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  1. Sora

    VII - Sora Returns

    A long time ago, In a six week challenge far, far away… Hello all! I am, In fact, alive! Last time you heard from me, It was back in August of 2013, almost a year ago, when I was at a breaking point. I had an unrealistic amount of commitments, and the quality of the work in everything I did was suffering as a result. I had to leave my sixth challenge part way through as a result. It killed me to quit, there are few things that I hate more than quitting. But after considering my options, It’s what needed to be done. One EXTREMELY busy school year later, I am back. And I am sad to say n
  2. Hey, Listen! I know my first 6 week challenge had a Legend of Zelda title, but since the LoZ workout came out a few weeks ago, I thought I would use it as a focus of my next challenge. 2014 Main Goal: Get below 220 lbs. 6 Week Quest: Obtain the Master Sword This is going to take some hard work and dedication on my behalf. Goal 1: Temple Runs (Strength) Complete a full Temple by the end of each week. 6 Weeks = 6 Temples If I don't complete the next highest temple each week, I must at least go back and redo the previous temple before the week is over.(A= Completed Higher Temple; C = Compl
  3. After my last challenge I realized that biking all the time has gotten me into better shape, but at the same time has also geared my body into the same repetitious movements over and over that really are only working one aspect of my form. I want to obtain complete control over my own body. This is mostly inspired by a rereading of Musashi's Book of Five Rings (Go Rin No Sho) which I did as a pick me up in the last week of the challenge. Musashi often talks about how a warrior cannot separate his normal life from battle, both in body and in mind. I kind of want this to be my over arching su
  4. Hello All! I'm a bit late to the party, but they say better late than never. Guess I'll need to extend my challenge an extra two weeks. My goal is to look good to myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. I've been working out consistenly for the past year and am satisfied with my athletic ability, but I don't like the way my body looks in the mirror. I've definitely gained some muscle, but still have quite a bit of visible fat in my torso. I'm fairly sure that my diet is the main culprit, so that's what I'll be targeting in this challenge. I'm attempting to conform to the paleo (to be
  5. Heyo! I'm female, 41, live in New Orleans, and ready to get in better shape and lose some weight! This is my first challenge with nerdfitness, but I love the layout and the motivation -- it's totally working for me so far, and I'm excited to have the format of the 6 week challenge. My major goal is get into a size 12, comfortably. My quests: 1, Do a body strength circuit workout 3x/week. 2, No more sugar! (fruit is ok, and I'm going to start out allowing myself one cheat day/week. I'll judge the cheat day's effect on morale and adjust accordingly.) 3, get hydrated! Drink 2.5 - 3 24oz bottles o
  6. Hey all! Just found this site this past week, and I have to say it's the most motivating site I've ever seen for me! So down to the questing: Main Quest: Lose enough fat to fit into a size 10-12 by Aug 1 (currently a size 16-18) - Exercise a minimum of 5x/week - Get to bed by 9:30-10pm minimum 6x/week - Cut grains and soda to weekends only Life Quest: Study Japanese 5x/week I know I'm hopping in slightly in the middle of a challenge run, but gotta start somewhere, right?
  7. This is my first 6 week challenge. A friend told me about NF a few weeks ago and I finally decided to look at it about a week ago. So far, I've really liked the site and the articles I've read. But, enough about that; here is the start to my adventure: Main Quest: Get down below 220 lbs. (Starting: 252) Goal 1: Work out a minimum of 5 days a week. (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, F=1) Goal 2: Record meals (and snacks) everyday, even weekends. (A=7, B=6, C=5, D=4, F=3) Goal 3: Lose a minimum of 2 lbs. per week until goal is met. (-2=A, -1=B, 0=C, +1 = D, +2=F) Life Side Quest: [Home Improveme
  8. The sun streamed through the window lighting up flecks of dust hovering in the beams. Ceto sighed as she turned her face into the sun shine, eyes closing and muscles relaxing. Her thoughts began to drift away into the clouds and without realising she started to slump down deep into her chair. *Thwack!* "Ceto! Pay attention!" With a violent jolt Ceto was catapulted back into the room. Her eyes franticly flitted around the space as she tried to get her bearings and remember where she was, who she was and what on earth was going on. Eventually they settled on a big black tome laying on the
  9. Hi my name is Lailan. This is my second go at the 6 Week Challenge. My first attempt last year failed miserably. See the thing is I like bright, shiny, new things. I get all excited and hopeful at the beginning. But when this shiny new thing starts to fade, fear sets in and unfortunately I give up or shy away. I'm great at starting but I can't ever finish what I've begun. Half of the books I own are still book marked somewhere in the middle. My Hobbit reading is only at chapter 4. Yes I can already hear people groaning (LOL). I've got great excuses too. Like, I will watch LOTR and the Hobbit o
  10. Previous Challenge: Main Quest: Lose weight Score Goals: 1. Walk 30 mins. During lunch break 5 days a week A+ 2. Do bodyweight /HIIT workouts 3 days/week D 3. Stay on the wagon with Primal/Paleo diet B Side/Life Quest: Make a double monthly payment on mortgage. A+ DONE!! WOOHOO!! Motivation: I want to be fit and healthy for once in my life! The last year I've cleaned up my diet towards the Primal/Paleo lif
  11. Greetings all! I'm RK and my internet access is somewhat limited because I travel, a lot, and don't have a data plan. Thus why I'm posting late, not that it makes much of a difference I posted late every other challenge I've done (all one of them). My Main Quest is to be fit enough to compete with my husband in Tough Mudder. This year we were able to do a Spartan Sprint and I came out better than I thought I would, thanks to a dude that helped me over the walls. You're my hero nice dude. The side quests I'm currently working on are as follows: Run thrice a week, strength train at least
  12. 6 Week Challenge (Well... 9 weeks ) Hey so I joined NF a while ago but Uni and a variety of other things happened.. and so I fell out of my routine. Damn! Gained 10 kg and my fitness went downhill! So this challenge is about getting myself back to having better diet and exercise habits. Main quest Get down to 65kg and be able to run a 5k. My method for doing this is: (1) To lose 5 kg in the 6 week time slot, working my way down to my weight goal. I will do this by; a) Not drinking anything aside from water/tea/milk/hot chocolate/pepsi max Making my lunch and eating it at least
  13. Ok rebellion, here's my inaugural 6-week challenge. As I posted in my first introduction, I had a recent awakening and have shifted to a major period of leveling up my life in many ways. First and foremost was making fitness and weight loss major goals in my life. So... Ultimate Goal: To continue my weight loss journey, and reach 180lbs by my friends wedding on June 21st. Weight today, April 14: 212lbs. How I'll do it: 1. Walk to and from work each day (5.4 miles), with at least an additional hike on weekends.* 2. Complete the BBWW 3x weekly, with a focus on good form (I'm looking at you
  14. A latecomer here. Do I have room here? I guess so So after a year joined rebellion I gonna give it a try. To know my background and my current condition, read my intro Main Quest >>> Deadline: August 10, 2014 Build MusclesGain StrengthGet FitGet a healthy bodyI guess, first thing I want to make right is my sleeping habit. Currently I go to bed around 1 AM. But it take 1-3 hours to fall into sleep and I usually wake up around 11 AM. Sometimes I sleep for 2-3 days continuously. Sometimes I don't sleep for 1-2 days. One reason of this terrible sleeping habit is my medicines. Earli
  15. As the Band, recovers from their battle with the Skeletons, they journey north until they find that their only route is through a cave. They stay hesitant as any one knows nothing good comes from dark solitary caves. "It's the only way." GC said, breaking the silence, "I know." Red and Blue reply simultaneously and with simultaneous grief. "For the record, I hate caves, too many random bats encounters." Red said. Blue and GC replied, "Duly noted." After some time in the caves, the Band finds themselves tired, and sat down to some bizarre rock formations. "These are... strange." Red notices.
  16. I found this website yesterday and I kind of love it, it's really making me want to get fitter. I have a terrible track record with this stuff, I just do stuff for a little while and then get bored/tired/forget about it but not this time! Main Quest: Get toned up Missions: Do the beginner bodyweight workout every other day.Run at least once a week (bonus points for going more than once)Reduce chocolate intake. I think I'm about a week late to this but I went running yesterday and spent the last week walking up hills everyday so I figure I'm still on track to make progress here.
  17. Greetings, Fellow Nerds. A little bit of background info about me: I started following a low carb diet (not Paleo; I consume dairy) a couple of months back.I'm not overweight, but I could definitely do without a few pounds of fat on my upper body. The journey hasn't been as fruitful as I'd expected. I slack off more often than I probably should. Fighting the urge to grab that cookie/pizza slice has been a bit tough. Hopefully this would be the first of my many 6 week challenges to come. It would be great to receive support from fellow nerds on this quest. Main Goal: Work hard to lose appro
  18. MAIN QUESTMain Quest: BADASS LARPerFit into size 12 clothes andwalk up 80 acres hill at a steady pace without taking breaks.Goals: 1. Do 5 min workout 5 days a week. 2. Practice hand stands a la Beginners Guide to Handstands. 3. Cut the Sweets. One treat per week. SIDE QUESTSLife Side Quest: Completed budget with debt snowballMOTIVATION Motivation comes down to wanting to be healthier, fit in my clothes and not be wasted a 1/4 of the way up the hill where we LARP. Once upon a time I was lean and strong and wore a size 10. Physically I was at my healthiest then. I want that energy, focus
  19. Complete all obstacles in the Warrior Dash Saturday June 14th Valerius has finally leveled up enough to stop being an ordinary citizen on the Planet Earth and become a LVL 0 Hero and rebel. His first quest is to complete the Warrior Dash and all of its obstacles. This is only his first step in becoming the hero of destiny. I. Changing your training habits 1. Run on your off days from lifting (Tues. Thurs. Sat.) 2. Drink no Soda 3. Drink 8+ glasses of water daily. II. Increase your Stamina 1. Each Day you run, run a little further with better time. 2. Alternate dista
  20. Alright folks, it's time for everyone's favorite resident zombie to post up his plan for what the hellBuySomeApples! he is going to do as hismain quest in the path to a fitter, (and harder to run away from when brains are on the menu) bag of bones! My main method of control for this is to start and finish the P90x workout regimine (Classic as I'm out of shape) and then look at getting into something else as time moves on. While the whole goal is something that would take much greater than 6 weeks to accomplish (dropping 45 lbs in that amount of time is incredibly unhealthy), I do plan on my
  21. Main Quest: Reclaim my 'fighting' body (by opening day of KCRF 2014 - 30 August 2014)Lose 25 poundsFit back into my size 2 clothesMake it through a full 30 minute fight show (Bawdily Harm), in a bodice/corset, without nearly passing out or even being windedGoals: Get 8 hours of sleep every night Exercise (pilates or cardio) for at least 1 hour, 5 out of 7 days each week Go to Aerial Silks class or go rock climbing once a week Life Quest: Start being on time, if not early, everywhere I am supposed to be. Motivation: I have been generally unhappy for well over a year; gained 30 pounds in about
  22. My first quest is over. My first quest was designed to prepare me for the long journey ahead of me. My goal is to loose 35-40 pounds of fat over the course of this year. I gained the majority of the fat I have after I had a miscarriage. My metabolism is different from what it used to be, so the way I gain and loose weight is completely different from how I would gain and lose weight three years ago. Regardless of how my metabolism has changed, I need to loose this fat and develop healthy eating habits. My first reason to lose this weight is for health reasons. Diabetes runs in my family and
  23. If you are trying to clean up your diet and sugary sodas are your nemesis, like they are mine, you may want to check out this Player vs. Player (PVP) challenge. You will need to be participating in the upcoming 6 Week Challenge to be part of it. We can use a little friendly competition to help us kick those empty calories out of our diets together... Hope to see you there!
  24. Hi! If sugary sodas are your nemesis, like they are mine, and you are participating in the upcoming 6 Week Challenge, you may want to check out this Player vs. Player (PVP) challenge. Hope to see you there and we can all work on kicking those empty calories out of our diets together, using some friendly competition!
  25. Hello Nerds My name is Tom I'm 22 and I'm going to do the Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge! I've recently started my journey to to the light side and I am already seeing positive results. I'm eating better and managed to quit smoking,which is the best decision I ever made . Taking part in the 6 week challenge is going to give me an incentive to work harder towards the physical level I want to be in. Main Quest Lose 8 kg (17 lbs) Goals Complete app workout 3 times a week. (it is similar to the "Beginners Body Weight" work out, but will make it easer for me to record using a phone app)
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