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  1. Hey all So after a fair amount of lurking the forum I've decided to try and keep up a log. So, I'm 31. Weigh 106kg and am looking to drop fat while maintaining (building if I'm extremely lucky) muscle. I have no idea of bodyfat % but I'll see how I go with posting and may throw up some progress shots. I'm sure someone will have a much better idea than I do. The backstory is I haven't lifted for 5-6 years, but when I did I was damn strong. Unless anyone is curious I don't think the numbers are that important, and besides that, they just make me sad to look at now.
  2. Hey all, I've been a fan of the site for a while now, but this is my first post, so bear with me if I commit some sort of faux-pas. I am currently working through my second cycle of 5/3/1 and just read the Beyond 5/3/1 e-book. After getting overwhelmed by the immense possibilities he presents, I'm wondering when/where it is appropriate to go for those joker sets he talks about. Really feeling like I have the energy to push hard, but don't want to burn out. I'm trying to stay in PW for the long run and be smart. Does anyone have an idea of whether I need to hit a certain number on the re
  3. I’m going to do this right now, before I get swept away with my week and forget about it. Over the last year, I’ve been working on meal prep (and eating it), stretching more, and trying to maintain my outdoor activities. This year I’d like to really nail down these habits. With this, I ultimately want to work on cutting some excess weight. I don’t really know exactly where to put my goal, but I plan to chunk it out 10 pounds at a time to make it seem attainable. As far as life goals, I officially hit my first savings goal. My main focus in 2018 will be turned to payin
  4. It occured to me that I haven't been paying much attention to my 2017 Roadmap. With only 2 challenges left in this year, its time to take stock of the rest of my goals for the year and make as much progress as possible. I haven't necessarily been neglecting the Roadmap as most of my goals have been aligned with the goals I set out for the year but some goals are further along than others. The purpose of this challenge is to get out that map and follow it to my selected destination. I've taken stock here and come up with a list of goals that still need work. T
  5. AKA - Wonder Woman Goes into Battle Welcome to the third installment of this summer's Wonder Woman blockbuster challenge series! There isn't much new here but I'm continuing with what works and tweaking the rest. I have two primary goals - to prepare for this fall's HammerRace and to defeat the nasty scale. Naturally, my focus is more on the former and less on the latter. Hopefully taking care of one will take care of the other by default. If that doesn't work I might just take my hammer to the scale and that will be the end of it. I am r
  6. As of tomorrow, July 8, 2014, I will have been on NF for One Year. One year ago, I weighed over 260 lbs. I now weigh 249 lbs. Not super impressive, but... at the time I could barely do 10 pushups. Now I don't do pushups, I just lift heavy shit. Sometime, a little longer than one year ago, I saw the scale inching toward 270 and I was feeling week and tired all the time. As a busy grad student I spent a lot of my time in front of a computer, eating crappy food, and when I had downtime, I'd be drinking beer and stuffing my face with even crappier food. Enough was enough. I already had a g
  7. Because object permanence. Yep, I disappeared during the last challenge I tried to complete, mostly because sleep wasn't happening, despite my efforts to sort it out. That's improving, though I still have bad nights, probably thanks largely to orange goggles, magnesium powder, high-ish dose vitamin C, and preliminary attempts at stress management. Thankfully my PhD supervisor gives me a lot of flexibility for when, where, and how much I work, so my newly started graduate studies can take a back seat when needed to sort out the health stuff. Also on the plus
  8. Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder. Guess who's back........!!! . . . No, not Slim Shady! Wonder Woman is back. The semester is over (or will be as soon as I finish grading) so it's time to pick myself up and get this year started properly. Is it coincidence or destiny that this coincides with the Wonder Woman movie release right at the beginning of this challenge? I will be taking an actual Week 0 this time around. I stil have a week of grading to finish up and I could really use a week of
  9. So, clearly I took the red pill. Let's see about that rabbit hole! Alright then...the goals: 1. Stay within the weekly calorie goals until I hit maintenance. November 28 - Dec 4 - goal: 1880 daily calories Dec 5 - Dec 11 - goal 1980 daily calories Dec 12 - Dec 18 - 2080 daily calories Dec 19 - Dec 25 - 2180 daily calories (Allowable eat like a jerk day on Christmas - track but don't include in the average.) Dec 26 - Jan 1 - probably 2280 calories, although I reserve the right to change any of these if maintenance happens sooner tha
  10. Yeaaaah, I don't have a theme this time. I wanted to see what that's like. So! My last challenge was working well, but stuff was getting too complicated, so I'm keeping the stuff that works and changing the stuff that was stressing me out. What's working: - The lifts. You just can't keep me out of the gym. I hardly even need motivation. I love going. I'm not tweaking the program further at this time. It's still working great. I am experiencing the itch to try new things, but currently waiting it out and just eyeballing other programs for possible later experimentation. Ma
  11. Hey there, fellow warriors! This challenge cycle is the last of my cut for a bit - even though I am not at my goal weight, I am much closer, and I think that my mind and body need a break. My plan was to make it to T-giving week, and this challenge cycle will bring me there. I have been struggling with the weights, I think because of the cut, so that is getting folded into my goals, too. So...the goals: 1. Eat within 100 calories of my daily goal each day. Zero Week (Oct 23 - Oct 29) - 1,780 daily Week 1 (Oct 30 - Nov 5) - 1,780 daily
  12. Okay, so last challenge was... kinda a fail. Life happened, I vanished, and I'm sorry nerds We are simplifying this time. Quick Update/Summary: I signed up for a Powerlifting Competition for January 22nd, and I have chosen to do Wendler's 5/3/1 for my meet prep as 5x5 was just really wearing at me. I'm an engineer who is currently in a desk job with lots of travel to other desks. I'm used to working in a chemical plant and being in graduate school - both where I was running around all day. Currently in NJ Quest 1: Do the program - I've read the original 5/3/1, po
  13. Last challenge was really successful, so I'm doing it again and adding things and tightening some up this time! GRUB 1.0: Maintenance Intake Range. No bad marks for going over this challenge, only 100 or more under, average is by week. 1.1: Proteins! 95g+ 6/7 = A, 5 = B, 4 = C graded by week, one day of leeway. 1.2: Eating With Sense. Must not exceed 200 calories of processed food. 4+ times per week = A, 3 = B, 2 = C (what counts and what doesn't is still somewhat subjective, because dairy and protein supps are fine) 1.3: One great day a week, no processed foods
  14. Ummm.... placeholder for an actual challenge? It is zero week and all...and I lifted today, and I have a compulsion to post about it. Deload week, in pounds: Deadlift 2 x 5 at 45 RDL 1 x 5 at 95 3 x 5 at 135 OHP (from yesterday - whoopsies) 3 x 5 at 45 power rack was occupado, so I used the incline bench, and I don't care who looked at me cock-eyed. Random comment from a regular: "I've never seen you with your hair down before." ??? peace out, biddies.
  15. Brief backstory: NF Rebel and powerlifter since April 2014. Currently on leave from my graduate program to focus on some health issues before continuing the get-my-PhD saga. The past couple of challenges I’ve solidified the basic, keep-me-functional habits and gathered data to aid in troubleshooting some lingering issues. Now that that foundation is set, it’s time to take on some dragons: I need to take a critical look at my lifting form, especially for deadlifts and bench. After a recent conversation with a friend about bench form, I filmed my bench for the second time ever (yeah, shoul
  16. Whelp, this turned into a bigger post than I planned. I'm sorry. Didn't realize I had so much to figure out. Fitness Goals Strength (a little size gain would be welcome vanity-wise, as well) and conditioning(? - not sure that's the right word). I volunteer on a tall ship, and a strength increase would be really helpful when trying to haul lines and sails. But, it's the kind of gig where you need that strength all day every day when we're at sea (about two weeks out of the year) because even just trying to stand still uses muscles you forgot existed, let alone climbing and ha
  17. totally not my fault... Welcome to my FFXI challenge, which will be full of my ten year old screenshots! The challenge you never knew you wanted is here! I liked simple. Simple is good. Inventory Culling Cutting for real this time, yep. I am actually gaining weight kind of rapidly here. Oops. At least I have a really good feel for my current TDEE, which should help with a cut. Scoring: I have a calorie range and this is pass or fail via weekly average. Grinding Skill Points I've swapped to 5/3/1. (Boring But Big
  18. My first-proper-challenge-in-a-while, settling-in-back-home, fairly-flexible-goals challenge went pretty well. I also identified a few things I need to work on, which will be the focus of this next challenge: GOAL 1: Putting the final food pieces together a) Track every day using MFP. Right now I'm too sensitive to calorie/macro levels (and too bad at staying close enough to my target without logging) to not track. The goal is to run a slight deficit, but I'm not setting any explicit limits now because I'm not sure what the sweet spot is -- however,
  19. If you’re expecting a challenge centered around pause squats and deadlifts, my apologies ;). I’m pausing life, not my lifts. I’ve been MIA recently (but still lifting!), so for those of you who don’t know me: I’m a first year PhD student and started powerlifting when I joined NF about two years ago. After having some chronic health issues flare up this past year, I’ve decided to take about a year off to focus on getting my health in order. This will be my first challenge while on leave, so my goals are designed to help me make that transition + do what I need to for my
  20. Hiya… I’m a little late, but since I have a new goal it’s time for another challenge :). For those who don’t know me, I’m a grad student and powerlifter. I haven’t been around the past few challenges since I’ve been struggling with some chronic health issues that flared up in September. For the most part I’ve maintained my NF-inspired habits, but there are a few things I want to focus on for the next 22 days. Goal 1: 10,000+ steps, as measured by my Fitbit, each day. This is the new goal and, as evidenced by my title, the focus for this challenge. I’m holding on to a bunch o
  21. I'm sure the answers are varied, but how do most folks handle accessory work? Do you play it completely by ear? calculate and program it in detail? So doing SL5x5, I had really no choice in anything. Now I have some flexibility with 5/3/1 on my accessory lifts. The program just calls for abs and lats. I do abs on a separate day and do extra chest work since SL lacked enough upper body work. So I am just about finished the first cycle and calculated my next month. I had originally just written in lats and some times I did low cable rows, pulldowns, dumbell or barbell rows... just base
  22. “Does the walker choose the path, or the path choose the walker?†Previous Challenge Stats Weight 159lbWaist 29 1/2"Belly 34 1/2"Hips 38 3/4"Thigh 23"Body Fat 27.05% Goals This time around my theme is centred around Garth Nix's Old Kingdom series. If you haven't read it, go get yourself a copy of Sabriel to start off! It's one of my favourite series. The Abhorsen uses magical bells imbued with Charter Magic and Free Magic to fight Free Magic creatures and the Dead, as well as to travel into Death (the picture above is the first of the Nine Gates of Death - each gate leads deeper
  23. And doesn’t lift all the things (for now). Short back story: At the moment a fair number of my endocrine systems are wonky (or rather, wonkier than usual), so I’ve been in figure-out-what’s-wrong-and-fix-it mode since September. I spent my last challenge with the Druids, and my goals here are a continuation of those. The short-term over-arching goal: feel better --> go back to lifting all the things. Current routine Food: strict autoimmune paleo protocol until further notice. Fairly low carb. Limited red meat. Lots of veggies, poultry, fish, and healthy fats.Exercise: lifting (
  24. I am a villain. It took me a little while to realize this. I have been on this site since october, and everyone else is talking about their hero's journey, and such and it hit me. I am the antagonist, someone for the hero to fight against and become better. So, here is my battle log of my epic battle against Mattyboy7one8. **Backstory** TL;DR, I really want to be strong. Where I am now. 6'6" 212 1rm from 2v2l Squat: 335 Bench: 235 Dead: 350 (boo!) Realized that is 920. Where I am going. Shooting for 1000 before Mattyboy. Also, 5/2 is the Beast of Bloomsburg strongman
  25. After a brief hiatus in the battle log, I’m back… This will be my last full challenge in the UK . I’m going to miss lifting in kg (among many, many other things). Since I’ve gotten pretty good at the lift, eat, sleep, lift more routine, this challenge is about putting the final pieces together—and namely, about finding balance. I've also added a Sir Terry Pratchett theme (the Tiffany Aching series) for fun--and for appropriately modified Nac Mac Feegle battle cries. Scroll down to the end for the tl;dr version. GOAL 1: Prioritize cutting over gainz [+2 CHA, +1 STR] â€
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