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Found 9 results

  1. Time for challenge number 2! TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs (well… Walls, Tables and Chairs…) I've had a little re-jig of my main goals, I think it's important to reflect and adapt. You can find an overview of them HERE The challenges below feed into these bigger GOALS! Look Good! (Big goal; Lose 8 lbs) Do 10 full floor push-ups! -Sounds daft I know! But I cannot do full push-ups. I never have been able to! But after reading a great thread on this forum (I'll find the link) I've formulated a plan to get there. So this challenge is; Start with the WALL
  2. I've printed off my own copy of the worksheet for the 4-week challenge starting...Now? Next week? The one after Feb 4th..... Do we just say, "Hey, I also am Doing The Thing" and post accordingly? Or is there more to it than that?
  3. I've printed off my own copy of the worksheet for the 4-week challenge starting...Now? Next week? The one after Feb 4th..... Do we just say, "Hey, I also am Doing The Thing" and post accordingly? Or is there more to it than that?
  4. Here is my 4-week challenge for January of 2017. This year I plan on doing some amazing things! I spent over two hours working on my goals for this year. That top one is insane. Kouhaku is the biggest music show in all of Japan. It's on NHK every New Year's Eve. Watching the 2016 one got me all excited and thinking that I could totally be on that stage. I must be outta my mind but I'm going to go for it anyway. First step is to create my act. Let's get everything we want in 2017!
  5. This is a thread inspired entirely by laziness. Because I want to encourage others, but I don't want to navigate through lots of people's different threads. So Why don't we all post our challenges and encouragement to each other in this one thread. Here are my challenges for the next four weeks. You'd think creating a show to play at the biggest music festival in Japan would be the most difficult thing, but I have NO FREAKING IDEA how to find a freaking charity. Upon searching for "Charity Niigata" in Japanese nothing that is actually based in Niigata came up. So perhaps I'd need to
  6. All right, so my first challenge went well with the beginner goals and the like - although I couldn't really go to sleep ten minutes earlier like I wanted. I'm going to come in for the whole four weeks this time around, since I only got a week and a half of the last one - and with my own goals this time, too! Diet Goals Lose 2 lbs/week. 7000 calories. Fitness Goals Practice Handstands on my rest days: Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun. Do Nerd Fitness Bodyweight Routine 3x/week: Mon, Wed, Fri. Level Up Your Life Goals Put $100
  7. Hello everyone! I'm new here, and I'm going to be turning my life around. I've been doing it off and on for a few years now, not really making progress and even going way too far backwards in progress. When I was approaching 280 lbs, I came to the conclusion that I am a dumb. I stuck to a strict calorie-counting diet and started training for a 5k, but then hit a horrible stint where my back and limbs decided "Nah, this progress thing is the pits." and proceeded to mess up. Constant stiff back and back pain, plus pain around my hips, made the 3x/week 5k training so painful that my motivation di
  8. A meager strand of glistening light cascades gently, gliding its way through the worn cracks of my life. A shadow lurks about, hovering, waiting to consume the legendary habits built on the sweat of my back from years in the making. It screams, spewing forth an oath out from the darkness as I watch the dust swirl and dance wildly about around the gauntlet lying directly in front of me. Chugging several gulps of sweet ambrosia, a Japanese beer name Asahi, I lean in to pick the worn metal glove, pondering the implication of my actions. I pause for a moment, “Do I truly wish to see this journ
  9. So I may or may not have seen the Deadpool movie on Valentine's Day.... She saw it. She totally saw it. Yeah, Wade. That was obvious. ​Not to me, sweet cheeks! Can I get back to my story now? ​Yeah, yeah, sorry. You're doing the important stuff. The life-changing accountability... let me get out of your way- Anyway. I love Deadpool - who doesn't? - and maximum effort! has become my life motto, so I decided to make this challenge Deadpool themed. Because life is better when approached with humour, sarcasm, and a death wish. Couldn't have said it better myself. And yet you felt the need t
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