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Found 22 results

  1. Welcome to round two! I am going to try this again. I have most of my challenges sorted I think (mostly just tracking), and so I wanted to share the first draft. Nothing like a deadline to get your behind in line. I stole @fleaball's chart (thanks for permission!), and have updated it with my own challenges. The theme of this month's challenge: Nourish Nourish body 1. Do something physical each day. I have the option of Volleyball, tennis, and/or yoga and will track that. I also occassionally take walks at work, and regularly walk the pup, but these ar
  2. Hello. This is my second challenge, and since I can't seem to decide which guild to join, gonna stay with Rebels for a little bit while! Xia Dong from Nirvana in Fire While I was trying to decide which guild to join by discussing with a fellow D&D player friend (spoiler: failed), there were--- archetypes of character being brought up. A Rogue with the lacquered veneer of Bard, a loner (?) human-favored-enemy Hunter/Ranger, a Bard with Fighter capabilities. Should I incorporate dance into it? Will I end up taking Body Combat? ...Anyway, finally dec
  3. Introduction: Hi, I’m elvenengineer and this is my second challenge. I’m a female, 21 years old, and I’m currently a college student, studying civil engineering (Graduating in May!!!!!!). I’ve always been underweight, but I really want to get stronger. Just reading NF has led to a lot of changes, and I could definitely feel myself getting stronger. I started the StrongLifts 5x5 program and am now on Week 3!!! Had to lower some of the starting weights, but oh well. Main Quest: Get stronger in my upper body! 3 sets of 5 pull-ups or chin-ups is the overall goal, along with 3x20
  4. Introduction: Hi I am Manarelle and this is my second challenge. I started using the Rebellion's guide to bodyweight training four months ago when hours of cardio were doing nothing for my knee problems or my weight. I got from 200 lbs to 175 with cardio and cutting out snacks, but I hit a plateau mid-2014, and got discouraged. I got through my first challenge, but recognized that (as usual) I was trying to do it all at once. Since I have a full-time job and take online classes toward my Master's degree, my schedule's already a little full, so I need to back up and identify just a few importa
  5. SUMMARY In order to become who I want to be, I want to setup the foundations. I rocked the first challenge, and that kickstarted my lifestyle change. I still need to achieve the minimum level necessary to start pursuing the rest of my goals: train parkour, finish losing weight, keep lifting heavy things, etc. But thankfully I've learned a lot so far. If this was a book, this would be the first chapter, where the protagonist (whom we met in the prologe) starts his journey, without anything seemingly special about him. (current) MAIN QUEST - Initiation test Become leaner, fitter and Healthie
  6. NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED. I have always fought alone. But one man cannot defeat the templar order, so I have joined with my fellow assassins. Together, we will cleanse the corruption from the holy city of Rome. Together, we will forge the Brotherhood. If the title and opening lines didn't give it away, and since this will be my first Assassin Challenge (did my first with the Rangers), this challenge is going to be Assassins Creed themed. Based off of the pure Epicness that is Ezio Auditore. A little backstory, this will be my 2nd official challenge, and since I ended up unw
  7. Late again! I promised myself I'd start this thing on time! Anyway, My goals remain mostly unchanged from my last challenge. 1) Main Quest- Weight loss: I'm cutting down to 1200-1400 calories a day along with keeping track, and on track, on Weight Watchers. I'm also exercising whenever and wherever I can, as well as playing DDR and working in the Hot Foods kitchen for schooling. Two pounds a week, here I come! 2) Life- School: I'm going to finish Hot Foods by doing everything I need to do. Furthermore, I will go a bit ahead in my workbooks so I can work on that research paper on Food Su
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Kitsu and I would like to start my path as an assassin. My main goal is to become a UK size ten. I dunno how long this will take me but I am ready to do this!. I am currently about to start my year abroad in Japan. This is going to make good food choices either really easy or really difficult. Last challenge I followed a primal diet but with rice being my main food source this is no longer possible. I would be open to suggestions of a good diet plan to follow. I want to take advantage of being in Japan by joining some sports classes. I am interested in both Kendo a
  9. Wooh Wooh!! First challenge as a Monk and second overall. Time to get to it then: http://youtu.be/bQAULthTBvA I've been too sedentary, this time around I'm determined to get moving. BBWW, walking to Morodor and KickBoxing are what I have on my plate for this challenge. I also need to eat more like a Saiyan; veggies and meat are the way to go! I also need to use this time to gauge my center, so it's on with the Yoga and meditation. I really need to learn consistency, so I will offer myself bonus points if I can keep on track. On to my goals! #1: Gohan's Wilderness Training: No more messi
  10. Hello Great Wide World of Nerdfitness, It is I, Kerri, trying to bounce back from the ankle injury I acquired during the last challenge. I started running and ended up with posterior tibial tendinitis. Because this is my life! I get reevaluated by the doctor in a few days and hopefully I will be getting out of the boot and slowly start back on my running practice. As such I have decided to go ahead and start this challenge. I do realize that I'll have to play a lot of this by ear but I'm prepared to deal with that. Main Quest: - My goal is to finish recovery and get back to running,
  11. My starting weight for this challenge: 138 lbs (I posted some before-after photos in my new member thread.) My main goal for this challenge is to be fit enough to run a 5k in October near Halloween. My motivation? I've never really thought of myself as a marathon runner, but I've improved my running so much in the past 6 weeks that I'm finally seeing it as feasible, and I want to push myself to get there. I can run about 3k (20 min) now and I will try to increase incrementally by 5 min until I get there. To do this, I have 3 sub-goals. 1) to go running everyday, excluding dangerous weather
  12. Hello fellow Adventurers! Last time was my First NF challenge. I think I did pretty well. Learned a few things, and am ready to kick this next challenge up a notch, One bad thing I did in between challenges was to revert back a little. I haven't done a true workout since last time. Eating has been ok. Sleep I have stayed up a little bit. All that is changing now Now I know between challenges, I am not going to revert back to the old ways at all. It is just better that way. So on with the new! My Main Quest: I signed up to run a Spartan Sprint Race in December 7th down in Mal
  13. His eylid sopened slowly stil heavy from last night and the smell of stale wine and cheap perfume still hung in the air of his room. With a groan the half-elf swung his legs over the bed frame and stood up. He poured some cold water from the jug on the washing stand and as he splashed some of the cold water on his weary face he slowly became awake. Thoughtful he stared at the blurry image on the polished metal hanging on the wall wondering why he got so hung up in this town when he sat out with a spring in his step to see the world a few months earlier. He pushed open the wooden shutters to le
  14. Ok. My main quest is simply to get back to a dress size of 6. I am currently in a 10, so I expect this to take at least a year, but if I can achieve it sooner, you won't see me crying! Before knowing about the challenges on NF, I had decided to cut flour out of my diet. I was very successful with this, and kept it gone for probably 8 weeks. It has started creeping back in small items. I tried to figure out where the problem was coming from, and I've decided it's fast food. So my first goal is - NO MORE FAST FOOD. If it has a drive-thru window, you won't see me there! When I was in a size
  15. So this is my second challenge and as much as I would prefer to not have to admit it my first challenge was spectacularly unsuccessful. I remember being here about 7 weeks ago and writing up my first post and having a look at others first posts and being surprised at how many people were back for their second challenge who had struggled in their first. I was, and am usually, quite cocky and wondered what the problem had been for all of these other people who had failed to meet their expectations and was sure that that wouldn't happen to me blah blah blah and I sucked big time. So this time I h
  16. HELLO NERDFITNESS FAMILY AGAIN! And we are back with another challenge! I can't believe it! So for this challenge my goal is to LOSE WEIGHT. I am 150lbs today and I want to at least lose 15lbs. Then I would have reached my ultimate goal weight of 135lbs. The things that I will have to do to lose the weight include: 1. Exercising three to four times a week for a minimum of 30mins to an hour. 2. Preparing my food for the whole week (prepping every Sunday) and eating six small meals a day. 3. By the end of the six week challenge, I want to be at least 70% Paleo. LIFE QUEST: FINALLY
  17. Hurrah! Another challenge! Alright… after a week off to rest, rejuvenate (and eat all the chocolate). It is time to throw myself back in battle. For my next trick I will be performing much the same but with added super powers. My schedule for the next 6 weeks of this challenge will be quite different. Evening lectures have finished for semester and I have taken some days off work prior to my exam. After week 3 of the challenge I will be uni free but working for a couple of weeks, then in the final week I will be off work for a proper holiday. We are going to go camping for a week, the l
  18. 2nd challenge after a break, Whoo!!! I seemed to have lost my way last time... this time I'm gonna try something a little easier. Last time there were 4 goal, this time, only 2!!! Also, I lost motivation and direction, so this time I will break down each weeks goals! ++++++++++++++++ Goal 1: Eat Clean Basically I want to clean up my diet and move towards eating Paleo. week 1: get rid of all the junk foods that I am able to, no candy, chocolates etc... Getting ready to eat healthy, sugar detoxing!!! Drinking lots of water, starting to eat salads, etc... week 2: read up on paleo food blogs a
  19. Introduction: My name is Garrett and I live in beautiful Colorado, and I have never been to the top of Pikes Peak. That will change this year. I have four wild and active Things (kids), one girl and three boys, a beautiful fiance, two dogs and two cats. I am a 10 year Air Force veteran, three years separated now and just joined the AF Reserves. While I was in the AF, fitness and health were always a struggle for me. Keeping my weight and waist size down was a constant battle that I usually lost. When it came time to do the yearly fitness tests I always squeaked by or failed a couple times, alm
  20. Well, the last 6 week challenge I tried was almost a total failure. I think I've addressed some problems so now i got no reason not to start again! In being the overtly automotive nerd I am, I'm gonna give this challenge a theme. Might even make it more fun. Step 1- Power to Weight Ratio- Quickest way to get a little bit better at everything is to shed a few pounds, so Goal 1 for this challenege is to lose 15 pounds, or 4-5% body fat. Currently- 5' 7.5", 197lbs, 20%BF(Army tape test standard) CHA+2, STA+1 Step 2- Extend the Rev Limiter- For some extra top-end speed, i will practice runni
  21. Greetings, fellow Scouts! 2nd challenge, did well the last challenge, already lost 40 lbs, so I know I can do this. This challenge will be pretty much like the last one. GOALS! C25K I'll continue to do the C25K app 3x a week and get to running 1/2 a 5K by the end of the challenge. Bonus: Sign up for a 5K. +5 STA Body Weight Training I have my own body weight training routine I made to do 3x a week on my non-run days. (Link to my routine here.) Bonus: Be able to do 10 regular push-ups. (I can't even do two.) +2 STR +2 STA Paleo I've been doing Paleo and sugar free for
  22. quick links: couch 2 5k battle log: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/21930-jedimind-couch-to-5k-log/ jedimind’s 2nd challenge fitness tracker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqaTE0ToA8ZPdGdZVEtENlI0cE5wR2dHeTVmUWNRY0E#gid=0 hey scouts, i wanted to introduce myself to the guild for my second challenge. i’ve already started a couch to 5k routine and am hoping to finish that by the end of the challenge. that would be ahead of schedule so i’m not sure how realistic that goal is. jogging a 30min 5k would be my main goal that the other ones are designed to suppo
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