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  1. Hokay, so... I'm a few days late getting this challenge up. I had a real struggle with trying to figure out exactly what to do here. I had such a success last challenge, and want to continue to do everything that I accomplished... but I don't want to make every little thing a part of something I grade. I've kind of hit that wall with challenges that I've seen many people hit where I've pseudo succeeded and I'm kind of like... where do I go from here? SO. I decided to have my goals be related to things I am already doing, but not the actual things I have already accomplished habit wise. That sounds way more confusing than it is. Here's an example: Last challenge I made it a solid habit to do Stronglifts 3x/week. I know I will continue this, and I'm not worried about grading myself on it. So on this challenge, I will have a mission to foam roll before every stronglifts session. I also have gotten into the habit of cooking dinner. This challenge I will tackle the hurdle of lunch. I'm also going to throw in a bonus goal for each mission to keep things interesting. Anyway, on to the missions... because I've waited long enough MISSION 1: Foam Roll As I said above, I will foam roll every time I do SL. This will be 3x/week most likely, since that's how often I usually do SL. However, since I am not grading my actual SL performance this mission will be graded on the percentage of many foam rolling sessions I do (or don't do) out of lifting sessions. +2 STA BONUS: Roll out my IT band for at least 3 minutes per side 50% or more of the foam rolling sessions. So painful. +1 STA MISSION 2: Be Mindful Every Day I have been finding real benefit in Meditation (via Headspace) and yoga. So I'm going to step up my game... instead of doing this just every morning when I wake up to go to work, I am gonig to try to do both of these things every damn day. Even if it's a 3 minute mindfulness exercise, and this 5 minute essential morning yoga poses flow. I have this problem where I do stuff when I have other things to do... like go to work. But the second my schedule is not that.. ie I am teleworking or it's the weekend... I do NOTHING. And it's awful. This will at least force me to get a little self love in no matter how lazy I am feeling. +2 WIS BONUS: Complete the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene by the end of this challenge. +1 DEX. MISSION 3: Take Control of my Beverages (this is a 3-parter) Last challenge I more or less gave up beer. I only had 4 beers for the entire challenge! Which for me is huge, as I like to pretend I'm a beer connoisseur, and I absolutely love my IPAs. But I did it. This challenge I am going to allow myself 1 beer a week, 3 more than I allowed myself last challenge. However, now I can only drink alcoholic beverages one night a week too. All other beverages aside from the single beer (and ONLY if it's a delicious beer. None of this miller high life crap the boyfriend likes to bring home) must be wine or whiskey. +1 CON (percentage of weeks with only 1 beer and only 1 night drinking) My water consumption may also be lacking. I feel like I drink enough, but I wake up every morning with horrible dry mouth and sometimes I get so thirsty it wakes me up in the night. So, for the first three weeks of this challenge, I will log my water intake every day. +1 CON (percentage of days logged) Then I will set a goal for myself based on this data, and try to meet it every day. +1 CON (percentage of days met) FOOD SIDE QUEST: Eat Salads! Eat a salad for lunch 3x/week. Pretty self explanatory. +2 CON BONUS: Try 2 fancy salads that aren't just leaves + tomato + protein. +1 CON LIFE SIDE QUEST: Accountability I usually bail out on my challenges towards the end... even if I'm doing well I forget to post and then I forget what I've even done and then I don't feel as awesome being able to say I hit all my goals, or I find it easier to make excuses for not. So, I will post to NF with updates 4x/week at least. Even if it's just a small "did yoga this morning" from Tapatalk. +3 CHA
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