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Found 3 results

  1. Again, not a full life plan, but here's the run-down of my goals for 2013. I had way too many goals last year, and I think I only accomplished about 5% of them. This year i'm going to keep it small. 4 goals per life-area, for a total of 16 goals. You'll notice a lot of these are the same goals as last year, because i was a bum and didn't accomplish them. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try....try try try again... Strength/Endurance Goals: 1. Run a 5k in under 30 minutes 2. Run a mile in under 7 minutes 3. 1 Pistol Sqauat 4. 50 push ups Skill Goals: 1. Press into handstand 2. Full Dive roll 3. Clutch flag 4. Some form of solo swing dance Life goals: 1. Learn all of "Crystalize" on the violin, and perform it 2. Finish writing my kid's book 3. Write my first iPhone app 4. Become location independent [even if not my perfect job, just ANYTHING not tied to an office. A step in the right direction] Habit goals: 1. Reach 155 pounds 2. Have a daily morning workout [a real one, not just my warm up Daily 16.] 3. Develop a diet free of allergens [this will be updated with what I’m allergic to after I go to the doctor] 4. Get in the habit of stretching daily before bed
  2. 01/02/13 Started my battle log a day late, mainly since I remembered only today that NF has forums. :-) I'm prepping for the first evern NF 6-week challenge (Rebel Fitness Guide; Level 1 Rookie), beginning on 01/07/13 by eating healthy (teas for breakfast with wheat toast, light salad lunch, chicken and salad for dinners) and getting lots of rest. My extremely hectic schedule calls for rest, or else I won't be successful. PROS- I live less than ten minutes from the gym, and twenty minutes (walking) from work. I won't have an excuse not to work out AND to walk to and from work to squeeze in some extra calorie-burning. CONS- getting healthy and affordable food in Nairobi. Fast food is the easiest option for someone like me who doesn't have a kitchen, which is not an option. So I have to plan my meals on a monthly basis when I can get access to a kitchen to cook. Let's GO!
  3. The Padawan known as Tracer began his epic quest like every other ordinary man. Through life, he found himself constantly wondering if he was different, perhaps special somehow? Like most, he hoped so. No, he dreamed so. Dreamed he had something to offer; to give to the world and leave his mark for his children, and their children, to know it was he that made such a positive influence. Dreams of grandeur most would say, but he would just ignore them. Put them aside like a worn and broken object not worth the space it occupied. Focus on the here and now, reach for the happiest thought and stay eager for what life had in stall for him. So, like every other ordinary man, he started at the beginning. The year was 2013. A year of new beginnings. *********************************************************************************************************** Galactic year 2013 - Year one (Woodoo Clan) of the Jedi Praxeum -------- -------- In order to move to the next level of Jedi training (and be accepted into the Rontos clan), Tracer had to prepare his Body, Mind and Spirit through diligent training and dedication. He also needed to prepare himself as a Warrior, and learn the skills which would some day aid him in his journey to create ripples across the Galaxy... The question remained, would Tracer's journey be undertaken with companionship? Or would he wander alone... -------- -------- The Jedi base their code, beliefs and morality off three key tenants; being the Pillars of the Force, Knowledge and Self-Discipline. This is what guides the Jedi way of life, and to become a Jedi one must become proficient in each of these. To progress in their training, Initiates are required to demonstrate their progress before further lessons can be taught. Pillar of the Force ☠Go for a walk with Candice every week. ☠Go hiking with Candice. ☠Swim once per week during Summer. ☠Visit Central Europe (Italy, Germany, Austria). ☠Visit One other Country (perhaps Japan or NZ). ☠Be in the routine of meditating 3 times per week. Pillar of Knowledge ☠Write Short Story. ☠Read Isaac Asimov's collection of essays. ☠Complete 3 RPG Sessions as GM. ☠Complete a new Fantasy Book Series (Min 3 Books). - Finished 'The Blade Itself' by Joe Abercrombie. (Recorded on GoodReads) ☠Complete a new Science Fiction Book Series (Min 3 Books). - Finished 'Allegiance' by Timothy Zhan. (Recorded on GoodReads) - Finished 'Choices of One' by Timothy Zhan. (Recorded on GoodReads) - Finished the short story 'Fool's Bargain' by Timothy Zhan. (Recorded on GoodReads) - Finished the re-read of 'Heir to the Empire' by Timothy Zhan. (Recorded on GoodReads) ☠Test Carb Back-Loading. Criteria is maintenance or loss of Body Fat and increase in daily energy and exercise performance. Pillar of Self-Discipline ☠Sub 10% Body Fat. ☠Maintain current 'Paleo' eating. ☠Start Swordsmanship training. ☠1 Min L-Sit Hold. ☠1 Min Frogsit Hold. ☠1 x HandStand Push up. ☠1 x Planche Push Up. ☠1 x One Arm Chin Up. ☠1 x Muscle-Up. ☠Complete “Helen†in Sub 9:00. Anyone who wants to join me in the above quests (or use them for themselves!) please jump right in! If you go for the goals yourself, let us all know your progress and WHEN you achieve them! Many hands make light work and, as always, Strength in numbers.
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