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  1. Hi everyone! I'm James, I'm a 20yo student from the UK. This is my first challenge, and i realise i'm starting really late, but I figured I may as well get involved rather than wait till the next challenge to get started! I will hopefully carry these quests into the next 4 week challenge, along with some extra ones. Diet - Drink at least 2 litres of water a day I don't drink nearly enough water to be healthy, let alone stay hydrated. The plan is to fill up a 2L bottle every morning and aim to have finished it by the end of the day. I'll still drink coffee, but abso
  2. Hey Rebels, Mahalak here. Thanks to those of you who unknowingly help me shape my next challenge - and understand the XP business a little more! There is a bit on my to do list, but many are to keep on keeping on, or sharpen what I've been doing. We who are about to LIVE salute you! Fitness Goal per week: 10 Core/Push-ups Three times per week 1 XP per completion 3 We
  3. Long time listener, first time caller. I have had this name on the NF Forum's for about 3 years, but am finally trying to use it and use the forums, so be patient with me. I got to attend Camp NF this year and I really want to make long lasting changes in my life, so to that end I am starting my first 4 Week Challenge. Now I am already in the habit of going to the gym 3 times a week and my food plan only needs a little tweaking. So let's try some new stuff. Diet -No candy (this includes mints at work or at restaurants. No candy MEANS no candy) -Reduce the sugar in my morn
  4. Hi! I'm lokivsanubis, I respawned a day late thanks to Camp Nerd Fitness Feels. I was inspired at Camp Nerd Fitness to attempt another respawn and attempt to do a 4 week challenge. So i'm not 100% how this goes but I'm going to try it. I'm open to constructive criticism and advice. i would like to work on self love and emotional skills that I learned from camp to help reenforce them and body weight movement stuff. 4 Week Challenge Goals: 1) Make my bed everyday. 2) Complete my 5 minute journal every day for the 4 weeks. 3) practice body weight exerci
  5. OH YEAH! Time for a second challenge my friends! The theme of this challenge is focus, what I am trying to do with this challenge is build some habits for some of the worst things I've been procrastinating with and really need to work on. To kick it off here is some challenge music! Challenge 1! Eat a calorie intake of 3000 on workout days and 2500 on rest days. Challenge 2! 28 day handstand challenge! Practice every day on handstand form! Challenge 3! Continue Reading "Level Up Your Life" and d
  6. Challenge 1: 300,000 steps (either walking or running) Challenge 2: 300 minutes meditation - I need to get back into the calming mindset Challenge 3: Weight training 20 times - with school back in session I need to adjust my morning workouts to be able to be there to wake the kiddos up Challenge 4: Complete the Financial Statements and Vendor report and submit to the newspaper (a major work goal) Challenge 5: Get out of comfort zone and answer the phone before it goes to voicemail Challenge 6: Spend money only on necessities; no buying breakfast or lunch
  7. Finished reading Skin Game (again), the latest (?) in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, hence the title. In other news, my latest occupation is Truck Driver, so I can't take all my Ranger and Warrior gear with me, so I figured it was about time to come find out what the Assassins are all about. Challenges: 1. Bodyweight circuit twice a week. 20 Burpees 20 Crunches 20 Pushups 20 Lunges 20 Bicycle Crunches Pullups to Failure Repeat x3 2. Eat well over the road. Lots of canned tuna and corned beef hash and protein powd
  8. I just finished my first Ranger challenge and have been putting this off for awhile now but I decided it is time............FOR AN ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! I've had trouble with procrastination a lot and staying on track with my goals so I got sick of my crap and declared MAK'GORA upon myself! The 4 challenges of the Mak'gora are as follows below........... (this song goes perfectly to the challenge) 4 week challenge 1. Do intermittent fasting for one by skipping breakfast (never was a breakfast eater anyways) 2. Eat 2000 calories a day
  9. Every Doll has to begin somewhere. I begin with the three things that every Doll is, strong, peaceful, and wise, but it all begins with routine. For 5 week challenge that is where it all begins, with the development of my routine. Week 1: The beginning-- 25 XP: Wake up before 6:30 am 3/5 work days. -- 10XP Meditate 2/7 days -- 5XP Work out 3/7 days -- 10XP Week 2: Find your Arrow -- 25 XP Wake up before 6:30 am 4/5 work days -- 5XP Meditate 4/7 days --5XP Work out 4/7 days -- 7XP Complete 2 quest from any group -- 8XP
  10. I have been working for days to come up with a good challenge theme and I just wasn't having any of it, so I figured my birthday coming up (tomorrow) would be a good way to reflect and set some new goals up for the year. Reflections/Plans: As some of you know I started work on opening a fitness apparel online shop with a friend (updates on this to come soon, we have our first official design created and I seriously can't wait to show you guys). This was in part due to the fact that I want to move home to MI, and need to find ways of making a decent income once I get th
  11. Hello all and welcome to my first NF 4-week challenge. <cue the awesome music> A bit about me: I'm 27 and I am aiming to lose 30-40kg and gain strength and overall fitness. Through this I am also aiming to improve my health, lower my risk of cardiovascular disease and gain control of my asthma. My goals for this challenge are: Food: - Take home made lunches to work rather than buying from the cafe. (5xp per day completed) - Only drink 1 glass of soda per day. (5xp per day completed / 10xp if no soda consumed). Exerc
  12. ... with water instead of starbucks! This month is a lot of small steps, partly so I can finally have a Challenge under my belt and partly the fact that my life goal for this month is a doozy (in the best way). As far as my first week - today (Friday 4/8) is shaping up to be my strongest day since I started my overnight shifts on 3/28. Diet (pick two) Two bottles of water a day. Water is so bland and it takes me forever to drink it. But now since I have two water bottles to carry with me to work, the least I can do is drink those instead of some hyper sugary soda to
  13. Hi all, so I'm staying in rebels for now and trying to build on my first challenge (here) My Quest To be fitter, healthier and to look better naked. Challenges New Gym Program (10XP) - After a good few weeks in the gym, I'm meeting a trainer tonight to put together a new training plan. Will post the new workout when I have it if anyone's interested. Challenge is to run the new program at least twice per week (bonus 5XP for 3 times a week every week). Body Balance (10XP) - So I did a little home yoga stuff last month, and now I've booked myself and my partner in to "Body Balance" (apparently
  14. So at this point making it to my scheduled workouts as a goal is kind of cheating/easy A... Which is awesome, but I need to move on from my new easy mode. Also, I ended last challenge with a 2lb weight loss after I finally got my ass in gear and I want to keep the momentum up. And it's time for some serious spring cleaning (In FL it's already back in the damn 80s so there is no excuse with the amount of work that needs to be done to the house). Goal 1: Embrace the Keto I have notice on a ketogenic diet I tend to feel better in general, and it does help with losing weight. I have to
  15. OK, first ever four week challenge. And a day late but better today than tomorrow, right? 1. No bread 2.At least one veggie with two meals per day 3. 10 min Pilates per day 4. Meditate using Headspace app daily Ultimate goal is to lose 60lb by my birthday at the end of November...
  16. So my first ever power lifting competition will be in May of this year. I really want to get down under 180 before then to get in a lower weight class, and that goal is very doable (im at around 190-195 but currently terrified of the scale)... Initial Prep: Month One Goals Keep Working Out: I am now a master of getting to my weight training sessions each week, I honestly don't remember the last time I missed one. This go around I will be adding in my Max Trainer though (a new toy I bought for myself). 30-1 hour every day I don't have weights, and 30 min on weight days if I am not
  17. -Diet: -Eat healthier, Mediterranean diet. -Drink More Water. -Fitness: -Go to the Gym 4x a week for at least 1 Hour. Life Quest: -Write more. At least 20 min a day.
  18. Rebel's log Challenge date: 2/7/16 Thanks to Shidohari for being my accountabuddy. Apologies for not updating. As Shidohari said one of my days was consumed with work and acting class afterwards. I tell you something is to be said of improv. Good therapy. As the post says, i failed my first week. I confess i had soda and fast food 5 days, except of 3 and only hit my step goal 2 days out of the week. Quite disappointed in myself. My only excuse was on Saturday, i was with a friend and her kids and she bought us all pizza and soda. But i'm not giving up. Here's where we begin the Res
  19. MJ's sticks his head out from behind the hulking shape of a tree and can see that there is no one for miles around, one large hoof at a time he moves away from the tree and away from every comfort he had in his life. As far as he was aware, he was the first Centaur to leave The Forest to set out on his own. This was the start of a new day and his new life, he was nervous but overwhelmingly excited for what laid ahead of him. He headed for the small road just ahead and he thinks back to what lead him to this. In The Forest, MJ had the pleasure of eating what he wanted, drinking what he wanted
  20. Hey guys, so i new to this site so first and foremost if anybody has any hits and tips on how to navigate it feel feel to let me know. i am going to be doing the jan 4th 4 week challenge and there are my quests. 1 - to drink more water and less pop 2 - change one unhealthy food each day into a healthy one 3 - walk everyday and run at least 3 times a week my level up to reduce chocolate consumption so wish me luck and i will keep you updated
  21. Diet -Sober January -1 week with 5 out of 7 days drinking 3 liters of water minimum Fitness -complete physical therapy exercises every day Level up your life -5 mins of daily spiritual practice
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