am going to be, so fellow super-assassins - please bear with me. Right, so I have broken down my goals into small, manageable intermediate goals. The bonuses are just that - something on top. I will focus on my tiny major goals i
  18. Odinson Awakens (1st Challenge) So Hello all you glorious geeks! This is my first ever challenge after around 12 months of gathering underpants and not really taking this seriously. So I’m 31 now and really need to start sorting my s@*t out so my life resembles something like an adults; to start off with my goals are pretty straight forward and there to build a solid foundation. Thanks again to Dark Raider for the awesome mini challenge which I will be using to form some extra bonus goals. Also Guys just wanted to say what you have built here is pretty amazing seen tons of support an
  19. Better late than never! After reading the website, articles, watching some of the vids.. I think I am convinced I want to jump into being a part of this community... I figured what better way to start than by entering a 4 week Challenge! So here goes! I wrote my big 2017 goals already, here are the ones relative to fitness and what I am going to be working on this month. 2017 Quests.. - Finish Montreal 1/2 marathon Sep 24th, 2017 - Accomplish 3 sets of 8 unassisted pull ups (currently at 0, actually a little less. I added this today) - Lose 50lbs (currently
  20. This will be my first challenge and I'm excited to begin. I already walk at least 40 minutes on most days between work and/or the school run. The main benefit of this goal will be ensuring I also have a basic level of activity over the weekends as well. Diet Swap out one soda per day with water. Eat a vegetable with one meal every day. Fitness Walk every day for at least 30 minutes. Level Up Your Life Clean for 2 minutes each night before bed or first thing in the morning.
  21. Hi all, I'm excited that it isn't too far into a 4 week challenge. Steve's introductory emails to nerd fitness shifted my mindset about becoming more fit from stressed and overwhelmed to smiley and engaged... So I am happy to be here! For my first challenge (trying to keep it simple and challenging, yet not unrealistic): 1) Eat 50% veggies for 2 meals a day 2) Drink at least 2 glasses of water a day 3) Complete BW workout at least 1 time a week 4) Adopt the practice of never being late on Mondays (to start)
  22. Hi! I have read this site for several months and recently decided to jump in and participate with all of you inspiring, nerdy people. I'm looking forward to posting updates as I hope that will aid in the accountability I sometimes lack when it comes to being healthy. This is my first challenge and I plan to check in a couple of times a week so feel free to say hi! I've been climbing for a couple of years and got really serious about it last year. We had a new bouldering specific gym open and it got me hooked again. Unfortunately I had a major reconstructive ahoulder surgery (not climbing rel
  23. Hi all! I don't do terribly well with socialising (despite what my friends think) so I have decided to create a character for me to live vicariously through! Her name is Saffron McCormick, a devil may care globe trotting treasure hunter. She was part of a book idea I once had and she seemed perfect, she's confident, strong, agile, smart, and adventurous! What more can you ask for in a role model/RP character? The Saffron I described above is what Saffron is at the start of the book. I'm going to be her at the beginning, when she had very little drive, wore her spare tire instead of keeping
  24. (breath in) OK, let's start! (breath out) I've recently discovered the whole NerdFitness and this forum, while experimenting with a new fitness challenge (yup, my b-friend gave me a sufficient kick in the butt to get started). While never being into sports or fitness (remember the kid with glasses, dental braces, reading books and hunting for lizards and bugs - that's me!), I needed to face the fact that I'm skinny fat, with a sedentary (art) job (and habits), and without a desired self-discipline. So... although I'm a bit late to sign in for this first 6 weeks challenge, I've already sta
  25. Hey there, I'm The Dungeon Crawler and this is my first time posting here (long time lurker, first time poster) and my primary goal for this challenge is to reduce my Body Fat Percentage by 5-10%. I plan on doing this by adhering to my exercise plan, conforming to the Paleo Diet, and waking up earlier every day. My side quest is to write 700 words a day so I can be at least half way through my first novella. My motivation? I want to be able to look into the mirror without thinking "Wow... How pathetic..." Anyway, I'd appreciate any motivation and advice you guys can give me. Thanks for reading
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