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Found 10 results

  1. Hello again Warrior friends! And for those who are new, welcome to the rebellion! Pretty much fell off the wagon during the last few months of 2015, because growing tiny humans is exhausting. I'm now in the home stretch of this pregnancy thing, so my challenge will center around that. I'm due Feb 11th, so this will likely be my last challenge as a non-parent type person. Quit the sugar highs! As advised by my midwife, and now that the holidays are over, it's best for me to give up sugar as much as possible. Baby will be here soon, and if they are super used to high sugar levels, they might be in for a rude awakening when they are dependent on me for food that does not really have much sugar content. Up the protein! Not eating enough of the right things, especially protein, makes me reach for all the sugary, carb goodness. So this goal is basically an extension of the sugar goal. Keep moving! So, as a pregnant warrior, I am basically strength training every time I get out of a chair. And every time I have to go down 2 flights of stairs to use the bathroom (and the two flights back to my office). So while I am not doing any barbell/dumbell work, most of my daily life is body weight work. So in additional to continuing to be active around my house as much as I feel able, I want to be walking 10K steps a day. All of this will help me feel less sore and stiff, and keep me in moderate shape as I approach the marathon of labor. Clean and Declutter 15 minutes a day! Babies come with a lot of gear, and while I think I've done a good job of minimizing unnecessary baby stuff and sticking to basics, a new person in our home is going to require space for their things. So I need to keep working at clearing out old junk and being ruthless in throwing away things and not hoping that at some point I will sell it or donate it or whatever. If I haven't yet, I won't likely do it in the next month. So here's to staying sane and nourished and rested, so I'm at least feeling good going into a big life changing event! I know it will be hard, but if I can focus on the little things I can do to maintain my health, maybe I can get back to my goals a little bit sooner. But now I need a nap!
  2. Hey hey Everyone! My two brothers and I are planning a trip to Denver for five days this year to experience Water Rafting and Comic Con. Both of these things are completely brand new to us, We are California-natives, but in the Spirit of the Rebellion, we're trying to expand our horizons. However, in planning all of this, there are a lot of unknown factors, so I'm reaching out to you guys who have either gone rafting and/or gone to a Comic Con before, any and all advice is appreciated! I'm hoping to be able to experience both events (and Colorado as a whole) as completely as possible, so with that in mind, I have a couple of questions: Which days would be better to attend Comic Con? And which would be better to go Rafting (We're planning on flying in Thursday, and flying out on Sunday)? What should I bring to each event specifically? How much cash should I be prepared to carry? (Slightly obvious/dumb question) How does Comic Con work exactly? Time to get in line? Start elbowing people? Getting to booths/panels, etc. Hotels suggestion? How will traffic be around that time (We're planning on either Taxi-ing or Rent-a-car)? How will the people be around that time (Any signs of troublemakers I should watch out for)? Local places to eat (we love food!)?And if you guys want to meet us there, We'd gladly say hello and hang out! Never hurts to make new friends!
  3. Rebel's log Challenge Date: 2/1/16 Day 1 of this new challenge and its 3:40am. Must sleep first before embarking on day 1. But this is how this challenge will go: LEVEL 1 REBEL CHALLENGE: Diet Consume soda and fast food only 3 times a weekConsume 64 oz or more of water per dayFitness (pick one) Complete Exercise Starter's Exercise PlanComplete LG step and calorie goal 5 days a week (by whatever means necessary) Level Up Your Life Get 1 debt paidDraw everyday for this month (29 days) i hope i can make it. For now, sleep. Will report later
  4. 2015 was a great year for me, but I want to make 2016 even better!! There are already big plans in progress for this year, but I don't want to be totally underprepared for everything. The first few things to happen to me this year will be the new roller derby season and us going on holidays, then moving house soon afterwards. I want to continue building habits to make all of these things go smoothly so I can enjoy everything this year throws at me! Goal 1: Exercise to build Strength and Confidence Fitness levels are handy for roller derby. I am also a better skater when I have confidence in myself! 2 Yoga Sessions 3 Body weights sessions Goal 2: Fight the Grime! Follow Fly Lady's routine. The very most basic one for now! Daily self-care routine: Brush Teeth, wash face, get dressed to shoes Declutter a room for 15 minutes daily Clear and wipe the kitchen sink Do something with the laundry Goal 3: De-clutter the Darkest Corners ... of the house. Throw out 1 box of stuff weekly, donate 1 box of stuff weekly. Goal 4: Holiday Planning! These things really need to be done before I go away or I'm going to be stressing last minute. I also know that I am totally able to put these things off until last minute even though they need to be done. Organise travel sickness fix - make a dr's appt Plan tours for holiday Prepaid debit card for spending money Buy a Suitcase.
  5. Hello Adventurers! I'm fairly new to Nerd Fitness and looking to start a challenge (plus make some friends while doing this). For Christmas I received a Fitbit, so some of my goals below will be easier to track with it. BTW, here's to a new year... Goal #1 (Diet) - Have a salad, fruit, or veggie each day. Goal #2 (Diet) - Cook one healthy meal at home per week. Goal #3 (Fitness) - Walk 5k steps per weekday and 8k on weekend days. One day my goal will be 10k steps. Goal #4 (LUYL) - Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Eventually the goal will be 8 hours of sleep, but I barely get 6 or 7 now. To follow along with my progress, please click here. Points (out of 104): Goal #1 - 1 point per day completed (max. 28) Goal #2 - 5 points per week if a meal is made (max. 20) Goal #3 - 1 point per day completed (max. 28) Goal #4 - 1 point per day completed (max. 28) A = >92 B = 92-83 C = 82-72 D = 71-62 F = <62
  6. We are here! At our first 2016 challenge! I am excited to start off the year with the rebellion and see where the year takes us all. Since this is a leap year and leap years are full of awesomeness and an extra day, my spirit animal shall be the Unicorn. I will let it guide me through this year with all its glittery splendor. Let's get this pony unicorn on the road! Goal #1: Eat the Rainbow, Be the Rainbow For this goal, I would like to eat a vegetable rainbow per day. This includes frozen, canned and fresh vegetables. I will track with pictures what my daily intake of colorful veggies is. Grades- A: 22-28 Rainbows for entire challenge B: 17-21 Rainbows for entire challenge C: 11-16 Rainbows for entire challenge D: 10 or less Rainbows for entire challenge Goal #2: Turn this Fabulous Fatness into Fabulous Fitness For this goal, I would like to log in at least 30 minutes of activity per day. I plan on tracking this with RunKeeper. For this month, it might mostly be walking, but it will most definitely count! Grades- A: 22-28 30-minutes of Activities Logged B: 17-21 30-minutes of Activities Logged C: 11-16 30-minutes of Activities Logged D: 10 or less 30-minutes of Activities Logged Goal #3: Become a Sea Unicorn For this goal, I am focusing on my water intake during my weekends. I do great at work, I drink at least 10 cups of water, but during the weekends, I am lucky if I get 3. This contributes a lot to my overindulgence during the weekend and I would like to drink more instead of eat more. My goal is to get the recommended 8 cups of water per day during my weekends. Grades- A: 6 Days where goal was met B: 5 Days where goal was met C: 4 Days where goal was met D: 3 or less Days where goal was met Goal #4: Magical Money Management After much denial, I decided to try out You Need A Budget and try to adult in regards to my money. I just started and it's a bit overwhelming. I have signed up to do a couple of classes this week to learn a little bit more about the program in an attempt at being as successful as possible. This will be a Pass/Fail goal. I am very optimistic that it will be a PASS! I will update as much as possible. May this be a magical journey for all!
  7. [NEW USER ONLINE. VITAL SIGNS WITHIN NORMAL RANGE. CONDITIONING REGIMENT INITIATED.] Welp, the holidays were a complete gong-show where I pretty much forgot all my healthy eating rules. 4 months til my annual climb up the CN Tower, so now is a good time to get back in the zone. My Rebel Challenge: Quest #1 – Substitute one sugary drink per day for herbal tea (chocolate chai or toasted walnut, yum!) Quest #2 - Take one processed snack each day and replace it with a healthy protein smoothie (can’t wait to bust out my new blender!) Quest #3 - Complete the NF bodyweight workout at least 1x a week (this is such a lowkey goal, super realistic for my lazy ass) Quest #4 – Daily 5 minute dance minute partaaaaaay (more motivation to find THE BEST deep house on YouTube) I’m printing my quests out so that I can carry them with me at all times as a physical reminder of what I’m doing. Regarding my smoothie; there’s a smoothie wave going around work that started with my team and is spreading throughout the department! I’ve been inspired by my coworkers and plan on making a smoothie that contains… Spinach leavesFrozen mango and blueberriesRipe bananas (if I’ve got them on hand)Chia seedsAlmond milkProtein powderCan’t wait to try it out! To be honest I have always sucked at being healthy/active and I am swimming through a garbage pile of self-doubt right now. Fingers crossed the sweet siren call of SWGoH doesn’t sabotage my goals entirely.
  8. Hi all! I've tried this before and while I usually did great for the first 3 weeks, I'd then fizzle out. The six-week challenge was just too long for me. So I'm hoping this year I have success with the shorter format. I'm part of the NF Academy and have been more active on the Women's FB page recently. I'm hoping that with support from here and the tricerasisters from the NFA group I'll kick ass in 2016. I'm also blogging about my year wth a focus on my health and weight loss journey and organizing. With old school paper planners. Main Quest: Adult Better Quest 1: To track my food and drink input each day in my paper planner (28 days total) A=22-28 days B=15-21days C=8-14 days D=1-7 days Quest 2: To do the NFA weight workout 3 times each week and track in my paper planner (12 times total) A=10-12 times B=7-9 times C=4-6 times D=1-3 times Quest 3: To do a cardio workout 1 time a week and track in my paper planner (4 times total) A=4 workouts B=3 workouts C=2 workouts D=1 workout Life Quest: To complete my January Declutter Challenge and track in my paper planner (see here) A=16-20 challenges B=11-15 challenges C=6-10 challenges D=1-5 challenges
  9. Epic Quests of 2016 This is a roadmap of what I want to accomplish over the coming year: new experiences, different projects, less excuses and more adventure! Let's begin... Physical Run the 26.2 miles (hopefully the Paris marathon) Done in 04:47 on 3rd April 2016! Learn to roller blade (especially how to stop safely) Not as confident as I'd like but I've learnt a few methods for stoping/slowing during Summer 2016. Roller blade around the centre of Paris on one of the biweekly randonnées roller Did participate in one in June, yet I wasn't good enough to last longer than 2km. Take classes in self-defence, dance or parkour Improve on my 2015 5km PR of 27.00 minutes Do an obstacle course or mud run Mental Make something using a Raspberry Pi Be able to understand and enjoy humour in French Understand fast spontaneous conversations between French natives (e.g. pub talk) and be confident enough in colloquial speech to join in without freaking out and apologizing for saying anything Master the French subjunctive tense Get some teaching experience Learn about the political systems in the UK, France and Spain and take all available opportunities to vote Learn how to learn and retain information more effectively Get systems in place to get through and keep up with scientific literature Master the Long Island Iced Tea cocktail Complete a ‘data science’ type project using Python Personal Be there more for my sisters Take plenty of photographs Send cards Figure out how to be more charitable Spoil my boyfriend Make some good friends in my city Buy new glasses Travel Explore the French countryside through hiking and camping and possibly running Go to London comic-con in cosplay Done in October 2016 Visit a friend in Exeter Done in September 2016 Introduce my boyfriend to my grandparents Organised my travels so I can do that this Christmas Plan a long sabbatical adventure
  10. The last challenge for 2015 has finished, and I need something to keep me on track somewhat, ready for the next year to come. My plans for 2016 include finding out just how far I can push my body and mind, trying new things and embarking on new life adventures. Things coming up for me include: A new Roller Derby Season Our first overseas holiday Buying a house and land together with Mr. Tea A traineeship in hospitality at work All of which will require me to be physically and mentally on my game as an adult. Because let's face it, I'm not a child any more (no matter now hard I try!) For the holiday season (December/January) I want to be focusing on re-habilitating my injured knee and improving my cardio skills ready to kick ass at derby come the new season, as well as getting better at looking after my house in preparation for when I actually own my own house that I don't really want to trash just because I dislike cleaning. I also need some accountability for all of this, because I'm super good at just, not doing it. Hence the battle log.
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