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Found 21 results

  1. Hey there! This is my first 6 week challenge. I started week plans by myself from time to time, but I never sticked to it after the first motivation is gone. So, I (at least hope to) learn from the past and now focus on smaller, more reasonable goals. I will write down what I did the other day so I know if I slept or not! Goal number 1: Better sleep To archieve this, I want to stay away from my mobile, my xbox and my computer - devices that send out blue light - the hour before I go to bed. Since I am going to bed at 10pm to get my 8 hours of sleep, I need to stop at 9pm. In the free ti
  2. Introduction: Hi, Name's ShadowFire. I'm a 25 year old 220 lb Orc with a beer gut that would make Homer Simpson proud. I work a job that has me on my feet a lot but not consistently. I loved boxing, hiking, climbing, and jumping off cliffs but have had trouble with all of these from where I live. I have a J-Pouch and serious food intolerances, and really just want to feel happy with how i look and how I feel. Main Quest: I want to lose inches around my beer gut, and I want to feel healthy. Quest 1: Find a Primary care doctor, GI doctor, and Nutritionist. Set up appointments and follow throu
  3. Hi everyone, I'm starting my second challenge now, the first was a reasonable success, even though I'm always harsh on myself. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/62304-better-very-very-late-than-never/ A little background, I decided to start worrying about fitness at the start of August 2014, since I was quite significantly overweight weighing about 95kg (210 pounds). I'm 6'3 tall, so that was quite overweight. In the next six weeks, I lost 10kg by eating less (but very badly) and working out almost every day doing relatively low intensity cardio workouts. From mid-Sept
  4. [About Me] Hello, My name is Justan. [introduction] While I have not been very active on the NF forums, Iv'e been reading nerdfitness articles for the past 3 years or so. I would always read the articles and get motivated to start working out / eating right for a few weeks before quitting. It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I decided to get serious about health and fitness. Since then iv'e already lost about 30 lbs, went down 3 pant sizes, 3 shirt sizes, and feel much better about myself. But alas improvement never ends, which is why i'm here now - to get even better. [Main Ques
  5. YOUR QUEST, Should you choose to accept it; No Jiggly Stomach. Also known as Teagarden's Quest for Self Acceptance. MISSIONS that you should complete to achieve your objective; (1) Thou Shalt eat no processed food that comes in crinkly bags (or other wrappings) (2) Thou Shalt commence bodyweight training at least once a week, twice if the opportunity presents itself. (3) Thou Shalt continue yoga classes (with a vengeance) AT LEAST once a week, but 3 times if the opportunities present themselves. (4) Thou Shalt follow the teachings of Steve of Nerd Fitness as if you are a hardcore r
  6. I've been recently inspired by Disney's Mulan, particularly Captain Lee Shang's number "To Be a Man", so my challenge goals will center around the three virtues mentioned in the song: Swift as a Coursing River (2 DEX, 2 STA, 1 STR) - Warm-Up: 5 - 10 minute jog - Intervals: 60 seconds of hard burn (in honor of Rudyard Kipling's If), 60 seconds recovery. Repeat for 10 minutes - Burpees: 30 seconds of hard burn, 60 seconds recovery. Repeat for 10 minues - Cool-Down: 5 - 10 miniute jog, stretch All the Force of a Great Typhoon (2 STR, 1 STA) - Warm-Up: 5 minute jog, 3 sets 10 Burpees (60
  7. My first quest is over. My first quest was designed to prepare me for the long journey ahead of me. My goal is to loose 35-40 pounds of fat over the course of this year. I gained the majority of the fat I have after I had a miscarriage. My metabolism is different from what it used to be, so the way I gain and loose weight is completely different from how I would gain and lose weight three years ago. Regardless of how my metabolism has changed, I need to loose this fat and develop healthy eating habits. My first reason to lose this weight is for health reasons. Diabetes runs in my family and
  8. I was going to wait to do my first 6 week challenge with the rest but the timing is just too good to pass up. I may get to see my family once a month, because its slow at work I cant afford to go down this month. In 6 weeks my mom and my sister, my biggest detractors, are going to join me to go see Stars on Ice April 25.... 6 weeks from yesterday. I've been active 6 days a week for the past 6 weeks and although I have been seeing results I hadn't changed my eating habits at all. My six challenge is to keep me on track. Main Quest; - Create and stick to a paleo meal plan! I have
  9. Hey all, I'm just putting this here as a place holder for my upcoming challenge. I have a good write up for it, but I don't have it on me at the moment, so I'm just posting this so I can fill out the assassin's phonebook signup sheet. Feel free to drop in a say something (anything) and for now I'll leave you with this:
  10. Hey fellow Rebels! Sorry I konked out on my last challenge, my back ended up taking a turn for the worse. So this challenge is going to focus on recovery! Mission: Regain the use of my back in order to maintain a healthy body weight. Objective 1: Complete the beginner-body-weight-workout twice a week. Objective 2: Resistance band stretching every day. Objective 3: Drink at least 24 oz of water before breakfast every day. And my life goal: I just started a new job at a leasing center for apartments, so I'm aiming for a 95% on my call coaching!
  11. So, in my first challenge, I tried to fly. I gathered courage, I spread my wings, I jumped off the tree. And I went straight down to the forest ground. Ouch. Maybe I should've picked a shorter tree. But, you see, it wasn't that bad, I learned a lot from the fall. And I saw it. That huge dragon whose wings are so big that the wind they make when they flap is so strong that nothing else can fly while it is in the air. My first powerful enemy: Fatlord Lazybreather! I also realized, while on the forest's ground, that the dragon had chained everything under it's domain. It wouldn't allow anyone to
  12. Main 3 Goals Increase runningCross trainIntermittent fastingLife quest Increased RunningThis is about my passion. In my early years of being active - a long time ago - running was something I thought was probably a boring activity and wondered why any one would do it - let alone actually enjoy it. So fast forward to my the past three or four years of my life and I have a passion for running. So much so that I did zero cross training. I just ran - run Forest run. I didn't think I needed to cross train. If you have read some of my other posts you found that I need to cross train. I starte
  13. After my brief three week prologue of doing a half challenge, I am ready for my first full challenge at Nerd Fitness. I am now mostly settled in the new village I moved to in the Tahoe-Reno Shire and am eager to get back on the trail to continue exploring the forests, deserts, mountains, and valleys around my local shire. Most of my focus is on losing weight right now while trying to build endurance in hiking both in distance and elevation gain. My hope is that by next summer I will be in shape enough to start participating in a local hiking group activities that include peak bagging, week
  14. I begin my Journey amongst the Assassins with high hopes. After crossing mountains and forest to find them, I was anxious and tired when I did. I stood amongst them, unsure if they would greet me into their guild. Yet to my surprise I was acknowledged into the Brotherhood without much thought. They said seeing potential in me and opened their arms to start my training. The warmth and camaraderie was apparent and surprising. I did not expect such support from high ranking Assassins, yet I felt at home quickly. After getting my instructions from one of the experienced guild leaders I met up
  15. This is my first challenge, and I am ready to take it on! Goals: 1- Do 3 work outs a week. I am working towards overall fitness, but if nothing else, my arms will look good by the end of the six weeks. I am doing a mixture of yoga, P90X and Insanity, the Beginning Body Weight Workout, and working specifically on my arms. 2- Only eat sugar 2 times a week. I have a major sweet tooth, so I can treat myself twice a week as long as I can keep it together the rest of the week. This might be difficult because there is always sugar around my house (not my choice) but it is my choice if I want
  16. Well, it is time to stop waiting for Gandalf to show up and push me out the door for my adventure. I have been lurking around here, reading articles and posts for a few months. I did start doing the beginner body weight circut, but otherwise never really changed anything. Until the other day where I was playing Assassin's Creed and mentioned to my brother I'd like to take up Parkour someday. He laughed. Well boyo, we shall see who is laughing. Although really I should thank him. Apparently that was the last nudge I needed to take control of my life. So here I am. Current Physical Stats: Age
  17. Hello, everyone! This is my 3rd challenge this year, uhuuu!! Going strong. I am a 21 year old student, living with my parents, finishing school in 3 months and searching for ways of contributing in this life. I have chosen my goals for this time based on the experience i gained during the previous ones. If there is one thing that I have improved by using this forum and the 6WhCh format, is that I now know myself a lot better. And I recognise the importance of SUPPORT and COMMUNITY (the real one, but also the show ) This time around I managed to notify my mom on my intentions to lose weight
  18. After the awesomeness of the first challenge, and the real changes I’ve seen in my body, I feel like going for broke on this one. I’d really love to end up as a ranger; however, my speed and endurance are pretty low. This challenge I want to change that, and with the weather getting warmer it’s time I got back outside again and got running. With a focus on polishing up my newly trimmed body, I want to up my weight regime from “testing†to “difficultâ€; as an mark-able goal I reckon I need something really challenging to go for (for me anyway), so I’m going to attempt pistol squa
  19. Wahey, I remembered we had a challenge starting today whilst procrastinating at work, what an ace distraction. Post-Christmas, post-birthday, a perfect time to reshape my life. My main goals for this challenge are: 1. write up at least 2 of my thesis chapters into scientific papers (+4 WIS) 2. lose 2 inches from my hip measurement, that's 40" to 38" inches (+3 CHA +1 CON) 3. work out at least 4 times per week (+2 STA +3 STE) And my super special extra goal iiiisssss: 4. to see my 199th and 200th bird species (so I have some fun outside adventures from wintry Scotland to tell you a
  20. This is my declaration of my 6 week challenge for January 7-February 18th Goals: 1. Run 2-3 times per week. (shooting for at least one of those runs to be outside. Possibly with Chaos (new German Shepherd) 2. Clean up and remove any remaining gluten sources from diet. 3. by end of challenge be able to run a solid 10min or under mile Im running my first 5K on April 7th in the Retro Run with a team of friends. Some of them are veteran runners, and some of us are newbies. So it's a good mix of folks.
  21. Hello everyone, new member here. Background: Back when I was 15 I could play an entire basketball game without needing to go to the bench for rest. Then I had a hip injury and couldn't walk for half a year. I put on some weight during that time, but couldn't really exercise properly until 3 years ago. Still, I wasn't fit like I used to be. Last year in March 2012, I was 19 years old, 1,61m tall and 69 kg. Today I am at 61 kg. Determined to being fit again. Health Goals: Strength Training 3 times a week. HIIT for 10 minutes at least 2 times a week. Cut out soda. Life Goa
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