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Found 3 results

  1. For about 6 months I was hardcore Nerd Fitness, leveling up, working out, improving my life, and all that jazz. Then somehow it all faded away without me noticing. And here I am several months later realizing that I'm no longer working out or leveling up. It snuck up on me! There wasn't one thing that made me stop, it was a slow slide back into my old life. Which is more sinister than a sudden drop in activity. But I'm ready to jump back in! And this time there won't be a learning curve because I've already immersed myself in NF once before! I'm going to do a 30-day challenge to kickstart my respawn. I will get up at 7am every day and do something physical by 8:30am. Some days this will be a full bodyweight workout, other days it'll be a walk around the neighborhood.
  2. I am so late so very late. But, hey, at least the new challenge hasn't started yet. This one will be a bit weird. Bear with me. There is a pile of things that fight for my attention. This pile is not getting any smaller, sadly. But those things, as important as they seem, are only distractions, necessities, but not what I want to spend my energy on. Let's get to the gifs and lists and things, shall we? Goals for this challenge. continue 30 DAY push up challenge MAINTAIN walking 1+km or 25mins/d, Spanish 20xp/d, Danish 20xp/d, swim 1+/w, eat paleo (dairy and legumes allowed, snacks don't count as food -yet), MEAL PLAN make a plan before any shopping, take notes 2+/w Live more CONNECTED TO SOURCE: breathe and just be 5 min 1+/d (and while I'm at it: appreciate the exercise I do get, do enjoy and do do: walking, swimming, PT, dancing) In a sense it's going to be a focus-on-the-minimum challenge, there is a list looming, and that's all fine, but there is specific things I want that I can do, even if my world is hectic and in turmoil. Here's a fancy spreadsheet (yes, you folks are inspiring) (and no I have not yet fixed my signature, I'll get to it, eventually.) M love ya all
  3. I've been interested in doing doyouyoga's 30 day yoga challenge http://www.doyouyoga.com/challenge/ for a while.I've seen it linked to a few times in recent topics. I've done a few videos at random and have enjoyed them, but just haven't gotten the moxie to attempt the whole 30 day challenge. Some of the videos seem pretty difficult, or at least more advanced than this yoga newbie can handle. But I'm thinking about doing it anyway, just doing my best at attempting a pose, or doing an alternate pose when something seems impossible/risky. Two things... Uno: Has anyone done the entire challenge? Critiques? Words of wisdom? Dos: Anyone up for the challenge? It'd be fun to tackle it with some compadres... share support and compare notes.
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