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  1. I learnt some really good things last challenge about what kind of goals DO and DON'T work for me. Doing "increase weights by X amount" challenges do not work for me. Doing challenges that are about consistency and determination rather than numbers work much better. SO! This challenge... Goal One: Work those arms. I want to do a chin up or a pull up. I have never done one before, and my upper body has always been my weakest area. To try and achieve this goal, I have to add specific arm/upper body exercises into my Stronglifts 5x5 programme, EVERY WORKOUT SESSION. For example: doing sets of 'half' chinups (starting at the top, slowly releasing down, so essentially half a chinup) and building from that into starting at the top, coming down to half way, then back to the top. Then progressing all the way to full chinups. I've also recently added lat pulldowns into SL, to replace barbell rows. I'm also adjusting my OHP work to be higher reps at a slightly lower weight, as I can't seem to progress these at all lately. In just a few sessions of higher reps at lower weights, I'm seeing improvement again, so I'm going to keep experimenting with this. Any additional suggested progressions to work toward chinups or pullups are welcomed! I will track progress here and report on the different exercises I add into my routine, and how they have gone. Goal Two: SLEEP ALL THE SLEEPS. Get more rest. I know I am going to hate this goal. BUT, I need to rest more. I often get home from exercise at 10.30pm, and stay up for an hour or so doing stuff, then get up at 5.30am to go to the gym. This is not enough sleep when I do it multiple times a week. So, my goal here is to NOT TOUCH MY COMPUTER when I get home from exercise late at night. Shower then straight to bed! This goal will be measured by how often I go to bed before or after 10.30pm (or 10.40pm is okay if I've been at derby and have come home, showered and gone straight to bed). I must keep track of it on here, to keep myself in line! Goal Three: Don't let the fear hold you. My Roller Derby goal! Last challenge was about becoming a more aggressive blocker. I got a LOT out of that goal, forcing myself to try new things and to think more aggressively. This time round I'm going to challenge myself to do something much harder: be a jammer. ***For non-derby folk, the jammer is the skater with the star on her helmet who scores the points by getting past the blockers and lapping the pack*** People always ask me to Jam. I'm always scared to do it. But I am fast, and fit. I should be able to jam. The biggest thing that holds me back is fear - not so much fear of jamming as fear of taking chances - jammers HAVE to take the gaps as they see them, and be flexible in how they think. This is not something I am very good at. I get scared. So, this challenge is all about being flexible, taking opportunities and believing in myself. I must work on this at every practice, and update on here every week about my progress. Goal Four: EAT ALL THE STEAKS. Minimum of 1800-1900 calories a day, including at least 100g of protein. I've let my protein drop over the last few weeks, and can see a difference in muscle definition. So no more being lazy about protein! Must eat more meats. Will track with My Fitness Pal and report on here.
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