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Found 2 results

  1. YARRRRRRR, A PIRATES LIFE FOR ME! So as my thread dictates I will be traveling to New Orleans for IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans. This is actually a half IRONMAN(the 70.3 dictates half distance) and my first triathlon of the season. I figured a lovely pirate theme to travel to a port of call would be cool. Also I like dressing up as a pirate, so that works. Daily Tracking Batten down the hatches: My house and life are in somewhat of disarray. I need to do one chore daily to improve the situation. The rums all gone: For this challenge I am only going to drink when I am out and about in a social situation, also maybe on Saturday nights. Tales of the sea: As my title dictates I have a GORUCK AAR to write up for my past back to back, I would also like to write up one of my other events from the past to continue filling out my signature. X Marks the spot: I need to get to reading much more, consult the maps. Try to read every day/night. Stick to the code: Continue eating correctly and cleanly(fuel for training), and do my daily habits the best I can(time permitting) That is pretty much it, pretty simple but going to be tough to pull it all off. I am going to stick to trying to really put some work into the deck in my backyard and also making strides towards setting up a new 75 gallon fish tank to fulfill the house work. Cutting out most drinking should be simple. The GORUCK reviews are going to be fun, I am still waiting on a few pictures and videos from the recent one so I should have that up at the end of this week/early next week. Ughh, reading is something I want to make more time for. Hopefully I can get my face in a book a lot this challenge. Eating correctly is now simple for me, daily habits though some nights I just plain run out of time, I won't hold that against myself unless I am wasting time before hand. Also awesome pirate metal
  2. YAY! Finally starting a battle log! So I have been signed up for IRONMAN Wisconsin on 9/11/16 now for a few motnhs. Time to start getting my training under way. A little history on this endeavor. Last year my wife and I decided to do a half IRONMAN in RAcine Wisconsin in July. She trained rather hard and did very well. My training was not the best due to injuries, video games, beer, and excuses. I managed to finish in just over 7 hours but was a little disappointed since I could have been faster. This year will be different as I am more focused than ever and actually have already been training for 11 days now. My training schedule looks like this: Monday: Squats, overhead press or bench. Then swim intervals. Tuesday: Long run. Wednesday: Over head Press or bench, power clean, and then bike intervals on the trainer. Thursday: Long swim(almost like a rest day) Friday: Overhead Press or bench, deadlifts, Run Sprints. Saturday: Long bike ride. Sunday: Tempo Run. Every day will also have stretching and occasionally I will Ruck and also I play Ice Hockey. I am focusing on 8 hours of sleep a night as a minimum, without drinking. Nutrition for now is 2,200 calories a day. I am getting a Resting Metabolic Rate test done in the coming week and may adjust based on that and as well as my workload increasing. I am also currently signed up for IRONMAN 70.3(half distance) in New Orleans in April. This will be my first big test to shave some serious time off my last event. I am considering signing up for Eagleman in June in MD, also a 70.3 And so it starts....
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