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  1. Greetings friends, Jen of Arc's Origin Story is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/user/43780-jen-of-arc/ I live on the Space Coast of Florida. I share an island with a few thousand other people and the Kennedy Space Center, where my husband nerds for a living. My first 6-week challenge as a recruit is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/71448-jen-of-arc-joins-the-battle/ I work as a part-time editor and writer and have the dubious distinction of holding two B.A.'s, in English and History, but no teaching degree, which makes me a questionable contribu
  2. I know I want to be a Ranger, but boy do I have a lot of work to do. I joined the Academy a week or so ago. This is me moving forward.... The long view: 1. I want to be stronger, mentally and physically 2. I want to be more active 3. I want to live an interesting life My big goals: 1. 20% body fat 2. Strong arms (you can see the delts and biceps without flexing) 3. Running an 8 minute mile Here's my first 6 week challenge 1. Complete the 10 knee push-up quest. Currently I can do 3, and the rest are incline. 2. Complete :30 seconds of knee-highs without stopping or slowing down to a jog. Cu
  3. My ultimate goal is to fit comfortably into UK size 14 trousers. To do that, I need to drop a dress size and I want to do this by losing fat. I feel like I've got a good grip on workouts and food / diet so this challenge is about getting through a stressful time at work by making good use of my spare time, looking after the basics whilst still indulging my creative side. 1. 200k steps! STA+2 CON+1 CHA+1 Strap on the pedometer, get up and walk around. A = More than 221k steps B = 211k steps to 220999 steps C = 200k steps to 210999 steps F = Fewer than 200k steps. 2. Powerpoint! WIS+4 My emp
  4. Hello! Total noob here, & I'm really excited to begin my first challenge! I came to NF because I'm tired of being a 25-year-old girl living in the body of Volstagg the Voluminous. I used to be fit & healthy and loved working out more than almost anything else, but an injury & financial and family stress in the last year led me to overeat again & gain over 90 lbs, and now my body can't endure the types of exercise I used to love without pain and damage to my back and knees. My self-esteem is at an all-time low, and I'm terrified to let anyone see what I look like now- I skipped
  5. Fitness: Signed up to works once weekly soccer today, it is Monday nights starting today. This is part of a deal swung with the boyfriend, I play soccer once a week and he lifts weights/does kettlebells with me once a week! So those two will happen weekly. Found out on Halloween the dog gained 20 lbs in the past year, not a good look on a 7 year old great dane that started out at 130 lbs. So I'm putting him on a controlled intake diet from free feeding but I want to start walking/running him once a week. I need to get some reflective gear for him, his boots are reflective but we learned la
  6. Hello! Total noob here, & I'm really excited to begin my first challenge! I came to NF because I'm tired of being a 25-year-old girl living in the body of Volstagg the Voluminous. I used to be fit & healthy and loved working out more than almost anything else, but an injury & financial and family stress in the last year led me to overeat again & gain over 90 lbs, and now my body can't endure the types of exercise I used to love without pain and damage to my back and knees. My self-esteem is at an all-time low, and I'm terrified to let anyone see what I look like now- I skipped
  7. Main Quest I'm here to get stronger. I'm here to get bigger. Over the next six weeks I want to increase my lifts 10-15lbs. I've been doing Stronglifts since January, and I know I'm starting to plateau for the first time, so for this challenge I'm going to push myself harder because I've never tried my best at anything and I think it's time to start. Smart Quests 1. Continue following the Stronglifts program. This, so far, has been the most satisfying workout I've ever done, and I know it can make me even stronger. Lately I've been only doing it once or twice a week, so for 6 weeks I'm d
  8. The battles keep coming, so get up and fight. Growing up, I loved the animated X-Men series. In fact, those were my first comic books. I know I’m not alone, but Rogue remains my favorite of the X-Men. She’s got her own demons, and she doesn’t always get it right, but at her core she is good. And she’s kicking ass and taking names. My last challenge, I fell off the face of the (NF) Earth, and then I skipped the next challenge. No excuses. It was unkind (to myself, and to those I was cheering on). In that time, I completed physical therapy for a minor shoulder injury, my first 10K, a
  9. Fellow Nerds, I have been excited about this challenge for weeks now! It is finally time to put up or shut up! My name is Chris, and I am FINALLY not scared anymore! Not scared of the gym, not scared of failure, not scared of my abilities! I have been lurking for the past few weeks, getting ideas for the goals of my first challenge. What amazed me the most, was how much support everyone received...so I am here to support and be supported. Let's make some habits! Main Goal: (Reward Driven...) Get down to 220 lbs. I haven't weighed 220 lbs. since 2000, when I got out of US Army Bootcam
  10. Red and his Band of Brothers were leaving the Library of the Ancients, heading to the nearest town to find some tranquility, but when they got there, the town was abandoned, not a soul around... not a living one, that is. For, the ground burst opened to reveal a Skeleton demon. "At LAST! You've COME! Now, I can EXACT my REVENGE!" The Band of Brothers looked at each other in confusion. "Uhhh... What are you talking about? We have no idea who you are." "GAHhhh... is THAT so? TAKE a GOOD look AT me! I'VE defeated YOU before WITH my MASTER present, BUT now I shall KILL you ALONE! I AM YOUR DOOM!"
  11. Whenever you need to make a lot of progress in a hurry what do you need? We need a montage. This will be a six week montage going from fumbling my way through my tasks to mastery of them. By April Sixth I hope to master my chosen tasks. Goal 1 Bodyweight Mastery The ability to have your body and your complete control is a hallmark of an assassin. I have a series of movements I want to perfect. This will build upon the progress of previous challenges. Handstands-I will continue my handstand work. I want to be able to hold a handstand for 60s with wall support and find my equilib
  12. I started a week ago transitioning to a Paleo diet, via NerdFitness. Finally, today, I decided to join the ranks of the rebellion as I have seen some drastic changes within 7 days. When I woke up today, I was down 8 lbs since last Monday. With other things that took place over the week, I am a huge believer in the Paleo way-o-life, and find myself highly motivated. So... here goes... Main Quest: To lose 25 pounds My Missions: To drink 64 ounces of water a dayTo workout 3 times a weekTo limit any junk food/cheat meals to one meal a weekSecondary Quest: Life Quest: To pay $1000 in debt
  13. My goals for the next six weeks: Have a solid habit of going to the gym/working out at home AT LEAST four times a weekBuild the habit of eating all-paleo six days a week (except for breakfast-- granola bars are just so tasty and easy!).Be comfortably fitting into my jeans that are a little too tight right now (I have a particular pair in mind)Go to the next notch on my beltFit into my dress pants again!My reward: A brand new outfit! I love getting new jeans. I'm going to train pretty hard, so maybe I'll have even dropped a size! I have three weeks of working full-time, where it'll be easy to
  14. Checked this out around June 2013, rolled my ankle bad and trashed my fitness abilities... So here I am starting my adventure a bit late! Background: Race: Half-Gnoll. Based on a few D&D sites and how I view my current abilities; Dexterity and Constitution seem to be my strong suits. Currently, I am an intro-level endurance runner running around 8-11 miles a week in 2-3 sessions (when I get around to it) and I also play on a Gaelic Hurling team locally and scrimmage with a soccer team occasionally. However, just like full blood Gnolls, I am constantly caught up in the pack-animal be
  15. My first challenge on Nerd Fitness, so I guess I'm technically still in the newbie zone. I'm not entirely sure how to organize this post (this is its second iteration, haha), but I figured something is better than nothing, so here we go~ Main Goal: Begin Strength Training Complete routines 3x a week every week for the duration of the challengeWork in a powerlifting routine at some point in the challenge (ideally mid-way through!)Continue following paleo dietSide Quest: Get Organized Organize Semester 1, 2, and 3 notes by subject to prepare for NAVLEsAttempt cooking ahead for a week... Th
  16. "I have to admit, there's something I've been hiding from you," The Villager said out of the blue, "Huh? What are you talking about?" Red replied. "I'm not really who I say I am." "But you never said who you w--" "I've been, in fact, watching you from afar, and when you fell back into time, I saw this as an opportunity to observe you firsthand." Red with a worried look in his face, said, "You've been stalking me?" "Ha ha ha, no. I wanted to see if you're able to handle my little test. Interested?" The mysterious Villager asked. "But only take it if you're willing to face the possible consequen
  17. Just in time for the 50th Anniversary special (and my birthday this month!) it's my wibbly wobbly, timey wimey challenge! TIME LORD style. Ooo eee ooo... (SO excited!) Epic Quest: Reduce my body fat to 24% Motivation: Increase my athleticism to improve my chances of surviving the Attack of the Cybermen, the Dalek Invasion of Earth, the Waters of Mars, or the Horror of Fang Rock To travel with the Doctor I need to: 1. Basically, RUN. "Run for your life!" You might not think it, but traveling in time and space requires some serious cardio fitness. Fortunately, I'm train
  18. Hi I am Ashley, I've been lurking around this site for a few months now and joined today, so this shall be my first challenge. Let's see how it goes Main Quest: 1-Change eating habits (adopt a mostly Paleo lifestyle) 2-Lose some weight while I am at it. 3-Increase physical activity Side Quest: Life-Save money, live better. Wait a minute... Fitness-Hike up a mountain hillside without hyperventilating Motivation: To be healthy so I can participate in this adventure called life. Ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle, the first cut is the deepest or something.
  19. Forgive rambly purple start. Or don't. I'm not a cop. Picture a sweeping plaza outside a massive stone castle in your favorite MMO, full of low-level new kids milling around in basic rags. One guy has stripped to his elvish undies and is running back and forth and jumping on stuff, some 13-year-old is spamming the chat with nonsense, a couple Lvl 80s are strutting through and showing off their fancy glowing swords and conjured ghosties, and then there’s me. schulace LVL 0 | Female | Human | Adventurer 5'9†| 157lbs | 23yrs Equipped: Yoga pants and a sports bra, neither of which have be
  20. This is partly me thinking aloud (I guess not aloud - thinking atype?), but I figured I'd post it up because I'm interested in feedback from more experienced rebels! Greetings. This is gonna be my very first challenge! I've been trying off-and-on to get fit for a long time (more on my history and fitness level in my introduction post). I've nailed down some pretty healthy eating habits, but so far I haven't succeeded in sticking to a workout routine. So, my overall goal is to change this. My main quest: Forge a habit of working out at least 4x per week. So, that's sorted... but what's t
  21. Last we left our Hero, he, idiotically, flung himself across time and space... "Crap! I'm in some land I've never seen before and I've no idea how to get back..." "You know, it's pretty strange to hear you talking to yourself over there." The Villager said as he led Red towards the town. "We'll be there soon, it's just through this valley, we need to take our time and we'll be there safe and sound." But Red was lost in his thoughts, "So how did those words go again? Was it layer upon layer? or was it something else?..." The Villager simply carried on, "You know, if you keep forgetting to sto
  22. Hi there Scouts! I have never been a runner. Growing up I honestly found it quite boring unless I was playing tag or being chased by rabid squirrels, depending on which day of the week it was. Plus the associated pain and panicked breathing always wound up with me making a list of tortures I'd rather be enduring long before I'd reach the finish line. But then 6 months ago I went and did something stupid. Something that would make my momma hug me with pride before slap me for being so moronic. I agreed to do a marathon with my friend. My immediate reaction the next day was "WTF was I
  23. Hi everyone. So I saw the Six-Week Challenge email and decided to sign up. First timer here. Wrote down my goals and such, and excited to start working towards becoming who I really want to be. Here's what I have: Main Quest: A healthier version of me Goals: Be able to run a 5k without stopping Eat healthier options / start cooking more More nature hikes Side Quests: Life Side Quest – Pass history course Fitness Side Quest – Decrease mile time Motivation: I am doing this challenge to better myself, not only in my fitness stage, but in my personality and life as well. Any wor
  24. Hello! I'm idealist. I'm a newcomer to this board and a college student. I discovered this board through googling 'parkour' (I've wanted to do parkour since freshman year), read a bunch of the links, and thought it was a breath of fresh air from the usual television-doctor type of garbage that took advantage of women's anxiety about their appearance and made money off of it. This cynicism stopped me from making any plans to improve my health even after my mom called me fat. Would I be giving in to their game? Don't get me wrong, part of my motivation for working out is getting rid of my gut an
  25. Right. So here it is. I attempted another challege a few months ago, and failed. I was trying to do too many things at once. While I think taking away the attribute points is a bit extreme (and while I'm confused about how people could be confused about calculating them--it's not very complicated) in some ways I think it is a good idea. It might help me, anyway. Here's the background for my challenge. I've been a 1st Kyu Brown Belt for more years than I care to remember, and that needs to change. Pretty soon, I'll be leaving for college and I won't be able to continue at my studio.
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