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  1. Time for that new challenge thread. Going to do something "NEW" this time around. I am going to count my macros and drop the remainder of my weight by May 15th. Just a little over a month. Going to go ahead and calculate everything tonight. Probably going to drive my wife crazy with my obsessive measuring but hey I need to drop this to get out of here. Will continue with 5/3/1 Monday through Thursday, do an arm day on Friday, walk/run with the puppy on Saturday and Sunday go for a hike. Each day is going to have a different caloric limit I believe due to the nature of the days exercise. Obviously Monday through Friday will be higher due to lifting. ZERO cheat days! Can't afford any anymore. Also going to be doing body measurements (inches) every Saturday and progress pics, Just got myFat Gripz and looking to see what kind of impact they will have on my biceps/forearms. Initial measurements to come tonight Here are my stats: Height: 6'1" Weight: 230lbs Body fat Measurement (calipers): Waist Size: Bicep Size R/L: Forearm Size R/L: Thigh Size R/L: Calf Size R/L: Here are the steps that I went through to figure out my macros. Please yell at me if they are wrong/you know a better way Step1: Target Calories (Weight X Activity Level) = Target Calories Activity Level = 11~ Sedentary Job & Little Exercise 12~ Active Job OR Sedentary Job & training 2-3 times a week 13~ Active Job & training 2-3 times a week OR sedentary Job and train 4-6 times a week 14~ Active Job & train 4-6 times a week OR athletic training OR training multiple times a day So I put myself at a 12 (I have a sedentary job and do work out 4-6 times a week, HOWEVER I am attempting to cut so I knew that this would put me at a deficit. (Only about 250 less but still it's something)) My numbers (230*12)=2760 Calories Step 2: Protein! 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight My numbers 230lbs=230 grams of protein Step 3: Fat Choose between .3 and .6 .3= lower fat higher carbs .6 = higher fat lower carbs Multiply Fat number by body weight I chose .5 on my fat intake; want to keep the carbs lower My Numbers (.5 * 230)= 115g Step 4 Carbs Okay this one took me a little bit of calculating to get the right number s but I think I got them now Total Calories – ((Daily Protein * 4)+(Fat * 9))=Carbs My numbers (2760-((230 * 4) + (115 * 9)))/4= Carbs (2760-(920+1035))/4=Carbs (2760-1955)/4=Carbs 805/4=Carbs 200=Carbs This seems very high so if I go back and adjust my fat then it should lower the carbs. Will plan out food tonight to see if it really is or not So my end numbers are Total calories: 2760 Protein: 230 Fat: 115 Carbs: 200 Physical Goals: Monday: Military Press 5/3/1 Tuesday: Deadlift 5/3/1 Wednesday: Bench Press 5/3/1 Thursday: Squat 5/3/1 Friday: A mixture of Armageddon and FatGripz Arm workout Saturday: Walk/Run with Dog (depending on work schedule) Sunday: Hike with Dog Hit every day A+ Hit 38 days B Hit less than 38 days F UPDATE EVERY DAY! Even if it is a quick YEP I WORKED OUT update. Work on story/book atleast 15 minutes every day (anyone interested in seeing what the book is about PM me and I'll send you the prolouge) Tell me what you think
  2. Hi, Im getting married August 15, 2015, and my bachelorette to Cancun is May 29, 2015 OMG, ive got 6.5 weeks, and this is my challenge: 1. To lose the most of fat that I can doing kickboxing 3 days a week and step for 2 days a week for an hour each, and rest 2 days for cardio. 2. For muscle building Im going to do The lower body 2 - 3 days a week and for upper body 2 days. 3. Kind of a paleo way of eating (no refined sugars, no flours, no bread or pasta, no cakes or pastries) Im saying kind of beacuse sometimes maybe I will eat a corn (mazorca), and maybe beans, but I will try my best to not eat them. 4. Continue with the process of New skin in my face with the treatment. (As I have one week since I started) This involves taking care of my skin and my face. 5. Get done as much as I can with my Wedding, because the days are counting (124 days until wedding day) Thats it, I guess im a recruit or something like that because is my first time in this challenge
  3. The quest: N7 Training Havock style This is my first challenge as a Ranger, and I'm really looking forward to it. I have participated in several challenges in the past, and although I finish I always forget to keep logging my progress after a while. Or just get self-consious about the progress I'm making, which is just ridiculous and no way for a N7 Marine to act. I got my bantha poodoo together last year but have been lacking in the logging/keeping track of progress department. This challenge is my way of working on that. Oh and obviously I love Mass Effect... Fitness Goals: 1. 5k in under 40 minutes, because Specters need to run. Plan: Going to alternate my gym days so that every other day I'm working on running either on the treadmill or track. Currently: I went from running a 5k in 48 minutes to 40 minutes this past year. But I really want to get it under that in the next 6 weeks. 2. 5 Proper Push Ups. Plan: I want to start practicing my push ups every (or every other) morning. Currently: I can do one, and that took a while to acomplish, but I know I can do better. Life Quests: 3. Log progress daily - because I've always struggled with this and want to work on it so I know if I'm making progress on my goals or not. 4. No Drinking - This is a personal one, just to try and lose some weight while I'm at it. 5. Get everything I need to done to go to my Targeted Selection interview for school administration. I finished my masters degree and passed all my tests, time to start moving forward on this one too.
  4. Hi fellow rebels! I've been going up and down with these diet/fitness challenges for a year or 2 now and I've decided to FI-NAL-LY get it over with and do it properly! I'm quite new to Nerdfitness, so I hope this'll help me get through, just as I would love to motivate others!! Here is my list of quest for my first 6-week challenge. MAIN QUEST: Lose 3 kgs (I've had serious difficulties with weight loss due to hypotension (need food for more energy) and a ridiulously slow metabolism, so that's about all I can do I think) SIDE QUESTS: - Leave that PB&J sandwich I crave every day for a friday night snack, when I need it the most after an exhausting week! - Be consistent in my workouts. 2 days of cardio, 3 days of strength, one day of yoga practice every week. - Up that protein intake to 90 grams every day. Additional side quest: Make a healthy diet-friendly Christmas dinner for the entire family and don't drink on New Year's Eve! LIFE QUEST: - Study for maths every day and ace those exams so I can get into a good college abroad next year!! I'd love to get tips from all of you!! My starting day is tomorrow (Lifestye changes ALWAYS start on Monday, just because it's easier ) I can't wait to complete this challenge successfully (and I SHOULD!!) Happy 6-week challenge!
  5. Alright warriors, it's time to report in for the challenge. Post a summary here, grading yourselves on each of your goals on an A to F scale (see below). Then give yourselves an overall grade for the challenge.Here is the reporting thread for a previous challenge if you would like to see examples. Be sure to reflect back on what you learned during the challenge. What were you succesful at and why? Did it help you in the way you expected toward your end goals? What did you not do so well and what will you change next time to be more succesful? This is all about looking back and learning from the experience and figuring out how to make youself even better next time. Grading Yourself and Awarding Attribute Points At the end of the challenge, give yourself a grade on how you did achieving your goals. Then, based on how you did, award points. Partial points are allowed. A - 100% B - 75% C - 50% D - 25% F - 0% Here is a link for a chart to help with the math. Hope you all had a good challenge, see you next time around!
  6. That's right, I'm going BACK IN TIME. Epic Quest: Reduce my body fat to 24% Motivation: Increase my athleticism to improve my chances of surviving the Zombie Apocalypse or other End-of-World Scenario To make it back alive, I need to: 1. Outrun A Dinosaur I'm afraid of running. Rock climbing? No. Hiking in all sorts of terrain? No. Flying trapeze? No. Running? Yes. I'm afraid of feeling like I can't catch my breath; I'm afraid of injuring myself; I'm afraid of looking like a complete idiot. But I'm trying to do things I'm afraid of these days. So I signed up for a 10K in January. And training starts now. Goal: Complete 2 sessions of Zombies, Run! 5K Training each week, while maintaining some combination of Rebel Training, Pilates, and yoga for a total of 4 planned days of activity per week. [sTA 3 / STR 1] 2. Eat Like A Cavewoman Thoroughly inspired by KingLeeroy and Tateman, I'm going to complete the Whole 30 this challenge. (Which, for the unfamiliar, is like PALEO X-TREME! for 30 consecutive days.) My intention is to discover my (suspected) food sensitivities, which I'll systematically test for in the last week of the challenge. Goal: Complete the Whole 30 Friday, September 20th–Sunday, October 20th, plus 7 days of testing for food sensitivities. [CON 4 / CHA 1] 3. Outclimb A Velociraptor Okay, in a true contest of me vs. a Raptor, my money is on the lizard. But! Being able to do a pull-up (my goal for three challenges now) can't hurt. Goal: Work toward 1 unassisted pull-up on the bar 5 days a week, at least 2 days of negative pull-ups. [sTR 3 / STA 1] 4. Unwind, Cavewoman Style I love doing stuff. I love being distracted. But lately I've felt like I am hitting the reset button, and it's not working. Goal: Completely unplug and be still at home 1 waking hour per week. (Reading, knitting, etc. are okay. No computer, iPhone, or TV.) [WIS 2] Grading System Since I've fashioned each of these goals to be "Yup, I did it" or "Nope. Fail," I'm going to grade on rate of success. So: A 90% Success Overall in Challenge B 80% C 70% D 50% F Under 50% Fitness Philosophy: Why I'm A Ranger (originally posted here) Other than my fat-loss goal listed above, but as implied by my motivation, my ultimate goal is to be fit. Meaning I am strong, I run swiftly, I am flexible, I eat healthfully, and my body fat percentage is in a low, healthy range. I approach fitness from a survivalist perspective (though, I'm pretty moderate about it). I want to be able to manage whatever situation I find myself in. Climb that tree to escape the Wargs? No problem. Run through the tangled jungle with the stolen idol to escape angry natives? You've got it. Hand-to-hand combat on a crane suspended over a city? Done. And as a card-carrying member of the Fellowship of the Bat, I will one day be able to roll out of bed, fall straight forward, and start my pushups, Dark Knight style.
  7. Sooo here I am again. Last time I tried I succeeded, well okay that was over the last two months... But now that I have dropped 10 pounds I want to lose more, and I figure 6 pounds in 6 weeks sounds about right. My goal- Drop the stubborn weight and hit 125 pounds. My three changes- Add more exercise, up it to 3-5 hours a week rather than under 2. This also incorporates finding a cheaper Dojo because I don't have the money for the ONE dojo near me. Only one sadly so I need to find a better one. Less sugar. I have got rid of 45% but some stubborn desserts will not leave D: Set up a routine. Get more sleep, and get up in the mornings. Exercise earlier than later and start the day off better. Do the work that needs to be done, be productive. Yeah so that's my goal this time.
  8. Main Quest: To become the ripped, beast-woman I am on the inside. (think The Hulk... if happiness made him transform) Goals: Complete my three gym workouts per week. Eat primal every day. Walk, sprint, jog, hike or bike outside for at least 30 minutes every day. ​Life Quest: To put down my cell phone/turn off the computer and read from a book every night before bed. Why am I doing this? I need to learn to make myself a priority and appreciate myself.
  9. Yep. its my first challenge. and its every bit as terrifying as it sounds folks. I've been following NF for a few months now and trying to apply all the bw routines and testing paleo recipes... watching the 6 week challenges come and go... but I have officially hit the fitness wall. and I'm coming to the realization that I can go no further without employing two of the things I hate the most in this world... commitment and accountability. so here we are, I am committing to this 6 week challenge and asking you all to hold me accountable. my goals are as follows... 1) to lose 3-4 waistline inches ( currently at 31 inches.) 2) to be able to complete a pull up & chin up I know this sounds crazy easy but its something I have always struggled with and never been able to do. I want to make pull ups my bitch! 3) to be able to complete 3 sets of 10 unassisted push-ups ( or girl push-ups as my boyfriend calls them) 4) I know we are instructed to set clear and specific goals-but I'd like to be able to see definition in my stomach area, I dont really know how to word that goal into something measurable...suggestions welcome Level Up Goal- I have a two defaulted student loans... I'd like to get that B Sallie Mae off my back.. do some damage control on my credit score. 5'3 138lbs 31 inch waist (sorry for the huge picture, I didn't know how to resize it and didn't have much time to play with it as I am currently at work pretending to work on files. sooooo now you get to see my love handles actual size! ) ANYWAY- Gym 4 days a week + 50 laps in my pool on my off days + Paleo 6 days a week with one cheat day. this is how Im going to attempt success !
  10. I'm currently in Germany on holiday, and will be for the first 9 days of the challenge. Then throughout the middle of the challenge I have some super fun stuff to do like pack all of my belongings, sell half of my bedroom, say goodbye to everyone etc. And then for 3ish days (not including the jetlag) I'll be absolutely destroyed from travelling to Australia from Ireland to my lovely new home. All of these things will make a 6 week challenge harder but... Now for some goals: FITNESS Run x2 a week Just trying to increase my running distance, will have a test to see how far I can comfortably run (most likely) on the 3rd, and I'll see how much I think I can increase it from there. This is not about how fast I can go but about how long I can go, am hoping to increase speed in the next 6 week challenge, so the points will go as follows: +2.5 Stamina Conditioning x3 a week Just to try and make myself a bit stronger I hope to continue with my conditioning programme that I've been following. +1.25 Stamina +1.25 Strength DIET No more fizzy orange for fizzyorange! I'm trying to keep my fizzy drink consumption down to 500mls a week. Over the past year it has really gotten out of hand so I'm trying to slowly limit myself. +5 Constitution LEVEL UP One pull up Before the six weeks are up I will do one pull up really well. Right now I'm far too weak to do a pull up, but I hope with the aid of 18 more conditioning regimes I should be able to finally do that elusive pull up! +2.5 Strength Get $600 for new PC Over the next six weeks I hope to put together $600 towards my new gaming rig. That's a little under €80 a week so hopefully between all of my travels and the likes I'll be able to put the money together. +2.5 Wisdom
  11. So, first challenge! I suppose I'm going with a mix of Ranger/Druid, so, here are my goals; ~ Fitness/Diet Goals (3) 1. Cut out over-processed foods from my diet. *This includes foods that have ingredients I cannot pronounce, and foods that are considered 'junk' 2. Make it to the gym every day besides Sunday *I must keep in mind that just because I go to the gym, it doesn't count as going to the gym. If you get my meaning. I always need to perform my best, to get the results I need. 3. Increase handstand duration to 10 seconds ~Life Goal (1) 1. Meditate 10 minutes every day * I will get my anxiety and depression under control when I calm my mind with some meditation techniques.
  12. Meem

    Meem is a Noob

    I guess I should start by saying, "Hello Rebels!" And I look forward to working hard with all of you. I've been lurking around here for a couple months, and even tried out Paleo for a couple weeks! Needless to say, summer is here and it is time for me to get my ass in gear. I have no gym, so I'm relying on all my inner strength and all the terrain mother nature can provide me with. So here are my goals. 1) Run (at least) three miles without stopping. As of now, I can run 1 lonely mile. If I can make myself run every day, this should be an attainable goal. 2) Eat Well. I went on a binge after declaring my Paleo trial over and scarfed down all the grains I could find. While I'm not quite ready to get back up on that horse just yet, I'll keep baked goods out of my diet and stick to good 'ol rice and quinoa. 3) Find a job! This is my personal goal for this challenge and it began way before I even knew about the 6 week deal. I'm a college student home for the summer and I really need to get off my introverted butt and get out there. Need to start paying off loans, ya know? As much as I'd love to learn to how to lift, its not in the budget to get a gym membership or weights. So if any of you veterans have some homemade strength tips, I'd love to hear them! Push onward, brothers and sisters!
  13. I have been signed up to receive email updates from NF since August last year and have come on board for the new 6 week challenge. I guess that I have added about 20% to my body weight over the past 15 years. I was always a slim/skinny kid and went into carpentry straight out of school and as such maintained a relatively fit physique for someone who drank smoked and didn't spend a lot of time at the gym. It has been a steady gain due in part to taking a more sedentary job, laziness, going onto certain medications, giving up smoking and just generally being inactive. My wife gave birth to an amazing, beautiful daughter last May and I had managed to gain about 8kg's over the course of the pregnancy! I had heard of that happening before but never believed it. Well the weight gain didn't stop until July 1 last year when I decided that 103.3kg's was as far as I was willing to let myself slip. I found a few online resources which I used to get myself back on track and in early April I was weighing in at 93.7kg's. Since then i have slipped back to 97kg's which is why when I got the email relating to the 6 week challenge I thought that it would suit me perfectly at this time. I'm from Melbourne, Australia 40 years old 172 cm 97 kg
  14. Okay, so again I feel utterly lost due to the fact that I have no clue if I am even doing this right or what....? So I am new, here as well as new to the whole, having a challenge/goal to get. Honestly I used to be the scrawny person so I have no idea what could have happened to make me so upset and unconfident with myself. Right now, as stats, I am Female and 5 foot 8, weighing 140 lbs. Not only am I started to blow up like a pufferfish but It has gotten to the point where the once active kid that spend her summers outdoors running in circles for fun, is embarrassed because in shorts she looks like a pasty water buffalo. I am a new student of tae kwon do, as I took it for about 2 months then because of the distance took a break, and now I am going to start back up with classes at one of the "chain like gyms" that have a bunch all over the place. The point is I would like to make it so I am having fun rather than leaning on the wall every two seconds out of breath because I 30 seconds of activity. My first goal, diet oriented, is to stop with my sugar problem. I am obsessed with sugar, to the point where I has become a daily part of my diet. I eat cereal or eggs or eggos from breakfast, a blueberry bagel for lunch and then so many snacks that I don't even eat dinner, or if I do I only eat the meat part. I do not eat fruit, veggies or anything. I also used to do no physical exercise, which for a month I was, then stopped because I got sick and here I am again, any weight I had lost brought back from the goldfish. I need to get rid of the sugar, once and for all. My second goal is to add healthy componients to my diet. I need to start eating vegtables, fruits, and overall cut out those perservative filled foods. I'm not thinking a carb free diet for the sense of convience, but I was to cut back on those too. My third goal, is to lose 7 pounds. Now seven isn't exactly a huge number, but I am trying to think realistically. I am 140 now, and at a 21 BMI. I want to slim down, and I don't think that its going to be easy to loose a lot fast, with my body type. My fourth non-diet or weight goal is to ace the huge test I have coming up. Lets just say it isn't your average test, it's like a monster. I don't need an A, just I cannot fail it. So I also need to study and prepare for that sucker on May 16th. Sorry for the fact that this is a late submission, but I don't care about a prize or anything, more about being happy with myself.
  15. Hi there! I'm new to this challenge for setting goals and achieving them. I've always been overweight the majority of my life. However, once I started physically and mentally maturing, I was able to lose a bit of my childhood fat. As of now, I'm a female (of course), 5 feet and 3 inches, and around 125 pounds. Although my BMI is in the safe range, I still feel unhealthy and fat inside which could also be from my unhealthy diet. My diet consists of fruits, veggies, a lot of carbs (ramen noodles ), and no meat (my body can't properly digest the meat). I currently play tennis for fun and occasionally go to the gym. I'd like to pick up cross country as another sport to get that great runner's body/ health. Some of my goals are: 1.) Stop binging. I loveee food! Especially if I'm under a lot of pressure, I reach for the chips and chocolate. I'm not entirely sure on how to stop these bad habits, but I think chewing sugar free gum could help? 2.) Learn how to cook. Learning how to cook could be a possible benefactor to eating right. I usually go for celery, apples and bananas because there's no need to cook them, but it gets boring. Then i go for a pack of ramen noodles which is definitely not healthy. So, I want to learn how to make delectable, healthy meals! 3.) Start running. My running experience has been alright. I can only run a mile without stopping, but if you ask me to go run a 5k, it'll probably take me an hour or 2 to finish. I guess I should start some running programs..but I don't which programs are great. 4.) Lose around 5-8 pounds I'd like to feel confident and great in shorts for this summer. So, a combination of a healthy diet and fitness routine (mainly diet) will probably help me achieve this goal! ) Sorry for joining late. I'm not interested in the prize at the end, but the gaining of confidence and happiness!! ) Thank you!
  16. So this is my first six week challenge and my first day on NF! Goals 1. Walk 5 miles 3x per week 2. Strength train 2x per week 3. Drink 64oz of water everyday 4. Say one positive thing about myself everyday
  17. Hey Everybody! MangoTsunami here, completely new to the community. Here are my stats: Age: 23 Height: 5'6'' Weight: 185 Pant Size: 13/14 Related Health Issues: Hypothyroidism (screws up the metabolism and causes weight gain), Chronic Plaque Psoriasis and Arthritis, and Clinical Depression (treated with Zoloft) Why am I here? I joined after my boyfriend told me - in the nicest way possible- that we'd have a better sex life and he'd be more attracted to me if I got in shape. Of course, I was a little sensitive about it first, and frankly very distraught, but then I realized how much I wanted this my whole life...to have a body I love. He is very involved in fitness (and as an actor, is very image-conscious) and told me about how much being in great shape changes and improves your quality of life. After a long talk with him on the beach, I felt inspired to get fit not only for me, but for me. To become strong, slim, and self-actualized. So, for the January 7th- February 18th 6 week Challenge, here are my 3 Diet/Fitness Goals 1) Cut out sugar from my diet, unless it is from fruit. 2) Work out 3-5 times a week. Special focus on strength training and cardio. [subgoal: be able to do 5 pullups with ease] 3) Stop emotional eating, only eat when you are hungry, like you are supposed to. Life Improvement Goal 1) Get a job to pay the bills. To pay off my rent, my hospital bills, my expired license, and so I can have health insurance! Thanks for reading guys. It's nice to know theres a community of people who can support me and that I can also support along the way. Let me know what you think, feedback, if you have any tips, etc. And post some of your goals! I'd love to know MangoTsunami
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