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Found 3 results

  1. Grandkai Prepares for the Assassins There's only 2 weeks left of the challenge, but better late than never. And better prep now than having too much work when the next challenge starts. First a little bit backstory: Hi, i'm Grandkai. I'm from the Netherlands and i have spend a long time here on the forums. But i stopped doing challenges/watching the forums in January. At that time i had everything all right. I worked out, had good nutrition, stretched, ran and all that stuff. But as the months kept going i lost more and more of those things. I started working out less, skipped stretching, never ran again, nutrition went down a little bit. And i noticed i spent more time on my butt behind the tv/computer (which was fun for the time being) but i realized i need to do more stuff again. So thats my goal for upcoming challenges, right now i need to get everything clean & organized. Goals: Eat an apple everyday & drink 2 liters of water; #5 Minute Flow every morning; Read 30 minutes before & after bed; Clean up before bed; Minor Goals: Look online for a good handstand guide/program; Re-schedule my calendar; Hope to see you guys here. And i will definitely check out you guys!!
  2. Grayspeed's January 2017 Challenge Yes, this is basically the same as last month, but with a slight tweak. If it aint broke... Just like last month I'll be progressing through NF Rings, working on getting better rest, and improving HIIT cardio capabilities. I'll also be working on movement through the use of Max Shank's "5 Minute Flow" initiative. Let's go! Quest 1: Agility Assassins need to pull off some fancy stunts. In order to do this effectively I'll need to ensure my bodily awareness and mobility is up to scratch. Improve my mobility and movement quality by doing a 5 Minute Flow every day. Quest 2: Climbing Strength Climbing all over buildings and looking like a badass is what makes Assassins so great. To build up the strength to do this I will need to do a Nerd Fitness Rings workout at least three times per week. Quest 3: Alertness Having an alert state of mind is vital when you're heading into Templar territory. Especially when you're outnumbered 20 to 1, as Assassins often are. To achieve Master Assassin-like awareness I will get plenty of rest by being in bed by 10:30, five nights per week. Quest 4: Speed Speed is essential for any assassin. Especially when it comes to escaping a hostile area. Increase agility and speed by performing three HIIT focussed cardio sessions per week.
  3. 'Yo! Champ in making! At POKEMON LEAGUE, you have to face the ELITE FOUR in succession. If you lose, you have to start all over again! This is it! Go for it!' Lorelei: Ice Type 'Welcome to POKEMON LEAGUE! I am LORELEI of the ELITE FOUR! No one can best me when it comes to icy POKEMON! Freezing moves are powerful! Your POKEMON will be at my mercy when they are frozen solid! Hahaha! Are you ready?' Quest #1: Don't Freeze Up (Mobility) - 5min flow every morning - Shoulder mobility twice a week Critical hit: attend Body Balance (yoga/pilates/Tai Chi mix) class Bruno: Fighting Type 'I am BRUNO of the ELITE FOUR! Through rigorous training, people and POKEMON can become stronger! I've weight trained with my POKEMON! BITTEROYSTER! We will grind you down with our superior power! Hoo hah!' Quest #2: Superior Power (Strength training) - Body Pump once a week - Stronglifts twice a week Critical hit: see a physiotherapist Lance: Dragon Type 'I lead the ELITE FOUR! You can call me LANCE the dragon trainer! You know that dragons are mythical POKEMON! They're hard to catch and raise, but their powers are superior! They're virtually indestructible! Well, are you ready to lose? Your LEAGUE challenge ends with me, BITTEROYSTER!' Quest #3: Dragonfire (Coping with hot weather) - Put one iced tea and one electrolyte drink in the fridge each night for the next day - Keep an eye on the weather and don't be an idiot when it's hot Critical hit: don't get sunburned Agatha: Ghost Type 'I am AGATHA of the ELITE FOUR! OAK's taken a lot of interest in you, child! That old duff was once tough and handsome! That was decades ago! Now he just wants to fiddle with his POKEDEX! He's wrong! POKEMON are for fighting! BITTEROYSTER! I'll show you how a real trainer fights!' Life Quest: Hypnosis (Improving sleep) - Get up at 8am or earlier - Go to bed before midnight Computer off at 11pm, in bed by 11:30 Critical hit: find some good fiction to read before bed Week 1 5min Flow: 5/6 Shoulder mobility: 2/2 Strength: 2/3 Drinks: 4/6 Sleep: B Overall: 13/17 Week 2 5min Flow: 6/7 Shoulder mobility: 2/2 Strength: 3/3 Drinks: 6/7 Sleep: B Overall: 15/17 Week 3 5min Flow: 7/7 Shoulder mobility: 1/2 Strength: 3/3 Drinks: 6/7 Sleep: B Overall: 15/17 Week 4 5min Flow: 4/7 Shoulder mobility: 1/2 Strength: 3/3 Drinks: 5/7 Sleep: C Overall: 13/17 All up: 56/68 or 80%
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