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  1. It's Tough Out There I don't think i'd be far off the mark if I said that everyone taking the six week challenge is going to need a bit of a push sometimes, and I also don't think i'd be far off the mark if I said that everyone enjoys a good motivational prompt. Especially if said prompt is a gif of Snow White high-fiving her seven dwarves. #GoTeam SO PLEASE - Throughout the next 6 weeks, let's fill this thread with motivational quotes, gifs, images and videos whenever you come across them, so that we can all have a constant stream of random goodness flowing into our challenge addled minds
  2. JoeBlend – Lv 2 Simian RangerMain Quest:I will unlock my simian beast mode, dropping fat, gaining muscle, doing things I've never done before, and taking tangible steps toward a career in the IT world. Training Quests: 1. I will strength train three days per week, following Jason Blaha's ICF 3x5 strength/bodybuildingprogram. Reward: STR+2, STA+2 A: 16+ days B: 14-15 days C: 12-13 days D: 10-11 days 2. 3 days a week, on non-strength days, I will walk or run at least 2 miles beyond my usual 0.8 mile walk to and from the Dudes' school. Reward: STA+3, DEX+2 A: 16+ days B: 14-15 days C: 12-13 days D: 10-11 days 3. I will photograph each meal (starting 1/6/15 as I just decided to do the challenge a few minutes ago) before eating, to give myself a better idea of what's going into my body, and to help remind me to make better decisions. Reward: WIS+2, CON+1 A: 37+ days B: 33-36 days C: 29-32 days D: 25-28 days Side Quest:1. I need to complete an industry certification to move forward with my educational goals, so I will study for, and schedule the test for the MCTS 70-680 certification by 2/15/15. Reward: WIS+3 This one is pass/fail. If the test has been scheduled by the end of the day on 2/15/15, I get an A. If I haven't scheduled the test because I don't feel ready or for any other reason, I get an F.
  3. Hey there! This is my first 6 week challenge so...this is gonna be interesting So let's get to it: Main Quest: Lose 25 Pounds Goal One: Workout Every Other Day I need to get into the habit of working out regularly to lose weight, increase fitness and build strength, so I am going to alternate between the Beginner Weights Workout and The DDP Yoga Energy Workout. S: Workout every other day, alternating between BWW and the DDP workout. M: Well.. I either workout or I don't. A: Yep...just gotta do it and overcome my laziness. R: I think it's a pretty realistic goal. T: My plan is to make this is a habit, but let's see if I can make it to the end of this challenge. A: 21 Workouts B: 18 Workouts C: 15 Workouts F: Less than 15 Workouts Goal Two: Fast Twice a Week In aid of weightloss and all the other benefits. S: Mondays and Fridays? M: Yep...Either I fast or I don't. A: Gotta resist dat food. R: I've done it before, I can do it again. T: As above. A: 12 Fasts B: 10 Fasts C: 8 Fasts F: Less than 8 Fasts. Goal Three: Say Bye Bye to Bread and Fizzy Drinks. I could eat so much bread... I will miss those sammiches. Will be looking for a paleo alternative tortilla wraps or something, but will be having eating tortilla wraps instead - will limit my consumption to 2 a week, I think that's pretty reasonable - don't wanna completely carb crash or anything Fizzy Drinks I think I can drop pretty easily. S: No bread. No Fizzy Drinks. Done. M: 0 bread...0 Fizzy Drinks... A: Definately. R: Yup. T: Well, if I can make it through the next 6 weeks, pretty confident I could say bye bye to bread and fizzy drinks completely. I either do this, or I don't - it's pass or fail. Side Quests: I want a couple, rules are meant to be broken, right? Goal One: Study 10 Hours Extra a Week. A: 15 Hours. B: 10 Hours. C: 8 Hours. F: Less than 8 Hours. Goal Two: Apply for a Better Job. My current one sucks. A: Apply, get an interview and get the job. B: Apply and get an interview. C: Apply F: Don't apply. I mean, if I apply and I don't get the job, at least I tried, right? Wish me luck! Tezra.
  4. Health issues tore me away for a while but luckily I'm very stubborn. I was not among the walking from May to September so I have a lot of ground to recover in my journey. I do not yet have the body of an assassin but as it is where I most want to be I have joined this guild. I'm very excited and a little bit nervous. My main goal is to become a healthier assassin by losing 10 lbs. and reaching level 5. Here's my specifics: 1) Do my pt stretches twice a day, every day. 2) Drink 13 cups of water a day for the first week to help flush out the holiday badness. Then drink at least 8 cups of water a day for the rest of the challenge. 3) Keep a detailed food log. 4)Complete a whole 30 with my family. I hope to make my new guild proud!
  5. Hi all, this is Jezarean. This is my second attempt at my first challenge. Last Nov-Dec I attempted a challenge but a couple of weeks through I received some very distressing health news from my doctor and I ended up a complete wreck and didn't finish. So now I'm back! I want 2015 to be a year of health and vitality. MY 6 WEEK CHALLENGE!! I want to get my mind and body back to a healthy state. I want to make conscious, mindful decisions when it comes to my life. In order to do that I need a reboot. The goals I have chosen will help me refocus my body and my brain. They will also help my motivation when it comes to making healthy choices. MAIN QUEST Each week: GOAL 1) Bikram Yoga x3 (+2 STR & +2 DEX) A= 18 Classes (+2 STR & DEX) B= 15+ Classes (+1.5 STR & DEX) C= 12+ Classes (+1STR & DEX) D= 9+ Classes (+1STR & DEX) E= 5+ Classes F= 3+ Classes or less GOAL 2) No gluten (+ 2 CON) A = 42 days (+2) B = 35+ days (+1.5) C = 28+ days (+1) D = 21+ days E = 20 days or less GOAL 3) Walking 3 hours (+ 2 STA) A= 18 Hours (+2) B= 15+ Hours (+1.5) C= 12+ Hours (+1) D= 9+ Hours (+1) E= 5+ Hours F= 3+ Hours GOAL 4) Practice Trumpet 2 hours (+2 WIS) A= 12 Hours (+2) B= 10+ Hours (+1.5) C= 8+ Hours (+1) D= 6+ Hours (+1) E= 4+ Hours F= 2+ Hours MINI QUEST WEEK ONE: SMART GOALS (TICK) For completing this mini quest you will receive an additional +1WIS at the end of the 6 weeks. MINI QUEST WEEK TWO: MAKE FRIENDS (TICK) For completing this mini quest you will gain an additional +1 CHA Let's do this! CTR ALT DEL
  6. Here's to a better challenge this time around
  7. I am new to this whole Quest/ challenge But I am giving it a go! 2015 is my year. I am a desk working by day and a massage therapy student by night. I am currently at 250-255lbs. At my heaviest I was 275-280. I lost about 35 lbs and have since put back some of that weight. Due to bad habits,emotional eating along with stress a sick family member . Weight loss is a big goal of mine and many good things are happening in my life it is now or never so I am going all in. I have all my chips on the table and I am DOING this. Main Quest Lose weight I am currently at 250 - 255 lbs and would like to lose 25lbs by the end of April. My main goal is to weigh 175lbs or less. I know it will be hard work but I can do it! Life Goals: Fit in to wedding dress and look fabulous (it may be a while but still) Skydive and not have to pay extra because of my weight Challenge goals/ quests Change diet to cut out the unhealthy things and focus on delicious healthy food. January 2015 I will be doing a Whole 30 and after the month is over I would like to keep eating paleo. Fast food is not my friend.It doesn't even taste good. A = Whole30 compliant with no slip ups B= 1 meal a week not compliant C= 2 -3 meals not compliant D = 4+ meals F= Any whole day not eating paleo or whole30. Do the Level one Dumbbell workout or Body weight level 2 workout 3 times a week A= 3 workouts completed every week B= Workouts started but not competed C= Skip a workout D= Skip two workouts F= skip 3 workouts Move while I am at work set alarms and walk around during the day instead of sitting at the desk all day. Take stairs instead of the elevator. Its only 6 floors. Jes!
  8. Main Quest Improve overall fitness and Health. Goal Weight is approx. 165 lbs (currently 150 lbs); Bench Press 100 lbs; Curl 30 lbs; Run 5k with no break. Actual body weight can vary however an increase should be expected. Challenge Quest 1: Complete all of my workouts for the next 6 weeks. I scheduled 4, 30-45 minute workouts in the week. Sunday: · 20 minutes of stretching (yoga) · crunches 15 x 2 · standard plank 1 minute Tuesday: · 50lbs squats 8 x 4 · 50lbs lunges 8 x 4 · 20lbs dumbbell curls 8 x 3 · 20lbs overhead dumbbell extensions 8 x 2 (per side) · Dips 8 x 3 · Hip rises 8 x 3 Wednesday: · 60lbs bench press 8 x 5 · Elevated push ups 8 x 3 · 10lbs flies 8 x 4 · Crunches 15 x 2 Friday: · Crunches 15 x 2 · 60lbs bench press 8 x 5 · 20lbs dumbbell curls 8 x 3 · Elevated push ups 8 x 3 · Dips 8 x 3 21 – 24 /24 = A 19 – 20 /24 = B 16 – 18 /24 = C 12 – 15 /24 = D Less than 12 = F Attributes: A = STR +1 DEX +2 STA +2 B = STR +1 DEX+1 STA +1 C = no attribute points Challenge Quest 2: Eat 3 large meals per day plus snacks and consume 2 1L bottles of water. Ensure meals contain a variety of fruits or vegetables, and protein sources. 113 - 126/126 = A 100 – 112/126 = B 88 – 100/126 = C 63 – 88/126 = D Less than 63 = F Attributes: A = CON +3 STR +2 B = CON +2 STR +1 C = no attribute points Challenge Quest 3: Consume 2 1L bottles of water daily. 75 - 84/84 = A 67 - 74/84 = B 58 – 66/84 = C 42 – 57 = D Less than 42 = F Attributes: A = CON +1 STR +1 DEX +1 WIS +2 B = CON +1 WIS +1 C = no attribute points
  9. Hey y'all, so I've been following NF for over a year now, but this is my first time participating in a 6 week challenge. I've been lifting on and off for about a year or so, but just got back into it with a solidly structured program (Strong Lifts 5x5) about a month ago. I tend to eat mostly paleo, but the last two months I've totally gone off the rails with holidays, weddings, and general laziness. I'm currently doing my second Whole 30 as a bit of a nutritional reset, but it's mostly how I eat anyways, so that's not a huge thing for me to deal with right now. Anyways, here are my three goals for this challenge: 1. Gym 3x a week to follow my program, which should lead to these lifting numbers for me: Squat - 195 lbs Bench press - 82.5 lbs Barbell row - 92.5 lbs OHP - 72.5 lbs Deadlift - 210 lbs 2. Clean paleo eating every day, but also eating enough (4 meals a day with ~6oz protein at each meal) 3. 8 hours of sleep every night My life goal for this challenge is to read 3 books over the course of the challenge. I recently got quite a few of Foucault's works and would like to make a decent dent in them over the next 6 weeks. Alexis_not_thecar, level 1 Amazon Warrior STR 3|DEX 1|STA 1|CON 3|WIS 3|CHA 4
  10. Hi all, OK, so I've been down and out for the count for ages. Breakdown, job loss, career change, recovery and healing of physical and other injuries/illnesses, and figuring out a new life, since I literally can no longer live the old. New year new life. Let's go. Main Goal: To train for the Jurassic Park Run on May 23. Updated 1-14-14 OK, so what I've learned now is that Im going too fast. SO new goal (I know i keep tweaking these, but thats what exploration is FOR in the first place) And Im annoyed cause I went back here and put stats in everything and now its all gone 1. FItness blender exercises 3X a week (I know they build in rest days, but I really need to take it slower - I forget I have injured muscles and have to take it easier. 2. Cto5K three times a week 3. No takeout. (I tend to eat clean so long as i dont order in) 4. Finish resume and linked in -- 10 minutes a day. (Im still stuck here, so sometimes just showing up at the page gives you answers.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Goal 1: Couch to 5K training/Zombies Bike daily Goal 2: Fitness Blender Low Impact bodyweight program daily (rest days are built into the program, so I dont have to worry) Goal 3: Log what I eat before I eat it. Life Quest: Job Hunting. One hour per weekday on resume/linked in/networking. I'll beef this up later, but wanted to get the main bits down. Best to all the rebels N*
  11. http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/58167-gryphons-jan-2015-6-week-challenge/
  12. Hi guys! First six week challenge on the horizon and feeling like January is a good time to start - people will be pumped and motivating each other IRL too! (That's a UK size 10/12.) HELP!
  13. Introduction Hi there! I've been lurking in the forums and chat room for a week or two, waiting eagerly for this challenge to start. Well, really I'm mostly eager to get into the Assassins guild. But all good things come in time, or something, right? I'm a middle school English teacher in Korea. And, well, let's get this thing going. Short and sweet because I'm tired and am reserving my typing energy for NaNoWriMo. Main Quest I want to be able to run, climb, jump, and be a bad-ass. I want to be as capable as Lara Croft is, to handle whatever comes my way. I want to be able to do handstand pushups on the edge of a cliff. Because I know I can do it; it's just a matter of getting there. Tasks 1. Do the bodyweight workouts 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. (a total of 18 workouts) ( STR 4, STA 2) Grading: A = 18 B = 12-17 C = 7-12 D = 0-6 2. Go without takeout meals (A = 100% B = 75% C = 50% D = 25% F = 0%) (CON 2) 3. Go to the climbing gym at least 2 times each week. (DEX 3, STA 3) (a total of 12 workouts) A = 12 B = 8-11 C = 4-7 D = 0-4 Side quest Life: Complete NaNoWriMo (WIS 1) So, everything neatly summed up in the goals part of my character sheet (check the link in my signature to make your own): Rewards: Well, being able to fit into three 'new' pairs of pants (gifts from my mom who hadn't seen me in a year) will be reward enough. Motivation: I want to be able to do anything and everything that Lara Croft can do, if I want to. I want my outside to match how I feel inside.
  14. Hi awesome rebels! I am a newbie here, have enjoyed browsing through a lot of the blog posts, loving the various brilliantly creative workouts and finally discovered the forum, right on time for the next 6 week challenge, so I thought, I'll join right in, yay! I am pole dancing since well over a year now - that one came as quite a surprise to me, but it turned out I absolutely love it and am literally hooked now - and I discovered this finally motivated me to start working out regularly to have the necessary strength. Even as a kid I was always mesmerized by acrobats and athletes in dancing (like ice skating dancers, or people on the trapeze in the circus) and marveled how great it must feel to have such strength and body control, to be flying through the air like that and be so graceful... well I am still marveling, and surprisingly found it is actually possible to learn, even for a slow learner like me. I'm bright on many things, but sports take a while with me. So this might explain my goals for this 6 week challenge, here we go: Main Goal: Build more strength (especially upper body) and body control measurable goals to that: - do a headstand without aid or wall - do 3 proper pull-ups without aid - hold an inversion on pole without hands Edit for S.M.A.R.T: I do think that is totally reasonable and doable, yes as Current status on each goal: - I can do a headstand against the pole - I can nearly (aaaaaaaaargh) do one pull-up at the moment - I can let go of one hand during the inversion, but not yet both So, I would like to do this - with the arms like that, just upside down: pretty basic I know, but for me it will be a Grand moment and I believe in celebrating all of those Quests: - do Angry Bird Workout 3x a week - train pole 3x a week (twice at home, once at class) - do yoga on break days (even if it's just 15 minutes) Grade for each quest: A = 17 to 18 workouts, B = 13 -16 workouts, C = 10 to 12 workouts, D = 7 to 9 workouts, E = 5 to 6 workouts, F = 4 workouts or less Edit for S.M.A.R.T: - the Angry Bird workout is such a no-brainer, even with warm-up and cool down it doesn't take long, yet trains especially my weaker parts (i.e. arm strength, upper body), so nooooooo excuses here - I did now always train at least once a week on the pole at home and once at class, so fitting in that third time is possible and I KNOW it will make a huge difference in my progress - which is my ultimate motivation, more fun - I used to do some yoga every day and got slacking now, this is meant to get me back into it without taking too much away from my pole training Life quest: - finish translation project (57 pages to go) Grade: A = 50 - 57 pages, B = 40+ pages, C = 30+ pages, D = 20+ pages, E = 10+ pages, F = less than 10 pages Edit for S.M.A.R.T: doing two pages a day should fit in my schedule, if I take the discipline for it and once I am into it, I love it, so usually do more. Which helps buffer days, where I for some reason can't after all. Also this is really just my own goal here, I don't have any official deadline by which I must be done. No stress if I do fall sick or anything. Motivation: have great fun at Level 2 pole training starting in January, enjoy the magic feeling of "flying" and being able to do stuff, I never thought I could being able to share the awesome book I'm translating with those waiting for it already Exciting stuff!
  15. This is a bit late, but as I've seen (and encourage myself to believe): it's better late than never! Hello, I'm Jubrain and I want to level-up my life. I've been on the mailing list for NF for almost a year now. The recent "Choose Your Own Adventure" article contained a Reddit story of a 46 year old man that hit me pretty hard. My father recently passed away. He was diabetic and disabled. For most of my life I watched him struggle to form healthy habits, the constant surge of motivation followed shortly after by regression. I find myself following a similar pattern. I'm 23 and starting to realize the years are going faster and faster. The things I put off, like school and hobbies, get away from me. I try to dedicate to working out, but can't seem to build the habit. I've led myself into a mundane, unhealthy lifestyle where my confidence has dwindled and I'm periodically depressed. I realize this is all my own doing. I also realize that I can't do this on my own, I need the support and accountability of like-minded people, and I can't get that from lurking around. It's time to rebel. So today I begin my first 6-week challenge, 11-14 through 12-26. Come Christmas I hope to have given myself a present no one else can: progress. MAIN QUEST: Build habits that cater to a healthier lifestyle Routine physical activityIncreased strengthLess joint painConstant learning, reflection and growthSUB-QUESTS:​ Lose 30 pounds (I know I can't accomplish this in 6 weeks, but I will strive towards this goal) Consume less alcohol (I love love love craft beer, I'm an avid Untappd user) Work processed food out of diet (cooking is my profession, but don't always make the time to prepare quality meals) Give the gym another try! (I've had embarrassing experiences in the past which has led to fear of working out in public)LIFE QUEST: Get my passport. Yesterday I bought a ticket to Ireland. I can't die with my money, but I can die knowing I've lived my life. I hope to make this the first of many international adventures. Woo. It feels good to get this all out and organized. I'm scared, but also excited.
  16. 6 WEEK CHALLENGE NOVEMBER 10TH - DECEMBER 21ST Hey all, Jezaraen here and super pumped to start a challenge. I have been a bit slack lately when it comes to discipline and motivation and I want to use this next 6 weeks to really work on building habits that will continue on to 2015 and forward! I have tried a few times now to successfully complete a challenge but to no success so far. I plan to change this! MY MAIN QUEST Stop yoyo-ing when it comes to diet and the food I put into my body. It's time to put my foot down and stop making excuses. The first step is to be specific with the food I put into my body, as well as focus on tasks that I know will help me develop a healthy mindset. My mind and my body need a fresh start. MAIN QUEST: Become a ninja and use world as my playground. SIX WEEK QUEST - NOV 10TH TO DEC 21ST: Lose 5 kgs! Goals to accomplish quest:NFA DB Level 2 (3x per week) STR +2Maintain Daily Food Log CON + 3Bikram Yoga (3x per week) DEX + 3Trumpet practice (2hrs per week) WIS + 2The reason for these goals is because each focuses on an area of my life that helps keep me feeling focused and happy. And the more focused and happy I can make the beginning process the more likely I am to follow through. It will also help with my emotional binge eating. I will post weekly updates to keep myself accountable and so I can monitor my progress. Let's get this done!!! Excited about going through this challenge and proving that I can follow something through.
  17. So here we go! I joined nerd fitness back in January, and have gotten a slow and steady start since really getting into it back in March. This is my first 6 week challenge, and it will be a mulit round challenge since I wouldn't be able to get through my main mission in 6 weeks safely. I have always been a stocky girl, and I have had a love/hate relationship with my body since I was in my early teens. The weight runs in the family on my mom's side, and my main motivation is to get ahead of the curve so I don't have health issues down the road. Feeling better about my body, and not seeing only the things I dislike in the mirror is my secondary motivation. All in all I am a fairly healthy/active person, but I don't have much self control when it comes to social situations/meals, and I need better portion control. Main Challenge Quest: To get to 130 lbs, and or a size 6. Minor Missions: Meet net calorie goal of 1240 daily Be gluten free at least 5 days a week Be active for at least 1 hour 6 days a week Life Quest: Be more confident and open to expressing myself and my needs. I am an overly giving person, and I tend to push my want's and needs aside constantly. While I am proud of the person I am, this is something I must balance in my life.
  18. I'm a little late to the party here, I know, but I've kind of been doing my own challenge for the past three weeks, so I'm just gonna hop on board and make this six-week challenge an extension of my own! I am Kyellan--by day, I am a datamancer. I weave spells in cryptic languages to conjure information from the impenetrable logic of databases, perform magic tricks on spreadsheets that cause things to appear precisely as I wish them to, and occasionally hold blood-sacrifice rituals to keep the servers from crashing... okay, that last one is mostly a joke. However, being a datamancer doesn't do much for the Constitution nor the HP totals. Even the little goblins (hunger, pain, fatigue) can knock me down with their clubs and sticks, and I'm sick and tired of getting beaten up by their puny hordes. My INT is pretty high, but at the cost of a lot of other things. That's why, for this first six-week challenge, I am dual-classing to Rebel Adventurer and raiding the goblin den! ---------------- Main Quest: Step on the scale and see my weight under 200 lbs for the first time since childhood before my 30th birthday (7/20/2015). Current weight: 245 lbs. Every adventurer starts small--no one goes to the dragon den at Level 1! So I'm going to start by beating up some of these goblins that constantly plague me, gain some XP, and get ready for the long haul during this first six weeks. Quest 1: 3 Strength Workouts Per Week (Friday, Sunday, Tuesday) If I'm going to beat the goblins, one of the first things I've got to raise is my STR score. I'm pretty sure I have a -2 to damage penalty, and we won't even look up what that would be under my favored system (AD&D 2nd). For this starter challenge, I'll be using the Nerd Fitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout. A: 3 Workouts/Week (+3 STR, +1 STA); B: 2 Workouts/Week (+2 STR); C: 1 Workout/Week (+1 STR) Quest 2: 3 Weapon Sessions Per Week (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday) Can't beat the goblins without a weapon! One of my goals is to feel in good enough shape to join a HEMA group and start learning some Western Martial Arts. I'm currently working with a sword, but to achieve this goal any weapon will do--club, staff, sword. This is to increase grip strength, wrist and forearm strength, and to get the precision I'll need for weapon handling. To make the grade, a session will have to be at least 20 minutes long. A: 3 Weapon Sessions/Week (+2 DEX, +2 STA); B: 2 Weapon Sessions/Week (+1 DEX, +1 STA); C: 1 Weapon Session/Week (+1 DEX) Quest 3: Fasting For Discipline One of the major things I've always lacked in my life is a measure of physical discipline. I'm great at the mental stuff, but when it comes to food, I've got just about nothing for willpower. To help combat this (and because I have done intermittent fasting in the past to good effect) my third quest will be about adding discipline through fasting. A: 4 16-hour fasts/week (+3 WIS); B: 3 16-hour fasts/week (+2 WIS); C: 1 16-hour fast/week (+0.5 WIS) Quest 3 Bonus: 3 24-hour fasts during the challenge nets a (+1 WIS) bonus at the end of 6 weeks! Life Quest: Maintain this thread with struggles and successes and see it through until 10/26! Motivation: I will be the outlier--I will beat the odds on family history, I will see my future child(ren) to a happy, healthy and productive adulthood, I will learn the Western martial arts of my dreams, and most of all, I will live despite the chronic pain that has plagued me for ten years, free from its shackles even if I still must live with it.
  19. So here I am. Previous to this attempt, I have failed to complete any other challenge I started. After a few days of getting my thoughts together, I've decided to approach my goals differently. Posting from mobile, I'm mostly getting my quest down and will edit the rest of the information in when I get home from work. MAIN QUEST: Shadow Manifestation lvl 1. In order to defeat one's enemies, they must be identified. Shadows are never truly destroyed, but they can be lived with. Once you identify and understand what drives your shadow - it can be forged into something greater. 1.) Keep a food journal: Shadow: I'm too busy to do all this mindful eating and drinking business. Besides its good that I'm actually eating, right? The TRUTH: Counting calories makes me twitchy and does weird things with my ED. But mindlessly trying to satisfy hunger is not helping me. The first thing I need to do is adjust to tracking my food WITHOUT judging myself. (Keep a food journal every day of the challenge. Just the food and drinks I consume.) 2.) Research how to make a gluten free diet work for me. Shadow: This isn't fair bread is cheap and easy to find and I'm sick of having to get rid of things I like why I don't want to how am going to pay for this this isn't faiiiiiir. The TRUTH: This goal, the whole making a gf diet workable for me. This is going to be the hardest thing I do. Bread is a big comfort food for me and it is the first thing I get if I get really hungry because it fills you up. However, if I keep doing this, I am going to make myself ill. So I have to find what I can eat that lacks gluten and won't break my finances. I should have a working list of food three weeks in that does not include any 'bready' gluten free things. At the end of the challenge I should have my staple foods and accommodating grocery stores listed in full. (Find 3 staple foods that I can afford, find three close stores that I can get groceries from.) 3.) Get. Moving. Shadow: This is stupid and it hurts, why are you trying to do all this stuff it takes years to get the physical conditions to do all this moving around, you really think an ex-smoker is gonna be able to do any of this? Take it easy. The TRUTH: I may never get to the point that I can do cool Assassin-y Parkour. Going at full tilt in the name of quick progress is going to do nothing but hurt me. I need to stop forcing my body to do something that is too strenuous and go slowly. Start with finding stretches that I can do, walking. Actually do them! (On days that I only go to school/entirely off from work I need to go on a walk. Included in this is research about basic stretches. By the end of the challenge I should have a list of 10 stretches that I have tested to make sure I can actually do them.) [bonus awesome, Aria of the Soul started playing in iTunes towards the end of the construction of this post.]
  20. Ahoy! me buckos! I be fresh off o' me latest adventure in t' lake o' level 1. Havin' surmounted me foes and succesfuly navigated t' a port it was time t' rest. With me crew and I well rested it be time t' set sail into t' sea o' Adventurers. Captain Coffee has taken t' life under t' black flag, as t' song says "it's a pirates life for me". With me sails unfurled, t' ocean before me, and me crew behind me nothin' will stop me from gettin' t' plunder I seek from t' world If you be brave enough t' join me under t' black flag, hop aboard and show me your pirate colors. Current Stats: Age: 23 Height: 6'2 Start Weight: 303 Total Lost: 4 Level: 2 STR 3.28 || DEX 1.64 || STA 2 || CON 3.32 || WIS 5.46 || CHA 2.64 Main Quest: The Baker's Dozen. (lose 13 lbs.) While I understand that weight isn't t' best metric t' measure success by, I feel like in me case it be warranted. I have quite an excess o' "booty" and t' goal be t' get t' a maintainable weight o' 200-215 lbs. This be best accomplished by breakin' it into small chunks. I be also lookin' for better fittin' clothes and more energy, but for now weight be t' best metric. Starting Weight: 303 lbs Goal Weight: 290 lbs Current Weight: 303 lbs Quest 1: Walk the Plank (walk 8500 steps a day) + Stamina Recently I hurt me aft (that means back for you landlubbers), and it's still healin', so takin' it easy and tryin' t' stay movin' A: 59,500 steps/week 100% B: 80% C: 60% D: 40% F: 20% (i think it will be easier to measure this by weekly avg.) Quest 2: Shiver me timbers! Let's get Limber: ( Yoga 5x a week) +2 Dexterity As I said, I hurt me aft, so I want t' stretch it out, and keep mildly active A: 5+ Days 100% B: 4 Days 80% C: 3 Days 60% D: 2 Days 40% F: 1 Days 20% INCOMPLETE: 0 Days 0% Quest 3: A pirate don't want none, unless you got rum, hun!: (Drink only water/tea/coffee) +3 Constitution Ol' Cap'n Coffee's been drinkin' way too many diet sodas, regular sodas, and sugary juices. Time t' cut aft.. Life Quest: Swab the Poop Deck (keep room, tidy and neat, before bed) +1 Stamina, Wisdom, Charisma I normally live in controlled chaos, but we're sellin' t' boathouse and movin'. We're goin' t' have strangers walkin' around t' house lookin' t' buy, and it needs t' be neat and tidy. This will include makin' me cot, and just general tidiness. Motivation: T' be t' most feared and respected pirate in all t' seas. T' get t' most plunder possible in t' short life assigned t' us. Thanks for readin' landlubbers, and if ye want t' be part o' t' most fierce and determined pirate crew around, stop by and say ahoy! Captain Coffee
  21. Hi, Rebels! My name is Parker and I'm a 160lb, 27% body fat, 5'7 19yr old female college sophomore wanting to take control of my health and gain better control over my own body (lifting it, being more flexible, ect). Parkouring has been a dream of mine since childhood ever since I played Sly Cooper and Assassin's Creed. I currently play on my university's Quidditch team as a Beater and I have come to realize that my endurance is low and my throw is subpar. I figured now would be as good of a time as any to take advantage of my youth and get that parkour body. I bike daily to all of my classes, and I have an hour long fitness class every Tuesday/Thursday, but I need support and encouragement from people who know what they're doing. Thanks in advance for your company, rebels! Main Quest: By the end of the challenge be a able to do at least 1-3 pull-ups. I can't even begin to lift myself at this point, haha. Weekly Goals: 1) Get 8 hrs of sleep every night 2) Do the body weight training 3x a week 3) Stop eating candy 4) Drink 3 Liters of water everyday 5) Paleo Meals Only If anyone has any advice for me, please respond to this! I am new to working out and being part of a community that does. I need all the help I can get and when I look back over this post, it is a skeleton that needs a lot of meat.
  22. Hello everyone! My name is Kim and I'm late to the party (and most things), but hey, that sounds like something to be addressed in a future side quest. This is my first time posting here ever, and of course my first Nerd Fitness Challenge. Here goes: Main Quest Lose weight and get fit! Goal 1 Exercise 6/days per week for at least 40min/day. One rest day. One additional, optional, guilt-free "excused" day. Life happens. I'll be doing pilates (Blogilates) because I like it and I know I'll do it. Alternatively, during nice weather I may go running for the same amount of time. This will be my biggest challenge. I enjoy exercise, but my exercise history has been impulsive and infrequent. Although I'm n ot a beginner, I haven't been consistent. I have found that staying active helps me stick to goal 2: Goal 2 Eat healthy. For me, that means eating primarily raw foods during the day and occasionally cooked vegetables with tofu/etc. at dinner. Default meal day: Breakfast = fresh juice. Lunch = fruit, or green smoothie. Dinner = steamed vegetables with tofu I will keep a food diary (via MyFitnessPal). If I eat something outside of my guidelines, I will track it and move on. Goal 3 Wake up earlier/go to sleep earlier (wake at 9). This is so I can make breakfast and pack a lunch for work (or pack lunch the night before, thank you to Blaidd for the suggestion.) My biggest setback when eating healthy has been skipping meals and overeating on junk food at dinner. This will also give me more time to myself, so instead of rolling out of bed and rushing to work, I can shower and get ready for the day. Heck, I might even try to exercise in the morning instead of evening! A good morning leads to a good day. I believe this goal will help me in more than one way. Motivation One day, I am going to have children and I want to be a healthy mother that they can look up to. I want to already be committed to healthy habits when I start a family. Also, I want to be hot AF. In all seriousness, I have always been on the chubby side. I want to feel confident with my physical self. It's now or ... now! Life Side Quest Pay off my 1K credit card bill. I will start by paying off $25/week minimum, every paycheck. Week 1: The Adventure Begins (One week late starting, so this is filler. lol.) Weight: 150 lbs. Exercise: 1 day/10 minutes (in a fit of rage might I add) Waking up before 9: Never! Life Side Quest: 303.37/1000 Thanks, college refund check!
  23. Introduction: My name is Renae. I work full time, attend school full time online, and have a 10-month old daughter. All these thing seem to make me fall into bad habits of snacking, and overall eating horribly, and not getting a whole lot of exercise. Main Quest: Get into a healthy routine for working out and eating. Quest 1: Complete a weight-lifting session 3 times a week. I currently have a plan in place to do this. I just need to make sure it gets done. Measurements: A = 18 days total, B = 12 days total, C = 6 days total Quest 2: Walk or Run 3 miles 2 days a week. Right now the week days I am not weight lifting I am trying to do cardio sessions, but I haven't been trying hard at all with them. Measurements: A = 36 miles total, B = 24 miles total, C = 12 miles total Quest 3: Eat a bag of frozen veggies worth a day. I try to have a spinach salad before dinner every day, but I forget and I usually add cheese and dressing to it. I think eating the frozen veggies will be easier to accomplish and keep up with my veggie intake as well as keep me full. Measurements: A = 42 bags total, B = 30 bags total, C = 18 bags total Life Quest: Receive B grade or better on my final 3 classes. After many many years I am finally being able to finish with an Associates degree in IT Management. These past years have been crazy and I have had a terrible time with school and grades. Especially now with my child. I need to focus and finish off strong. Measurements: A = 3 B's, B = 1 or 2 Cs, C = All C's Motivation: My #1 motivation is my daughter. I want her to see her mother strong, physically and mentally. I want to be a good example for how to live. With that I hope to inspire my husband to lose weight and eat better.
  24. ***This post is a work in progress, I'm just getting ready for the next challenge*** Main Quest: Run my first 5K Mission 1: Use C25K App 3 times a week Mission 2: Weight train 2 times a week Mission 3: only drink water and brewed teas Life Quest: Pay off my Credit Card Motivation: I have never been a runner. I walked the mile in PE, I gave up before I got to the run in the triathlon. My motivation is to complete the race - to run a race.
  25. Battlescars: Exodus This is it! I move across the country during this challenge. I’m pumped for the new adventure, but also terrified to give up the comfort and security that I’ve established here. It’ll be exciting, ridiculous, and probably frustrating as hell. But honestly, I’m too pumped to care. Los Angeles, I’m coming for ya. Brace yourself. Goals: 1. Post (at minimum) three times a week. (+3 WIS) This is a huge problem for me. I’m so bad at posting and keeping track of what I’m doing. I feel like posting more will give me an extra boost with the rest of my goals as well. This is a great community, and I want to be more active within it. 2. Go to the gym at least three times a week. (+2 CON) I can hear you now, “But battlescars! You go to the gym like, every day!†True, imaginary conversation partner, but things will definitely be different when I move. I’m afraid that I’ll stop seeing exercise as a priority when I get out west, so I’m making sure I stick to the habits I’ve made at home. Exception: August 10th-16th. I will be en route to LA. During this time, three alternative methods of exercise must be found. 3. Run an 8 minute mile. (+3 STA) I’ve bee making great progress with my running. I started out last challenge with about a 13:20 mile, and just yesterday I ran a mile in 10:37. I’d like to continue this progress, and hopefully make it to 8:00 within the next six weeks. 4. Assisted Pull up with 45lb counterbalance. (+3 STR) Started last challenge at 118lbs on the counterbalance, and I’m down to 85lbs. Six weeks to get down to 45lbs? Crazy talk! But let’s give it a shot. 5. Pitch a film for production. (+2 CHA) So I'm going to LA for a film studies program. I know I'm going to get the chance to pitch a film that I want to direct for production. I just need to do it. It's a confidence thing. I'll be okay if it doesn't get chosen. I just want to have enough confidence in myself and my work to put myself out there, and sell myself to others. Let’s rock this challenge, friends! Woo!
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