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  1. So I just started 5/3/1 with a version of BBB. It includes alternating lat and ab work. I do the Lat work at the gym but typically do the ab work at home. So I have some extra time. Right now I am doing my 5*10 BBB opposite the same main lift, so if A workout's main lift is Bench, I do the 5*10 at 50%on C... but would adding chest work to B and D be too much? That would be 4 days with some chest work some weeks. My DL and Squat are pretty close to Intermediate level on strength standards but my Bench and press are both WAAAY behind. I was thinking of adding dumbell bench press one day
  2. So I am approaching my Deload week of my first mesocycle of 5/3/1. I used a calculator off the lifting report that had me put in my working weights and it both calculated my 1RM then turned it into all my lift numbers... but I need to add 10 or 5 # to my working weight,,, not my 1RM. I guess what I am asking is does anyone know of a simple calculator to figure out the next cycle or do I need to actually do the math. Is everyone doing the math for each cycle?
  3. Time for that new challenge thread. Going to do something "NEW" this time around. I am going to count my macros and drop the remainder of my weight by May 15th. Just a little over a month. Going to go ahead and calculate everything tonight. Probably going to drive my wife crazy with my obsessive measuring but hey I need to drop this to get out of here. Will continue with 5/3/1 Monday through Thursday, do an arm day on Friday, walk/run with the puppy on Saturday and Sunday go for a hike. Each day is going to have a different caloric limit I believe due to the nature of the days exercise. Obvio
  4. I give no guarantees that I will be as epic as that dwarf. So, in my two and a half years here on NF, I have never done a challenge outside of the Monk’s Guild. I love the Monastery, but lately I’ve been having a goodly chunk of lifting questions and thoughts pop into my head, so I figured now is a good time to show up and learn from all your wonderful Warrior-type people. By and large, this is going to be a weird challenge for me. I go on vacation starting in….. 12 hours? Which means I’ll be doing Challenge-light stuff for the week or so I’m gone. And then starting in the mid
  5. Clearly the machines are preparing to rise against us. They've invaded our civilization. They're in our homes. The are even forming parasitic attachments to our heads that cause us to behave in bizarre ways. Before we all get sucked into the matrix, we must take down the robots and live free of there wires and false realities. Main Goal: Learn to Survive in a post-Robocalyptic wasteland. Unfortunately, the battle has already begun as the robots are well poised to destroy us and the damages they will pose to civilization are already happening. Food is becoming scarce. But the fight against me
  6. HERMIT TRAINING Well, I'm back where I was years ago; need to start all over again. I should not let that stop me like it did last time and just turn into a lazy slob. Ryu never let not having training partners prevent him from being the best. In the meantime, I'll do what I can with what I have. THE QUEST Rise (+4 CON): Get up from the bed before 0730 every day. Visualize (+1 DEX +2 CON): Perform at least 15 minutes of meditation / visualization practice 6 days a week. Small Person Jiu-Jitsu (+4 WIS): Watch instructional videos by smaller individuals. Week 1 - How To Defe
  7. I have a problem. I always have difficulty staying focused on any one thing more than a couple of months. I got started with a couple of challenges and then went back into lurker mode. I've been here, just haven't been posting really. I have also been putting the in the work all this year. But the lack of focus is manifesting in program hopping. It is really hurting my progress. My lifts are just nowhere near where I think they should be after a year of lifting. Starting Strength, Madcow, 5/31/, Candito's linear program. And these are all great programs. But I need to stick with one
  8. I love the holidays, I really do. But my go-get-em attitude, 6 days/week workout schedule, and planned eating that was working great for me... and my fitness goals... well... BUT MACAULAY CULKIN! YOUR FAMILY IS IN FLORIDA? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?! NO ONE CAN STOP YOU BUT YOURSELFFFF~!!! So hey, we're back, it's cool. I'm stepping in to be the adult in this situation and protect my house from intruders... er, I mean, my body from my own winter slothfulness. We're settling in for a nice phase of winter habit-building that doesn't involve hiding from the cold and playing Dragon Age:
  9. I've got a workout program pretty well set in stone right now: gymnastics 2-3x per week and my 5/3/1 lifting program 3x per week. I'm comfortable with this workout schedule and it will only become more important to stick with it over the coming months as gymnastics competition season starts to amp up in the beginning of next year. Last challenge, I dedicated myself to working on known weak spots for me: my lazy hips, my hatred of the C2 rower, my nasty eating habits, and my bad attitude. This format worked really well for me and I saw a lot of progress over the course of six weeks without s
  10. A bit delayed in posting this because I am still on vacation in Florida, but I'm here! I'm creating this challenge with the expectation that I will continue practicing gymnastics 2-3x/week and following the next two cycles of my 5/3/1 plan 3x/week. I'll still post updates from my gymnastics/lifting workouts, but my goal is not to be accountable for those things but instead for the goals below. I have a few weak spots that will continue to be weak because I perpetually avoid working on them. These include my hip flexors and my cardio endurance/capacity. I am also including my attempts at cu
  11. "The time has come" the walrus said, "to talk of food and things; of peppercorn and mustard seed and other seasonings!" - Lewis Carrol I want to start this off by saying I have no experince deliberately bulking. To me that's the best reason to do this. I've been dropping weight consistently and steadily for 10 months. A couple of weeks ago I finally looked at myself in the mirror and didn't have to convince myself I'm not fat anymore. Instead I said: Jesus I'm small. This isn't the goal. I didn't want to be a waif or street urchin. I wanted to be He-Man. I could feel my abs through my skin
  12. So I'm back again kiddies! I wasn't going to do this challenge at all, but a Belgian nerd told me that my plan makes for any easy challenge. So here I am. My warrior brethren will quickly see that there isn't much warrior activity going on here BUT check the side goal! And I love the iron and chalk too much to change sides, even for 6 weeks. I promise I'll be back making the iron a priority again! Main Goal: Don't drown! Don't pass out! AKA cross the finish line at the Chicago SuperSprint Triathlon on Saturday August 23rd. 375m (1/4 mile) swim | 10K (6.2 mile) bike | 2.5K (1.5 mile) r
  13. I put together a program I am going to try for four weeks starting this Sunday. It is based on Wendler's 5/3/1 for Crossfit (see "5/3/1" 2nd Ed. by Jim Wendler) with assistance work based on Paul "Coach" Wade's "Convict Conditioning" and Pavel's "Enter the Kettlebell!" So in other words, this is nothing original nor is it something I created. I just used Wendler's template. Any where you see "???" is where I have a blank to fill, such as a fullbody movement on bench day. Wendler says no Oly lifts on upper body days and I will be benching at work where I have fuck all for GPP equipment.
  14. Preemptive TL;DR: Where/how do I program snatches into 5/3/1?Do I add it to the regular 4 lifts or replace one of the lifts with it?Are snatch grip deads, snatch high pulls AND snatches redundantWhat generally effects OHP more: push press or incline press?What has been your experience with floor presses? Ok so when I'm excited about being in the gym, I tend to look forward at future programming. I'm currently on my 2nd cycle of 5/3/1 with my current workouts looking like this: Workout A Press 5/3/1 Pull/Chin Ups between Press sets - pulls to balance the pressing and bicep/back work CGBP (3
  15. Hey All, Figured I'd throw my hat into this challenge just cause...why not. Still not sure if any of these goals are too real, but (f)uck it, we'll see. Main Goal: Move North of Vag 1st - Add weight to my 1RM totals, currently at 855lbs (990lbs w/ press). I'll be using the 5/3/1 - The Triumvirate 4 day/week programming. Monday - Press/CGBP; Tuesday - Deadlift/Front Squat; Thursday - Bench/Incline Bench; Friday - Squat/Good Mornings. I'm currently in Week 4 of 7 on my first cycle with 5/3/1. I would like to hit 900lbs, which I will test the last week of this challenge (which will
  16. Well, 6 months in to my training now I've decided to move officially off of SL5x5 and over to 5/3/1. This current challenge (and my dailyish battle log) reflects this. For this rotation, I am focusing on a few specifics. MAIN CHALLENGE: Improve slight pelvic tilt! How? By strengthening my stomach, glutes and hamstrings. Most of my accessory work is focusing pretty heavily on these. While I understand that it won't be 100% fixed in only one rotation of 5/3/1, it should be much better after some intense focusing on those muscles. I'll determine after rotation 1 what if anything I need to
  17. When this challenge starts I will be on my 2nd week of my first cycle of 5/3/1. This comes after a switch of 14 weeks on the Starting Strength program where I stalled multiple times on all my lifts. My last challenge documented this and also showed a need to work on squat form (keeping the knees out at the bottom). I plugged in some modest 1 RM estimates into the 5/3/1 spreadsheet, and so my major lifts are on autopilot for a while. Goal 1 Stick to the 5/3/1 plan and figure out my accessory lifting I am away over the Easter weekend, so will have to make it a few 3 day splits for a few weeks,
  18. Last July marked the beginning of my NF journey. I was like Luke Skywalker when he first discovers that The Force is real: Excited! Motivated! Unstoppable! Bring on the Empire! But then after plateauing with newbie gains, I became frustrated and impatient. I couldn't get my X-wing out of the swamp no matter how hard I tried. Now I am listening to Yoda. I will move forward with patience and continue to make gains with the slow but steady 5/3/1 program. What I will DO in 6 weeks: I will carry Yoda (Squat 165x5) I will lift rocks (Bench 110x5) I will raise R2D2 (OHP 77.5x5) I will
  19. Okay. Been in Afghanistan since December. Started working out with a buddy, who recommended Starting Strength before I hop on 5/3/1 with him. Started about two months ago with these maxes. Squat: 225•1 Deadlift: 275•2 Bench: 185•1 Overhead Press: 125•1 Then I started each exercise with just the bar. Adding 15-20 lbs on deadlift, 10-15 on squat, 5-10 on bench and 5 on overhead press. As of last week my new maxes are Squat: 275•5 Deadlift: 315•2 Bench: 185•3 Overhead Press: 135•1 Which brings me to my next point. What else can I do to increase my upper body strength? I'
  20. Hello all. This will be my first challenge but I have been posting a daily battle log here for a little while now. A little about me: Short Version: Over the past year I've lost almost 100lbs. Feel free to skip to my goals. Long Version. I'm a 26 year old supervisor in a call center. My nerdy interests lie in tabletop gaming, xbox, comics, and Star Wars. On Oct 5th 2012 I weighed in at 500.5lbs during a doctor appointment. Over the course of the fall I cut back on soda and fast food and dropped down to 483lbs. It was at this weight that I found NF, bought the fitness guide,
  21. The Human Experiment Continues Last year I completed my first two challenges ever and made some substantial newbie gains doing the 5x5 program. After hitting some plateaus, I have moved to the slow but steady method of Wendler's 5/3/1 program. My goals are to continue making gains with 5/3/1. Currently lifting (lbs): Squat - 145 Bench - 92.5 OHP - 62.5 DL - 165 6-Week Goals (lbs): Squat - 165 Bench - 110 OHP - 70 DL - 200 Side quests will include accessory work to build up pushups & pullups and cleaning up the diet to detox from holiday madness. Simple. Sustainable. Full details
  22. 2014 Challenge #1 Welcome to the first challenge of 2014. This is going to be a bit...different compared to my previous challenges. But that's a good thing! Theme: discipline through consistency Goal #1: show up and lift. Lifestyle focus: do the 5/3/1 program 3x a week. Minus the prep for TTTT (several days off before and after), I will complete 16 workouts. I’m not going to worry about sets, reps, or anything else. I’ve hired my coach to program accessory work and anything else he deems necessary. My only mission is to show up and do what’s planned for the day. 5
  23. Howdy folks! Starting Monday I am beginning my 5/3/1 program. I made a little of a hybrid BBB, I won't be hurt or disappointed if it changes. I completed some GoRuck events and was extremely disappointed in my inability to lift someone my own weight, let alone carry them for miles. I decided to quit crossfit for the time being (expensive, inconvenient, anytime fitness' are everywhere) and build up my core strength. I went hybrid because I felt that incorporating the exercises would continue to help me build for another GoRuck Heavy (24 hour @$$kicking). If anyone has anything to contri
  24. Eth's Challenge #7 Eth Stands the Heat and Stays in the Kitchen Hello again, fellow Rangers! I'm back for my seventh (wow, really, seventh?) six-week challenge. For those of you who don't know me, I'm Eth, a 26-year-old male software developer based in (or very near) Atlanta. With the beginning of summer (here in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) taking place during this challenge, the theme of these goals will have a little something to do with that. Goal #1: These Plates are Hot (+3 STR) This is all about continuing to hit my targets on the 5/3/1 plan. I think it'll go a bit better
  25. Hey All, Wanted to get some feedback on people's experiences/thoughts on returning to a linear progression program (a la Starting Strength or StrongLifts) after being off of one. When I started, I used a linear progression (think SS with rows instead of cleans) and made good progress, even while cutting. Eventually (after about 4 months consistent use), I maxed out...then kept grinding away for 3-4 more months but had no improvements to show for it (generally still in a caloric deficit, although not as consistently as the previous 4 months). Technique started to suffer, I was demotivated.
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