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Found 6 results

  1. Checking in and starting my next challenge! I'm currently down 23.2lbs and loving it! Over half way! Only 9.4lbs to the first goal of 210, and 19.4 to the second goal. Since the start of the last challenge I lost about 4lbs. Had a difficult time for a couple weeks as my grandma passed away but i'm using my strength to remember her and continue going in her name! I did also acquire my first belt in Krav Maga! On to level 2 It was one of the hardest tests I've accomplished. Both physically and mentally challenging. Around 30 weeks or so and the level 2 test will take place! I've updat
  2. Hello! I kind of fell of the wagon pretty hard a while back, and have now found out what caused me to fail time and time again... Motivation! Now I find myself in a bit of a predicament... About 5 years ago, I had gone traveling. It was difficult, I was pretty out of shape, overweight, and did not eat well. Because of this, I was not able to do most of the things that I had gone travelling to do (Hiking some mountain trails, exploring, etc) and my 25 year old self said... "Next time I come, I will be able to do all of this, and more!" It has been 5 years, and while I have always wanted
  3. Enough of sitting on the sidlines being on the mailing list. It is time to get more involved in the NF c community, Six Weeks, Let's Go!! Main Quest To build muscle and get strongerWorkout at least 4 times a weekEliminate soda 6 days out of the weekCardio 1-2 times a week (least favorite activity)Side Quest Help others on their main questMeditate moreHave a profitable crafting businessFinally post something on my blogQuest Items pull-up barmy bodybicyclemagnetic bicycle trainerWiiU (WiiFit,Pedometer, Dancing Games)Jump RopeMotivations Inspire my familyLive longer than my father (passed away
  4. THE JOURNEY CONTINUES... Installment three. MAIN GOAL. Lower bodyfat percentage. ADDITIONAL GOALS FOR THIS CHALLENGE. Stick to personal trainers 21 day Paleo meal plan. Blog about it. LIVE IT. Work out 6 days a week in some fashion for at least 30 minutes. Drop the self-depreciation. Seriously. LIFE QUEST. One craft project a week with my children. One main craft project for myself for the duration of the challenge. MOTIVATION. This weird and oddly humbling feeling that I discovered whereby it's okay to live in the moment and not sweat the small stuff. It's given me so mu
  5. I'm a vegetarian training for my second marathon (it's in October--I have a long way to go). I'm an experienced half-marathon runner, but I'm just coming off an injury and I really need to start cross training better/smarter. Before the injury, I was up to 14 miles for my long run and had just completed my first half-marathon of the season. I'm also a vegetarian and I'm playing with the idea of becoming vegan for ethical reasons, so I'm going to use this challenge as a way to explore the field. I'm stuck in a breakfast rut and have a gluten sensitivity, so I'm worried it's going to be too hard
  6. Okay, So this is my first challenge and my third post on the NF forum! I want to get this journey going. I want to start off reasonable and small... Goals: (My Level-ups!) Lose minimum of 10 lbs lost.down one size (in any clothing ex: shirt, underwear, etc)able to go up the stairs w/out feeling windedDo more than 5 Push-upsClean up my eating (Paleo!)My Mini-Bosses: Making my own meals (aka Cooking)Preparing Lunches/Meals ahead of timeGoing to the gym regularly (join the gym...)Chocolate (need I say more?)I love this idea of Real Life Roleplay, (or whatever it's called...) I LOVE D&D and
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