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Found 3 results

  1. Main Quest Run my second 50k on Nov 1 Goal Rational I need to work on increasing my long runs since my longest run of the year is around half marathon distance. I planned to get further distance in last challenge but could never have a long enough block of time to run longer distances during. I am already planning on taking a vacation day during this challenge to get in my 40k in early October. I want to get two 30k-ish runs before that though. I also plan on getting a bike during this challenge so I will count that for normal runs. So I will make a goal for long runs and another goal for lots of regular running to keep my running base. I want to lose some more weight before I haul it for 50k, and for me the best way to do that is logging my food every day. The actual goal will be easy so only 2 stat points, but the point is to keep the calories in a good range. I tend to over react on the small stuff (like literally crying over spilled milk). So I need to work on that. Though for the bigger stuff I am usually the calm in the storm. And with fall and winter approaching, I need to play some more with the kids outside before the warm weather escapes. I won't make these goals specific on purpose (they also won't have as much stats assigned to it). Goals 1) One long run each week. +5 STA 2) 3.5 hours of exercise each week not including long run. +2 STR +2 DEX 3) Log all food (MyFitnessPal) +2 CON 4) Don't sweat the small stuff +2 WIS 5) Play outside with the boys +2 CHA Stats LVL: 17, STR: 18, DEX: 21.5, STA: 37.25, CON: 13, WIS: 13.25, CHA: 8.25
  2. Continuing to train for my upcoming 50K trail run (April 27th) This next six weeks, I will: * Continue to hit my weekly mileage goals, including a long run each week of 12-26 miles * Add a trail run to my weekly runs (even if there's crazy deep snow/ice) * Bring my dog out for the occasional short run (he can't keep a good pace for more than 3 miles but LOVES to run w me * Seriously engage in visualization this challenge and... run some amazing trails when I'm in Hawaii next month-- anyone have experience/advice trail running on Oahu???? --Inspired Fool
  3. Greetings Fellow Rebels! I am New to the forums and this is my First Quest. My Main Quest is to: Prepare for my first Ultra-Marathon, a 50K (31 mile) trail race on April 27th. Missions to help me succeed at my Quest: 1. Add at least one trail run to my regular weekly running schedule 2. Ensure one long run (between 10-22 miles) every week 3. Practice strength training 1-3 times each week Additionally, my current Life Quest is to practice visualization and meditation at least 3 times each week in order to facilitate my personal growth and active creation of an ever-improving, passion-driven life. --Inspired Fool
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