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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! My name is Cleatorus, same as my WoW handle, and this is my second challenge. I would consider myself a Mountain Dwarf type at 4'11" and 165lbs. I am looking to be a warrior/ranger hybrid for strength and stamina. I want to be an adorable nature-loving, hiking, gardening person as well as a strong self-sufficient badass. I used to play ITG/DDR constantly to keep in shape but after getting married and having a child my dance game routine has fallen to the wayside. I hope to get in more with motivation and encouragement from NF. I have been using the beautiful riverside park outside of m
  2. My name is Lauren, I'm a 25 year old Bostonian living in San Diego. I have always hated running, with a passionate fervor people usually reserved for supervillans. But with my move to San Diego and escaping the frigidity of New England winters I've found myself compelled to be outside as often as possible. There is this great place to walk near my work where I usually go to avoid traffic before heading home. I see people of every age, size, and athletic ability walking, running, biking, and rollerbladding around this large pond. These people and the beauty of the area has really inspired me to
  3. Name's Charlie. I have 9 years of MMA (mixed martial arts) up my sleeve, but since an injury last year I've had to stop. I'd love to get back to the level of fitness I was at and maybe get a little better at other things too, like running which I avoided like the plague, oops. On my rest days, I hope to dedicate myself to yoga to increase flexibility and balance. An example week may be Monday - running Tuesday - Upper body strength training Wednesday - Interval training (running) Thursday - Core strength training Friday - running Saturday - Lower body strength training Sunday - Yoga Main
  4. Hello, my name is Thalianost or Thal if you prefer. I am a lab technician with an acute intrest in medieval reenactment, specificly combat. Hobbies include, homebrewing, cooking, and making chainmaile. This will be my first challange, hope I get it right: Main Quest: Loose my gut and look like a superhero 3 goals: Lift at least 3 times a week Consume at least 200 g protein a day Sleep a minimum or 6 hours a night (i am a new parent and my wife gets up early for work, this is the best I can promise myself right now) Side quests: Walk around Ren faire in full armor 2 days Spar with ree
  5. It's a few weeks shy of a year since my last fitness challenge. I took a hiatus from my health and I have paid for it. I started out 2013 weighing 199lbs. I woke up this morning weighing 219lbs. I am 20lbs farther away from a healthy body than I was 9 months ago. I feel it. I feel heavier and things are a bit more difficult than they used to be. I feel that I have been avoiding NF and avoiding personal trainers and health enthusiasts because of guilt. I feel that not only have I let myself down, but everyone else, too. This has to change. After a year of hiatus and dismantling my health,
  6. Hi Everyone. This is my very first challenge. As you can guess I'm focusing on upper body for my challenge. I know it seems like an easy challenge, but I failed at getting to my goal on my own in the last two months, but I am much closer. So I'm keeping it easy and concentrating on something very specific. End Goal: 1 Pull-Up, 1 Chin-Up, 50 Strict Pushups Sub Goals: 1.) Do Assisted Pull-Ups and Chin ups 3 times a week. 2.) Do Push ups 3 times a week, starting with 5 sets of five (currently I can do a set
  7. Greetings! I am a paramedic for a local ambulance company. In my field all we have time for is fast food. For the two years I have been doing this job, I have gained 20-30lbs. and it isn't the healthy pounds. I want to do this program for my health and to build strength. My Beginning Stats: Weight-187.6 Chest-39.5 Hips-39 Stomach-40 Arms-12.7 Thighs(individual)-23 My challenges: 1)Body Strength. I will to build strength in my arms shoulders and back. I plan to do this by doing the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit 3x a week. 2)Weight Loss. I will lose ten pounds during the 6 weeks. I
  8. Hello! I am Sora, and this is not my first challenge. It's my fourth, actually. But there is one thing that makes it different then all of my others. As of today, I am no longer an adventurer. My first two challenges were utter failures, and then I finally found success in my last challenge. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that my time with the adventurers was over. I think by considering myself as something different then a beginner, I will start acting like one. I run cross country, and will be running track this spring. I am not by any means a great runner. I am act
  9. Alrighty, time for a good start! Current stats: 138.7 weight, 5'3" height working out 0-1 times per week Using Weight Watchers to help manage my weight/food intake, tracking about 5 days per week, usually a little over points by end of week. I've lost a lot of weight since 2006 or so (Start weight 215), been wavering around 140 for the last few years. I'm not strong yet, but I want to be. *edited to add potential Attribute points, personal rewards, weekly progress* *Note, due to WW, my 'week' starts Sunday, ends Saturday. Obviously I'll go the full challenge time, but this is how I w
  10. Well here I am. Back at the rebellion. As some of you may know, my first two challenges didn't go so well. My first one, back in August, had a good start. Then halfway through, I just kinda lost all motivation. My second challenge also had a great start. But about 4 weeks in (so close! ><), I just sorta came to a halt. I honestly don't have an excuse. I just got lazy. The worst part was that I had already completed most of my goals, or was on track to have them complete by the end of the challenge. So, here I am. Back for another shot. What I fear most is failure. Its just not somet
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